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Calorie Counting Your Favourite Cookies

3 years ago I could be found wandering in the chip aisle of the grocery store with a lopsided grin and a wad of cash scrunched up in my fist. I’d gaze around dreamily, deciding which lucky chip would get […]

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The Mystery Keeper Tomato.
A tomato that stores for months.

It doesn’t matter where you live in North America, this has been the longest, hardest winter in memory. We’ve become familiar with new words and phrases like Polar Vortex, Frostquake and holy shit. That last one is reserved for when […]

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The horrors of getting what you want.

My sister Pam spent much of our trip to Thailand talking about something very specific she wanted to do. We all had things we wanted to do and everyone tried to accommodate everyone else. Pam and I wanted to take […]

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The Corner Cabinet Capers.
And the truth behind Reality TV.

If you don’t want the illusion of reality  television shattered, stop reading now. Because I’m going to let you in on the truth behind reality television and if you’d like to continue believing it’s real … you’d best not read […]

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If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

I have quite an astonishing story coming up in the future about a friend of mine who may be going on the trip of a lifetime. And as you all know, I just got back from quite a trip myself. […]

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Here comes the sun … 2014 Sunglass choices guest starring Betty.

My name’s Karen and I have a tiny little head. If my head were any smaller Hawks would swoop down and try to carry me away.   Because of my diminutive skull I have a really hard time finding  sunglasses […]

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How to patch drywall.

This kitchen renovation of mine has been a real save and splurge event. I’d like to rephrase that.  Classifying my kitchen renovation as an “event” seems wrong.  A bit of a narcissistic  exaggeration, heh.    It would be more appropriate […]

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Thailand’s Risky Market

Our first stop in Thailand was Bangkok. A maniacal city filled with buildings, protesters and funny smells. But the most noticeable thing is the food. Food is EVERYWHERE. Streets and sidewalks are filled with vendors and gangs of scooter riding […]

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The Start of the Kitchen Installation.
Plus a Pink Suede Toolbelt Giveaway!

  I am back from vacation and the actual kitchen installation has begun! Bad timing.  I should not be trusted with power tools at this particular moment. It appears sometime between Thailand and Canada someone hit me with an elephant […]

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Rapid Weight Loss by Using Sunscreen

Dear Everyone, This will be my last post from Thailand. Everything will be back to normal (by our standards) on Monday. The trip has been once in a lifetime, real eye opener of an adventure. And that’s just the tip […]

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Your Official 2014 Oscar Ballot

  You didn’t think a little thing like a 12 hour time difference and an inside out stomach would keep me from watching the Oscars did you? Nope.  The Oscars will be taking place like they do every year, smack […]

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This is what I look like after 12 hours of being violently ill.

It was a most inelegant evening.     This picture was taken after 12 hour of throwing up everything but my liver. I know. I look pretty good considering.  I’m not sure how that happened.  I’ve had sneezing fits that […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.