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The Art of Building a Blogging Career.
Introducing my online Video Course!

For someone who is a professional blogger  introducing you to her new video course on how to turn your blog into a business it’s pretty hilarious that I’ve been staring at this screen for 20 minutes with no clue as to […]

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I’ve been Etsy-fried.

The Art of Doing Stuff is now on Etsy. I am not designing things. I am not making things. I am not selling things. I am curating things. Etsy recently started an invitation only holiday gift guide program. They’ve invited […]

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DIY Egg Holder.Rustic or ModernGreat Last Minute DIY Gift!

One of the biggest issues I had when I first got chickens was where to put the eggs.  You may remember there was a bit of a debate about whether I needed to keep them in the fridge or not. […]

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Wrap it Up!
This year’s wrapping plus a tag download

O.K.  Fair warning.  The writing portion of these posts is going to get shorter and shorter the closer we get to Christmas.  Even though I got everything done I wanted to by the Christmas Pledge deadline I’m still screwed. I […]

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Lumberjack Sack!
$4 DIY Shopping Bag

  You might remember a while ago I did a post on how to make t-shirt shopping bags.  If you’re looking for a quick and easy Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/Saw my first Snowflake in the shape of The Fonz, you should give them […]

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Mason Jar Christmas Tree!
The DIY you’ve waited a year for.

    Around this time last year I posted a Christmas House Tour of my home that featured a DIY I came up with using a few supplies from the Dollar Store and … the ever popular mason jar.  I […]

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Embroidery Hoop Dreams.
Easy DIY Gift/Wall Art

  I went on my very first “Art Crawl” this summer.  I was delighted to find out that actual crawling was not required.  Totally optional. I wasn’t worried for myself so much as my mother.  I’m happy to crawl around […]

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Board Butter!
To Nourish Your Wood Goods.

A few months ago I showed you how to quickly clean up your wooden kitchen tools with a swipe of olive oil.  At the time I promised to show you a better, (and more time consuming) way of doing it. […]

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Quick & Easy DIY mini Chalkboards

Thanksgiving has come and gone in Canada but I am reminded of it daily during the morning disagreement between my jeans and my thighs. If I was so inclined I could shut my jeans up by taking up some form […]

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$10 Emergency Hostess Gift!!

There’s still a couple of weeks left in the holiday season and I’m going to milk everything out of it that I can. I wish it were Christmas every month.  There’s no shortage of post ideas, that’s for sure.  You […]

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$2 Holiday Hostess Gift

It’s a good thing there’s hardly anything to do and hardly any money to spend around the holidays. That way I have plenty of time and money to get hostess gifts to go to the holiday parties that I have […]

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Stocking Stuffers Pt. II
For the Bacon Lover

Part II of my series in Stock Stuffers! Normally I’d start this with a little story, a little explanation about what I’m about to show you.  Not today. This  speaks for itself. O.K.  Now that you’ve all absorbed the wonder […]

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