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Quickly Clean your BBQ Grill



It took me about 17 hours to decide what to call that thing up there in the picture. I call it a barbecue. Always have. Then when I started writing this blog and I mentioned barbecuing … I got some questions. Some concerns. Here, let me give you an example. I’d get questions like …

Dear Karen.

What’s a BBQ and why do you keep talking about throwing meat on it? Is a BBQ a type of fish? Is it a large fish? The kind you have to hunt by throwing large pieces of meat at it? Oop! Or is BBQ sexy talk? And meat is well … you know … penis meat?

I’m confused.


Someone from somewhere other than where you are.

So now when I talk about BBQs I also refer to them as grills. Because apparently, that’s the name a BBQ goes by in some other areas of the world.  And just to clarify, when I say grills I’m not talking about fancy rapper teeth covered in gold, diamonds and for a brief period of time Chelsea Handler.

No, this post I’m talking about the kind of grill on your BBQ (or grill if you prefer) that you cook things on. It is exactly because you cook things on it that it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Only I don’t clean it regularly. I kind of rub at it a few times when I’m heating up the BBQ, sometimes with a brush, sometimes with whatever I find laying around … a pine cone for instance … but other than that, I don’t do much to it.

If anyone tried to serve me food from a pan they’d been using for the past year without really properly washing I’d stick my thumb in their eye and drag them by the socket to the nearest asylum.

And then I’d get my stomach pumped.

But a BBQ? Oh hell. That’s fine. The dirty, rotten mess will just make the food taste better.

So I thought to myself,

I wonder if there’s another way, that is just as half hearted as scratching at it with a 17 year old BBQ brush, with tiny little nub bristles that will clean my grill a little better.

And there is.


Your grill is probably covered in guck right now.  Even if you used the grill brush last time you used the grill.

Dirty Grill


The next time you light your BBQ, cover the grills with tin foil.  Put the shiny side down.


Close the lid (make sure to set the lid on the tin foil to help it from lifting from the heat).

Close Lid Grill


Once your grill is pre-heated it’ll be time to take the tin foil off.

With tongs.

Not your fingers.

Dum, dum.

Remove Foil


The guck will have turned to powder, the way the guck does after you run your self cleaning oven.

If you do not have a self cleaning oven and don’t know what I’m talking about,

I will say a little prayer for you the next time I pass by my oven.

Poweder On Grill


Brush with your grill brush like you normally would.



And set about cooking your healthful, carefully prepared dinner.

BBQ- Hot Dogs Frenchs Mustard


Yeah.  That’s totally bread on the grill instead of buns.

I’m outta buns.

Hot dogs. On bread.

Say what you want about my classy fine dining.

It was delicious.

I also like Jello, Kraft Dinner and Big Macs.

Suck it.

Grilled Hot Dogs

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76 Responses to Quickly Clean your BBQ Grill

  1. Matt says:

    What’s a grill?

    I too am of the opinion that a BBQ can simply be wiped halfheartedly with a paper towel and then used again. I’ve never taken ill after a cook up, but if we are taking the uneasy feelings of others in to account, then I might have an issue.

    I think my BBQ is past this point of recovery. I think I’ll just order new plates for it, might be easier just to buy a new one entirely.

    • Karen says:

      Matt – Another way to go would be to just move. I mean, chances are the new house might come with a BBQ. A really good one! With clean grills. Just another option for you. ~ karen

    • Jeff Miles says:

      What is a grill? A grill is something on the front of your car if it happens to be of a certain age or model. Oh, and I’ve never moved into a house, new or old that had a BBQ left behind. Maybe I’m just unlucky in that way. And for replacing the plates, the neighbors would probably be just as dirty as yours. Might as well be honest and buy new ones. The aluminum foil method is very good. That’s all I ever use, well of course that and then the steel brush after the grill:) has cooled down.

    • DonnaBoo says:

      Spray them with oven cleaner, stick them in a large plastic trash bag for a day or so, remove and rinse. If they’re still gross, go ahead and get new ones.

  2. taria says:

    growing up with 6 sibs mom never bought hot dog or burger buns. too pricey. I just assumed everyone ate burgers or dogs on plain old bread. good work on the grill.I still call them bbq’s mostly too.

  3. Molly says:

    Kraft Dinner? Ah, now we know that ‘where you are’ is Canada. Does Kraft make no other dinner than macaroni-&-cheese inna blue box? I am impressed with the automatic grill cleaning! My AutoCleanless oven is beyond hope, but could you say that little prayer for my non-defrosting freezer? There are items which cannot escape & some I cannot see. I live in a benighted land. Also w/o dishwasher or clothes dryer.

    • Nikki Kelly says:

      I have never heard it called “Kraft Dinner”. What does it say on a menu at a restaurant? You should start a movement in Canada and get people to start calling it by its real name, ‘Mac ‘n Cheese” .

      • Lisa says:

        Blasphemy! Kraft Dinner is not to be put into the same category as your so called ‘Mac ‘n Cheese”. Us Canadians have a reputation as being kind and peaceful folk, but may God have mercy on your soul should you mess with our KD. 😉

        • Alisha says:

          I’m of the opinion that you can’t call something Mac N’ Cheese if it doesn’t have cheese in it. It says “made with Real Cheese” on the box but “Real Cheese” is a trademarked brand. Kind of like “100% Beef” is a trademarked brand of Mcdonald’s but doesn’t necessarily mean you’re eatin’ beef. Get me? It’s a conspiracy.

  4. Allison says:

    I’ve banned metal grill brushes because of the news that surfaced this summer about the bristles being ingested … so I use a metal spatula and scrape while hot. Oh and you should totally try that new fancy spiral cut on your hot dog. btw LOVE your blog. Not crazy about the chickens (gross) but folding the fitted sheet was seriously a game changer for me. <3

    • Karen says:

      Allison – I’m sorry. If you don’t like chickens you’re banned from my blog. Just kidding. I’ve already done the spiral hotdogs. They were fun! ~ karen

    • Diana says:

      I was cleaning my grill grates in my kitchen sink with a sponge. As I was rubbing the grates, my sponge caught bristles that were caught up in the burnt on gunk! I’m glad that they stuck my finger instead of being ingested! My grates look like new after being washed in the sink and I will never use the brush again!

  5. Maggie V says:

    Karen growing up in Dundas in a very large family, (large as compared to families today) 7 kids and 2 my family took in, bread was regularly used as a wiener covering so this dinner you prepared is nothing to be sneered at. Bread and wieners were a staple at our house with of course yellow mustard and home made fries. Yeah for you Karen! As for a BBQ we never did have one growing up.

  6. Denise says:

    My husband does all the grill work, so out of sight out of mind. Plus, most things that would have formerly been grilled (BBQ to me in Ohio is the sauce you put ON things, not the appliance, but I digress) we cook on the George Foreman grill. It is never overcooked and is ready in 12 minutes. Of course you do give up the nice burn you get on hot dogs (or are we calling them wieners?)…

  7. ev says:

    Tomato-Tomahto, whatever! I guess we usually call it the grill, but if someone says BBQ, we sure know what is meant! Thanks so much for the cleaning tip, Karen! My fisherman guy is in your fine country right now,fishing his lips off. He will be coming home to a much cleaner grill, and I’ll get the accolades! Thanks again!

  8. Carey says:

    Really? You’re supposed to clean that thingamajig? I always thought germs made you tougher.

  9. Jan says:

    Off topic but did you ever do a post about discouraging mice from living in a house? Living near woods, we expect a few to saunter in occasionally and check things out but a friend insists we could keep them out completely.

    So I’ve been on a frenzy of putting everything possible in sealed containers. No more twist tied chip bags casually thrown on a shelf. But once you look at all the food you have it is hard to figure out where to stop.

    I ask myself if they’ll chew through boxes of oatmeal, etc. what about the fruit in the fruit bowl? And so on. Maddening!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jan – Your friend is a liar, LOL. You cannot keep mice out by tying everything up. If there’s a way for them to get in your house, they will come and visit whenever they want. The best thing to do is go around the foundation of your house both on the inside (ground floor or basement) and look for places they can get in. Usually small cracks or holes that are around pipes and things that run to the outside. Plumbing pipes, gas pipes, etc. Mouses can squish through VERY small spots so be thorough. There’s always traps as well. Live traps or humane kill traps (which are the ones that kill them instantly … the old fashioned spring type traps). Good luck! ~ karen

      • Patti says:

        To add to this – to keep the mice out – shove steel wool into any nooks and crannies you have around the foundation. A mouse can fit through any hole a bic pen can fit through, which is small. I walk around with a bic pen, and use it to shove in the SOS pads :) They HATE the feeling because it scratches them, and they WILL NOT come in. Be super thorough and you`re good to go!

        And never, ever, EVER use a sticky trap. Just sayin`. Oh! And if you use live traps, drive at least 5K away from you house before you let them go, or they`ll just come back again!

        And where there`s one, there`s usually two, and then there can easily be 100!

        • Karen says:

          Ditto on the sticky traps. They’re torturous. ~ karen

          • Jan says:

            Thanks everyone. I never use the sticky traps. I don’t (sorry) use the humane ones either. I use the spring traps. And I have created accidentally – but never use -another trap. I’ll explain later.

            The spring traps have a 99% success rate around here, maybe even 99.5 ( math isn’t my strong suit).

            All I know for sure about it is that the spring trap instantly killed all but one mouse. I know this because the SNAPPing sound always got my attention ad I’d check and find a dead mouse.

            There was one time, though, where the mouse ony got caught by ONE leg and part of its behind and wobbled around the flooring on the other 3 legs.

            I was mostly asleep. i never sleep too well ( 3 boys, enough said, I hope) and when I really came up for consciousness, I was horrified ..especially when I saw the poor mouse and the bloody trail in my kitchen.

            it was far from dead in spite of more blood loss than i could believe and I left someone ELSE to deal with it. I spent the day cleaning my kitchen floor, shelves, etc.

            And I know for a fact tat if you want to check for any remaining mice you’ll find them in any open, half empty bottle of cooking oil which some family member – but not me or I- left under the counter for MONTHS.

            There were 5 dead mice in there when we broke our diet and decided to make a batch of fried potatoes . I know…..Ewwwww. I guess they bent over from a ledge for a taste of oil abd slipped. Or tried to save the dum dum who fell in.

            I don’t really care. I had already started to pour the oil. With guests in the kitchen .

            So I will do whatever it takes to keep mice out of here! As much as possible. Or at least out of sight. Pease Lord.

            • Jan says:

              Gawk. Stupid piece of s-it ipad2 keyboard.

              • DianneT says:

                I have recently read that Bounce dryer sheets are effective in keeping mice away. I’m testing this theory in my garage this fall.

                • We use red jujubes in the mousetraps…works wonders! And, for some reason, our mice that come in love our towel drawer…go figure…the big clean towel drawer in the kitchen, so recently we put Bay leaves into the drawer because my husband heard somewhere they are repelled by it. They haven’t been back yet! Cross fingers!

          • Melanie says:

            I live on a farm – Mice are bad on a farm. We use a cube style mouse poison. You should be able to buy it at any store that a farmer would frequent – Tractor Supply for example. It won’t take much just put the cube where the mouse will find it and almost instantly dead mouse. **Here is the kicker – these will also kill your dog or cat and probably your child if it ate enough. So hide it behind the refrigerator or put it in the little boxes that they sell specifically for this cube type poison.**

          • Lan says:

            Boyfriend was cat-sitting for me around the time he found mice in his house. He put out a few sticky traps (TomCat brand). Only thing he caught with those traps was my cat … my VERY pissed off male cat. To this day, he still cracks up over how the TomCat caught the tom cat.

      • Raymonde says:

        The only way to really get rid of mice is to have a cat that’s a good mouser! My cat is on the hunt outside from spring until fall and catches from one to three field mice a day and I live in the heart of a village! I’ve even managed to convince him to get rid of the little corpses after bringing them to me as an offering. Good cat!
        Oh, I also make sure that my house is hole free, if a mouse can get in, so can the cold…

    • Laura Bee says:

      I’ll agree, get a cat Jan – wonderful creatures that keep the mice at bay. We have had two or three mice in out house in the last eight years & they were brought in as a gift & as training for her kitten from the one cat who insists on being outside. (she is now fixed, we rescued/adopted/ took her in when she was pregnant with her thied litter.- horrible neighbours)

    • Bobbi says:

      Had a crazy mouse infestation…….every night 3 or 4 caught in traps, for a week or so………..looked everywhere……well, they were breeding and nesting in one of those huge boxes of instant oatmeal that we got at costco that was stuck in the back of the pantry because it was summer and we ate the oatmeal mostly in the winter. They also ate through individual serve packets of mayonnaise,(yes,through the plastic). Long story, short, we found a tiny hole under the kitchen sink where a pipe came through the drywall. Once we filled it with expanding insulation from a can, we had no more mice. It was one of the most frustrating experiences I have had with critters of any kind. I started out with no kill traps, but in the end, I crossed over to the dark side and used the traditional spring traps.

  10. Melissa says:

    We do what you do, but then after the scraping, we use an oil-coated square of paper towel (two to three paper towels folded up into a thick square.) to wipe the entire grate clean — it picks up any powdery burnt stuff left behind from the scraping brush AND gets the grate lightly oiled so your food won’t stick.

  11. Kim says:

    Even easier…forward today’s blog to hubby. Sexist? Perhaps. Easier? Definitely. (Well, only if he follows through…)

  12. Carolyn says:


    We have been cleaning our barbecue like this for about 5 years and did run into a problem at a cottage we rented this summer. If you have a cheap barbeque (ok grill….) and you do this it will melt the knobs and they will fall off the barbeque. This renders the barbeque useless. May want to tell readers to take knobs off as an insurance policy……..

  13. Tracie says:

    Good info as usual…but speaking of ovens, I have an area on the bottom of my oven that I cannot get clean no matter what I use. I’ve tried oven cleaner, vinegar and baking soda, scraping the bejeezus out of it, all to no avail. Any ideas?? Stupid non-self-cleaning oven…..

    • Jeanne says:

      Coke (the stuff some people drink) totally cleaned stuff off the bottom of my oven that no other cleaner could do. I just put paper towels on the bottom of the oven and soaked them with the Coke. 10 – 15 minutes later and a bit of scraping, it was clean as new. I don’t drink Coke anymore since then.

  14. Sean says:

    Learned a cool little trick in Mexico. Take half an onion stick it on the end of a long fork (or actual stick) then rub the cut end onto the grate really hard while the grate is hot. Keep at it till little onion is left. Makes the grate surprisingly non stick and flavors the cheap meat nicely as well.

  15. JoAnna says:

    great idea for cleaning the bar-b-q. Found a great tip on a cooking show once, after you clean the grill while it is still hot grab your grilling tongs a bowl with cooking oil and some paper towels. While the grill is still hot use the tongs to grab the paper towels, soak up the oil then wipe down your grill really good. This “seasons” your grill like a good cast iron pan. If you do this every time before you cook it basically makes your grill non-stick- Then no more what the heck is that growing on my grill type stuff. : )

  16. mimiindublin says:

    or you could use a power washer? could you?

  17. Dawna Jones says:

    Great advice Karen can’t wait to tell my husband this one tonight!!!!

  18. Jake says:

    BBQ and mice all in the same day, Yuck!

  19. Jeannie B. says:

    A few years ago, my man fired up the BBQ and out popped a poor, unfortunate mouse who had been living there. His feet must have been burnt slightly, but he could walk and he scampered away.Shortly afterwards, some little girls who were delivering flyers, saw the poor mouse sitting on our front walkway. They looked at him and said how cute he was. My husband told them, they could take him home for a pet if they wanted. Off the little girls went, with the mouse in a bag, thrilled with their new pet. I always wondered what their parents must have said.

  20. Gayla T says:

    That Steve guy on the foody channel did a segment on maintaining your grill just before I bought a new one. He said to use the non-stick spray on it from the get go and it never gets gunky. So I’m doing that and this is it’s second season and it looks like new. Another way he mentioned is to pour a bit of cooking oil on a wad of paper towels and rub it over the grates before cooking but I chose the spray way. He also said not to turn the grill off when you are done cooking but turn it to high. When you are finished eating and doing your clean up turn it off and lightly brush and it never gunks up. At any rate I’m taking care of this new one that cost as much as my first new off the showroom floor car. (1973 Camero) I should have never driven it and it would be worth a fortune now, a much better investment than my IRA. LOL Kansas is supposed to be the BBQ capital of the world and we cook BBQ on the grill. Why you would want to throw some meat on your finished BBQ is beyond me but it’s not my day to worry about that. A few years ago the health dept. decided it was their job to draw up guide lines as to the cleanliness of the professional BBQ places’ grills. You should have been able to hear the uproar there in Canada. The pro’s said that getting a grill to a perfect stage of gunkiness was part of the flavor and they would shut down before cleaning their grills. The health dept. decided that they would inspect the rest of the premises just as they did with any eating establishment and not open the doors on the grills. Everyone is happier that way. There is big business around here to hire a grill and grill master to come to your party and BBQ with the specialty being a while hog. They now have to show up at the health dept with their rolling rig and be inspected. They don’t look at the inside of the grill either but look at how they serve the side dishes. That is usually commercially prepared salads so what they inspect is a big bowl it’s going to be poured into and the spoon to dish it up. The latest is that it’s going to be sidelined as a waste of time and money for the state agency and the grill master. DUH! In Kansas it’s pretty much a fight on every issue harkening back to the days of settling everything with a gun fight. It gives the folks at the newspaper something to do and that’s about all. Last weekend two women got into a fight over some guy while they were eating in a popular BBQ joint in a better part of town. One of them left and got her brother to come back and shoot off a spray of bullets across the front of the joint. Meanwhile the other woman had also left and the only injury was to an elderly man whose family was there to celebrate his 70th birthday. He is going to be ok but that gives you some idea of the mentality of this area. Everyone involved was quickly arrested as there was such a traffic jam in the parking lot that they couldn’t get their car out. LOL Bond is set so high they will probably remain jailed until their trials. In one of the TV interviews a relative of the shooter said that they would make sure he got some BBQ while in jail. We pride ourselves for having our priorities in order. LOLOLOL

  21. Cindy says:

    When we first bought our house and got our first BBQ grill I was all excited that my husband was going to do all the cooking now. So I buy the meat, make the salad, marinate the meat, and he takes it outside and grills it (asking about every two minutes, ‘honey, can you please bring me the (tongs, nonstick spray, plate, etc)’. After we finish the meal, he brings the two metal racks from the grill inside and sets them in the kitchen sink for me to wash.
    It took another couple of years before we grilled again. Happily he now owns a grill brush and uses it wisely. Thanks for the foil tip.

  22. Susan says:

    I consider the grill sanitized after the “preheating” phase. Then I scrape off the big pieces and let ‘er go. 😛 :)

  23. Barbie says:

    I had to giggle at this one…..your last statement “I also like Jello, Kraft Dinner and Big Macs. Suck it.” ha ha ha!

    I saw that ladies comment about the mason jar candy gift! Life would NOT be fun w/out a little junk food! I’m with you….

  24. kate says:

    cool way to keep the bbq clean! Thanks
    — but what about “confused” not knowing what “bbq” is – google ‘BBQ’ or, perhaps, ‘bbq’ — the real answer is at the top of the list. easy to find and understand

  25. Chau says:

    BBQ grill is my husband’s domain, so I have to forward this to him pronto. Thanks Karen.

  26. Anj says:

    I being an Ontarian of course know what BBQ means. But this weekend I re-watched Fried Green Tomatoes and this quote conjures up a whole other thought.


  27. Delphine says:

    Just to add to the confusion, in Australia we call it (the BBQ) a Barbie.
    ‘Throw a snag on the barbie for us, will you darls?’
    Translation: Could you put a sausage on the BBQ for me darling?
    My father’s BBQ was made of bricks, heated with a wood fire and had a large piece of metal/hot plate to cook on. Saturday night in summer time was ‘snag night’. Burnt sausages, white bread and tomato sauce. Now – you can’t have an open fire in your backyard, burnt sausages are bad for you, white bread tastes like sawdust and you have to shake the sauce bottle before using because the ingredients separate.

  28. I wonder how well this works on charcoal grills? they get gunkier cause of the ash from the coals but better flavor. our grill is nasty. My husband does all the grilling and none of the cleaning.

  29. Jenifer says:


    Has somebody been talking smack about Kraf mac and cheese?! That is unacceptable and should be punishable by law. Freakin’ hippies! (Also being from the South (of the U.S.) we called it the BBQ, the Bar-b-que, the BBQ Grill, or the grill.)(Although when you think about it most of that sounds the same when you say it out loud.)

    Love your blog!

  30. Laurie says:

    I am a new subscriber.
    I Love your blog & wacky sense of humor, thanks for making me laugh out…scares the cat.

    Cleaning grates on grill or oven – at the cottage we throw them in the lake to soak and let the fish eat the charred bits.

    At home I take the grates, put them in a heavy duty (black contractor bag in USA) spray with oven cleaner (Easy Off heavy duty), tie up the bag then let sit 24 hours (don’t forget… will eat through bag if left too long). Rinse with hose sprayer. I also do this to my oven racks & broiler pans. So much easier than scrubbing!
    Than you can maintain by wadding up aluminum foil, using a tongs rub it over the grates, while hot, each time you grill…of course by then your food is cold.
    Happy BBQing, Grilling or whatever you call charring meat!

    • Karen says:

      Laurie – Thanks! Glad you like my blog. :) As I said in the title of the post this isn’t the BEST way to clean grates, it’s just the easiest. I’m not normally one to go the fast/easy route. Only when there’s a hotdog waiting in the wings. ~ karen!

  31. Linda says:

    My kids always called Kraft Dinner “the blue pasta” because it is in a blue box. So when we lived in the States for a while it wasn’t a problem because the box is still blue, but now we moved to Scotland and the box is red and it’s called Cheesy Pasta! It is still made by Kraft, but it doesn’t taste the same. It is like the imitation Kraft Dinner. :(

    I still don’t know what a grill is here….some sort of other oven with a “gas mark”…I only know that because all of the cooking instructions say that but people don’t seem to have barbeque’s here so I don’t think they are talking about a barbeque.

  32. Sian says:

    Delphine – I’m with you. My family had a brick BBQ with a grill and a hot plate, and we used eucalypt wood from the block (wood from our land) for our barbies, usually about three or four nights a week during the Brisbane summers (that’s about 10 months of the year). Usually alternating between steak and lightly floured fillets of fish and eggplants. Yum.

  33. Charlotte says:

    Don’t leave it longer than 15 minutes. I didn’t know that tin foil burns, but it does. When I came back at the end of my show, after I forgot, the tin foil was gone – cooked and my house was black, thankfully not burned down, but black! Supervise your tin foil! But it works. We had a good laugh as we washed the black off the house!!

  34. Ann says:

    I recently moved into a furnished apartment that came with a BBQ grill. I opened it up and it was the most disgusting, revoltingly guckiest thing I have ever seen. I pulled all pieces out, brushed them until the metal brush was worn out, and there is still guck. I tried some oven cleaner–still gucky. I rent this place, I don’t want to sink a lot of money into new parts for the grill. I will try this method you’ve suggested, but just in case do you of know any more high-powered ways to clean a grill? (I also had to clean out the mice stashes of food, peanuts, etc. Hoping that my dog will keep the mice under control after this.)

    • Karen says:

      Ann – I would have suggested oven cleaner, but if you already used than then you might be in trouble! The only other thing I can think of is if you know someone with a self cleaning oven. Put the grill in there (hopefully it fits) ~ karen!

  35. Meg says:

    There is nothing wrong with a “bread dog” as we call. Same goes with KD.

  36. Jae8888 says:

    I, too, is a Big Mac Fan.

  37. Jae8888 says:

    Pardon my English…I, too, am a Big Mac Fan. :)

  38. Catherine says:

    I think it’s a regional thing. Here in the south that would be a grill. BBQ means meat covered in tangy sauce, usually tomato based, but that’s probably controversial too! If you cook hot dogs, hamburgers, etc., you are grilling or having a cookout. If you invite someone for a BBQ, they expect smoked meat in sauce. That’s how it is down here where we talk right!

  39. Depending on what i cooked last will classify whether or not the bbq gets cleaned. Beef to beef no cleaning, but chicken to pork I am not taking chances mixing two things that may make you ill.

  40. Nerissa says:

    Hi Karen,
    I just recently came across your blog (I know, where’ve I been?). Love it! So funny and informative! Well, after reading your entry about cleaning the grill, I literally put down my iPad, grabbed my tinfoil and set up the grill as instructed. Grilled chicken and italian sauage were on my menu tonight. I always scrape down the grill but your method worked like magic!!

    I grill year-round which isn’t too hard in Toronto. My grill gets pretty bad so I have to take it apart and give it a good cleaning several times a year. This new tinfoil trick will really help me out between major cleanings. I will share with my fellow grill enthusiasts. Thank you!

  41. Paul says:

    I see people using their bbq brush right after taking food off…. Is that not mashing a bunch of food in to the brush making it a disgusting mess? Should you not wait to bbq brush till after whatever is left on the grill has cooked off or become more ash like?

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