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Mason Jar Christmas Tree!
The DIY you’ve waited a year for.

    Around this time last year I posted a Christmas House Tour of my home that featured a DIY I came up with using a few supplies from the Dollar Store and … the ever popular mason jar.  I […]

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Merry Christmas to all …

As promised yesterday I have a few photographs for you.  It’s what my family and I will be looking at tonight during the Christmas Eve party I throw every year.  That sentence seems completely wrong, but I don’t have time […]

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Sneak Peek – The White Christmas Tree

If you’re anything like me, I assume you’re winding down a little bit as the holidays approach. Or winding yourself up. I’m more in the winding myself up category I guess. Scratch that bit there at the beginning where I […]

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Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.