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Pumpkin carvings, Christmas Trees, Seasonal Planters, Valentines Chocolates, Easter eggs … you get the picture.


Shop Local day is tomorrow!

    Last week I realized, as most of us do, that I needed a custom made 3″ rubber stamp with a cleaver on it. Immediately.  Who among us hasn’t been in that situation?  So I did what you probably […]

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Unless you have  no idea what you’re going to buy people, in which case it’s the most not wonderful time of the year.  The presents.  It’s always the presents.  You want something […]

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Diorama Present Toppers.
Say Goodbye to the Bow.

Here are the things I’ve done to avoid writing this post today.   1.  Rearranged all the accessories in my living room. 2.  Cleaned out the kitty litter box. 3.  Checked the chickens to see how far along in their […]

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The Great Gargantuan Giftmas Giveaway 2014

    2 years ago I introduced the world (you) to The GREAT GARGANTUAN GIFTMAS GIVEAWAY!  It involved an entire week of gift giving from my incredibly loyal sponsors. Last year I took a year off from being nice.  It […]

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The Christmas Pledge!

It is time once again to post about the most polarizing topic this website has ever seen. The Christmas Pledge.  (also known as the Chanukah/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice(Yule) Pledge) For those of you who are new(ish) to this site, let me explain. […]

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Ghost Stories

Tonight is the night. All Hallows Eve. A night for apple bobbing, door answering and candy stealing. Most Halloweens I make a big pot of chili for dinner, and once the kids have thinned out, I turn the lights off, […]

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Halloween House Tour 2014

      Welcome to my house at Halloween.  I spent the past 10 minutes trying to figure out how to spell Mua ha ha.  Or Muah ah ah.   But it keeps coming out looking like the sound a […]

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Giving Halloween a Hand.

  Dollarama is great.  Love Dollarama.  I want to be Dollarama when I grow up.  The only problem with the stuff from Dollarama is it’s cheap junk that may or may not cause a rash when you look at it.  But […]

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Glow in the Dark Walls.
Halloween DIY

Halloween is one of those love it or hate it holidays.  I happen to love it.  The goth, the decorating, the darkness, the creep.  I love giving my house a dark, eerie quality.  Of course when you own a 150 […]

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The Real Thanksgiving

As you may know last weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada. You may know that because a) you’re Canadian or b) you read my post a week ago about setting my Thanksgiving dining room table.         It all […]

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The Art of Building a Blogging Career.
Introducing my online Video Course!

For someone who is a professional blogger  introducing you to her new video course on how to turn your blog into a business it’s pretty hilarious that I’ve been staring at this screen for 20 minutes with no clue as to […]

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A Quick & Easy Easter Craft

There are 3 facts in life. Cats are better than dogs, hamburgers taste better with beer and the stocking is always the best part of Christmas. Everything else is iffy. So it came to me the other day.  Why is […]

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