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Mason Jar Christmas Tree!
The DIY you’ve waited a year for.

    Around this time last year I posted a Christmas House Tour of my home that featured a DIY I came up with using a few supplies from the Dollar Store and … the ever popular mason jar.  I […]

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mason jars

Mason Jar Storage

Sometimes I outdo myself.  If I do say so myself.  And sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m average.  This is one of those times, because I’m sure you were all expecting me to do something super-fantastic and extraordinary with the mason […]

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Vintage Mason Jars
Keep a Lid on it

I love mason jars. I love the look, the feel of them, and the harkening back to a time period when everything seemed simpler and more wholesome. Of course, those times weren’t simple or wholesome at all. Those times had […]

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Freeze! I have a gun! I mean jar.

Freeze!  I have a gun!  I mean mason jar. Which works out well for all of us because a mason jar will work much better for what I’m about to show you.   A gun would just be … messy. […]

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