Mainly I think to do things, but the things I don’t think to do I never, EVER, EVER, EVER think to do.

Like ask me when the last time I washed the inside of my dishwasher was?  It’s a thing. People do it.  I wipe the buttons.  I DO THAT!!  I GET POINTS FOR THAT!!

Let’s take eating on the other hand. I never forget to eat. I think about food all day and what I’m going to make and have for dinner. If I happen to go running all I think the entire run is what I’m going to eat when I get home.  If I didn’t have the thought of a big hamburger and krinkle cut fries in my head you’d probably find me halfway home from my run asleep in someone’s bushes.  And now that I see that last sentence I realize that if I didn’t always have a big hamburger and french fries on my mind I might not need to run.

This is a situation I need to give some more thought to.

But as I was saying. There are certain things we do automatically. Eat, make meals, vacuum, dust the things we can see. And then there are certain things we either have to make a point of doing or just don’t ever even think to do.

This weekend. You and I? We’re going to do them. And it’s going to be fun. No it’s not. But it’ll be better than licking the doorknob of a restroom stall.

So, I personally know there are a few things I never do. Wash all of my baseboards around the house (as opposed to wiping a random section of one that I can easily reach while I’m already down wiping a spill on the floor directly beside said baseboard), washing my light switches and washing my … door knobs. No licking needed.

So that’s what we’re gonna do. Plus one fun thing. And we’re going to do it all in 15 minutes.




Also, maybe I’ll extend that whole “washing doorknobs” thing to washing entire doors.


I swear to you the sun was hitting it just the right way and it’s right at cat level and … uch.  Whatever.  I’ve probably never cleaned that section of door in my life.

Also, I lied about doing the one fun thing.  I just wanted to keep your attention.  There is no fun thing.  Just the cleaning.

But when you’re cleaning to Jackson 5 you’ll see how fun it can actually be.  That playlist I’ve listed runs about 15 minutes, which if you’re flying around should be about the right amount of time to clean the baseboards, light switches and doorknobs.  Seriously.  Rampage cleaning is astonishingly effective and dare I say it, fun.

This, by the way, is official homework.  Just so you aren’t surprised by the test on Monday morning.

Have a good weekend!



  1. cheryl says:

    rampage house cleaning sounds like it should go hand in hand with ‘guerilla gardening’…and i LOVE that! will do my 15 minutes …cheers karen

  2. Laura Bee says:

    ok ok ok – fine.
    Earth Wind & Fire is my go to music for cleaning. I could just keep Mighty Mighty on repeat all morning & be happy 🙂

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