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My goal in life (other than getting rid my constantly ingrown toenail) is to have the perfect coffee table. You know the one. It’s the big square, stylish yet comfortable looking one in all the magazines, loaded with a few casually, yet perfectly placed random objects set beside a stack of art books that make me look like I’m both cultured and smart with a sense of irony. I’m sure you’ve seen it. At the moment my coffee table has a silver bowl and a glass vase. Ehh. It’s so-so. I’ll probably change it tonight in my desperate attempt to fall in love with it. That’s what I do. Move things, change things, screw around with them until I fall in love with them. I do it with furniture arrangements, table settings, bookcases and closets. I do it with stuff I buy and stuff I make. Read on to learn how to make it, move it or repurpose it.


Stereo Stereo
The turntable as an accessory.

When I was young, my mother  had a cleaning lady because we were fantastically wealthy and lived in a very large home on a very large estate with lots of objects that sparkled and gleamed.   The cleaning lady wore […]

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Your FIRST look at my new kitchen in Canadian Living Magazine!
Plus a giveaway.

The last time I was this excited over something it was covered in gravy. Here’s your first glimpse of me in my new kitchen.   The October issue of Canadian Living magazine is on stands now!  And if it’s not where […]

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The Art of Building a Blogging Career.
Introducing my online Video Course!

For someone who is a professional blogger  introducing you to her new video course on how to turn your blog into a business it’s pretty hilarious that I’ve been staring at this screen for 20 minutes with no clue as to […]

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How to Build a (cob)Pizza Oven. Part III
Insulation layer & lime plaster

Welcome to the final tutorial on how to build your very own cob pizza oven so you can be the envy of every single person you know. Unless they too happen to have built a cob pizza oven. But yours […]

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My BIG Summer project

It’s that time of year.  The time I reveal what my big Spring project is going to be!  Only now it’s summer, so it’s what my big Summer project is going to be! Last year it was installing a new […]

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The Dollarama Fake Grass Square

Even though I haven’t done a Dollarama post in a long time it doesn’t mean my love affair with the Dollar Store has ended. I’ve still been visiting the happiest place on earth, I just haven’t been posting about it. […]

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The first Dollarama Post in 2 YEARS!

There I was. Wandering the aisles of Dollarama like I do most weeks when a grin as wide as a photoshopped thigh gap spread across my face. I had gone for a spray bottle, but left with 3 bags of […]

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platter 4

Antique Shows. Go for one thing leave with another.

I’ve been going to the Christie Antique Show for years now and normally everyone there is met with either rain, mud, wind or cold. Usually it’s all 4 of those things. So it came as a bit of a shock […]

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Touch Faucet Video. Watch it work.

So you don’t know if you really need a touch faucet. You have questions. Concerns. Queries. I didn’t think I needed one either, but now that I have one there’s a little bit of elation that runs through my body […]

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The Christie Antique Show spring 2014

I hopped down the painted wood stairs as fast as my socked feet would let me. Painted stairs and socks are just one of the ways there are to break your ankle. There are exactly 57 common ways to break […]

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The Four Corners of the Kitchen.
The Stove.

There’s an old saying:     It’s quite an old saying so you maybe haven’t heard it before.  Maybe. But there’s a lot of truth to it.  The stove (or range if you prefer) is the guts of your kitchen. […]

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Countertop Waste Hole.
And the butcher block counter.

  I tried to draw as little attention to it in my post on the greatest refrigerator in the land, but pretty much every one of you spotted the hole in my countertop. Seriously. You people are freakish. I’m gonna […]

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Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.