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Several years ago I needed my side yard fence fixed. The first 2 guys I called to give me a price didn’t show up and the third guy showed up drunk. I know this because he fell down. At 11 in the morning. So when a couple of guys actually showed up sober with a very professional looking flier, I hired em. They built the fence 6 inches shorter than they were supposed to and the nails they used to put it together shot out through the back of the fence by about two inches. From the street side of the fence it was exactly like a very expensive upright bed of nails. It was about this time I decided to become even more handy. I still haven’t built a fence myself but I’ve done just about everything else. I’ve put up drywall, changed out light fixtures and installed my own dishwasher. I’ve made my own furniture, built raised planter beds and often copy things I see in stores and magazines for a fraction of the price they’re charging. If you too want to stick it to the drunken handyman or the overpriced stores … read on.


DIY Something-or-Other dispenser.

  Yeah, yeah, it’s beautiful I know.  But that’s not what I want to talk about right now.  I, at this very moment am so tired I could fall over.   You know that kind of tired where everything looks […]

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Potting Shed Before and After.

This is a sponsored post.  That means someone is paying me to write it.  So why read it?  Because it’s about a product that’s so great I contacted the company to ask them if I could do a sponsored post […]

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Moving a ceiling fixture

Twice.  That is exactly how many times my house has looked perfect both inside and outside at the very same time.  Twice. Once when Style at Home came to shoot both the inside and outside of my house for their […]

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Ikea Laundry Hamper Hack.
From laundry to logs.

  Knock knock. Who’s there? Laundry. Laundry who? Laundry sucks, and it’s made even more annoying by the fact that I don’t have an actual laundry room, but a mere laundry closet.  That’s maybe less of a joke than you […]

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How to Replace Carbon Brushes on any motor.

Before you ignore this post on how to replace the carbon brushes on a motor consider this … most appliances have motors, most motors have carbon brushes, the most common thing to stop a motor from working is worn carbon […]

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The Art of Building a Blogging Career.
Introducing my online Video Course!

For someone who is a professional blogger  introducing you to her new video course on how to turn your blog into a business it’s pretty hilarious that I’ve been staring at this screen for 20 minutes with no clue as to […]

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How to fix a broken computer/phone charger.

Here is my general routine. Wake up, make a coffee. Immediately start working (this usually beings with going through all the comments and emails that came in throughout the night.  It also gets me out of doing the dishes from dinner […]

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How to Build a (Cob) Pizza Oven
Part I

So you want to  build your own pizza oven?  That’s the very same thought that crossed my own mind one year ago. I wanted to build my own pizza oven because I have an unnatural love of pizza and building […]

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How to Install a (sink front) Drop Down Drawer

Upon first inspection it’s a common variety fake drawer front.  And it was.  Until it wasn’t. I’m not sure why all cabinet makers don’t just make all their fake drawer fronts like this one the type that pulls out so […]

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How to Make a Lazy Susan

  Before you go any further you need to know I had every intention of making this the most entertaining post in the history of my blog. Then I got sleepy.   And now I’d like to have a nap. […]

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How to preserve moss.

I’d like to start us off today with a poem. Moss is soft Moss is green Moss is where the wormies scream when you on them step by accident by karen copyright 2014 I’m not sure how much screaming they […]

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How to Properly fill a Nail Hole.

People seem to be terrified of the strangest things. Green smarties, Sasquatch, ageing naturally and gracefully. (I’m all for ageing in the most unnatural way possible by the way and if you want to push, pull, or inject I’m all […]

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