Ashley English’s Year of Pies Giveaway


If you’re smart, you saw yesterday’s post on how to make pie as a hint of what was to come today.

If you’re dumb, you didn’t see yesterday’s post as a hint of what was to come today.  And you wear mittens all year long. Probably.

Indeed, yesterday’s post featuring one of the many pie recipes in Ashley English’s latest cookbook, A Year of Pies was just a taste of what was on its way.

Today, I have for you not one, not two, not three, but FOUR copies of this cookbook to give away courtesy of my best friend Ashley.



A- Year Of Pies 5



O.K. Ashley isn’t really my best friend.  I’ve never even met Ashley.

But I do believe if we were ever to meet, Ashley and I would (at the most) become best friends.  (At the least) we would refrain from pushing each other into oncoming traffic and probably wouldn’t pull each other’s hair.  We might even share mittens.

After a quick browse of the book I have determined that it does indeed include all 4 of the “True Pies“, as well as a several other non-true pies.  56 others to be exact.  Getting into the fact that the book includes variations on the True Pies probably should’t be discussed.  Like the fact that there’s a Chai Apple pie recipe.  Information like that could be detrimental to the fella’s father’s delicate pie sensibilities.

A few of my favourite pie titles from this book?


Pie Selections


Want to win a copy so you can make Galumpkis Pie?

Just tell me your favourite type of Pie!

This here contest is open until Sunday, December 2nd at midnight. The 4 winners will be announced next Thursday, December 6th.

Winners are going to be selected randomly.

This contest is now closed.

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  1. Lori says:

    Blubery Pie!

  2. Heather says:

    Lemon Meringue

  3. Lori says:


  4. darlene says:

    Peach!!!!!!! Oh my goodness fresh ripe running down your chin peaches!!!

  5. Leslie says:

    Butterscotch pie. My favorite of all time!

  6. Mags says:

    After much deliberation, Rum Cream Pie! Enough of a motivator to drive an extra 4 hours out of the way on thanksgiving to visit the one aunt with the zealously guarded recipe!

  7. Jen says:

    Strawberry rhubarb! Nobody around here knows how to make a good one though – I have to travel up North to find one.

  8. charissa says:

    Could be because I married into a French-Canadian family, but sugar pie all the way. It is terrifying to make (…it’s really just… sugar??) but SO good!

  9. Cynna says:

    My favorite pie is apple, but if that’s not available, I do love run pie.

  10. Stefanievpb says:

    The Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie has to be the best pie ever!

  11. Nancy Grantz says:

    Nothing better than a good southern chess pie or pecan pie

  12. Scouty says:

    Apple pie served with cheddar cheese, yum!

  13. Karen says:

    well now.. that’s hard to decide! Strawberry & Rhubard has to be my favourite but there’s nothing like a robust Beef & Guinness pie for these cold Irish December Sundays!

  14. I’m afraid I have to choose one of the “untrue” pies: banana cream. It’s pretty much impossible to find pies in San Diego anymore, except for the chock full of preservatives ones from Marie. That is why I really, really need Ashey’s book. It’s a pie wilderness here! We are crust-less, filling-less savages! We need enlightenment!

  15. Dana Kee says:

    Described as ‘an absolute meat bomb of a pie’, my hero, Hank Shaw, has crafted a recipe for English Duck Pie that is super-awesome! I love it :)

    You can find it on his site, but be forewarned: the photo’s will make you drool…

  16. Hunter says:

    My favorite kind of pie is blueberry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. arlene says:

    Without question — The Pie in the Sky!

  18. Meagan says:

    Lemon Meringue! A close second of strawberry rhubarb. Pie over cake any day for me. Breakfast, lunch and dinner appropriate. A book like this would force me to get over my fear of making crust without my mom’s watchful eye there to make sure I don’t screw up! (That sounded like I keep a glass eye on the counter…)

  19. Lisa says:

    Savory pies are my favorite: chicken or steak potpies. I do love a mixed berry pie, though. My husband LOVES fruit pies. Sad to say, I buy store-bought pie crust. I attempted a homemade crust exactly once. It weighed about two pounds.

  20. Mary Werner says:

    My favorite pie? like asking me to choose my favorite child. Old fashioned pumpkin is my crave pie, then vegetable cream pie which you have listed, then any kind of creamy lemony pie which you again have listed. Of all the pies I used to make, never tried a hand pie so that is on my bucket list now that I don’t cook so much anymore. If I don’t win, I will have to buy a copy of her cookbook to look thru like an old scrapbook reminding me of good memories or even to use if I get wildly energetic.

  21. nicole d says:

    please watch this. its my favourite pie quote (from the movie “chicken run”)… and i just imagined you asking “what kind of pie!?!” haha….

    my answer: “apple”. ha.

  22. Alice says:

    Pumpkin! Or pecan — but properly made, like you get in the South — I’ve only had two good slices of pecan pie here in Canada.

  23. Julie says:

    I have never posted before, but I am starting to follow your site religiously while my kiddo watches Thomas on Youtube everyday. My favorite pie is Strawberry-Rhubarb, with Sweet Potato as a close second. Hubby’s is pumpkin, hands down. You will always find homemade piecrust in my freezer tucked in waxpaper. Summary: we eat a lot of pie so I hope we win the book!

  24. Ruth says:

    Apple pie… hands down.

    No meat pies for me, but I do love pies… true or non-true. Truth be told… I love desserts. Period. 😀

  25. Caitlin says:

    Buttermilk pie is my favorite kind!

  26. Well I make a white chocolate pecan pie that is amazing. That might be my favorite. But I make a really good pear pie too. Maybe that is my second favorite. And cocoanut cream pie . . . yummy. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  27. Susan says:

    Oh Goddess of the Blogs! This is the Pie Goddess!! I LOVE apple pie with cinnamon and brown sugar with French vanilla ice cream but will eat any kind of pie! I have made any number of combinations of pie but need inspiration for something new! PLEASE! PLEASE! Let me win a beautiful book of pies!! Thank You!!!

  28. Kim says:

    Today, Pumpkin is my favourite. Tomorrow it may be blueberry, or apple or… Thanks for the opportunity

  29. mrsblocko says:

    caramel apple pie!

  30. Kim says:

    Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie!!

  31. Laura says:

    Fresh black cherry pie! I put a splash of almond extract in it. YUM!

  32. Melanie says:

    My favorite pie of late is a sweet potato pie. Yummmmmm

  33. Krista C. says:

    Oooh, love me some pumpkin pie! My grandma also used to make a chocolate pudding pie that was to die for.

  34. michaele says:

    I’m always a sucker for a homemade apple pie but I’m willing to flirt with some of those more unusual ones featured in this cookbook.

  35. Kathy says:

    Mmmmmm…Lemon meringue pie!

  36. Mary says:


  37. marilyn says:

    i make turkey pie for christmas dinner every year and thats a fave but i love a punkie pie made with real punkin and maple syrup whipped cream..i love pie!

  38. teresa says:

    Apple pie. The breakfast of champions.

  39. Sandy B says:

    Pumpkin pie hands down.

  40. Sonja Hoie says:

    Oh dear…this is hard. I think my friend Mary’s recipe for rhubarb/raspberry/pear. Apple, lemon meringue , blueberry/cranberry, apricot, peach, pear/ginger follow close behind. But the crust must be my mom’s recipe or as good as. I’m truly a crust snob.

  41. Sue says:

    has to be one of the true pies….apple

  42. Liz says:

    My favorite is a classic apple pie. Such a comfort food!

  43. Sue says:

    a true pie….apple

  44. Karin says:

    My favourite sweet pie would be lemon supreme pie…as for savory, definately chicken potpie!

  45. Pam says:

    Apple Caramel Pie – yummy!

  46. Michelle, I just looked at the link you sent. Pie looks fantastic! BUT, under the “Canadian Ingredients” section is “harp seal”!!! Wow!

  47. MelissaM says:

    My favorite pie is the one in front of me! (Seriously, it would depend. Cherry? French Silk? Ooh! fresh blueberry?)

  48. Stephanie says:

    My grandma’s pecan pie, with pecans she picked from Missouri :) BEST. EVER.

  49. Kristin in Michigan says:

    Rhubarb custard pie for me! Is it in there?

  50. Melanie says:

    Saskatoon Berry Pie… hands down, is number one. I’ve got a great recipe for it, but not a lot of others. Book me! (Please).

  51. Sandy says:

    I like strawberry pie the best. Well if I am honest I like all pie.

  52. Kelcie says:

    I am always partial to Schlop Kucha (it’s a Pennsylvanis Dutch milk pie), and Shoo-fly Pie – probably because that’s what my Mom always made for holidays.

    I had a Baltimore Bomb pie recently that was basically a Chess Pie made with Berger cookies (a Baltimore delicacy of spongy white cookies covered in fudge) and vanilla liquor. It was so good, I thought I had died. Although, it could have just been my heart stopping from the overload of richness.

  53. Jodi says:

    My favorite pie is pecan.

  54. Amanda says:

    In the words of my late father-in-law: “I only like two kinds of pie. Hot and cold.”

  55. Debbie says:

    I prefer berry pies, particularly blueberry, but a Rosemary bourbon pie is certainly worth a try.

  56. LA Dodd says:

    Do we really need to pick just one? How about Triple Berry pie with granola topping? yummy!! or, any of the true pies.. :)

  57. Allison W says:

    Pumpkin pie is at the top of my list! But I do have to say, Razzleberry Pie with vanilla bean ice cream is the ultimate fix for a certain case of the munchies…

  58. Jamiek says:

    Chocolate Cream Pie!

  59. On our second date my (now) husband invited me to his friends potluck party where the main event was the Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield “bite my ear off” fight.

    I brought a homemade peach pie to the event.

    It was with his first bite that I knew he was mine. :)

  60. Katie Grace says:

    I actually am a big fan of meat pies! Grandmother is Australian so they were around a lot, but alas I have never ventured to making them!!

    Also, pecan, but it hurts my teeth :)

    Katie Grace

  61. LAURA says:

    My favorite is pecan pie. Confession: I have never made this pie….my brother-in-law is head pie maker at the holidays, making 20-25 pies for the gathering of ever expanding bellies. I did try the pinterest rave of cinnamon roll crusted apple pie…add another mile to the run…

  62. Lori Peterson says:

    Definitely Rhubarb fresh from the garden! orgasmic!

  63. Lisa says:

    Apple pie all the way!

  64. Jennifer says:

    Apple pie made with MacIntosh apples

  65. Olivia says:

    Key Lime Pie! Does that give me away as a southerner?

  66. Abby says:

    Apple pie with a crumb top is my favorite! I also love those fake cherry pies in the grocery store that instantly take 3 years off your life!

  67. Carol says:

    Warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting alongside it. Sure would like to find out how to make galumpkis pie, though.

  68. Ashley W says:

    To appeal to the Fella’s winner picking standards, 1) I do not live that far away, 2) profile picture contains no children (just my mom, well ok I guess that makes me the child but I am grown…hmm) and yes Fella, you are sooooo good looking (no offense Karen).

    Also I like strawberry rhubarb pie, and sugar pie (tarte au sucre).

  69. patti says:

    As my daughter used to say, “Lemon Zoomerang”! But an awesome apple or yummy pecan can turn my head!

  70. Sue O says:

    Favourite pie is pecan pie.

  71. christine hilton says:


  72. Michelle says:

    Blueberry Pie all the way!!

  73. Meghan says:

    Apple and pumpkin are my favorite. Although I’ve never had a meat pie, I would love to try making one!

  74. Maggie V says:

    I like Raspberry the best, then lemon without the topping and then pumpkin homemade of course. Sister Marilyn makes a wicked homemade pumpkin pie. I think you gave her lessons Karen it I am not mistaken. Just sayin!

  75. Maureen says:

    My sister’s blueberry pie.

  76. Lisa Garrett says:

    I love egg custard.

  77. Kelly says:

    Open face apple, pear and raspberry tart (qualifies as pie, just easier) – made with golden delicious and granny smith apples, a couple of ripe pairs and a hand full of raspberries, with a sprinkle of cinnmon sugar and a whisper of ground cloves

  78. Anne Jones says:

    P U M P K I N !!! (or anything my offspring bakes : )

    Oh, and I still remember a Russian Meat Pie I had at Fair many moons ago…. my one and only meat pie!

  79. Beth Evans says:

    Duh, Cherry!

  80. Lauren says:

    I went out and bought this for my best friend last night. I’m a little jealous she gets it, so I’d really like a copy for myself!

    Apple pie!

  81. Deb J. says:

    Favourite pie? Depends. Rhubarb custard is excellent for breakfast (come to think of it, so is apple and pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving dinner). Lemon meringue, Boston cream, banana cream, Saskatoon berry, blueberry, peach – they all work. Plus tourtière, poultry pot, spiced meat (but not steak and kidney – they NEVER boil enough of the p**s out of them kidneys!). Guess just about any pie. Oh, and ice cream pies for dessert – grasshopper, chocolate caramel, etcetc. But probably the VERY best – pineapple pie had in a minuscule little restaurant in the Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas years ago. It was our first full day there and we were with people who were in the second half of spending a year there on their boat – exotic! The pie had a sort of shortbread crust and a truly spectacular pineapple filling. Have never found anything like it and probably never will because I’m pretty sure the circumstances were part of it all. Wonder if there is something like it in the book?

  82. Jen H says:

    I’ve always been partial to a rough cut, rustic apple pie or crumble. Also, I’d still like to see an orange pie – not to eat, just to see it done. Also, re: hand pies – yes! I’ve been on a hand pie kick lately (mainly savory), and am trying to adapt a pot pie recipe to be less ‘wet’ and fitting for filling. I have dozens of hand pie/pastie/empanada recipes to dig through and gobble down! If I was rolling in dough, I’d spring for a Breville Personal Pie maker:

  83. Michele says:

    Frito pie

  84. Paula M says:

    If you live in Newfoundland and Labrador you probably know the answer: Bakeapple Pie! These exquisite gold berries can be very hard to get but the flavour and colour make it totally worth the effort and/or price. Also, we just had our first snow fall last night… pie is definitely on my mind.

  85. Michele says:

    j/k … strawberry rubarb or any custard pie. Frito pie is amazing though.

  86. Amy says:

    I love ALL pies, but if I must choose………

    I’ll have to go with pumpkin!!

  87. Patti says:

    Holy pie! This is a popular one!

    My favourite pie, I’ve only eaten it once. The “Butter Tart Man” in Baysville, Ontario, sent it over because his pies were running a little late.

    It was apple caramel, and it was absolutely decadent. Holy pie, I want it in my mouth.

    ALSO – CURRIED WINTER VEGETABLE PIE? What the… such delicacy exists in the world? I MUST TRY THIS!! OMNOM!

  88. Kim says:

    Pumpkin pie eaten for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving – preferably cold and with my hands.

  89. Sean Kelly says:

    Meat Pies, particularly of the Australian variety. Nothing beats a delicious handheld confection full of questionable meat, gravy, and veggies at the end of a big night out….especially in winter!

  90. I absolutely adore a nice apple pie…and pecan and chocolate cream and blueberry banana and chicken pot pie. Ahem. I got carried away.

  91. latenac says:

    Pecan is my favorite probably because my husband is allergic to nuts and thus I never have to share it.

  92. Jenny says:

    Either my mom’s apple crisp, or my husband’s grandma’s strawberry rhubarb. I like pie so much better than any other dessert, we had it for our wedding instead of wedding cake. ^_^

  93. Wes says:

    REAL pumpkin pie with maple whipped cream….thanks sooooo much for sharing that recipe!!! Never again will I ever be able to use canned pumpkin.

  94. Jody says:

    When I was little and my Mom would take us out I ALWAYS would order a slice of blueberry pie, my FAVOURITE!! I’ve only made a recipe of my mom’s of Rhubarb Custard pie mmmm so good!! It would be great to have this recipe book to learn how to make other pies. Thanks for this giveaway and good luck to all who enters it!

  95. Beth Popowski says:

    Thanks Karen – how about a pie with chocolate in it?!

  96. Charla says:

    Would have to say apple or peach.

  97. susan says:

    My favorite is sweet potato pecan pie – it is the best of both worlds! But I got some huge cravings for pies reading the other posts above! I LOVE THEM ALL! :)

  98. Deb J. says:

    I forgot to add – a challenge. Karen you need to try cracker pie. It is also known as Mock Apple Pie. Just googled it and there are lots of recipes. The one from Kraft looks promising. My mother has made it a few times (she couldn’t believe it would work so HAD to try) and it is surprising how much it tastes like apple. Maybe you could try it on the fella’s dad. It is almost one of the ‘true, pies:). BTW I haven’t tried it in years so it may not be as good as I remember. But I also remember that you had to eat it fresh – not good as leftovers.

  99. Marisa says:

    I’m a big fan of pumpkin pie!!
    Or a good chicken pot pie.

  100. Blandine says:

    Do I dare say I’m not a huge fan of pies? But I think the Curried Winter Vegetable Pie would like make me a convert :)

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