Whenever someone tells me there’s never anything good to watch on television, I wonder if they eat hot dogs every night for dinner.  Hot dogs. They’re great! I love hot dogs and yes I do know they’re probably made out of underarms and urinary tracts.  Don’t care. Love ’em.  But I don’t want to only eat hot dogs, I want to branch out and always try new and exciting things.  Things that are different flavours, from different countries or only available on Netflix.

Yet when people think of television a lot of people still only think of what they’re used to and what’s wildly popular.  They don’t go searching for anything new.  They trudge down the same aisle looking at the same things.

Occasionally network television has some good shows but rarely are they as good as anything  from specialty channels or newer non network producers like Amazon or Netflix.  One new network show is absolutely fantastic as a matter of fact and I’ll talk about that a little later on.

Before you go poo pooing the state of television and how there’s nothing to watch look a little further than your normal borders.  Television from England is some of the best television ever made.  Even though they’re both hugely popular and loved worldwide, England has a lot more to offer than fish and chips in terms of food and Downton Abbey in terms of television.    And Canadian television!  Well, it’s often the perfect cross between slick American TV and the more down to earth U.K. series; so if you’d like to watch something that stars really good looking people who maybe suffer from a crooked tooth or a few extra pounds which make them look almost human, then Canadian television was made for you.

If you missed the first 9 posts in this series you can see them and all the shows I recommend here.

Here are my 3 suggestions to get you out of your television rut.



First up, Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek, starring Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy as the socially displaced Rose family.


I’ve chosen Peaky Blinders as the U.K. content for this, the 10th edition of 3 Shows You Should be Watching.  I have to say it took me a few goes to get into this show for some reason, but once I did WOW.  The cinematography alone is reason to watch.  Then of course there’s the hot guy.



Made by Amazon Originals, the same company that produces Transparent, is Mozart in the Jungle.  A little bit weird, a little bit funny, a little bit charming adds up to a whole lot of great television.  Anything that involves Jason Schwartzman (he’s a supporting actor and producer) is bound to be exactly that: weird, funny and charming.

I promised I’d also tell you about that GREAT network show that premiered recently.  This is Us is something I decided to watch on a whim mainly so I could complain about the state of Network television.  No complaints.  Its mind blowing first episode had me texting every person I know about how great it was and begging them to watch it.  YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT FROM THE FIRST EPISODE so if you come across it, don’t jump in halfway through the season or you’ll miss out on what is one of the best television pilots ever made.  Next to the first episode of Lost of course.  I mean come on.

Again, if you’re looking for television recommendations and you missed the first 9 posts in this series you can see them all here.

The next time you’re tempted to watch a hog dog, search out one of these lesser known items to satisfy your appetite.  I think you’ll find they’re a lot more filling with fewer empty calories.


  1. Being a bit of a TV junky, I have watched all of these shows and totally agree with you on all of them. Schitt’s Creek…hilarious and quirky. Peaky Blinders was awesome. A really good show you might enjoy on Netflix is Happy Valley. It’s a British show and I must confess the first few episodes were hard to follow but well worth it!!

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