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Wanna toilet train your cat? Tame a chipmunk? Make a toast? Then you’re in the right place. Oh! Want to learn how to fold a tee shirt Japanese style? ALSO in the right place. This is all the stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. The misfits of the website. These are the cast aways, the downtrodden. In truth, these are a few of my favourite things …


No post … too busy … but I do have THIS for you.

You know those television commercials where the kid soaks the entire kitchen in Kool Aid or pulls a dead, muddy beaver through the kitchen or whatever, and the mother just crosses her arms, gives a little   smile and pulls […]

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The new Chickens at 3 months.
Black Copper Marans

Let me refresh your memory.   On June 6th I got myself 4 of these.     6 weeks later they looked like this.   Now they are these.   Yeah, that’s a whole pack of Roosters and one lone […]

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How to upgrade your laptop RAM.
It’s easy.

O.K. Since about 3 people read my post on how to replace your laptop battery, you’ve made it abundantly clear that you want ALL THE COMPUTER REPAIR POSTS I CAN MUSTER. To go straight into the garbage. To that, I […]

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Your Fall Assignment.

I have a vintage flatware obsession. These are my favourites.  I have no idea what the pattern is called but if you know, tell me because I’d like to get some more.     This really wasn’t supposed to be […]

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The Winners!

As the comments were coming in for last week’s contest to win a copy of Canadian Living featuring my kitchen it became more and more obvious why Canadians are pretty much universally liked around the world. And it’s not just […]

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Still 3

Monarch emerging from Chrysalis.

You may remember Liberace. Colourful, vibrant and vivacious.  My caterpillar, Liberace. A couple of weeks ago I showed you a video of Liberace as he was just hatching out of his shell.  After a few weeks of eating, growing, eating growing, […]

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Just for Fun Monday!

I get a lot of people linking to things on The Art of Doing Stuff Facebook page. Stuff they want me to see. Most often it’s either about potato chips, chickens, or pizza. On rare occasions it’s about something that […]

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A little more information on my Live, Online Video course.

  My Live Video course on how to turn your blog into a business is filling up with people. The course is 5, one hour tutorials running from 8 – 9 p.m., live on a computer near you from September […]

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Replacing your laptop battery.

The following post will serve as an instructional DIY for those of you who happen to own a Macbook Pro laptop (mid 2009 version). For the rest of you it will be an INSPIRATION.  Or a bore. But keep in […]

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3 TV Shows You Should be Watching
Part VII

    The Mindy Project was created by and written by Mindy Kaling, formerly of The Office. The show revolves around a 31 year old gynecologist’s career and love life. Mindy is that gynecologist. To say it’s a comedy is […]

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All things Chicken in honour of the scrappy Cuddles

I was on the phone to my literary agent yesterday (I’m mainly saying that to show off the fact that I have a literary agent) and right after she asked how my week had gone, her voice lowered and softened. […]

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Video of Monarch caterpillar emerging from egg.
A Monarch Project Update

That’s right. A Monarch Project Update. I’ve decided to make this whole saving the Monarchs project official with its own dedicated space on The Art of Doing Stuff and catchy title. For those of you who took it upon yourselves […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.