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Wanna toilet train your cat? Tame a chipmunk? Make a toast? Then you’re in the right place. Oh! Want to learn how to fold a tee shirt Japanese style? ALSO in the right place. This is all the stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. The misfits of the website. These are the cast aways, the downtrodden. In truth, these are a few of my favourite things …


How to get rid of fat in 2 easy steps.

To me Canadian Thanksgiving is a pretty fall day with leaves falling from the trees, platters of delicious food covered in gravy and pants with enough stretch you could slingshot them across a football field.  American Thanksgiving is that Brady Bunch […]

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How I’m going to make a million dollars and how you can too.

    I’ve decided to quit blogging and go into the business of reading floors.  It’s kind of like reading tea leaves, only it actually works, you don’t have to drink tea, plus your house gets cleaner.  And it’s free. […]

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Fall Finds

The other night I stepped out onto my front porch to pick some basil from the garden, as I do every night, to put on my Caprese salad.  As I was reaching down to pick off a few leaves it hit […]

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Would you like to come and meet me?

I write for the Lee Valley Newsletter.  If you aren’t familiar with  Lee Valley I’m not sure how you ended up in a place like this, but I’ll explain it for you. Lee Valley is like the Disney World for anyone who […]

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The whole reason for our trip to Memphis was to bring my mother to Graceland for her 80th birthday.  She isn’t a crazy, huge Elvis fan but she, like pretty much everyone else from the 50’s, thought he was your […]

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Welcome to Memphis Y’all.

I just returned from a trip to the most Canadian place in America. Only friendlier and with a lot more shot glasses for sale. Memphis, Tennessee even looked like Canada. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but once […]

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At this very moment I am in the United States of America getting ready to take Betty through Graceland.  Pink Tool Belt and Fish Pedicure and I have brought Betty here for her 80th birthday. This is how it happened. […]

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So what IS Labour day. Eh? (other than the last long weekend of summer)

  I’m a very kind person. I’m writing this post for you, the 4 people who aren’t at the cottage, back to school shopping or suffering from a hangover so large you not only look like death, you’re kind of […]

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How I got through 31 days of not watching television and what I watched first.

I’m writing this at 10:45 p.m. from my living room couch. It’s September 1st as I write this, my first day back watching television after a month long hiatus from it. I’m laying back with my head on a pillow, […]

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The food that brought people to tears. Tomatoes on toast.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to cook, you know the satisfaction you get from serving someone food and having them smile at the end of eating it. If they actually mumble out a “Soooo goood” as they’re […]

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The DIY that finally stumped me.

  Even if you have no interest in installing an automatic, sliding door opener (but really who doesn’t) please read this post.  Because at the end of this post I’m asking for your help.  But if you don’t know anything […]

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Instant Heartburn Relief.
Home Remedy.

I’ve had gut issues for as long as I can remember. I don’t think I stress about stuff or get tense, but my stomach thinks otherwise. My stomach thinks I stress out A LOT and it, being the extremely thoughtful […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.