Tell me about your pet!

Blue, Ellie, Tibby, Albany, Prada, Cleo, Ernie, Norma, Cuddles, Cheez Whiz & Walnut.

Those are the names of all of my pets in chronological order. Blue was a budgie that I don’t even really remember, Ellie was my first real pet. She was my dog growing up. Ellie was an incredibly smart miniature poodle. She lived to be almost 20 years old.

Then there was Tibby the tabby cat, Albany the Anglo-Arab horse, Prada the beautiful, black stray cat, Cleo the purebred Siamese I got from a friend who was allergic, Ernie the softest, shyest cat in the world who we found sleeping under a layer of snow on our front porch through a bitterly cold winter, and Norma, Cuddles, Cheez Whiz & Walnut … the chickens. And yes, I do consider my chickens to be pets. If I kiss them on the head they’re my pets.

I cannot even imagine not having a pet. How do you clean up the crumbs on your carpet? Who eats your centipedes? What do you use all your paper towels and lint brushes for? Who makes you feel better when you’re sad or sick? Spouses are fine, but cats are furry.

So that’s the direction we’re headed in today. Furry spouses. No. I mean pets. I wanna talk pets. Simply out of curiosity.

I want to know if you have a pet or not and if you do, I want to know what kind of pet you have.

Not that I’m looking for inspiration. I have enough pets. I do not need another pet. This house is too small and my energy too low. NO MORE PETS.

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time to for me to turn in and do a little bit of bedtime reading.  I look forward to hearing about your pets.




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  1. Myrna says:

    We have two dogs, one normal and one crazy, a cat who hates me and adores my husband, and three hamsters. I love them all! I want chickens, but they are illegal where I live. So sad.

  2. Megan says:

    I have a wonderful border collie named Shadow, but I’m really more interested in the book you are reading. Is that your big surprise? Although I wonder if goats and gardens make good bedfellows. Hmmm….

  3. Mondo says:

    I love animals. unfortunately, I have none to call my own. I would love to rescue a dog in the immediate future. and if it happens to be a goofy copper colored viszla…all the better.

  4. Dana says:

    I have a dog, Charlie Blue aka Charles. He has a good dog friend that he loves to visit with (and eat all her food.) He often pretends he wants out for the usual reasons, then sneaks over to her place. And barks to be let in. At one in the morning. He’s good at chasing off bears, but the deer don’t seem to be afraid of him.

  5. taria says:

    chronological order-Lily the siberian cat. she is 12. Maki the pound siamese wanna-be is 11. Georgia the big golden retriever just turned 9. Ginger is a rescue golden at around 7.5 yrs. Then there is Spook cat. he is probably around 5 and afraid of his shadow. Cats are inside only. Between the dogs they have had almost 2K worth of surgery in the last 6 months. The place is hairy and full of lots of love. Oh, we just moved and ds gave us a pet roomba. That is like a pet that feeds itself. Moving is traumatic for a big brood. We can legally have chickens here. I am in over my head already though. I am jealous of yours.

  6. Laura Watt says:

    We need a dog, Hazel passed away this spring and being dog-less is terrible! We are trying to wait a few months but this whole not walking a dog thing is getting old.

    We have two cats, Franny and Zooey and while they are lovely, they also really want a dog. They go to the dog park on a regular basis.

    • Karen says:

      Aw. :( Hazel. People who have never had pets don’t understand the depth of the loss. ~ karen

    • Brenda says:


      So sorry to read this sad news, so hard facing the empty spaces and routines that are no longer there. No matter how long they are with us it just isn’t long enough.

      Our Hazel came here a couple of months after the loss of our elderly German Shepherd…She was a godsend with her non stop was contagious for us and our other lab who like me took the loss of his bestie very hard.

      Hope you find a new family member to give you the ‘time for a walk’ look twice a day….
      best, Brenda

    • Jan says:

      Laura, My two cats are Franny and Zoe :) One pastel calico and one off-white, gray mask, white mittens and spats.

    • september says:

      Laura, please consider adopting a rescue pet from a shelter. They so need your love.

    • Wendy says:

      “Franny and Zooey is one of my favorite books of all time! Good naming.

    • Laura says:

      Wait! Your cats go to the dog park?? Cool cats!

  7. Alisha says:

    Welllll I currently have two cats: Cairo – a 10 yr old tuxedo cat who chases his tail more the older he gets. I think it’s due to all the times he has smacked his head on the wall while spinning in a circle. Anubis is an 8 yr old Maine Coon who really does nothing but fluff things. He has a penchant for dirty tea towels and my pjs. In my adult life I’ve had one other cat (Mavis) 3 snakes (Apollo, Crimson and Luna) and one Leopard Gecko (Lil’ Monster) I grew up with tons of cockatiels and quails (mom had an aviary) Hedgehogs, hamsters, fish and various dogs and cats. I live for the idea of one day owning pygmy goats and chickens though and I would certainly consider them pets.

  8. Lemurific says:

    I have a Bengal kitty named Gaia. I rescued her when she was 2 and have had the honor of her love and companionship for 12 years. She was just diagnosed with an aggressive mouth cancer and I am completely heartbroken. It is hard to explain it to everyone that she is more than a cat to me and truly my baby. Some people don’t get it.

    Pets, the best thing that will break your heart.

  9. Jasmine says:

    I’m not much of a pet person, even though we had many growing up. My sisters got the pet gene. But one day about 10 years ago, I felt the need for a puppy and even though I almost had a divorce-worthy fight with the spouse, I got my dog. Now Miss Murphy is my heart. She will be my only pet. I love the little mop.

  10. Kristen says:

    Oh, to type them all out….
    3 dogs, 2 hamsters, 3 finches, 3 goats, 7 cats, 13 chickens. All named. All loved. And the youngest child wanted to bring home a kitten today. :0
    Tucker, Digger, Baby, Holmes, Watson, Albert, Billy, Gilbert, Pickles, Noodles, Moose, SugarBella, Cosmo, Sebastian, Trip, LollyBurger, Buffy, Booster, Hop, Maggie, She-Bop, Flash, Dash, Molly, Butters, Beans, MojoJojo, Taffy, and Mocha. Oh, how could I forget the bunny– Sgt. PM Inky.

    Just a crazy pet addicted lady. lol

  11. Sarah says:

    Fez the Farm Dog and Fanny the Terrible: We adopted a runaway farm dog from Alabama back in 2006. He’s a very laid back and quiet chihuahua. (He was a non-working farm dog, I’m sure.) Our vet told us that he probably never learned to play and suggested that we consider finding him a playmate. We then adopted what we thought was an abandoned chihuahua puppy from a country vet clinic. Fanny turned out to be a 20ish-pound terrier/Italian greyhound mix (we think). She’s terrible. Just rotten. And Fez the farm dog hated her for several years. It took several years for him to warm up to her. And by “warm up” I mean that he’ll tolerate sitting on the same sofa as her.

  12. erica says:

    4 cats in 1500 sq. ft.: Duncan (female tabby), Stevie (female Torbie), Maps (really fat tuxedo boy), and Winston (really skinny buff orange boy). Duncan hates everyone, Stevie hates Winston, Maps loves everyone, Winston loves Maps.

  13. Reg says:

    I have a lovely shy cat Audrey. She’s 15 years old and is starting to have a hard time going up and down stairs, she climbs and descends slowly. Kind of like me.

  14. Raymonde says:

    I’ve had cats and/or dogs all my life. I’m now sharing my life with a very funny black and white cat (the terror of all field mice) that’s always trying to explain stuff to me ( I still don’t know what he’s talking about) and who follows me around like a dog. I also live with a very pretty white mademoiselle cat with the most gorgeous blue eyes, who will bring back anything you throw at her.
    Having my cats around helped me tremendously when my husband died of cancer 2 years ago. They were the perfect companions, never saying the wrong thing, never prying, never pushing, they were just there to listen and to cuddle. Exactly what I needed.

    • Karen says:

      Raymonde – I’m very sorry about your husband. It’s a devastating loss. – karen

    • Brenda says:


      I have always felt that cats have a sixth sense about things that are going on with ‘their person’. My condolences on the loss of your husband..I am glad you had such wonderful gentle companions by your side as you faced that journey.


  15. ruthfromOz says:

    I will list them because as I try to add them on my iphone – my screen keeps switching off when i take too long remembering if i’ve got them all. i have jack russell/beagle mix (Jackabee so i’ve been told) called Bubbles – who is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I also have a very naughty cat called Jasper who is rapidly outliving his alloted 9 lives, a massive rabbit called Clancy (5.5kg!), 2 english budges that look like Elvis Presley, 2 ‘normal budgies called Pluto and Courtney, a cockatiel called Suzy who is our home security system, 3 chickens called Noodle, Wide-eye and Buttercup and a possum living up in our roofspace. Love them to bits, life is too cold and lonely without them xx

  16. Dana says:

    I’ve had dogs all my life. I had a cat here and there (found, given to me, roommate with a cat, etc.), but my main pet love belongs to dogs. My dogs in order:
    Dudley-Standard Poodle
    Donut-Chijuajua (sp?)
    Dino-Miniature Poodle
    Harvey-Toy Poodle
    Buffy-Lasa Apso
    Abbey-Cocker Spaniel Buff Colored
    Artie-Cocker Spaniel Parti Colored
    Trix- Beagle/Rat Terrier (Rataby)
    Gonzo-Field Spaniel

    Currently we only have one dog named Oscar, but we are contemplating getting another dog. Oscar was a rescue puppy. Apparently he had been abandoned when he was 3-5 weeks old :( A Lab rescue organization found him at the bottom of a huge pile of debris (from a building that was being renovated), and named him Oscar (from Sesame Street, Oscar the grouch….in the trashcan). Anyway, he has turned out to be the most wonderful pet. We aren’t completely sure what breed/s are in Oscar, but he is a beautiful/handsome dog. He is orange and white…just gorgeous. We think he is lab and basenji, but don’t know for sure. When we got Oscar, he was 10 weeks old, and we got him because we thought one of our dogs was going to die soon (he was old -15- Gonzo), and we wanted our other dog (Trix) to have a brother. But sadly, Trix got cancer and passed very quickly, and before Gonzo. Surprisingly, Gonzo lasted another year. On the one had, I almost want to say that Oscar will be our last dog/pet because I hate the heartache associated with their passing. But on the other, I have experienced so much joy by having them in my life. On any given day, I can watch Oscar for a minute, and he has me smiling and laughing. I love that dog!! I had a dog trainer tell me that dogs don’t have personalities. Can you believe that??? She was SO wrong! My dog has SO MUCH personality!! My dog sleeps with us in our bed (oh, btw, my husband used to think that pets don’t belong on the bed at night…I changed his mind :) Once he realized that they are part of the family, and just want to be near you, he was okay with it). Oscar is afraid of thunder and loud noises (probably from being abandonded), loves rawhide bones, cheese, and going for walks. He just loves being with us. He doesn’t mind us all the time (like when we are trying to get him inside so we can go to bed), but overall I would say that he is a great dog. I guess the next step is to find him a brother or sister :) I love my pets!! :)
    I can saw with the utmost confidence that I do not want a goat…unless I move to the mountains and need a goat to eat the mountainside. But I think I would love to have chickens, for eggs…but that will probably have to happen when I get goats for the mountainside living. One day! :)

    • september says:

      Dana you touched on the double edge sword of loving a pet….odds are they will go to heaven before you and the loss is devastating. I lost my Autumn (dobie) last Sunday and it hurts so much. But in the end all the wonderful memories make the pain bearable. I suspect you will always have a pet.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    My dog’s name is Noko the Pupples! We ordered him from a rescue about 8 months ago, so he traveled from Georgia to upstate NY to CT. He has blue eyes and we think he is a Doberman, Husky, Deer mix. He curls up like a little deer. Seriously, when he smells them in the yard, he’s like ‘Ah! The scent of my people!’ I think he has the soul of an old creole jazz musician. The best part about the Pupples is that he fancies himself a comedian. Seriously, he thinks he’s hilarious! And we think so too!

  18. kate-v says:

    currently, my husband and I have a dog, Max – who isn’t max at all – he only weighs about 12 pounds. Just this spring our ‘tuxedo’ cat Johnny died at the ripe old age of 19 1/2. I miss johnny – he was a good cat. I like pets – in the past, besides the usual cat or dog, I’ve had chickens, rabbits, cows, sheep, snakes, frogs, lizards – maybe others I forget at this time of life. The first cat I remember was was a mouser who gave birth to and trained the mousers who came after her. She was ‘my’ cat and I named her after my mother’s hand lotion: Dorothy Gray.

  19. KiwiKat says:

    I have to farewell my fur baby tomorrow (he’s been really ill and it’s time) and I am a mess. It’s not the first fur baby, but I love him dearly and this weekend is going to suck massively. Please everyone give your furbabies extra big hugs this weekend.

    • Nancy Blue Moon says:

      We went through this recently with our calico kitty Chip who had breast cancer..I know how heartbreaking it is to make this decision..Please remember that you are making the best choice for him..not for you..Don’t hold your grief in..let it flow..we cried for weeks..still do sometimes..My thoughts will be with you tomorrow..Hugs

  20. Alisa says:

    I have had almost every kind of animal, including hedgehogs (wonderful!) and crows as pets. Right now, though, I have a cat (Sookie), two rabbits (Dandelion and Daisy), and seven chickens: Sophie, Ellie, Antoinette, Leda, Josie, Freddie, Isabella, and Elizabeth. The last three are the adopted chicks of Josie. She kept going broody, so finally we surprised her by slipping three babies underneath her, and they bonded immediately. So cute. And since Josie loves us, the chicks do too – they jump up onto our laps for love and snuggles. Yes, I kiss my chickens on the head too! Ellie is my favorite baby though – I never knew chickens could be so sweet. She comes in the back door to ‘have breakfast’ in the kitchen, and loves to snuggle and spread out on my lap to sunbathe. I swear she understands english as much as dog would – certainly all my hens know their names!

  21. Sabrina B says:

    Lets start with the cats. We have 3.

    Gibbie is 13. She’s a black/brown tabby. She was brought to me when I was 14 by a friend of the family. This friend’s grandmother found her and locked her in a room because she didnt know what to do with her. She was just over a week old and her eyes just opening when she was brought to me. I’ve had her ever since. She’s crazy. Legitimately. She has tourettes. She’ll be fine and loving one minutes, and freak the heck out, clawing, hissing, spitting, and peeing all over the place. She’s calmed down a lot in her old age, but she’s still pretty crazy.

    Dizzy is a pretty normal cat. She’s 2 and a tortie. She was found in the middle of a highway in Quinlan, TX. My husbands cousin saw her and pulled over to get her out of the road, and she disappeared. Turns out, as they found out the next morning, she jumped up into the frame of the truck and rode home and spend the night with 6 dogs in the yard. She was then moved to the barn (in the truck still) and not seen again for 3 weeks. Slowly, she got used to people and the horses, and did fine on the farm for about 4 months. But, cousin has had cats on her farm before and they’re either eaten by the dogs or trampled by the horses. Cousin had gotten attached and didn’t want to have to bury her. My husband happened to be in TX for work, and came home with her. We’ve had her a year and a half and she hates me. I’ve never had a cat hate me.

    And then theres Theo. He’s our “dog”. He’s a year old. He was found at a grocery store and taken to a vet where a friend of mine works. She posted pics on Facebook looking for a home and I fell in love. He’s a little, half blind, Bombay. He weighed just over 2 lbs when he was taken in to the vet, had ear mites, intestinal parasites, missing teeth, and a massive upper respitory infection. He spent 6 weeks at the vet having tests ran and getting back to a healthy weight before I brought him home. He’s a goofball. We call him our puppy because he’s taught himself to play fetch. He follows us around the house, greets us at the door, and even his meows sound like little, pathetic barks.

    We also have an aquarium with 9 newts. We have 7 Japanese Firebelly newts and 2 Eastern Spotteds. We’ve had one of our firebellies for 7 years, so we’re quite attached. HER name is Big Papa. She’s a fatty and we didnt know she was female until I saw her laying eggs. Which, we’re also raising babies right now. They’re super cute. If you like that sort of thing. I do.

  22. Chris says:

    I have a 12lb short hair tuxedo cat named Blackjack but he answers to Phsst! which is what I say when he’s doing something he’s not suppose to be doing. He like to be carried slung over my shoulder or held upside down.
    My daughter cat Linus aka Fat Boy, is an 18lb long hair tuxedo who has been staying with us for the past 6 months. He has quite the kitty butt spread.
    Blackjack will grudgingly put up with Linus, but has let it be known that we are NOT a two cat family, which is surprising because he didn’t mind when Ariel our 1/2 chow 1/2 german shepherd was alive. She was my good,sweet,loving baby who took her job as my protector very seriously. The first thing my husband would do when he came home from work was to give me a kiss hello. Ariel would get jealous and bark at him.
    Chris =]

  23. Court says:

    The love if my life is Otis, my rescue basset. (My BF is okay playing second fiddle). :-)

  24. Susan Preston says:

    At the moment I have Brigs my 175 lb. fuzzy, black Newf who is the most cuddly, gentle, giant puppy you would ever want to meet. He has his own fan club. People walk by the house on purpose, out of their way, to see and say hello to Brigs. I also have Ninja the stray beautiful silver, Fifty Shades of grey cat that has made herself at home and rules the roost. And in the roost I have Stella, Mildred, Ethel, Jemima, and Glynnis. But over my lifetime I have had, adopted and loved over 21 dogs, 2 cats, numerous hamsters, fish and 7 chickens. When one comes into my life I swear they aren’t staying but when one leaves my life I’m devastated. I’ve loved them all more than I ever loved my husband and most have lasted longer!

  25. Jacqui says:

    We have 2 awesome cats – a ginger named Louquatsin (Luke for short) and a black cat named Nocturna. The latest additions to our family is two 7 month old pug puppies named Pugsley and Wednesday. The are the most wonderful awesome creatures on the planet!

  26. Claire says:

    We have a very small, all black cat called Fergus. Fergus was rescued as a kitten and came to us at approximately seven weeks old. He had his nineteenth birthday four days ago! Fergus’ hobbies include bird watching from the conservatory, sunbathing, counting frogs jumping in and out of the pond and snacking. He also has a little speech prepared for if he ever gets be to a contestant on a TV game show ‘my name is Fergus Ross, I am 19 and from Scotland. I work in pest control and home security’. We really love him!

  27. cathee says:

    Hey Alicia what are hedgehogs like? Will they get along with a cat? And what the heck do they eat?

    Right now I only have a cat and saltwater fish. I don’t kiss the fish on the head, but they are pets to me. I wish I could have chickens, or a hedgehog.

  28. Rhonda SmartyPants says:

    My life on December 25, 2004 was directed towards freedom with the oath I declared, “I’m done. Even if it means leaving everything behind, I’m done.” As the months and then years took their toll on what I thought mattered to others and then what was left over that mattered to me, I knew that statement was all-inclusive of the furry friends who mattered the most of everything to me: 2 dogs and 3 cats. One and two at a time they left – the last cat left 2 months ago when I developed an allergy (the first allergy of any kind in my life). Their lives with me and their leaving is painful to recall for me still. I have pictures of them all and know that I loved them beyond compare. Their loyalty, steadfastness and goofy dispositions kept my head above water many times. I hope I filled their lives with an ounce of the caring and devotion they gave to me as long as I held the door open for them whether they were late or not, lost or found, hungry or carrying the catch of the day/night. They gave me a purpose to my day and night, they leaned in for the caress I needed and nudged me out of the darkness of my brooding. I was at a Grange this weekend and had to stop myself from buying a toy for some type of pet. I doubt my living situation will allow me the luxury of a pet again; I console myself from the pain of that thought by remembering that Psycho-kitty, Shade, Lola, Dusty and Buddy were the best I could have hoped for and they are in better homes today because of friends and helpers who came forward exactly when they were needed for each of them. Husband? Never had the luxury of having one who loved me as much as any one of the pets I just named.

  29. Tanya says:

    We had the sweetest, most loyal gold lab named Gizmo growing up. She was calm and protective and never left our side when we went camping as kids. Now my husband and I have 3 cats but no dog yet. Mustang (7 year old grey and white tabby) is the typical standoffish cat, but sweet. Sierra (7 year old brown tabby) is my cuddler who thinks she’s a dog! I taught her to sit on command, she comes when she’s called, and runs to see me when I get home. Then I found a tiny grey kitten with a broken tail in an alley and I had to save her when she hopped onto my shoulder. Now Squeaker is in charge of the household as she shreds cardboard boxes and wags her folded “lucky” tail.
    I love this post idea–how fun to read all about the love we all have for our furry loved ones!

  30. Therese Bourne says:

    Too many to list from my past, so I’ll just concentrate on those alive and well. We have 2 guinea pigs, Buster and Smudge who are almost 4 years old. Then we have Annie, our rescue dog who is about 6 – we’ve had her just a year now and she is BRILLIANT! And last but certainly not least, our 4 chickens, Selma, an old rescue hen we found in our local park, Saffron, a pretty buff Pekin Bantam, Chickpea, an Australorp bantam – she’s so black she’s kinda green like a beetle, and Bocconcini, a bantam mix of Silkie and Pekin, who is tiny and hilarious and can fly really well.(Selma’s my favorite, but don’t tell the others.)

  31. Lea Studebaker says:

    Well here is the story of my Louis (Aka The Pantie Pirate). Louis is a tiny Chihuahua I purchased on Thanksgiving Day for my best friend so she could give her kids a puppy for Christmas, I have never liked small dogs as I have owned Pit bulls my entire life but I am a good friend and I agreed. I potty and obedience trained him and he slept with me every night; he turned out to be a sweet little bugger. So come Christmas day I tearfully drove to her house with Louis donned with a huge red bow that was as big as he was and relinquished custody of my unlikely friend. Fast forward 2 weeks later and he was back with me, he was attached to me and refused to eat or do much of anything but lay in his carrier. So I now have a tiny dog that eats all of our undies; clean, dirty, male or female he does not care, He’s an equal opportunity pantie eater. I am also in the process of adopting a lovely blue pittie named Pearl!

  32. Susan R says:

    Molly, Lhasa Apso, 10, blind, deaf, diabetic

    Cats: indoor
    Amy, 3
    Annie, 10
    Gandolf, 6
    Neko, 9
    Sybase, 3
    Yeppie, 5

    Cats: stray
    Elsa (Mom), 2
    Big Guy, 6
    Jake, 1
    Jerry, 1

    All rescues. All loved.

  33. Maureen Locke says:

    We have Maggie, our 12 year old Shih Tzu. She’s my baby and it’s so hard to believe that she’s as old as she is. I can’t imagine life without her, nor do I want to. When it’s her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, I doubt if I’ll ever get another. She’s so loving and faithful, well behaved and just comforting to have around. She’s the best.

  34. Jenny W. says:

    Two rescue cats, Little Miss Fuzz, who loves only me, and HairyIt who loves everyone, (especially people who don’t really like cats). A little blue and white dumbo rat named Annabelle Blue, who thinks she’s a poodle, and currently two giant goldfish, who winter in our dining room and summer in our backyard pond. We usually get several feeder goldfish and put them in the pond, and my son calls it our own personal Hunger Games, because whoever survives the pond gets to live in the house! Our beautiful Golden Retreiver, Cooper Loo, passed away last November, and I swore no more dogs – but our new little Airedale Puppy is going to be born June 28ish and I’m sooo excited I could just pee :))

  35. Karin says:

    We have a lovely male cat, 13 Years old, with a serious heart disease. Therefore it’ s important to see him every day for medication.
    When sometimes Fritz stays outside for a day or two, we are always scared wether he finds his way back home or not.
    He is very sweet and extremly good looking.
    A dark grey, four white socks, a white belly and one little

  36. Karin says:

    Spot next to his nose.
    Fritz brings Joy and happiness to our family.
    He doesn’t ask much and gives a lot!

  37. Mary Jo says:

    My dog Meva who isn’t really a pet she is our baby.
    She is our constant amusement and our personal trainer pushing my husband to walk only 2 days out of heart surgery last year. She constantly makes us giggle with her antics and is always ready for a cuddle – a big cuddle cause she is 100 pounds of lovable fun. She doesn’t bark but she does serenade us once in a while. She sings like a wolf – it starts out very low and then gradually builds into rich full howl. Then the sweet notes fade as she takes another breath before letting out another series of notes. Can you tell I think she is quite a talented tenor? I have to remind myself that my neighbors might not feel the same about her singing and ask her to stop when she gets started.
    If you visit my blog there are a few pictures of Meva (whose name means wolf queen or drunken woman) and she does resemble a wolf princess. She is our 8 year old baby girl ; )

  38. Carol says:

    We have an african grey Congo parrot named Nelson. Every morning when I go downstairs to make coffee he says good morning boss. You just have to love that! We also have a very sweet South American pionus. She’s very quiet and shy.

  39. RosieW says:

    Happy to share. I have a much loved orange tabby, 9 y/o and a recently adopted 3 y/o Havanese girl doggie. The cat, Dub, is 13#, Lola is 14#. I made such a great decision getting another dog. Dub did not agree for several weeks, walked looking very peculiar because his back stayed arched. They are friends now! Spend right at 2 minutes a day grooming myself and about 30 grooming Lola. Love all these stories.


  40. Susan says:

    You will be inundated with mail for this one! The long and the short of it is that I have a shaggy Jack Russell and a standard poodle, Dewey and Corky. Bandit (JR) was our dog when my husband died and I got Twice (JR) so he wouldn’t be lonely when I went to work. When Bandit died, I got Dewey to keep Twice company and when Twice died, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to get a non-shedder, thus the poodle. Nobody explained that standard poodles don’t shed but they can carry half a beach in their big curly feet. And they have a very warped sense of humour.
    Just in case anybody wonders, all of my previous babies died of old age – I’m not a serial dog killer.

  41. You would have to tax my memory! Oh well, everything is being taxed so why not? LOL!
    Here goes: Pudgy (dog), King – German Shepherd, Bosco – mutt my Dad rescued, Amber – MY German Shepherd, rescued by me after she was hit by a car, Cooky – a fantastic dog, Penny – another dog I rescued, Tiny – really tiny dog I found & adopted out to friends, Snoopy & the Red Baron – my chameleons, Candy – dog I rescued, David the feral kitten I tamed, Patches – MY FAVORITE CAT, my BFF who passed away 8/14/12 after 14 years together. I still miss him so much. Toby – a cat I rescued/adopted from the NYC Animal Care & Control,aka Cadaver City.
    In about 2-3 weeks I will be getting 2 more cats rescued from the NYC ACC – Juice & Mousey are the names they have now but I will rename them as soon as I get them. I am taking suggestions so feel free to give me some ideas! I wish I could post their pics – they are GORGEOUS! They are on my Facebook page – look for the 2 white kitties! Both are males so I need boy names. :) I will have just them as Toby went to live with my sister when I was sick & needed to be hospitalized & she & her family & cats bonded so strongly she doesn’t want to give him up! If he weren’t in such a great home I would make her give him back but she is a fantastic cat mom so I will let him stay & open my heart to the 2 new kitties!

  42. Kerry says:

    I have two dogs. Harry is a Wirehaired Viszla, and Hazel is a Spinone Italiano (we live out in the woods and picked the breeds for their suitability thereof). Their personalities couldn’t be more different. We always say, for Harry, the center of his universe is me and my boyfriend. For Hazel, the center of her universe is…herself. Both are a source of endless laughter and love. (Funny, I notice another reader had a Hazel too! Love the name!).

  43. Elaine says:

    I have two greyhounds. They are both retired racing dogs we adopted from the states. They are 9 years old and are wonderful pets. Very laid back and lazy.

    • Kim says:

      Back in my younger days, my friends and I rode trails ala horseback, and a greyhound would course with us. Great dog. Kept up too.

  44. Kim says:

    Is your mom’s cat in the sink from FB a “ragdoll”? We have a defective one that hates to be held.

  45. Candice says:

    I am owned by a yoda-like, 14+ year old American Cocker Spaniel who’s slowly losing her mind and her bladder control and I have an 8 year old, 75 lb Coonhound (who has never seen a coon in his entire spoiled life) who thinks he’s a lapdog (and is truly the sweetest dog I’ve ever known). Both are completely rotten and rule the house.

  46. Jackie MacDougall says:

    We have two cats- Penelope (aka “the boss”) and Sophie and a Border Collie named Murphy. Penny is the older,rotund lazy cat and Sophie is one year old and as sweet as sugar, loves everyone. Murphy is 5 months old and is loving and willing to learn everything we teach him, which is good as he has tons of energy. Both cats are indoor cats, Sophie likes walks in the yard on her leash.

  47. Angela Meyer says:

    I have one predatory cat, Lizzy, who attacks my boyfriend, she’s 10. The two male cats, Lester, 9, and Henry, 8, love to cuddle with each other. Lester is the peacemaker between Lizzy and Henry, who can’t stand each other. All three are rescued kittens, Henry from Hurricane Katrina.

  48. ~JackieVB says:

    I’ve got a cat now – a Maine Coon named Samantha with the longest whiskers I’ve ever seen! I’d been a dog person all my life, but when my dog ‘Kita’ passed away I just couldn’t bring myself to get another dog. I felt like I would be betraying her somehow. But a friend of mine told me about this cat who was very sweet and friendly – and it was love at first sight. It’s been two years and I feel like I can begin thinking about getting another dog. When I get my farm I’ll most definitely be adding chickens, and I’m reading about Alpacas. (all of which I would consider pets :)

  49. Kari says:

    We lost our beloved family dog, Emma, last year. She was an airedale terrier and the sweetest, most loving dog ever! Later in the year, we adopted a puppy from our local shelter. Piper, is a blue-heeler/beagle mix. She is very cute but very odd – she is sweet but just acts quirky and indifferent. I seriously think she has some kind of anxiety disorder.

  50. Judy says:

    Chase, our Springer Spaniel, was a wonderful velcro pet who passed away in an emergency last week at the age of 15+. A dedicated counter surfer, door scratcher and trash can eater whose favorite food was a roll of toilet paper, he has now turned our lives upside down no longer having to vacuum up hair, toilet drinking drips, move things out of his reach and the many other routines we didn’t know we loved to do. Now no one is wildly bouncing and barking on our return. We have to wipe the food from the floor eath all his favorite carrots ourselves. Over 65 now we are trying to decide whether to dedicate another 15 years to a new pet in these uncertain times having buried many other pets along the way. Like Ruth we’ve had pet chickens all named after characters in Harry Potter and rabbits, Roger and Attila the Bun. Raccoons came and got the Koi this spring, so now we are totally pet-less. What sorrow. No one ever told me we’d need 4-legged toddlers all our lives to replace the 2-legged ones that grew up. Please hug every single one of yours for me.

  51. Beth says:

    I have a 15lb muppet named Pokaroo. She’s a boston terrier crossed with a poodle. She behaves essentially like a cat; tosses her food around like a catnip toy, doesn’t bark, content to sleep 20hrs a day, stares at you when she wants something. She’s also extremely well behaved (although I never took time to train her) and is a little bit too intuitive for my liking. She might read minds. I’m not really sure, only because she can’t talk to tell me so.
    That’s her throwing the apples for herself to catch after they have fallen off our tree. Better to throw them than eat them… b/c they make her fart like a trucker.

  52. Thera says:

    Currently we have 3 cats Pandora 14, Bandit 5 and Spooky 5, a wiener dog named Oscar, app 11, a turtle and a hamster.
    But Spooky is my baby, he is ten pounds of pure black fluff, who cries mama for treats, never leaves my side when I am sad or sick, sleeps with us every night, cuddles with me every morning and more often than not is on my lap as I sit at the laptop or on the couch.

  53. Carol-Anne says:

    Lola is my 7.5 year old Maltese/Terrier girlfriend. I could go on forever about her so I’ll just say she makes me laugh everyday and I love her!

  54. Laurie says:

    Two ferrets, Kupo and Polo. Kupo is squee inducing adorable, loves to wrestle, and looks you in the eye like he really knows what you’re saying. Polo is albino and a total drama queen. When he is displeased, he walks into a room, throws himself belly first onto the middle of the floor, and sighs, so everyone knows what he thinks.

  55. Janice says:

    I had two dogs growing up. Prince, a black miniature poodle and Max, a white fluffy version of Prince. Later, Cosmo, a Shih Tzu Poodle mix puff ball, was the love of my life for 14 years until he died last December. Very dark December. We rescued a funny, long bodied, short legged black and white Walter the Dog this Spring. The first thing he did when we brought him home was to run up to a picture of Cosmo. He smelled it, licked it and then hopped on my lap. The rest is history.

  56. Susan Dulley says:

    Muffie is a cat, approx. 15 years old. She was rescued by myself and my son from a place that, thank heaven, no longer exists. She came to us already spayed, declawed, and very skiddish. We were told that she was a show cat and that the owner no longer chose to show animals anymore. Muffie is bright Apricot, very, very fuzzy, curly tummy and a tail fluffy enough to dust the coffee table if she were only tall enough. She keeps me company, is more like a dog when it comes to responding to directives like, sit, up, jump, etc.
    She is my lighthouse in my life. I love her dearly and pray that she will be with me many more years. She only eats Antibiotic free, grain fed, no hormone…CHICKEN! I bake it for her and she is soooo amazingly healthy. Love her, Love her, Love her.

  57. Karen J says:

    We have 2 dogs, William and Kate (our royal couple).
    William is a Vizsla and Kate is a mix of many.
    We rescued Kate from The Humane Society when William was 1 (to keep him company).
    They’re a lovely couple:)

  58. Holly H says:

    I have a pitbull mix named AJ, a found stray rat terrier named Lucky (pretty smart too) and an 18 year old cat named TC. I use initials since its just easier. Lol and it cost less per letter when creating name tags for their collars. Had my cat and my pit since they were 4 months old and lucky was about 1 when we found him 4 years ago. I don’t know what I would do without them. Of course the cat is super sweet and takes “beatings” from my 5 year old in stride. But the cat rules the roost.

  59. Nancy says:

    Our German Shepherd dog Emma rules our roost. She loves people, but not most other dogs. She is the heart of our home. We had two cats, Bucky and Sister (real brother and sister) for close to twenty years, and our first GSD Maggie for nine and a half years. Bucky, Sister and Maggie all died within a two year period and our house was soooooo quiet. My husband (who was in charge of all things litter related) declared that we were not going to have anything else that “eats or shits”! We went for seven years without a pet. Then we got Emma and the sunshine returned :)

  60. Joanne says:

    We have two pets in our home right now–Chuckie the cat, named after the movie and doll, and left behind by youngest after he left home; and Daisy Doodle, who came into our lives after all four kids had left home. We love her to bits, and the combination of golden retriever and standard poodle (those poodles will mate with anything) makes for a wonderful family dog who loves people before dogs and doesn’t shed (unlike evil Chuckie!!)

  61. Christy says:

    I rescued a tenacious 3 year old, 10lbs rat terrier named Ruby. She’s thirteen now and my best bud. When she was young she could jump up on to the kitchen counter. I came home early one day to find her sleeping in the kitchen sink. But what really sealed the deal for my heart was when my ex husband and I split and he was leaving our apartment for one of the last times, she ran after him and jumped up and nipped him in the butt. She only grazed his wallet but as she turned and ran back to me I knew that not only did I love her completely and would do anything for her but that the feeling was mutual.

  62. Beth Sanders says:

    We live on a farm, so there are lots of animals…dogs, cats, goats! But you’re right…if you kiss them on the head, they are pets. I have a small group of alpacas, but Cinderella (who just turned 20!)and her daughter Belle are my pets. In the house we have 3 cats. Paisley is an orphaned barn kitty that I bottle fed. She still thinks I’m her mama. It doesn’t happen often, but she’s actually a lap kitty!

  63. ev says:

    As a child-Chamelians, Rusty the guinea pig who lived 5 years (long time), a chihuahua, a very smart mini poodle, and water turtles. As an adult, a white in the winter small horse named “Lady”. In the summer she was a muted pinto, and was about 25 when she left us.
    We had iguanas, two mixed breed dogs: one looked like a min-pin, the other, a mixed beagle who hated even getting dew on his feet! They were brothers from the same litter. Siamese fighting fish now and then,and our black lab, “Reilly”. After 5 years we are still in mourning. Got a nutball dog from the local pound last September, supposed to be lab/pointer, but doubtful. Afraid of everything, chews up stuff, prob not nearly the 1 1/2 years old they said she was! She likes men the most, which is something new for my spouse-she is his dog.. He does not speak dog yet, prob never will! I have 5 box turtles and 2 water turtles and have had them for about 17 years. In reading the responses from your readers, I see I am not the only one who has had many different critters. Wouldn’t know how to live without them! Thanks Karen. Pats to your “girls”!

  64. Bonnie says:

    I now have two adopted dogs, Sasha, a border collie mix, and Jake, a Westie. We also have 8 fish in the pond outside, but I don’t kiss them on the head, so I guess they aren’t pets, although we do feed them and care for them. I have had cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and two albino hermaphrodite peacocks–really! I love animals, but since my husband is the primary caretaker, I have listened to his request that we not add more to our current household. I can’t imagine not having a pet. I believe all of the research about the benefits of petting a warm furry animal.

  65. Janie says:

    I rescue cats, there isn’t enough space or time to talk about all of them so will try and make it short. We are down to 5 cats now and 2 dogs. Arlie Farleigh, orange tabby was 2 days old when found under a trailer. The tuxedo feral sisters, Lucy and Liliuokalani were found in the back yard. Their eyes were infected shut, had fleas and ear mites. Lili is blind in one eye because of the infection so has anxiety issues. She is a very high maintenance cat but, a fighter. Molly, a beautifyl calico was rescued from another rescue group at 3 yrs old. Mike Katz (I tend to name the males after male friends who hate cats) was rescued at 2 weeks old last year. He was found under a deck, his mouth full of mud. At one time I had 17, 14 of them were 2 feral mamas and their babies. I have lost 4 of the older cats within the last 2 years. Ann Marae, Louis Peet, Uncle Chuck and Candy. My first rescue many years ago was Arthur John. I rocked him to sleep every night, like a baby. I still miss him. Our dogs, Sam is a Sheltie and the puppy is suppose to be a yorkie poo but, she’s not. She looks like a yorkie chihuahua. I wanted to name her Kaiulani but hubby wanted a name he could pronounce. So I named her Xuxa. Pet hair is a really big issue

  66. Diane says:

    Ouch! I am a foster Mom for rescue animals and many end up living here forever! But I have a Great Pyrenees {Sugar}, a Bassett Hound {Fred}, a Tuxedo Cat {Sylvester}, a Long-Haired Demon, I mean Domestic Cat {Belle}, and a resuce in need of adoption a kitten {Callie}. I lost the other Great Pyrenees {Tucker} in the custody battle…boohoo. Besides that we have a deer, coyote, snakes, rabbits, armadillos, opossums, and chipmunks that live in the yard and visit on occasion. I have had many pets growing up, but these are who I enjoy sharing my life with now.

    I want goats and chickens, but I am still fighting the family on that one. Seems I will be voted off the island if I bring anymore animals in the house!

  67. Mary Werner says:

    As a baby I was raised with a large black labrador named Bo who was magnificent. He hunted and brought back ducks that weren’t even shot, just gently in his mouth which he dropped at Daddy’s feet then they flew away. Next came Spotty a fox terrier then Tramp a beautiful cocker spaniel. I got married and my first valentines present was a pound houndish dog that was so funny. He was killed by neighbors when we moved to our 10 acre “farm”. Next a tennessee walker horse named Comanche that hated men but let me ride for hours with the mot easy rocking chair canter. Next Crystal a quarter horse with 1 blue eye and 1 brown – she used to sneak up behind my DH and lay her head on his shoulder when he was burning the garbage. Then Salty a horrible mean nasty old shetland pony. A beagle then another red hound named Lucky – hoping she would live a long life. A cow named Molly that jumped our fence every year to get with a bull somewhere. She was always back the same day and we had a calf every year. Always chickens – not named but the rooster was. Rodney (after Dangerfield the comedian) since he “got no respect”. A huge black male (fixed) rescue cat named Black Kitty. Next Rowdy (rhodesian ridgeback male) and Trouble (tree climbing funny curly mix male) both dogs lived like brothers. When they were no longer, we adopted 2 outside cats & don’t remember names. Next came the “love of my life” 135 pound rhodesian ridgeback/pit bull mix “Bubba”. LOVED that dog so much. A parakeet named Pepsi, a Cockateel named Peaches, an inside Yorkie Poodle named Trixie that sleeps between my knees as I type. We chum up every stray cat that stays, get them fixed and shots, then turn loose – if they stay, ok, I feed them. There was Grizzabella and Moma Kitty who gave us Beatrice and 4 other kittens one stormy night. We found homes for all but Ween the black one (Hallow ran away) and finally KeKe, a huge orange cat that followed my home and curled up with my 3 year old Granddaughter and has never left! Is it true that orange cats are the most laid back? I’m old and had pets all my life hence the long list. I didn’t include all the turtles, rabbits, calves, goats, snake,turkeys, pig, owls, fish. I can remember stories about each one and our pet cemetery holds many warm memories and gratitude for their lives and teaching us patience and the ways of nature.

  68. Suanne says:

    We have a Yorkie, Bentington…..Bentington O’Brien, when he’s in trouble. He lets US live with him….but he’s such a sweetie pie. He has so many cute little mannerisms, I wouldn’t know where to start to tell you about them. He will be 14 this summer and I can’t imagine life without him in it.

  69. Carolyn says:

    We have a lovebird named Indigo, or maybe I should say “I” have a lovebird named Indigo. She hasn’t any love for my husband or son. All her lovebirdiness is mine. She’s an absolute doll with me, cuddles and nuzzles all over the place, can’t stand to be away from me. I hope she warms up to my boys some day, but in the meantime I’ll keep her soft birdie cuddles all to myself.

  70. Erika says:

    I have a domestic shorthair named Holly. She’s almost 6 now and we adopted her when she was just a baby. She’s my best buddy! I can’t imagine life without a pet. My parents lost their 22 year old maine coon mix last Fall and I’ve been trying to encourage them to adopt another (or 2!).

  71. Becca says:

    Saladin (Afghan Hound who lived on a sailboat but was afraid of water), Butch and Littlebit (2 cats), Panama (cat adopted in Panama), Ho Chi Minh (the fierce guard cat who kept me safe from any and all threats), Samantha (the softest pure black cat that earned me the title of “witch” at school), Fonzarelli (cat – parents chose the name, I had nothing to do with it, he was embarrassed by it also), Sasha (severely cross-eyed Siamese), Brandy (rescue demon, ummm cat), Captain Bligh (cat), a bunch of hamsters and gerbils (probably all died in fright from all the cats in the house), Morgan and Murphy (two gorgeous tabby siblings), Marvin (a Kensington Market survivor), Tigger (the dumbest cat that ever lived). That was history… currently the rulers of our house are two shelter rescue beasties: Maia (calico tabby who loves everybody) and Pandora (little tuxedo cat who is afraid of everyone not in the family). Although I’d love to have less dusting and chasing of dust bunnies and furballs, I would never give up having pets in the house. Wouldn’t it be great if they could be taught to vacuum and scoop their own litter box?

  72. OK, there’s Angel, our 12-year-old Pekingese – she’s the old lady of the house. Molly is our 11-year-old yellow lab – she is nicknamed “Mama Molly” because she watches after all the other animals…she always has the uncanny ability to plant herself in the exact spot you want to walk in the next few seconds. Oreo is our 9-year-old chihuahua – she’s diabetic and blind, but still acts chipper. When she’s happy, her tail sticks straight up and wiggles, like the antenna on a remote control car. Casey is the newest canine – she’s a blenheim CKC spaniel and still acts all-puppy at the age of 4. Last is Sheba, the gray tabby cat who thinks she’s a dog…she’s likes to be petted while she eats and she loves to give you head butts in the face.

  73. Kathy says:

    Buddy, my black cat is the best. He is long and lean, a loving machine!

  74. Erika says:

    I have two dogs. The oldest is Bella. She’s a coonhond mix with the black/tan coloring, though her mother was a pedigree blue tick hound(owned by my aunt). We’re not sure who the father was; it was an unplanned pregnancy. Bella lives up to her DNA – so far she’s taken down six squirrels, seven rabbits, five birds, three possums, a snake, a mouse, and a raccoon. She did have help from my other dog on the raccoon. Tavish is a couple of years younger; he’s a rescue from the local shelter and he’s a pitbull/lab mix, and he is black except for a speckled white chest and belly, and splashes of speckled white on his paws. He has the most easy-going personality, thinks everyone is his best friend, and gets me up at 6:30 every morning by laying on my chest and washing my face and neck with his smelly doggy spit, even on days when I don’t need to get up early. I swear he can tell time. Bella beats him up all the time ad washes his ears, but he always manages to pull her collar off.

  75. Julie says:

    I have a metrosexual cat. His name is Attila but he is far from ferocious. He likes to clean himself and keeps his food dish area spotless. But he’s super soft and the biggest cuddle bug. Most of the time I just call him “Pooks”.

  76. Jenn says:

    I have been secretly craving a goat family for our yard for awhile now. We have two dogs (boxers) currently, who are 11 and 10. Had a miracle late in life baby so they are tormented now by a two year old on a daily basis. I consider them my first children. We had two cats before them, and growing up I had a family dog.

    I ended up so in love with our first boxer that I started working as a vet tech, then ended up opening my own dog daycare, boarding and training facility. Til I had a real boy baby. What a crazy ride this life has been so far.

    Nothing better in the world than the unselfish, total love given by a dog.

  77. Corinna Mulligan says:

    I have 1 rescued rottweiler names Mercedes (her first name was Maggot), 2 unfriendly cats.. One whom I swear has a social disorder and the other who shows his displeasure over the dog by giving us open handed bitch slaps.. We also have 4 chickens. As I mentioned before (probably 2000 comments ago), we are allowed 2 chickens in Brampton. My uptight neighbour had cataract surgery last week so she hasn’t noticed them yet. I am hoping when she does, I can convince her they’re quiet.. The chickens are Boo, Camilla, Maurice, and Dr Quinn Medicine Chicken.

  78. SuzyM says:

    I am owned by three Havanese….are you saying Hava “what”? Havs are descended from the Bichon, so they are similar in appearance, but, like shoes, come in colors. First comes Teddy, who is almost seven, then Joe who’s six and finally Daisy, my rescued Havanese who came from a puppy mill in Wisconsin.

    Then there are my rescue dogs, you see, I volunteer for Havanese Rescue, so often there is another Hav in the house. Right now it’s Benji, a Hav/Yorkie mix who is a sweetie pie and a lover boy.

    These guys are small and weigh from 8 pounds to a whopping 17 for Benji. It is a wonderful breed best described by telling anyone who wants to know, that, you will never, ever enter the bathroom alone, ever. They want to be with you that much!

  79. Sarah says:

    Currently, I’ve been granted permission to share residence with one orange cat, one fuzzy grey and white cat, and one naked cat. ‘The orange’ as I often refer to her (Cheddar is her actual name) rules the roost. She’s the boss and everyone, me included, must bow to her. Mind you, it isn’t so bad, she’s a real clown and my go-to for cuddles. The grey and white is the baby. He was rescued from a feral colony, is likely inbred, suffered massive dehydration as a tiny tyke and therefore is a bit dumb. Lucky for me he’s beautiful, serene and very sweet. And the naked cat, Go Go, is ancient, wrinkled, demanding, loud, obnoxious and affectionate to the point of annoyance. But I love him, he’s been my constant companion for 15 years, long past his expiry date!

  80. Ann says:

    We have 4 if you don’t count the rabbits outside, the chickens or the ducks.

    1 dog, Daisy. A pit mix with one eye bigger than the other. A sweet dog that my husband adores. Me, not so much. Only cause she is big enough that she bowls me over each and every time she wants to come in the door.

    3 cats. Jack, with only 1 eye. My sweet old man cat that tests positive for both feline leukemia and feline Aids. Except for the 2 times we had to spend a thousand dollars to save his life, he is incredibly healthy for his age. But now that he is elderly there will be no more life saving of that degree.

    Lexi, my anorexic super model cat. She is 6 years old and still as skinny as a kitten. And a big spooky. We really don’t see her all that much even tho she is a house only cat. She just exists on her own plane and we just make sure the food and water bowls are filled.

    Iris, our newest. She just loves all the other animals. Us, not so much. But she is getting better as she gets older. She is almost 2 now so by age 10 she might actually like being petted!

    My DH swears no more pets. Ever. He will never win that war.

  81. Sarah says:

    My grey and white cat, his name is Rocky. Mostly because when he was tiny he would jump off the sofa with all the grace of a baby water buffalo and hit the floor with a giant ‘THUD’!

  82. Melissa Leach says:

    We have two dogs. Gracie, a 9 year old Shih Tzu and Glory, a 2 year old rescue also a Shih Tzu. Gracie is an angel, Glory is not. Later this year when we move to our “house on the hill” I will have chickens. I’m so excited.

  83. Cindy says:

    We love to talk about our pets just like new parents like to share pictures of their babies. Maybe because neither one talks back? We have two rescue dogs. They are brother and sister – Jethro and Bailey. Spaniel mixes, we’re told. They are complete opposites. Jethro is afraid of his own shadow and runs to hide at any noise, and Bailey loves everyone and wants to lick their eyeballs. They’re quite weird so they fit in well in our family!

  84. Kim Jordan says:

    I have one rescued dog, Mamadog, found on Christmas day in our storage building. She had just given birth to 11 puppies. She was starving, wormie, and had a broken back leg. As if that wasn’t enough, some one had tied a rope around her neck which she had gotten a front leg through which resulted in this rope cutting into her armpit and top of her neck creating very infected open wounds. She was so terrified of people it took me 2 weeks to gain her trust and be able to touch her and remove the rope. That was 2 years ago and now this dog sleeps on a bed in my bedroom and is constantly by my side whenever I am home. She travels with me to visit my daughter and grandchildren out of state. I also have 2 elderly cats that are on assisted living.

  85. LeeAnne says:

    I/we (me and hubby)have 3 cats. Two Main Coons (Darla and Rena) and a domestic long hair called Winston. Winston really should be the Main Coon as he never matted till he got really old. He also was found at a shelter after being lost for two and half years.
    Also have a 30 year old quarter horse mare named Dawn who is the love of my life -shhh don’t tell hubby. There is a whole list of others like Winston’s mother Gilly who came home from college pregnant (I was at school not Gilly!) but I don’t want to hog up the whole blog talking about my beloveds.

  86. Cydney says:

    We have always had pets – all kinds. My son had 2 Guinea pigs for over 8 years. Our dogs used to go in every morning to say hello (the guineas had an open top pen and both dogs would go in and stick their heads in the pen). When the guinea pigs passed away our oldest dog went in the room every morning for at least 6 months looking for them.
    The dogs (Seamus and Maggie) hold our family together. No matter what, we can all agree about how wonderful,smart,funny etc. the dogs are.
    There is a lady who rides the Toronto transit system with the biggest bunny in her lap (I originally thought it was a fur coat). She can often be seen on the Pape bus. I love it!
    And – a few years ago I met a guy who was carrying something – holding it like a baby. When I got up close, it was a possum. He had seen it’s mother get hit by a car and had rescued it. He had had the possum for a while and said it was the best pet. He worked doing landscaping and brought the possum to work every day.

  87. Laura K says:

    We have 3 wonderful dogs – Chyna (a 10 yr old Newfoundland/Mastiff mix) and Misha and Diesel (9 month old sister and brother Newfoundland/Pointer mixes). I know we were crazy, 2 very big puppies at the same time!

    And we have 3 indoor cats – Raven (our black cat), Boo (our white deaf cat, we adopted her a week before Halloween, hence the name)and Kitten (our grey tabby)

    And we love them all and I couldn’t imagine my life without the fur-kids.

  88. Debbie B says:

    I have 2 furbabies, a doxie and a chi, both very friendly and they love people. They would literally crawl over my body to get a treat from or patted by a complete stranger. I call them my floozies.

  89. Allison says:

    Right now we have Waffles, a 6.5 year old great dane girl, who is the sweetest most laid back dog ever, and Roscoe,a 1.5 year old Black Mouth Cur, who is the most hyperactive, lick your face dog boy ever. Roscoe’s middle name is Chicken, so together they are Roscoe Chicken and Waffles. Both are rescues. We also have a new tank of fish. I’m not sure what they are named though because my 5 year old son keeps changing their names.

    In the past, we’ve had Birdie, a terrier Heinz 57 mix, and 3 cats, Satellite (long haired gray and white queen of the house who only truly loved my hubby), Thor (long and skinny orange and white tabby who was scared of his shadow), and Stewie (brown, gray and white tabby who was plotting to take over the world. He was true to his namesake).

  90. Krista says:

    I’ve always been a cat person, and I have 2 right now. Bella, 6 and Kiddo, 8. I couldn’t imagine my life without them!

  91. Ella says:

    I have a lovely lap cat, Haddie, and 3 chickens: Camilla (named after Gonzo’s chicken), Franca (named after my mother-in-law) and Vicky (named after my mother)!

  92. Tigersmom says:

    Ok – you asked.
    I have an asshead cat named Teenybutt who likes to poke me in the eyelids with his teeny, tiny, very sharp, needle-like claws when I sleep. Other than also being incredibly stinky, he’s very sweet. His stabbing me in the eye is because he wants a cuddle.
    And then there is Ruby, our Welsh Pembroke Corgi whose ridiculously comical proportions bring me joy daily. She also has attitude for days and is quite smart but can also be really sweet. My husband says she is the dog version of me and I’m just sure he means that in the nicest way possible. She is the only dog he has ever loved.

  93. Lisa says:

    We have a 55 lb Australian Shepherd / Beagle mix named Wrigley. She is the smartest and best dog I’ve ever owned. If we had a bigger home / yard, we’d def add more dogs – and chickens!

  94. Tanya H. says:

    I have an aging toy poodle named Jasmine. My boys call her Poodle Sister. She’s gotten surly and just a smidge senile in her golden years, but remains loyal and so soothing to pet. Unless she’s in heat. She’s never been spayed, and still acts like a randy teenager then. We’ve all learned to curl our legs under us when she’s on the prowl (=

  95. June Tang says:

    I have a 4-yr old shi-tzu. I named him Oreo because his markings are black and white. I have had him since he was an itty bitty pup and could have been mistaken for a guinea pig. I couldn’t keep him in his crate because he pass in between the bars…he was that small! Taking him out for walks was either a 2-hour trek because almost everyone stopped us. Whether it was a single individual or a group, people used to stop dead in their tracks and let out a huge SQEEEE!!! and ambush us. On one occasion, a women literally jumped out of her car as her husband was parallel parking to come see the dog. On another, I was standing to cross at a street corner and the driver stopped his car in mid-turn(!) to tell me how cute my dog was. It was exhausting….couldn’t get a decent walk done for the first 4 months of Oreo’s life. Now that he is all grown up, he is still disgustingly cute but I can walk him without being stopped, at least, not too many times. And then there’s Burger, my 3-year old Button Quail. Poor little guy is all alone now because his two mates, Milkshake and Fries, died this year. He spends his days running around in his cage, squawking loudly because he wants my attention, or so I like to fool myself into thinking (because Button Quails are not the type of birds that bond with their humans).

  96. Diane A. says:

    We have three (at the moment) pets. Nilla is my son’s 15 1/2 year old cocker-poo who we inherited when he went off to Iraq in 2007. She is a vanilla color and unfortunately going down-hill at a rapid pace in the last six months (vision/hearing/skin condition we have to treat with baths every-other day). She doesn’t seem to be in pain, so we’re doing what we can to keep her as comfortable as possible. Coco is a looney 85 lb. labra-doodle that we got from the SPCA – he wasn’t socialized around people, so he’s afraid of everyone, but LOVES any other animal on the planet. AND, Remy (Remington) is a 3 year old miniature schnauzer who is currently visiting us (from the son above who is now married) while his mom and dad are working/getting their MBA’s and traveling for four weeks at a time for current career training programs. He plans to stay till some time in early fall when the training programs (hopefully) are over and his dad will be home more to play with him.

  97. Lyn says:

    Henry, our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is our sole pet. My husband’s not a pet person, so we compromised on one dog, whom he has come to really love. He has asked (husband, not dog) for a “dog-free” period in the future, for a few years. As I grew up with multiple dogs, cats, birds, etc, I’m not looking forward to it, but he’s a great guy who spoils me rotten, so of course, I agreed. When I told my mom about it, she said to ask him how he’d feel about a “sex-free” period!
    Of course, I keep showing him your chicken photos, so maybe someday…

  98. Feral Turtle says:

    You totally need a goat!!

  99. Feral Turtle says:

    But then if you get one, you need another….So you totally need two goats!

  100. pat barford says:

    Django – eleven year old grey and white hunter cat who loves to crawl under the covers when not leaving mouse presents at the door. Had to say good-bye to Button, his brother from another mother last year, and it’s been hard operating with jut one beast. I love sharing the house with another life form….besides my husband and children. Must. Get Second. Cat.

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