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Quickly Clean your BBQ Grill

  It took me about 17 hours to decide what to call that thing up there in the picture. I call it a barbecue. Always have. Then when I started writing this blog and I mentioned barbecuing … I got […]

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How to Light a Charcoal BBQ

Many moons and episodes of Jersey Shore ago, my boyfriend bought me a smoker. It’s the sort of thing not every gal would want for her birthday, but I did, so he got a special treat that night. ¬†Wink, wink. […]

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Karen Answers!
How to Replace a Busted BBQ Ignitor.

Question Submitted: Hi Karen, So I’ve just recently learned how to light my BBQ. I’m working from home right now and I got tired of having to wait for my husband to get home to work the heavy machinery. I […]

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