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How to make THIS the year you get Stuff DONE.

Here are the questions and comments I get most often through either email or the comment section on this blog. How do you do so much? Do you ever sleep? You’re great. You do so much and your house is […]

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5 Vegetables I Grow Every Year.
Plus 5 to try!

I walked through the aisles of the shop, eyes cast down, concentrating on the shuffling sound of my feet.  If I did that I could block out the whispering voices around me. Addicts. They were addicts and I didn’t want […]

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Reader Profile.
Karen Cumming’s Mission to Mars

I don’t even know where to start with this post. This is a reader profile, but the reader is also a friend of mine. I’ve known Karen Cumming since I started out in television, although if you ask either one […]

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This, that and the other thing.

I’ve been a bit of an emotional mess lately because of a little known condition, most recognized in first world countries, specifically during the winter months. It presents with generalized anxiety, restlessness, screaming, crying, and laughing until a tiny bit […]

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Spicy Sesame Noodles

  My niece is one of those crazy vegetarians.  Not the total nutjob vegan type but your average every day vegetarian.  I, on the other hand am one of those freakshow  meat eaters.  Meat, meat, meat.  I. Eat. Meat. I […]

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Screen Printing. I’m learning more so I can teach you more.

One of the most popular posts on The Art of Doing Stuff has always been my How to Screen Print at home post. People are stunned, shocked and amazed that you don’t need a whole workshop or studio to screen […]

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Get your Downloadable Oscar Ballot here!

At the moment I’m on an Academy Award movie watching binge in preparation for the Oscar ceremony on February 22nd (Sunday night). Every year I do my best to get in as many movies and performances as I can to make […]

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Moving a ceiling fixture

Twice.  That is exactly how many times my house has looked perfect both inside and outside at the very same time.  Twice. Once when Style at Home came to shoot both the inside and outside of my house for their […]

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Family Day. What to do on a day off.

Today is Family Day in Ontario. Well, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan to be more specific. British Columbia had Family Day last week. Price Edward Island has Islander Day today and Manitoba has Louis Riel Day. People in other provinces are […]

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Valentine’s Printables

Funny story. There’s been a tiny bit of a mixup with my Valentine’s Day Kiss card. I had someone in mind I wanted to give it to, but it turns out I’m not going to see that person before Valentine’s […]

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Copying any Art onto Glass

  That right there is a Mark Ryden.  He’s a Pop Surrealist artist from California whose work is often a little less serene than the Fur Girl  you see above.  But for today’s purposes the Fur Girl is a perfect example […]

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Welcome to my mammogram.

  There are 3 things women universally dread: the day we realize some asshole stopped manufacturing our favourite jeans, a pap smear and a mammogram.  In that exact order.  Always.  Last week I experienced number three on the list.  The […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.