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My goal in life (other than getting rid my constantly ingrown toenail) is to have the perfect coffee table. You know the one. It’s the big square, stylish yet comfortable looking one in all the magazines, loaded with a few casually, yet perfectly placed random objects set beside a stack of art books that make me look like I’m both cultured and smart with a sense of irony. I’m sure you’ve seen it. At the moment my coffee table has a silver bowl and a glass vase. Ehh. It’s so-so. I’ll probably change it tonight in my desperate attempt to fall in love with it. That’s what I do. Move things, change things, screw around with them until I fall in love with them. I do it with furniture arrangements, table settings, bookcases and closets. I do it with stuff I buy and stuff I make. Read on to learn how to make it, move it or repurpose it.


Bookcase styling and other ways to drive yourself crazy.

I bet you’re all wondering what it is I did while I was on my television hiatus aren’t you?   What could I possibly have done all those long, lonely evenings without the mind numbing entertainment that requires no thought […]

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DIY Chandelier

  Those of you who read this blog regularly are familiar with Pink Tool Belt.  She has a clean potato bin.  That is the kind of person she is.  She’s the kind of person who cleans her potato bin regularly. […]

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The Day I washed my Mongolian Lambskin throw.

    You are looking at a filth monster.       A furry, mass of guck.  There’s fireplace guck, cat guck, and general guck.  And those are just the ones I could identify. I’ve had this Mongolian lamb throw covering […]

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Collecting eggs & Ironstone. What I got at Christie’s Antique Sale.

  Ironstone is a ceramic invented in the early 1800’s.  The recipe for making it was invented in 1800 as a new way to produce earthenware and porcelain.  But the company went bankrupt and the patent was given to Spode.  In […]

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Christie’s Antique Show Spring 2015

      At the beginning of every summer, bumbling creatures across Canada poke their heads out, blink their eyes at the sun and make their way out of their groundhog holes. Then we go to garage sales. OR if you’re […]

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How I turned my basement stairs into storage.

  This is where death happens.     Mainly centipedes, spiders, and the occasional salesman. Not the ones that sell Girl Guide cookies though. Anything else is fair game though.  Those gas company hucksters, furnace companies, satellite dish pushers.  A […]

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How to display Thank You, Birthday and other cards.

      That’s my monkey card.  How great is THAT? And the poor thing has been shoved in a drawer for years, forgotten all about until this post. I’ve always had a rule. If someone sends me a card […]

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Easy, Beautiful DIY Cake Stand

  In my head, this is how last week’s Rose Cake post was going to go; publish post, wait for the comments come rolling in.  The comments would be:  the cake looks great and what an ordeal but that PEDESTAL! […]

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My top 5 Easter posts. Even though I don’t much care for Easter.

First off, thanks to all the men who came out of hiding and commenting on Friday’s post.  It resulted in truly one of the most entertaining comment sections this blog has ever seen. Now … back to the way we […]

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Cheap and Easy Easter decorating. Only really it’s spring decorating.

Before I get into today’s post, just a quick note that my Seed Starting Course: Sow You Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’ only costs $35, and that includes 3 packs of seeds selected just for you from Laura at Cubit’s! As […]

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Screen Printing. I’m learning more so I can teach you more.

One of the most popular posts on The Art of Doing Stuff has always been my How to Screen Print at home post. People are stunned, shocked and amazed that you don’t need a whole workshop or studio to screen […]

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Moving a ceiling fixture

Twice.  That is exactly how many times my house has looked perfect both inside and outside at the very same time.  Twice. Once when Style at Home came to shoot both the inside and outside of my house for their […]

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Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.