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10 Summery Meals you can FREEZE.

When in doubt, eat a lasagna. That’s my mantra for winter. Nothing gets you feeling warmer, cozier or lazier than powering through a great big square of cheesy lasagna. And lucky for me, there’s always at least one square of […]

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How much a chick grows in 7 days. A chick update!

I’m busy today trying to figure out how to get a new camera into the chick enclosure so you can watch them whenever you so desire.   But I wanted to get a quick update on how quickly chicks grow. […]

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How to know if your compost is ready to use.

  “Dear Chickens, Stop pooping. Love Karen”     I mailed that letter 2 years ago and have yet to receive a response. Actually that’s not true. I think out of spite, the chickens are pooing more than ever. They […]

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How to Install a (sink front) Drop Down Drawer

Upon first inspection it’s a common variety fake drawer front.  And it was.  Until it wasn’t. I’m not sure why all cabinet makers don’t just make all their fake drawer fronts like this one the type that pulls out so […]

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Because otherwise I’d be living under a bridge.

You all know I have sponsors. They’re people who pay to advertise on my site.  Today I’m going to tell you a little bit of insider information on each of them. I don’t mean I’m going to tell you their […]

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Easy Beet Salad

I have, at this very moment, no less than 4 different salads in my refrigerator. They may not be assembled, but the ingredients are there, ready and waiting to be sliced, diced and ricocheted into my mouth. If you have […]

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Introducing my Black Copper Marans chicks!

  Yesterday I told you all about the new breed of chicks I got, now today you get to see for yourself that they do indeed exist (in case the video didn’t convince you). I would like to introduce you […]

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The breed I chose.
Black Copper Marans

A couple of years ago I saw a picture on the Internet of a dark, dark brown egg. I thought it was a chocolate egg actually, ready and waiting to be dragged through a jar of peanut butter. But it […]

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You don’t want to miss this …

I went shopping the other day. I knew what I wanted, did my research beforehand, and came home with what may be the greatest buy I’ve ever made. It’s the sort of thing the fella would have bought me when […]

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Just say it out loud.
A weekend assignment for you.

  Men. You’re gonna have a hard time with this. But it doesn’t mean you’re exempt. I have another weekend assignment for you. For some it’ll be incredibly easy, for others, absolute torture. I want you to compliment someone. I […]

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Menu of the Week!

Let me walk you through this. This week’s menu (which will actually start on Monday) reuses and recycles many ingredients without recycling the actual meals. So I’m having Roast chicken dinner on Monday, but I’m not having leftover roast chicken […]

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A bunch of radishes & how to store them.

Radishes. Always the very first garden snack to come up. They may seem boring and kind of utilitarian but radishes are always one of my favourite things to pick from the garden. Especially now that I’m growing about 7 different […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.