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Saving Lettuce Seeds

I’m so very tired.   The kind of exhausted where all day long the only thing you can think about is going back to bed and when your office is only 6 feet away from your bed it makes getting […]

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Emjoi Foot Sander
Product Review

My feet have been described by everyone around me as cartoon like. I mainly took this as a compliment and in fact strutted a little bit at the thought of it, showing off my feet every chance I got. At […]

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Just for FUN Friday

Oh hi. Fancy meeting you here. A lot of bloggers use Friday’s post to link to other things they’ve found around the Internet. Interesting, fun things. I never do that. I’m not sure why, but one of the reasons is […]

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Fun way to slice a cucumber!

It’s cucumber season! At least it is for everyone else. For me it’s currently cucumber vine season. Soon to be followed by the much anticipated cucumber season I hope. So far from the garden I’ve been picking zucchini, broccoli, lettuces […]

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Sex the chicks!
Guess the sex

Dear everyone who got here by Googling “sex” and “chicks”, a) You’re never going to meet a real girl with real boobs over Google. O.K. you might but she won’t be a quality girl. and b)  Maybe what you really […]

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Front Yard Vegetable Garden.
July, 2014

Here’s the thing about growing a vegetable garden.  It’s fun. But it’ll also turn you into a completely different version of yourself.  A person you maybe don’t even recognize or didn’t even know existed.  For instance.  Behold my cabbage.   […]

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Reveal of the cob Pizza Oven.

    I’ve screwed around with you long enough I think, so I’m just going to get straight to the pictures of my finally completed, ready to roll, pizza making, cob oven.   But first a story!  Just kidding.  Please […]

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How to Build a Pizza Oven.
Making it Pretty

Which brings me to my next mess.  I really didn’t want to be staring at sawhorses all summer and winter long, so I knew I was going to  box the entire base of the oven in with barnboard. Which meant […]

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How to Build a (cob)Pizza Oven. Part III
Insulation layer & lime plaster

Welcome to the final tutorial on how to build your very own cob pizza oven so you can be the envy of every single person you know. Unless they too happen to have built a cob pizza oven. But yours […]

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How to Build a (cob) Pizza Oven.
Part II

When last we met, in part 1 of this series, I had built the base and the sand form for my cob oven and lost my funny bone. It’s currently buried beneath a layer of pizza fat. Now it’s time […]

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How to Build a (Cob) Pizza Oven
Part I

So you want to  build your own pizza oven?  That’s the very same thought that crossed my own mind one year ago. I wanted to build my own pizza oven because I have an unnatural love of pizza and building […]

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My BIG Summer project

It’s that time of year.  The time I reveal what my big Spring project is going to be!  Only now it’s summer, so it’s what my big Summer project is going to be! Last year it was installing a new […]

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Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.