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Spicy Sesame Noodles

  My niece is one of those crazy vegetarians.  Not the total nutjob vegan type but your average every day vegetarian.  I, on the other hand am one of those freakshow  meat eaters.  Meat, meat, meat.  I. Eat. Meat. I […]

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Bacon Wraps.
A Christmas clogging miracle recipe.

If you were to tell someone the ingredients to the famed bacon wraps that make the rounds every Christmas in my family you probably wouldn’t be met with groans of desire or exclamations of delight. Instead, after declaring these tasty […]

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Pumpkin Soup

I swear to you no one has a more difficult time writing posts about soup than me. I get soup block. Which doesn’t really make much sense since I love soup so much. If someone were to come up to […]

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Grilled Garlic Scapes

  SHOCKER! I’m posting on the weekend. Along with potato chips I’m also full of surprises. The reason you’re getting this special weekend edition post is because the time frame for being able to buy or pick Garlic Scapes (the […]

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Garlic Scape Pesto

  Seems I’ve been talking a lot about garlic scapes over the past few years. Here, here and here for example.  I’ve shown you how to do everything from wearing them as a fashion accessory to creating flower arrangements with […]

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Salad Dressing Made Easy

We eat salad pretty much every night.  90% of the time it’s homemade salad dressing, the other 10% it’s Kraft Greek dressing.  I’ve honestly never come across a Greek Salad dressing I like more than this bottled stuff.  (please don’t […]

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Tortellini en Brodo
It was all building up to this.

Let’s spend a moment recapping. Learn how to make fresh pasta. Check. Learn how to use our pasta rollers. Check. Learn how to make tortellini filling. Check. Learn how to form tortellini. Check. How to eat tortellini. Shit. I completely […]

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Apple Hand Pies!
An Ashley English Recipe.

  I’ve never made a meat pie.  That’s just one of the many, many important things you don’t know about me.  I’ve also never hunted squirrel  That’s another important thing you didn’t know about me. I’m not sure if the […]

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Ask Karen!
Preserving Basil

The Question: “Karen- reading your most recent post on freezing swiss chard…how would I freeze fresh basil to keep for use in the winter months. I live in Pennsylvania and winter months are a drab! Thanks- Lori”   The Answer: […]

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The Best Sweet & Sour Meatball Recipe

    I sort of lured you into this post under false pretences.  For that I kind of apologize.  You should know the apology is only halfhearted. I really have no idea if this is the *best* sweet & sour […]

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Using Your Pressure Canner.
Lesson 1 – Chicken Broth

One of the comments I get a lot from readers, friends and neighbours is … what is that thing on your chin and do you think it will ever go away? I grew a blemish on my chin a few […]

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finished 2

How to make Yogurt.
From scratch!

    There I was standing in the health food store minding my own business when a woman opened up the refrigerator and pulled out a tub of Liberté Greek Yogurt. Well. I couldn’t even believe she did it. She […]

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