Halloween Giveaway. A gift from me to you.

It may seem a little late for a Halloween giveaway.  I mean … Halloween stuff has been on the shelves since I threw my first hotdog on the BBQ some time back in June.  You know.  Around the same time stores started to hang massive foam snowflakes around their winter parka displays.

So you’ll have to excuse me for my tardiness.

But what I lack in timeliness I make up for in sheer fun.  Halloween fun.

It’s giveaway time!

Wanna know what I’m giving away?  Take a look at the video …






Yes indeed. I’m giving away EVERYTHING you need to create your very own version of my super-fantastic, elegant yet creepy … Halloween Wreath.

Haven’t seen my Halloween Wreath before? Here’s the tutorial on how to make it, only you’ll be using the Pool Noodle wreath technique instead of the styrofoam technique.

One lucky winner will get a Craft Box filled with …

8 black feather boas
3 sparkly skulls
1 sheet of black cotton gauze
1 pool noodle (pre-cut to the appropriate length)
1 small portion of plastic pipe for securing the noodle into a circle
Several lengths of pre-cut wire for attaching boas and gauze

This contest is open to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD.

To enter just leave a comment. You can say anything you want.

Then go and tell everyone you know how great I am.

Contest closes Saturday, September 22nd at midnight E.S.T. Winner will be randomly drawn and announced next Tuesday (September 25th).

This contest is no longer taking entries.

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  1. Kate says:

    Love the video…that took some time, eh? Impressive! I would love to creepify my Florida neighborhood a little (more!). If my palm syrup processing plant hasn’t said something about me, THIS certainly would!

  2. Jen Borden says:

    I love creepy stuff…and that video!

  3. Tris says:

    I already tell everyone I know about you but I’ll go tell ’em again!

  4. Susie says:

    Reading your posts start my day with a smile and a laugh. Thanks. And, this wreath is fantastic!

  5. Darlene says:

    ME me ohohoh me me me….

    love the movie I want to know how to do that!

    You are the first email I open EVERY day at work (don’t spread that around!)

    My cup of coffee, yogurt and thou..

    I need a good scary wreath to look at as I do get tired of looking at myself


  6. Karen says:

    That is too cool. Love it.

  7. Nancy Grantz says:

    My daughter made me play the video three times, so she could dance to the music. Plus I think the wreath is cool.

  8. Susanne says:

    I love love love halloween and your blog, and now your videos!! Best Canandian blog!!

  9. Barbara says:

    Love these craft ideas—but we need more! I had to invent my own Fall wreath!!! but I do love your hallowe’en wreath..great video…..

  10. yasee says:

    LOVE IT!!! Perfect for Halloween!!! My kids would LOVE this!

  11. Mary Kay says:

    Cool wreath – great video – loved the music too!

  12. Annie says:

    Excellent video, what’s the song? Anywhoo, pick me! Pick me!

  13. Erin says:

    Great giveaway – Karen you are so good to your followers! Glad I can enter this giveaway as I have access to dill pickle chips (thankfully!)

  14. marilyn says:

    lmao you know its good when you dont want it to stop.

  15. Jackie MacDougall says:

    Spooktacular!! Loved the video!

  16. Jodi Padodi says:

    Would love to make this wreath!

  17. Nicole says:

    Ohhh. My son will love it.

  18. Janice says:


  19. Corrine says:

    Why can’t I think of these creative things!! Great job!!

  20. Emily says:

    I don’t own a Halloween wreath so this would be a great place to start. Happy Halloween!

  21. Jen H. says:

    Does random still mean the Fella scroll through and picks an entry from someone with zero children or pets and from far enough away that he couldn’t easily drive to me? Oh wait, I guess that would only work on Facebook…..

  22. susan w says:

    That is the cleverest video – what fun you had!

  23. Cassie says:

    creepy indeed! I love how the skulls “get a room”. awesome. I’m sharing this on facebook.

  24. Susan says:

    Sorry Sarah, I have to disagree with you… I think NC needs it more! I’d love to make and then gift it to my neighbors — they’re spooky all year!

    Karen, thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Carla Lombardo Ehrlich says:

    Hi! You are just too cute!! The video was pretty cool and I love everything in that box. Black is my color.

  26. Carla Lombardo Ehrlich says:

    It’s me …again. Forgot to mention that I adore your website….

  27. Laurie says:

    Hooray for Halloween! Hooray for the Squirrel Nut Zippers! Hooray for stop motion video! Hooray for The Art of Doing Stuff!

  28. Michelle B says:

    Love the video! And the wreath, of course! CREEPY! Perfect for Halloween

  29. Teresa says:

    You are so creative! Would love the wreath for my door.
    Would look spooktacular!

  30. Sara says:

    Loved the video! And the wreath! I want to make this because it would totally freak the kids out. The kids I live with, not the ones that come by for candy. They’ll get up one morning, and this will be hanging in the hallway, and they’ll scream… and I will have known I’ve done my job right. :)

  31. Mary says:

    You had me at pool noodle 😛

  32. Karol says:

    I am the Queen of Halloween, and would love to have the box of goodies to make that awesome wreath. You rock at most but suck at having your house already decorated for Halloween. It’s September for Pete’s sake. Get steppin, gal.

  33. Kim Merry says:

    Great Video!!!! I liked the heads jumping out of the box!!

  34. Marmie says:

    I love that spooky wreath! It would be great to have on my front door when my wine club gals arrive in October!

  35. Debbie says:

    Love the video and the wreath is divine! Oh how exciting to have that box arrive at my door!!

  36. Preston says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh! :) choose me !choose me!

  37. I love the video…would love to know how you did it too. Check out my post on painting pumpkins and how crafty I am, http://pieranchandthepickledpeachcafe.blogspot.com/2010/10/not-good-thing.html,
    or maybe I’m not so crafty and need a box of wreath stuff to make my front door “spooky” (wink wink)

  38. Pam says:

    Great creepy wreath, video or not!

  39. Michelle says:

    Your wreath is so cool! I recently found your site and I have to check in every day to read your hilarious updates!

  40. Wendy says:

    LOVE the video-do share how you made it! Looks like it took hours

  41. Cathy says:

    Love, love, love everything fall and especially Halloween!!!!

    Once again Karen, you totally rock!!!

  42. Leanne says:

    Yikes! This would go super great with my black chandelier and bottle of vampire blood!! Gotta have this!!!

  43. Debbie says:

    Fantastic video – how long did it take you to make it – I have always wanted to make one like that….

  44. Mary Werner says:

    Video looked like a lot of fun to make – thanks!

  45. Karen B says:

    LOVE the video (and wreath of course!). I just discovered iMovie on my Mac and would really like to know how to make a video like that! It looks like fun.

    And just in case the Fella is “randomly” choosing the winner…I do like wreaths. I will make and proudly display this wreath. I can’t find Halloween decorations like this in Germany. Pick me, please!

  46. Pauline says:

    Love it!!! All my neighbors will be extremely jealous if I have this on my front door! Please pick me!

  47. Diana says:

    You mean everyone in the world?
    What about good ol`germany???

    My sons birthday is on october the 29th.
    wouldn`t it be a great welcome for the guests?
    Love the sculls

    Without leaving a coating….
    Everyone near me knows about your glorious blog!
    (they are annoyed when all my propositions begin with: Yesterday Karen did…lol)

    • Karen says:

      Diana – Yup. Even Germany. I will mail this box of crafty crap anywhere in the world. What fun is a contest if everyone can’t enter? ~ karen!

  48. julie says:

    I want it!!!! Please!!!

  49. Ruth says:

    You have me all turned around now… I always thought Halloween was a purely ‘American’ (as in… celebrated only in the US of A) thing. Hmmm….you learn something new every day. :-/

    This is not an entry, by the way…. no Halloween in these parts, and it creeps me out enough that this will not be one of those times that I choose to be a trailblazer. 😀

  50. Karin says:

    I love that wreath!!! Decorating for Halloween is my favourite holiday!!

  51. Tracie says:

    Love the wreath and the video!! Definitely interested in how you did it……

  52. Amanda says:

    This would look spooktacular at our annual halloween party.

  53. Lynn says:

    Nice video Karen! I dig this wreath but I also
    love the snake wreath you once made – maybe another
    cool video to go with that one! Spooky!

    • Karen says:

      Lynn – LOL. I never made a snake wreath! Martha Stewart made a snake wreath out of black snakes last year. I’m guessing another blogger borrowed that idea and made it. Probably saw it there. On another blog. ~ karen!

      • Lynn says:

        Oops.Caught me cheating on you! I must have combined alcohol with my cruising other blogs and I forgot the who, what and where I was! :)

  54. Marion says:

    I would be ever so excited to receive a box of Halloween goodies! If you pick me, I’ll consider it a wedding present from you & the fella (and the chickens of course) since I’m getting married in three weeks. Putting together a Halloween wreath is what all brides think about right before their wedding, no?

  55. Jenny says:

    Fab video. I can’t wait to scare my little ones with this wreath!

  56. Carol S says:

    This is my favorite day. Even if I don’t win this I will try and make it. Happy Halloweeeeen!

  57. Eve-Marie says:


  58. Patti says:

    Ahhh!!! I`m so excited for my annual Halloween party, and I feel like this would be so frigging fantastic on my front door – and I love crafts, so I`d totally make it!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  59. Jodi T says:

    Pick me!!! Pick me!!! :)

  60. Marcy Divers says:

    You are FAB! If I win, I will also be FAB!

  61. Jennifer says:


  62. christine says:

    ooohhh. ive been looking for another way to incorporate skulls into my home decor!

  63. Robyn P Horton says:

    We spend more time and energy (and money) decorating the house at Halloween than we do at Christmas!

  64. Athena R says:

    Love the video, love the wreath! My bf would go crazy for this since he LOVES Halloween!

  65. Lisa says:

    I LOVE Halloween and I’m super behind on crafting for it this year. Getting these supplies would save me shopping time! Thanks for the giveaway, Karen!

  66. Sebette says:


  67. Erika says:

    PLEEEZE????? I love this. And the video was cool, too!

  68. nicole d says:

    i would LOVE to hang this wreath on my door, to out-do my neighbours, who STILL have their christmas wreath on the door… for 2 years and counting, since i moved in… maybe i’ll even make this wreath, and replace their christmas one with it while they aren’t home!!! haha… wouldnt that be great!?

  69. Amy says:

    I never decorate for Halloween. This looks like a good place to start.

  70. charissa says:

    Karen, this just confirms that you are the awesomest person in the world. I love Hallowe’en, and was actually just starting to think about what I would do for my front porch and then this! You’re a brilliant, mind-reading, Hallowe’en-appreciating genius of awesomeness. Go you.

  71. Leslie says:

    If I win, I’ll wear it around my neck.

  72. Kelly Beaudoin says:


  73. Melanie H says:

    Oooh- creepy. Pick me Pick me.

  74. Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” —William Gibson

    You said write anything….

  75. Michele says:

    Halloween is my favorite!

  76. Barbara says:

    Ha ha that’s class.

    I live in Ireland and we don’t really embrace the whole Halloween thing. I am trying to convince my husband that we should start a new trend in our neighbourhood and decorate for Halloween. This could just be the thing to get us started!!!

  77. Beth Popowski says:

    Oh, me please!! I have the perfect peachy orange door to hang it on. Thanks Karen!

  78. Krista Wilkinson says:

    I’ve never been much of a wreath girl but this one is awesome!

  79. Scott says:

    Its Creepy and its Kooky, even alittle bit Spooky, altogether Loopy, it must be Karen’s lil family.(chicks, cats and chipmonks included)

  80. Kerri C says:

    I would love to make this! Not too late for me, I do everything last minute!

  81. elise thomas says:

    Love it! (You are great 😉

  82. A resend……

    You forgot the hairy balls…..

    “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” —William Gibson

    You said write anything….

  83. Rebecca Martin says:

    Loving you, loving your blog!! I have forced every person I know to sit down & view multiple pages of your site (especially Cuddles laying an egg!) & then I force them (well, by then I don’t have to force them!) to “favorite” you in the website collection. I’ve been attempting to make the wreath this year, and I found what I thought was going to be the most difficult piece to find-the skulls. But can’t find the gauze. And the black boas are ridiculously expensive here in Kansas! Have the goth strippers bought so many that the prices have gone up?? Anyway, the noodle idea for a wreath form–freaking brilliant! Anyway, would love to win the contest!

  84. shannon says:

    I love halloween so I would be thrilled to win this wreath package.

  85. Jessica says:

    Great Video! I’d love to see a post just on turning the pool noodle into a wreath base – that’s an awesome idea! … I’m actually heading outside right now to collect a noodle from the back yard… I can add it to the bag of Dollar Store sparkly skulls I’ve been hoarding since you first made this – I’ll admit I’d love to win the kit :)
    I love your blog.
    My towels and my tomato seeds love your blog.
    And … did you know that your tip for changing the water in a large flower arrangement also works great for changing the water in a turtle tank??? so my turtle loves your blog too :)

  86. Lisa says:

    First of all I have no idea why the first post calls your video a no-go. ARE YOU SERIOUS! It was brilliant! Had my husband come and watch it as well.
    Love your wreath and your site. And I am completely in love with your chicken coop!(Talked about it for a week!)

    • Karen says:

      Lisa – OH! She didn’t mean she didn’t like it. When I first published this post last night the video wasn’t working because YouTube was down. That’s all. :) ~ karen!

  87. Katie Grace says:

    OH.MY.GOD. That is fantastic! I was just looking at halloween wreaths in Target and didn’t like any of them. This, is creepily perfect.

  88. Olwen says:

    Great video! I love this wreath.

  89. Mary says:

    Would be honored to put this wreath together, we go all out for Halloween. (Loved the video and I would be interested in a tutorial). Have to say your videos of “Will they eat it?” are the only things my hubby will even look at in Blog Land. That is a huge compliment.

  90. Jennifer G says:

    Simply stated “I LOVE IT!!!!”

  91. Janette says:

    Please tell me you’ll video the fella picking the winner again! Every time you mention the word “giveaway” I get flashbacks. “SUE PRESTON?!!?? She can just walk across the street and BUY them!” (paraphrased) And be sure to point out to him that I did NOT include pictures of my kids…that should be worth extra credit, eh? Great Halloween video. This site is truly better than we deserve. :-)

  92. Deb says:

    I have already told everyone how wonderful you are and brag about how smart I am because I read your blog, but a halloween wreath would be fun!!

  93. Tina Marie says:

    Great idea! Love your video!

  94. Kathleen says:

    I’m going to go ahead and make it on my own since I know you will get like 452 responses…. Anyway, I know you said that the video is easy to make but I don’t believe you. About how long would you say it took you to make?

    Oh yeah, I also tell everyone about your blog.

  95. Spokangela says:

    I saw a black feather Halloween wreath the other day and my first thought was, “Karen’s is better”. I love it!!

  96. CourtneyG says:

    I need. So rad.

  97. Amie says:

    Karen, I heart you.

    Your wreath is super freaky, and it would go well with the eyes I have glowing out of my bushes.

    Wait. That sounded bad.

  98. Kim says:

    Your wreath is spooktaculary terrific…but your video is THE BEST! Judging by the number of comments about it, I see a good topic for a future post. Pleeeeze!

  99. Dave Carmichael says:

    I’ll take it!

  100. Teresa says:


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