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Wanna toilet train your cat? Tame a chipmunk? Make a toast? Then you’re in the right place. Oh! Want to learn how to fold a tee shirt Japanese style? ALSO in the right place. This is all the stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. The misfits of the website. These are the cast aways, the downtrodden. In truth, these are a few of my favourite things …

Lasagna pre food styling

Lasagna is one of those foods you think always looks great.  Picture perfect.  Until you try to take a picture of it.  Granted, this photo below isn’t horrendous, but all the layers are must mushed together, you can’t really see […]

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photo copy 3

Cuddles is still cuddling. The last update until something significant happens.

O.K.  I had a different post planned for today.  A good one by the way.   Much better than this stupid movie Neighbors I’m trying to watch for some reason.   I was watching something a little more high brow […]

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An update on Cuddles

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know  about my chickens. There’s Cheez Whiz … Walnut …     And Cuddles. And if you read my blog really regularly (like yesterday) you know that Cuddles suddenly got sick […]

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Cuddles is dying.
I need your help.

      This is an emergency post. It is not what I planned, scheduled or hoped to be talking about today. It will not be my best piece of writing but it is one of my most important. In […]

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5 Questions with Aunt Jean

My great Aunt Jean turned 100 years old last week.   I asked her 5 questions.       Where were you born? I was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1914. When I was 8 my family moved to Oshawa. […]

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Classic Bread and Butter Pickles.
The best!

  I’ve been eating bread and butter pickles for 2 weeks straight now.  I eat them faster than I can make them. In the middle of my face there is a puckery canker sore the size of a ping pong […]

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The Birthday Girl

I went to a birthday party 2 weekends ago. I mainly, usually, occasionally dread going to parties. Especially birthday parties. Bleh. All the balloons and fun and food and excitement. Who needs it.  I have a new floor buffer.  I […]

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Surprise! Yeah. It’s a post, lol. A Day in the life of me!

What was I saying? Oh right. I’m on vacation so there won’t be any posts this week. Yes indeed. O.K. this isn’t really a post so don’t go all apeshit on me for working on my vacation. A few days […]

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Today is a holiday in Canada. Which just happens to be my 3rd favourite Madonna song, only surpassed by Borderline and Don’t Tell Me (but only if I’m also watching the video where she’s dressed like a cowboy/girl).   I […]

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Grow a Monarch Butterfly.

I saw my first Monarch butterfly of the year 2 weeks ago.  One lone Monarch butterfly. For the past 10 years or so I’ve been raising Monarch butterflies for fun.  WHO knows fun?   This girl!  The one with the calloused […]

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Then & Now.
Your DREAM car.

I remember sitting in my University cafeteria day dreaming about the money filled future ahead of me.  My friend Sam and I would talk about what we’d be, where we’d live and most importantly what car we’d drive when we […]

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The Food Issue

  There are 480 meals left in this year.  160 dinners, 160  lunches and 160 breakfasts.  That’s a lot of food to deal with.  You shop for the ingredients, make it, eat it, clean up after it, and then at […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.