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Wanna toilet train your cat? Tame a chipmunk? Make a toast? Then you’re in the right place. Oh! Want to learn how to fold a tee shirt Japanese style? ALSO in the right place. This is all the stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. The misfits of the website. These are the cast aways, the downtrodden. In truth, these are a few of my favourite things …


How to adjust eyeglass frames.

  You may recognize the frames above as the ones I got from Lookmatic last year.   Or you may not.  Let it be known, at this point, it does not matter whether you do or do not remember the […]

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Happy Weekend. Shut it all down!

I’m taking the day off today so I’ve given myself a limit of 4 minutes to write this post. I’m starting the timer now … Today is Good Friday and I was reminded by the nice man working in Lee […]

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The most brilliant stupid thing I’ve ever seen.
The Instant Face Lift.

Getting older is gross. I’d love to say I think growing old gracefully is the way to go but I’m not so sure about that. There isn’t anything very graceful about an ass that hits the back of your knees. […]

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How to Save Money.

When I started this blog I made no money. At all. For two years. In fact I had to beg for money  from you by putting up a donation button to keep this website going at one point. If it […]

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An announcement that may alarm you.

I have to get something off my chest that I’ve been feeling guilty about for a long time. I know you read this blog.  I know you think you know me.  But you don’t.  You know a part of me, […]

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Tell me your cleaning tips & appear on The Art of Doing Stuff.

My sister in the pink tool belt is the type who loves to clean. So is fish pedicure sister actually. And my niece. My mother and I? We prefer to make the mess. I like the end result of cleaning. […]

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Best April Fools Jokes for you

This coming Tuesday is April Fool’s Day. It’s the one holiday that truly seems to sneak up on you. And often scares the crap out of you. Having someone casually ask you when your car got keyed is far more […]

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Riding Elephants in Thailand. Every 80 year old’s dream.

I told you a couple of weeks ago about how when I, my mother and my two sisters went to Thailand we all tried to allow everyone else their “thing”. Whether they wanted to look at jewelry or antiques or […]

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That’s not just a dress! It’s a Post!!

My name’s Karen and I’m a texter. I text, therefore I am. As such, I share a lot of my most important information through the magical mystery of texting. Things like what I’m having for dinner, why I hate my […]

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Bring in the Spring!
Plus a One of Kind Craft Show ticket giveaway

SPRING ARRIVES TOMORROW!!! SPRING ARRIVES TOMORROW!!! Tomorrow it will be spring! I will jump out of bed and my toenails will be painted and the yard will be rid of snow and daffodils will be up and hyacinths and tulips […]

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How to spend the day Irish style

St. Patrick’s Day! The day we all have a little Irish in us. I was going to add that if we’re lucky we have a big Irish in us, but that seems crude. Plus my mother reads this blog. So […]

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The Winner of the Pink Suede Toolbelt via Video.

I own a tool belt. I found it last night while trying to clean up my basement. Again. It’s big and beige and hard and heavy. I tried it on. It was like wearing a toilet. It was nothing like […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.