This Week’s Menu.
April 30th – May 6th


Omg it’s gonna be May.  Holy crap.

Kay.  So.  I’m still up to my nostril hairs in dirt.

No funny.  No stories.  No anecdotes.

Hey WAIT!  Did I ever tell you about the time I was in bed with Jerry Springer?  Oh that was quite a day.  Too bad I don’t have time to tell the story.  Yup.   It’s a GOOD one.  Heh heh.  Good times were had in the olden days.

Onto the menu for this week!



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  1. Kate says:

    How closely do you actually follow your weekly menus? I can’t even get through dinner prep without changing my mind.

    • Karen says:

      Kate – Fairly closely. But if I don’t feel like something that I have on the menu or I’m running short on time or whatever I’ll just move that meal to another night. I’m not married to it or anything, but it does make things easier when I have all the ingredients for all of my meals and know what I’m having which night. Plus I look forward to stuff. Like the Curried chicken salad or a roast beef dinner. Other times if I make my list then go to the grocery store and something grabs my attention because it looks good or cheap, I’ll work it in. You know. Like say, if Pringles are on sale … we’ll have a tube of Pringles for dinner. 🙂 ~ karen

  2. Shirley says:

    OK, Karen, I haven’t had my coffee yet, what does “gr” stand for in the Wednesday menu? Grapes? Greek salad? Granola? Gravlax? If it’s gravy, where did that come from? Meat loaf doesn’t make gravy, and if it did it would be awfully GReasy (bonus), and I cannot see you opening up a can!

  3. Denise says:

    I can’t believe you have the energy to cook all this with your gardening adventure…in process. I’d be looking for the popcorn or cereal box…

  4. I love your blog. Hate the pop up advertisement. The menu this week looks incredible. I am going to try the curry chicken salad. Since you have been posting the weekly menu, I have started my own, and I just wanted to thank you. It has helped so much with planning meals and like you, if we happen to not cook that dinner that specific night, I just add it to the next weeks menu. Easy peasy….

    • Karen says:

      Rachel – Sorry about the pop up. I’m not sure what one you’re talking about. If it pops up out of nowhere and follows you around the page it isn’t supposed to be there. If it unfolds from the top or side of the page if you hover over it … that’s my income and it has to stay. Heh. I’m in Canada so I don’t see the majority of the ads that run on my site which is very frustrating. If something is annoying feel free to take a screen grab and send it to me. ~ karen

  5. Barbie says:

    Another great menu! I know what you mean about having things planned and all the ingredients in the fridge and ready to make on a particular night….it makes life so much easier. Can’t WAIT to see the end result of your front yard garden! KEEP GOING GIRL!

  6. Deborah says:

    Hola chica, is your blackboard real or photoshopped? It certainly looks cool. And care to share the carrot soup recipe?

    • Karen says:

      Deboarah – The blackboard is all photoshopped! And all of the recipes that I have links to are located underneath the menu board where it says “Links to Recipes”. ~ karen!

      • Deborah says:

        Oh duh…sorry, this darn playbook is challenging at best…..and I need to read for compression, or have less beer, one or the other :)thanks for the recipe pointers. Enjoy your Saturday night! 🙂

  7. Nancy says:

    I am going to Penn State Hershey Hospital on Tuesday and not sure how long I will be staying so..It is DIY as far as cooking for my guys next week..Can’t wait to see what kind of mess I come home

  8. Diane T says:

    what makes a Mexican grilled cheese sandwich – Mexican?

  9. Tara says:

    All sound yum and quite inspiring. Thanks Karen

  10. Jen a says:

    Nice May-nu. I too can’t believe it’ll be May. Mostly because my taxes are done … Usually that doesn’t happen until September.

  11. karen says:

    Thanks for the carrot soup recipe! I have a wonderful son from Szechuan province (who loves Szechuan recipes) and a ton of carrots to use up. Your recipe is a marriage made in heaven.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. Excellent! What are the chances? I think he/you’ll like the Szechuan soup. I’ve taken to adding about twice as much ginger and a few more pepper flakes than I have stated in the recipe, but I like it *hot* so if you’re the same you can do that as well! ~ karen

  12. Beth says:

    Question/conundrum about the carrot soup. I love carrot soup, and your recipe sounds extra super. My man thinks the texture of carrot soup is vile. Suggestions? Like suggesting he find his own food for a night?

    • Karen says:

      Beth – You may just need to blend it more. Or a better blender! There’s no difference between the texture of this soup and any other blended soup as far as I can tell. It’s … just soup! 🙂 I’d say make it and if he doesn’t like it, throw a hotdog in the microwave for him and stick it on a piece of bread. Better yet … tell him to do it. ~ karen

  13. TulumChica says:

    Thanks for the recipes, Karen. I’ve tried two from the asshole, no–nice guy, from the gym- the Curried Chicken Salad and the Firebroth soup. They were delish. Thank him for me (even if grudgingly.) I also made the Orange Chicken from last week’s menu. Obviously, NOT a recipe from the guy at the gym, but very crispy and tasty. Looking forward to more recipes and projects.

  14. Catherine says:

    I love Miss Vickie’s Lime and Black Pepper Chips so I’m wondering about the Corn on the Cob with Butter, Lime and Cracked Pepper.

    Do you squeeze the lime over the cob then apply the butter and pepper? Or do you combine the butter, lime and butter? OR does the lime come into play while you’re cooking the corn?

    • Karen says:

      Catherine – You just cook the corn (I prefer to BBQ it) then lightly squeeze a lime over it, butter it then slather with salt and coarse pepper. I also take the corn off the cob sometimes and just mix it all up in a bowl. ~ karen!

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