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Valentine’s Day Card DIY.
Not your average Valentine’s card.

      I was out shopping with Betty the other day.  First we went to Costco where I’m sure I spent at least $250 because I always do, yet I cannot remember  a single thing I purchased.  I’m guessing […]

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DIY Warming Neck Pillow.
A Dollar Store DIY

Since becoming a blogger my health has gone to crap. CRAP I say. Within months of working at a desk all day I got migraines, my shoulders became knotted like a macrame plant holder and my neck got so stiff […]

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The Dollarama Fake Grass Square

Even though I haven’t done a Dollarama post in a long time it doesn’t mean my love affair with the Dollar Store has ended. I’ve still been visiting the happiest place on earth, I just haven’t been posting about it. […]

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The first Dollarama Post in 2 YEARS!

There I was. Wandering the aisles of Dollarama like I do most weeks when a grin as wide as a photoshopped thigh gap spread across my face. I had gone for a spray bottle, but left with 3 bags of […]

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Thrift Store Finds.
Are you missing out?

There are a select few of you out there who avoid thrift stores.  More specifically you eschew them.  Because that’s what the hoity toity do.  They eschew. Incidentally, hoity toity has nothing to do with wealth or income.  It has […]

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Mason Jar Christmas Tree!
The DIY you’ve waited a year for.

    Around this time last year I posted a Christmas House Tour of my home that featured a DIY I came up with using a few supplies from the Dollar Store and … the ever popular mason jar.  I […]

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Halloween Giveaway. A gift from me to you.

It may seem a little late for a Halloween giveaway.  I mean … Halloween stuff has been on the shelves since I threw my first hotdog on the BBQ some time back in June.  You know.  Around the same time […]

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Dollar Store Craft
Windowsill Fill.

      In honour of these creatively chic chicks my sister crafted I am going to write this entire post using only words that begin with the letter “C”. Clearly crafty city chics carefully create countertop chicks ’cause constable […]

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How to Make a Neck Pillow for $4

Today I’m going to give you a lesson on being open to taking things in a different direction when you have to.  ‘Cause I’m all about giving life lessons and making the world a happier place with rainbows and kittens […]

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Chic Country Christmas Wrapping!
Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

In keeping with this week’s theme of ohmygodistillhavesomuchtodohowdidthishappen, I’m going right into today’s post.  There will be no funny.  None.  This here is a bare, bones post with pretty pictures.  And hopefully some inspiration.  And intrigue.  And maybe even a […]

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$10 Emergency Hostess Gift!!

There’s still a couple of weeks left in the holiday season and I’m going to milk everything out of it that I can. I wish it were Christmas every month.  There’s no shortage of post ideas, that’s for sure.  You […]

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Pinecone Bows!
Using Nature’s Poop to Bring Pretty to Presents

  3 months ago I sat straight up in bed and said “Pinecone bows” out loud.  It wasn’t the weirdest thing I’d ever done in bed, but it was up there.  I knew, like the time I apparently pushed the […]

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