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Dollar Store Spring Wreath
There’s a Fungus Amungus

I was interviewed by someone today.  They wanted to know about why people love Dollar Stores so much. I didn’t really have an answer.  I wasn’t sure. I suppose it’s the thrill of the hunt.   Finding something really GREAT […]

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Saving the Day
Dollar Store Style

Let’s get one thing straight right from the get go.   You will probably not consider this post to be the most earth shattering you’ve ever seen from me.  I certainly don’t. This post wouldn’t even be considered earth shattering […]

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Halloween Wreath

Halloween is one of those holidays you either love or hate. Unless you’re me, in which case you both love and hate it. In a related note, I also both love and hate exercise, John Grisham novels, Spanx and America’s […]

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Expensive Bird Bath?
Flip ‘em the bird … make one for $6!

I know, I know …  I’m just being silly with money now.  $6 for a birdbath.  Will the frivolity never end?  It’s embarrassing really.  I’m thinking of changing my last name to Hilton. Have you ever read the Tweets sent […]

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It’s Dollar Store Week!
The Pot

The time has come for the final Dollar store post. *sniff*  It’s one of those occasions that’s both sad and happy.  Like watching a child go off to school for the first time, or  eating a whole strawberry-rhubarb pie in […]

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It’s Dollar Store Week!
The Table Setting

So if you haven’t figured out the theme I’ve been building with these Dollar Store posts let me spell it out for you.  A-T-T-R-A-C-T-I-V-E.  Otherwise known as fetching, enchanting, good-lookin’, handsome, or my particular favourite swish. Just because you paid […]

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It’s Dollar Store Week!
The mirror

I am sitting here at my computer with a faint, goofy smile on my face thinking back to the first time I had a Dollarama revelation.    The first time I looked at something in one of their aisles and […]

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It’s Dollar Store Week!
The Garbage Bag

I would like to commend the fine people at Dollarama for selling what might be the most beautiful garbage bags I have ever seen.  I’m pretty sure they’d burst into flames if they got too close to a bright paint […]

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It’s Dollar Store Week!
The Birdfeeder

There are 2, and only 2 types of people in this world.  Those who love a deal and those who don’t.  I am in the first group.  If you compliment me on anything, I’ll gush and and glow and tell […]

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Flower of the Week
Artichokes were on sale!

There are two things I know for sure. 1)   My cat’s poo always smells like she’s swallowed a poltergeist. and 2)  If artichokes are on sale, I’m gonna make a flower arrangement out of them, damn it. Even if […]

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Contemporary Cat Food Dish

A couple of months ago I had to take my cat Ernie on an emergency trip to the vet.  It was one of those traumatic, things-will-never-be-the-same events, that you dread will happen one day. Ernie had  acne.  Barf.  Yeah, I […]

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… the ugly holiday

I opened up my front door to the check the mail today and I was smacked in the face by  the distinct scent of spring.  It was exactly like a worm had crawled up each of my nostrils.  You know […]

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