10 Valentine’s Food Ideas.
Plus one for good luck.

I’ve mentioned a few times over the years about how I’m not a super-huge fan of Valentine’s day, but the one thing I’ve always loved about it is the food aspect.

I love the food aspect of most things. Christmas, Thanksgiving, summertime, wintertime, parties, picnics, protests.

Basically if you can eat before, during or after it … I’m on board.

Hoping you’re the same, I’ve gathered up some of the best Valentine’s inspired foods I could find. Most of them are pretty easy, all of them are pretty great. There’s everything from bacon and eggs to easy cherry hearts and tarts.

Cherry Tomato Hearts
Sweet Potato Crackers

Heart cherry tomatoes                                       Sweet Potato Crackers

Heart Ravioli
Heart Shaped Eggs In Toast

Heart Ravioli                                                        Heart shaped Toad in the Hole

Heart Shaped Jello Shots
Heart Shaped Bacon

Heart shaped Jello Shots                                    Bacon Hearts

Fruit Heart 2

Fruit Arrows

Heart Shaped Soup Garnish
Heart Shaped Tarts

Easy heart shaped soup garnish                        Easy Cherry Tarts

Heart Shaped Jam Jams
Heart Shaped Pepperoni

Heart shaped Linzer cookies                             Heart Shaped pizza w/ Heart shaped                                                                                 pepperoni

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day.

For those of you in a relationship, rent a good movie, light a few candles and prepare one of the fun foods above.

For those of you who are single, rent a good movie, light a few candles and prepare one of the fun foods above.



  1. TucsonPatty says:

    I love the same comment whether or not you are in a relationship. I just did an affirmation today : “I love, accept and like myself exactly the way I am today!”
    Thanks Karen.

  2. Bernard says:

    Toad in the hole???? Ummm…I’m disoriented.

    But I can’t wait to get home and make the bacon hearts for the daughter and the ravioli for the young lad.

    Chanx – you’re the best idea gal.


  3. Toronto Boy says:

    Welcome back Karen! Those heart shaped Linzer cookies look like a mighty good replacement for Peek Freans Fruit Creme cookies! Yummmmm! 12:49 a.m. and my sweet tooth is craving for a biscuit to go along with my lemon tea!

  4. Sera says:

    Mmm… pizza…. Heart shaped pizza!

  5. Barbie says:

    Totally makin that pizza! Glad I didn’t make pizza today as planned….now I will make it tomorrow for V-day!

  6. Agnes says:

    We love you Karen! Happy Valentines, to the one who makes me chuckle (at the very least) everyday!

  7. I heard a great ad on a community radio show yesterday: “Flowers will die and chocolate will make you fat so buy your love a bird house!”
    My mother was a holiday lover; didn’t matter what holiday it was, she’d celebrate it. For Valentine’s Day, she’d make a lovely, big, heart-shaped meringue shell and fill it with a strawberry-rhubarb mix. We never associated days like today with romantic love; they just conjure up visions of food!

  8. Yum!!! Heart shaped jello shots!!! Happy V-Day girl. Think I will take your advice and watch a movie and shoot jello shots! Cheers.

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I have never understood why girls/women dress in black and expect or are entitled to sit and wait for someone else to make their Valentine’s Day special. Take the reins, do it yourself, if you’re in a relationship, aren’t you also responsible for bringing romance to the table? No pun intended on Karen’s wonderful food suggestions. If you’re single, go drop off surprise flowers or chocolates or heart shaped pizzas to other women who are either single… or in a loveless later in years relationship. It’s the pay it forward, feel good about yourself giving, way to celebrate the day. I go to our local TRADER JOE’S and buy as many of their flowers as I can fit in a cart, go deliver them to my unsuspecting elderly widowed neighbor, a not quite as elderly woman, who for years, has slept in a separate room, at her husband’s request with no intimate relationship left, who I rang the bell and had so many tulips wrapped in my arms, she couldn’t see my face…. and any other person that may just warrant a surprise drop off. I had such a “feel good” time doing it, I went back and bought as many again and kept delivering. What did I get that day? Nothing material on my end, but a huge full warm heart from doing for others, giving love to others. Isn’t that what this day is about? Love to all! Enjoy! or even just buy yourself some flowers or chocolates, because don’t we all, just need to love ourselves first?

  10. Carole says:

    To speak to your closing comments… I just read on another blog (sorry Karen) that being in a relationship and being single are exactly alike. Although I would argue one exception… I smile A LOT more now that I’m single 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of us!

  11. marilyn says:

    love it all, and especially love how passionate you are about food..these people who are blase about food aren’t happy..i love food! i don’t get too worked up about valentines day either karen because everyday is valentines day with my sweetie..he rocks!

  12. Robin Siegerman says:

    I have ambivalent feelings about Valentine’s Day. One of my single friends calls it “Singles Awareness Day”. Too much pressure on singles AND those in relationships. Kind of like New Year’s Eve when you feel like a total LOSER if you’re not partying like it’s 1984 and kissing everyone in the room (I lock myself in the bathroom when the kissing starts!). That’s why my own post this week is about my Valentine’s migrane! But I do think your food ideas are cute. Glad you posted them so I can look at them and enjoy them vicariously and not have to make them! HVD! (Hmm. Maybe abbreviation of this day is not a good idea. Kinda looks like a disease.)

  13. Deb J. says:

    We’re having BLTs – because I want to make heart shaped bacon:). Mmmmmmm bacon ….

  14. Sally A. says:

    My husband says I’m an easy tart, hardy har har. I pat him on top of the head and tell him he’s cute. He’s not. He’s an ass. But I love him, dammit.

    I guess he is kinda cute. For an ass. :o) Just kidding, he’s pretty great. I just don’t want to gush about it cause that’s gross.

    Thank you for the great recipes! I like how easy and creative they are!

  15. Marti says:

    Pizza. Definitely the pizza. Although the melon kebabs were intriguing, too. Just don’t have that stuff at the house at the moment.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Karen! Hope you get your hearts’ desire (or something very close)!

  16. Marion says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Karen! All those foods look pretty awesome. I tried making heart shaped fried eggs this morning…epic fail! We ended up with a hybrid scrambled/fried egg combo. It still tasted good, but boy was it a mess trying to get those damn things out of the pan! I should have gone with the heart shaped toad in a hole pictured above. Guess there’s always next year 🙂

  17. Leslie says:

    I would eat all of those! Even the jello shots!

  18. Carole says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I love the heart egg in the toast.

  19. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Around here all of the pizza shops make heart shaped pizza today..I am sending you a hug today..cause the best thing about a hug is..you can’t give one without getting one back..HUG

  20. Leah Laurent says:

    In Mexico and other parts of Latin America, today is called ‘ El día del amor y la amistad’ which means ‘The Day of Love and Friendship.’ So, along with celebrating my husband, I celebrate my close friends too, because aren’t they also great loves? Happy Day of Love and Friendship to you all!

  21. Great ideas. And I am of the belief that this is just a day to show anyone we love them…friends, family etc. I write my kids a love letter telling them 3 unique things I love about them:) And just have to share…my 16 year old son cooked his”girlfriend” dinner. He made the heart shaped ravioli (found red and white ones at Costco). Set a romantic table outside (it was warm here) and had white twinkle light son the porch. It was so sweet!!! He has had a heat role model in my husband for how to treat a person.

  22. Val says:

    Karen, this is twice you’ve saved my butt with gift-giving ideas for the hard-to-buy for man. We are 61 years old, and after 37 years together it becomes more and more of a challenge to find something unique. For Christmas he was so surprised to get the vampliers and magnetic cuff that holds nails, screws, and other great shit. This Valentine’s Day he’s getting a heart-shaped pizza! You are now my go-to source for gift ideas. Thanks so much from Val in Alberta! Have a great day Karen!

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