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Quick & Easy DIY mini Chalkboards

Thanksgiving has come and gone in Canada but I am reminded of it daily during the morning disagreement between my jeans and my thighs. If I was so inclined I could shut my jeans up by taking up some form […]

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Thanksgiving 2012

This may go down in history as the very worst post I’ve ever written. Which actually  makes it kind of exciting. Historic in a way really. But nonetheless … a terrible post in terms of writing.  Mainly because there isn’t […]

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How to Carve a Turkey

On television, families are always shown serving their entire, whole turkey on the Thanksgiving table.  The cardigan clad father stands over it, 2 tined prong in one hand and a carving knife in the other.  Ready to pierce through the […]

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Happy Thanksgiving
A Preview

Technically today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, but the majority of people I know had their turkey dinners yesterday.  I am one such person.  I have exactly 742 pounds of leftovers to deal with.  Or something like that. Thusly, I’m […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner 2010

Thanksgiving dinner is over and done with thank you very much. As some of you know, it was Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend.  Time for fall fairs, crunching leaves, and pumpkin pie.  Oh! And family. Before I get to […]

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Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians!
Happy Weekend to all others!

This is what I looked like after spending approximately 1 hour in the kitchen making 2 pies.  Yes, by the way.  I do feel the need to wear rubber boots when I bake.  I’m a messy baker. My kitchen was […]

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Whipped Cream
Canadian Style, Eh!

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Karen.  The stupidest person that ever lived.  I’m sure this is quite a moment for you, meeting me. On Friday I got my menu all written up for this week, right down to homemade […]

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Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.