Didn’t get them for Christmas?
Bogs boots giveaway!



I was scheduled to give away a pair of Bogs just before Christmas, but at the last minute I changed my mind. I thought … no one needs MORE excitement at this time of year. I, as the official Bogs Ambassador, declared I was going to hold off on giving away the Bogs boots until everyone was good and depressed.

During the second week of January.

Also known as the first week we realize we aren’t losing any weight, but are in fact, somehow gaining it.

The *most* depressing day of the year according to pseudo scientists is officially January 21st this year but I’m bucking tradition and guessing you’re going to be depressed a week early. Which will set my giveaway up to be right on time.

For those of you who don’t know, I am indeed a Bogs Ambassador, and do wear Bogs boots myself. And I love them. I throw them on my bare feet and trudge out to the chicken coop in the snow all the time and don’t feel a thing. I could stand outside, barefoot in them for hours on end and not feel a thing. They are the warmest boots on the planet. That’s not official or anything, just something I’m saying. But I think it’s probably true.




I, personally own the Classic High handles and the low handle Bogs. Both in black. ‘Cause I’m a traditionalist. I am not funky. I do not like funk on myself.  But if I did … Bogs has plenty to choose from.

If you’ve been here before, you know how this works.  I’m going to head you on over to the Bogs website.  Once you get there browse around, have a look and pick out a pair of boots.  Any boots.

Then come back here and tell me if you won, which boots you’d pick!

The winner will be drawn randomly by a computer thing.  NOT the fella thing.  The fella will have NOTHING to do with the drawing of the winner.  Nothing.  Hear that fella?  Get your own blog.

O.K.!  Ready to pick a pair of boots?  Click on the Bogs link below to pick out your pair of boots …




Then come on back and tell me which pair is your favourite! Winner announced one week from today, on January 15th. Have fun!

Contest closes Sunday, January 15th at 11:59 p.m.

Contest is now closed.

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  1. I love the Classic high handles. I happen to own a pair, but I promise to give them to my sister if I win.

    • Antoinette de Colville says:

      Ultra High Boot ~ recommended by your fine self 😉

    • Mindy says:

      I like the Rues! I have a pair if men’s mossy oak I use when feeding the horses, but the Rue shoe would beyou perfect for gardening this spring!

  2. Gaby says:

    The Bridgeport! It is so cool!

  3. Leova Maki says:

    Yeah, Boots!!

  4. Karin Abbott Smith says:

    I have a couple pairs of Bogs already and LOVE them with every ounce of my heart! It sounds greedy, but the pair I’m longing for desperately are the McKennas… preferably in black. They are a want…not a need, so I don’t own them yet:). Thanks for the chance, love the blog!!!!

  5. Ellen says:

    I love the classic high in green. Bogs in blogs!

  6. AnnW says:

    I’d like the Seymour in Black. I’m going back to the site to check out the sale page. Ann

  7. Megan says:

    Plimsoll mid vintage. I do happen to like a little funk. 😉


  8. Diane says:

    Plimsoll Mid Leaf. God Knows. I keep tryin’

  9. Reba says:

    Plimsoll Tall Leaf in maroon… gorgeous! Or the classic high handles if I’m feeling practical. But blog giveaways aren’t about being practical are they? 😉

  10. Patti Williams says:

    Plimsoll mid Vintage in Brown!!! I can see it now!!!

  11. Jenny Giesbrecht says:

    The Plimsoll Mid Leaf. I have never owned a pair of Bogs but they look most excellent for spending days in the garden.

  12. Rebecca says:

    I’d go for the classic high handles in black too as I am also tragically unfunky.

  13. Adrienne Mattioli says:

    Ohhhh those Plimsoll Tall Leaf in Brown look better than chocolate!

  14. Lynne J. says:

    The Mckenna looks styling and comfortable !!

  15. Caroline says:

    McKenna would make me most happy.
    Thank you Ambassador.

  16. Sabrina says:

    The Mason boots are very cute!

  17. claudine says:

    I would choose a pair of the Plimsoll mid leaf in black if I were to win. Thank you for sharing.

  18. mary bowness says:

    It would have to be the Drakes… they’re gorgeous, from every angle!

  19. Stan R. says:

    The brown Jamison. I like that it is temperature rated for 20 degrees below zero. Keeping my feet nice and warm.

  20. Siobhan says:

    I love the classic high handles in black! They look so warm :)

  21. Jill Osborn says:

    I would love the Classic Tall Handles in Black! I spend lots and lots of time outside and could sure use a pair of quality boots like this!! Pick ME!!!

  22. Danielle says:

    Hudson. Buckle. Oh. Em. Gee.

  23. Kate says:

    I absolutely -adore- the McKenna and Rider boots! They both look so practical and yet so stylish 😀

  24. Karen Best says:

    I like the look of the Rider. Very classy, a classic.

  25. Jessica says:

    Plimsoll Tall Leaf

  26. Rose says:

    I love them period! Tall, short, funky and the classic. But for my first ones, I’d pick the black classic short handles. That way you can just grab and go!
    Thanks for being an awesome ambassador Karen!

  27. Terressa Zook says:

    Classic High Women’s. (I think, there are so many great choices)! I might have to buy some if I don’t win.

  28. Audrey says:

    ITEM #71219-302 Classic Mid-Vintage…. ooooo…. I like. I hear such wonderful things about Bogs. and like the others have said, THANK YOU very much for the chance :-)

  29. Deneen says:

    Hudson Buckle, black, size 10. Yes, I said size 10. I have giant feet. If you saw the size of my melon you would understand that size 10 feet would be the only option to keep me balanced.

  30. jamie lynn says:

    the hudson buckle style is still my favorite (and wayyyy out of my price range)!!

  31. Jayna says:

    Classic High Handles would be awesome!

  32. Heather S. says:

    Well being that the 16th is my birthday it would be a fab gift!

    A pair of McKenna or Hudson in brown would be nice. I am not sure on the size as it can vary plus I have largish calves. Either a 7 or 8.

  33. Leanne Brewer says:

    I like the classic mid handle, any color!!

  34. Raymonde says:

    Oh Karen!!! It’s soooo hard to choose!!! So many cute boots, only one choice… I had a hard time deciding but my final choice is the Rider Emboss! Gorgeous!!!

  35. Amy Aikman says:

    I would pick the Classic Mid Stargazer, so pretty! Blue or black. :) Crossing my fingers (and toes).

  36. Amber E. says:

    I’m really digging the Seymour most but I feel like the Classic High Handles would make more sense for me. Either way, those are pretty sweet boots. I think I’d take any boots at this point. I can’t seem to find any I like in my price range. GIVE ME ALL YER BOOTS! (that I actually like, though.)

  37. amy says:

    I loved cruising the Bogs website!! I LOVE the Plinsolls in red (unlike you, I tend to be a bit funky)!!! Thanks so much for having such a killer contest… :-)

  38. Mary says:

    I like them all but LOVE the Hudson Buckle!!!

  39. Melissa Lechner says:

    I adore the bogs classic high handles. Am currently drawing, dreaming, drooling over plans to have my first real garden ever. Square-foot garden-style raised beds my boys can help me with. I can’t wait! Owning bogs would surely up my commitment level in this endeavor for 2013!!! Cheers and Happy New Year!


  40. Linda says:

    Love these boots … I’d choose PLIMSOLL M VINT … in that pretty brown print. I can just see myself out in the garden wearing these! Thanks!

  41. Quinn says:

    Ultra Mid Men’s #51407-001

    Size 12

  42. Lynne says:

    Bogs have been on my wish-list for quite some time; seeing as I didn’t get them for Christmas I’m saving for the McKennas in Black.
    Winning them would really be awesome!!

  43. melly parraga says:

    Hudson buckle!!!!!

  44. Katie says:

    Those Hudson Buckle boots are fantastic, but in reality I would probably get more use out of the Mason or maybe the Charlot in a red or blue. I could definitely find a pair that’s for sure!

  45. Mara says:

    I couldn’t decide! The McKenna boots I guess! (You said boots, so I wasn’t sure I could look at what I call “gardening shoes”…)

  46. Kim says:

    I love Bogs and really, really love the red McKenna I ….and they are on sale woooohooooo

  47. Beth says:

    I would love a pair of classic high handles. The bright colors are so fun! Makes marching through the muck even more appealing!

  48. Definitely the Drake buckle in black! Wouldn’t it be nice if I won this pair for my little tootsies? Then I could run the garbage out to the curb in style in my pajamas and bare feet cozy inside my new boots on the days that I forget and the garbage man honks and I’m still in my pajamas. LOL! Just so you know it is about 6 below in the mornings here this winter! I could really use them! Love you Karen, love your name, love your blog, love your bog give away!

  49. Lorelei says:

    McKenna’s in black, please! LOVE them! Thanks bunches! xoxo

  50. Sam Braun says:

    Drake buckle in green… the fancy shmancy ones are a wee bit classy, but I’d just get mud jammed in there! I could be all grown up, and play in mud :)… I can’t do the print thing… I just can’t. I’d rather wear a loud-assed pair of pants for the day, then put ’em away when I get over it!

  51. Jennifer Miller says:

    I have the classic high handles and live them. My next pair of Bogs if I won would be the rider or rider embossed.

  52. Sarah says:

    Classic Mid Vintage in blue for me!

  53. Julie says:

    Classic high handles have been on my list for a long time. Thanks!

  54. I’m going to pick the Drake – they’re cute, and I think they’d be perfect for my daily trek to the subway. If I had a daily trek to a chicken coup I’d probably pick something else, but alas, I’m not lucky enough to have chickens

  55. Charisse deLima says:

    These are wonderful. I have fallen in love with the PLIMSOLL TALL LEAF style Bog.

  56. Sam says:

    Wow! The link took me through to the Bogs Australian site (me being in Australia and all) and our range is soooo small compared to what you ‘Canadianites’ (new word right there) have available. So even if I can’t win because I am in Australia I am going to pretend that I am in cold, cold Canada, rather than hot, hot Melbourne, and say my favourites would be the Rider boots.

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. Can I tell you I think your blog is fantastic fun, a great laugh, and has entertained me on many a boring work day. Oh, and also sometimes quite informative!

    • Karen says:

      Well Sam … can I tell *you* that I am watching Season 4 of Masterchef Australia at this very moment! Only 142 or so more episodes to go, LOL. Yup. Shh. No spoilers. ~ karen

  57. Stephanie A. says:

    Tough choice! But I’m going to have to go with the brown Drakes. Thanks for the chance!

  58. Caroline says:

    I LoVE the ‘NEW” Plimsoll Tall! Great look! slightly old Skool:) Thank you! pick me,pick me!!!

  59. Tanya Stewart says:

    HUDSON BUCKLE in Black!!!!!!!!!! i would marry them

  60. I would go with the Plimsol Mid Vint in a colour to be determined once I win via coin flip.

  61. Mati says:

    Plimsoll M Vint I really need a pair of bogs! Last year I had to muck out lamb stalls in my flip flops because i have recently moved back to the country. Just in case the Fella somehow foils your plan at random choosing because guys are like that, He must be Quite a cool guy to do all that runnin n stuff.

  62. Mary says:

    Classic Short or a Rue….but I was hoping for a couple chickens when I saw the post!!

  63. AmyO says:

    The Plimsoll Tall Leafs rock my world! Thanks for the op! http://www.bogsfootwear.com/shop/style/71112-207.html

  64. Lisa Maluga says:

    The Classic Short. Perfect for fishing..easy to slip off and dip my feet into the river!

  65. Susan says:

    The classic short Bogs in black are awesome!

  66. JeanBC says:

    I love all the styles! One of my favorites is the Drake Buckle in green.

  67. Rachel says:

    I would go straight up with the classic mid handles – in black :)

  68. Kristine says:

    The emerald green Drake Buckle boots are gorgeous! Perfect for a Winnipeg winter… and putting a smile on my face whist I shovel snow in the freezing cold.

  69. Kris says:

    I like the look of the classic ultra high. Black or….

  70. sandra c says:

    Hudson hands down!

  71. Julie says:

    The Charlot is so cute!

  72. Diana says:

    Thanks for the chance to slide my feet in these super cool boots. I love the classic tall stargaze.
    I work in a floral wholesale business so these would be perfect for schlepping around the warehouse. (Love the pink and lime green flowers on the black. ) I love funky shoes!

  73. Linda P says:

    Ooh, I like the Mckenna in black or brown, I’m not that fussy :)

  74. Tammie Martinez says:

    Classic high Le Jardin black

  75. susie says:

    What a cool gift.
    Classic High in Green, size 8 is wonderful. I live in the country and always need boots!

  76. Carly Mae says:

    I like Drake!

  77. susie says:

    Classic short in black size 8 is a great quick pull on for muddy rainy grass.

  78. Carly Mae says:

    Or Seymour, those are amazing too!

  79. katy oneill says:

    I too like thee classic high handles in black.

  80. Totally the classic high handles in black. While I don’t mind funk . . . I also think that boots are best in black! :)

  81. Martha says:

    I like the classic high you

  82. Gahhh at first I’m like, I love the boots pictured at the top of the page (but I can’t find those on the site). Then I’m all like, Ohhhh the Drake boot….but do I have it in my heart to get chicken poop on something that lovely. And finally, I say to myself, Jamie – chicken poop is brown, this could work! So. I’m going with DRAKE! 😉

  83. Tracy W says:

    I love the Classic High in that delicious blue-green color!

  84. MariaA says:

    Classic High Handles in black bring me pure joy! :)

  85. Rebekah says:

    I love the Rider – classy and practical. Just like me.

  86. Debbie says:

    Oh wow, there are so many. I do love the black Plimsolls though.
    Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  87. It was a very hard decision (they all look awesome), but I’d have to go with the Plimsoll Tall in black. Sleek and simple…stylish and rugged. I always have the hardest time finding boots that fit, and these look like they mould be really comfortable. Even if I don’t win, I’m going to buy a pair!! We are breaking ground on our homestead in the next couple of months, and these would SO come in handy. If they are as comfortable as they look, my husband and 5 kids will all have a pair!!

  88. maryanne fields says:

    Classic mid-vintage in blue. Love these boots!!

  89. Jasmine says:

    I could funk out for you in some new “Charlots”.

  90. Dana says:

    The Drake Buckle in green!

  91. Classic short mumsie…like me (not classy…classic)!

  92. Nancy says:

    I’m going with your choice the classic high with handles. Nothing like a classic, classic. And I will wear them with the classic muddy look with class.

  93. Amy Walker says:

    It’s a tough choice between the Drake and the Seymour, but I think that the Drake takes it! They all look so lovely though!

  94. Dana says:

    I love the plimsoll tall leaf! I have a pair of the shorter shoes my sister got me on sale years ago. I would never buy these for myself though. They would be used to work in the yard.

  95. Judy Baker-Beno says:

    Really like the classic mid mumsie in a size 9. Thanks for a chance to win :-)

  96. Julia says:

    The classic high in turquoise. These look amazing for puttering outside.

  97. Amber says:

    Classic high handled boots are perfect for me and my chicken coop too!

  98. Shannon says:

    Wow that was just a tough call all around….PLIMSOLL TALL LEAF wins. :)

  99. Chris says:

    I think the Drake or the McKenna, but not for me I will give them to my daughter. The Drakes will be perfect for when she gets transfered to the husbandry side at the MB Aquarium (fingers crossed)
    Chris =]

    • Catherine Fairs says:

      Hi Karen
      Rose in black. I’m thinking spring in the garden
      Thanks for the chance!

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