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My goal in life (other than getting rid my constantly ingrown toenail) is to have the perfect coffee table. You know the one. It’s the big square, stylish yet comfortable looking one in all the magazines, loaded with a few casually, yet perfectly placed random objects set beside a stack of art books that make me look like I’m both cultured and smart with a sense of irony. I’m sure you’ve seen it. At the moment my coffee table has a silver bowl and a glass vase. Ehh. It’s so-so. I’ll probably change it tonight in my desperate attempt to fall in love with it. That’s what I do. Move things, change things, screw around with them until I fall in love with them. I do it with furniture arrangements, table settings, bookcases and closets. I do it with stuff I buy and stuff I make. Read on to learn how to make it, move it or repurpose it.


A Quick & Easy Easter Craft

There are 3 facts in life. Cats are better than dogs, hamburgers taste better with beer and the stocking is always the best part of Christmas. Everything else is iffy. So it came to me the other day.  Why is […]

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How to Print on Fabric

In keeping with my never ending quest to ruin my printer, I have for you today … How to Print on Fabric. This is part one in a two part post on an easy Easter craft I have for you. […]

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The One of a Kind Show.
Toronto, Ontario

The older I get the earlier I start shopping for Christmas. I used to start Christmas shopping in December. Then it was November, then October. I’m now at the age where I start shopping for Christmas in the spring. Once […]

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How to build a simple planter box.
The perfect Easter centrepiece for $20.

  Hello Spring!  It’s nice of you to join me inside my house.  Maybe you wanna think about venturing outside.  Finally.  You stupid, stupid spring. It’s a good thing Easter is particularly late this year, because there’s nothing more depressing […]

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How to Print Pictures on Wood
Waxed Paper Transfer

I’m funny. Sometimes ha-ha funny, sometimes  left-out-of-the-fridge-too-long funny. But as we all know, there are times for funny and times for seriousness. This is one such time.   For seriousness that is. So this post will involve no funny. No […]

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8 great ways to incorporate a flat screen television into a room.

Without a doubt, without any bit of hesitation or yammering I can tell you that the most difficult decision I’ve had to make during this entire kitchen renovation is … where to put the stupid television. I still hate where […]

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Disease: Kitchen Renovation.
Symptoms: Itching

My house always looks lived in. The only times it doesn’t look lived in is when someone fancy comes over. And by fancy I mean someone with freakishly long nails, wearing one of those fox stoles where the fox is […]

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The Corner Cabinet Capers.
And the truth behind Reality TV.

If you don’t want the illusion of reality  television shattered, stop reading now. Because I’m going to let you in on the truth behind reality television and if you’d like to continue believing it’s real … you’d best not read […]

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The Start of the Kitchen Installation.
Plus a Pink Suede Toolbelt Giveaway!

  I am back from vacation and the actual kitchen installation has begun! Bad timing.  I should not be trusted with power tools at this particular moment. It appears sometime between Thailand and Canada someone hit me with an elephant […]

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How to rewire a lamp.

Everybody give Shelly a big Art of Doing Stuff welcome with all the enthusiasm you show me every day! ~ karen Hello Readers (who must be so smart because you read such a smart blog)! I’m Shelly Leer, aka Mod […]

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The Kitchen Renovation.
The sink & faucet.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but this ENTIRE kitchen renovation actually started because of a sink. I wanted a new one. Specifically, I wanted this apron front sink from Ikea. I liked that it wasn’t an undermount sink. […]

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How to Organize your Closet!
Day 1 of 5 days of Organizing

  Welcome to day 1 of the 5 days of organizing series!  I’m getting the biggest, baddest, most intimidating one out of the way first.  Closets. Just how intimidating is going through your closet and organizing it?  Well … let’s […]

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Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.