3 Things To Do This Weekend

There are certain things I think to do and certain things I don’t.

Vacuum. Yeah. I think to do that. I can’t always think of how to spell it, but I can think to do it.

Cook? Eat? Ditto. Do em both on a regular basis without much prompting.

Clean all of my lamps? Mm. Not really.

So I’ve compiled a list of 3 things (O.K. they’re chores, but I thought if I referred to them as “things” they wouldn’t seem so bad) for you to do this weekend so you don’t have to think about doing them again for a while.

Do one, do two or do them all. I don’t give a care.


I don’t want to hear any complaining. As far as homework goes I think you got off pretty easy.

For one thing, there isn’t a single math problem.

I do however expect an essay on “What I accomplished this weekend” on my desk by Monday morning.

Class dismissed.


  1. Reg says:

    I emptied the pots on the deck of the summer flowers and put in mums, swept the deck to get rid of the walnut droppings the squirrels leave and that’s it. Lightbulbs need dusting??? Learn something new everyday.

  2. Amy in StL says:

    I just completed a three week long process of moving from condo to house so:

    #1 got mostly done just by moving them; but I promise to go dust off the ones I can find

    #2 got done and OMG the stuff that had dripped under the shelf edges was gross. Thank GOD the one thing the previous owner of the house cleaned was the fridge. (There is dust and dog hair everywhere including the warming drawer under the oven.)

    #3 will get done if I can find the tub of fall stuff. I finally have a mantle (and a working fireplace) (I should probably take the scrapers, blue tape and tools off the mantle first.)

    For extra credit, I’m going to try to make my house not a maze of boxes and put everything away or in the basement until I can put it away. It’s stressing me out!

  3. Melissa says:

    Geek alert: I love these random homework assignments.

    Why is it that some woman who I don’t even know can get me to do random stuff?

  4. Heather says:

    If I were at an airport I would do it!!! But alas I am not as I am getting gussied up to go dance in lines (everyone needs a break from homework).

  5. Amy says:

    Auntipatch: this is off topic, but to answer your query from way back, a low-country boil is amazingness. Big pot (preferably outside, and by big I mean 2-3ft tall) full of corn, potatoes, onions and sometimes peppers boiled with cajon seasoning and lemons, finished off with as much crawfish (or shrimp) as you can afford to buy, the contents of which are then dumped out onto newspaper in the middle of a table and devoured by the crazy cajuns (or the people pretending to be) until it’s gone-daddy-gone. Yum. Much more fun than cleaning a fridge :)

  6. Claudia says:

    Oh I loved this! I want more homework!! ^^
    I guess I’m a goood student, eheh.

  7. Shauna says:

    I’m going with family and friends to a resort in Indio (near Palm Springs), so I will be late with my homework. If I could blame it on the dog or the chickens ‘eating’ my homework, I would.

    Does it count that I cleaned my fridge last weekend? I dusted too;)

  8. FLP says:

    Killing time at the airport reading your blog with pleasure and thinking it will be laundry for me this weekend. Lamps will have to wait.

    • Karen says:

      I’ll give you $5 if you walk around and make everyone in the airport read my blog. Extra $2 if it’s someone famous that tweets about it. ~ karen

  9. Zoe says:

    Can I get a star – I cleaned my fridge out the other night :)

  10. Deb says:

    Ok, since I was already thinking of doing the lamps and the mantle, I can handle that. However, I was only teacher’s pet until junior high/high school and then I went “rebel,” so chances are the fridge won’t get cleaned. The food in the fridge isn’t icky, but it could use a good scrubbing. Could I possibly clean the toilet instead? It seems almost a fair trade. What is it about fridges that cause such aversion??

  11. Marie says:

    I have a Roomba (which I highly recommend, by the way) but still drag out the Dyson so that I can vacuum the lampshades, bulbs, curtains, ceiling fan, webs on the wall/ceiling and I’m not due to do that this weekend. No coffee table or mantle, and the fridge is in good shape. You’ll get a “please excuse Marie” note on Monday.

  12. Marion says:

    Do I get bonus points for already completing #3! I did that last night. The only thing left to add to the fall coffee table is a pumpkin spice candle, which I’m going to purchase today. woohoo! About #1 though…I don’t think I’ll get around to that one…I took one look at the fan in my guest room and walked out & shut the door :(

  13. Auntiepatch says:

    Trash truck coming today so I already cleaned out the fridge. Halloween coming soon so cleaning the cobwebs on the lamps will have to wait. Already working on the mantle (started last week) so I’m good.

  14. Margaret says:

    I’m that snotty kid who finishes her homework in class while the teacher is asking little Josh/Jason/Jennifer to not pick her/his nose and fling it on the person in front of them.
    That, and I don’t have a mantle or a coffee table due to personal injury possibilities of the little people at my house. Score.

  15. deb says:

    Excuses….um, I mean REASONS…my assignment cannot be completed.
    1. Clean lamps, shades, bases, bulbs.
    2. Clean the fridge.
    3. Change the mantle/coffee table from Summer to
    SEE #1 & #2
    …and I think I should get extra credit for repurposing, recycling and reusing

  16. Patti says:

    You`re smart. I`ve been planning on cleaning my fridge for ages. Do you want a before and after picture? I’d have to set my sense of pride aside – the fridge is a disaster.

    Love, love it.

  17. Tina Marie says:

    I’ll do the assignment with glee, cuz that is the type of student I am. For extra credit (it if is allowed) I am going to go through my tubs of photos and disks and organize by month and year and label each packet and then label the container. Then I will write an essay about the assignment. However, what is the font size required, the margins, single or double spaced and how many words? Does it need a header page, annotations, footers, headers? Reference page? – T

  18. Ruth says:

    #2 is already done, but I’ll work on #1. I will, however, have to skip #3… and here’s a Jamaican poem from my childhood that may explain why. ;)

    We have neither Summer nor Winter
    Neither Autumn nor Spring.
    We have instead the days when the gold sun shines on the lush green canefields — Magnificently.

    The days when the rain beats like bullet on the roofs, and there is no sound but the swish of water in the gullies, and trees struggling in the high Jamaica winds.
    Also there are the days when leaves fade from off guango trees, and the reaped canefields lie bare and fallow to the sun.

    But best of all there are the days when the mango and the logwood blossom,
    When bushes are full of the sound of bees and the scent of honey,
    When the tall grass sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air,
    When the buttercups have paved the earth with yellow stars,
    And beauty comes suddenly, and the rains have gone.

    (Yep. I love this island… our ‘To Do’ lists are a whole lot shorter.) :D

  19. Gloria says:

    Great suggestions! I did actually think about vacuuming too but the vacuum hasn’t made it out of the closet yet! I even started cleaning 2 lamps…just got the shades to go. The refrigerator scares me….but it must be done! :) No coffee table but the mantle needs work…got any decorating ideas for that?

  20. Diana says:

    I am leaving for a week’s vacation on Saturday and am a bit odd for always cleaning my house before going away (wouldn’t want the cat-sitter to find out – errr – think that I’m a slob). I will vacuum, wash floors, dust (but not sure about lamps), wash laundry, and general tidying. I never got around to switching from my fall/winter table runner to the spring/summer one, so am all set with that. However, the cat did hack up a hairball on it just this morning……

  21. Stephanie says:

    Nope thpppt! Going camping. Trees, fresh air, birds… ahhhhhh.

  22. CBuffy says:

    I’m reasonably sure this is why God made children and Saturday mornings. Kid 1 – clean lamps and tables they are located on. Kid 2 – clean the fridge. Kid 3 – clean off and dust mantel. Mom – redecorate. (Kids are not “little kids”, old enough to do said jobs…)

    Done! Extra points for delegating! Woot!

  23. Lisa says:

    #3 was on my list for this weekend already! I saw a tip on cleaning lampshades somewhere in blogland awhile back. Use one of those lint (or pet hair)removal rollers. You know–the wide roll of masking tape on a roller, that you peel off when it loses it’s stick. Roll that on your lampshade and roll up the dust. I’m pretty sure those little roller thingies can be found at the $ store also!!

    Looking for extra credit!!

  24. Scouty says:

    Gee, going to the cottage this weekend, I’m pretty sure the lamps there could use a dusting, 2 fridges – guess I could give them both a quick wipe before they get filled up with turkey dinner fixin’s for next weekend, and #3 reminded me to go and pick up some indian corn to hang on the door – love this time of year!
    My essay may be late on Monday…..

  25. Lisa says:

    Not only will I possibly clean my lamps, I might replace the dead bulbs in them now that it’s getting dark earlier! Yes, I proscrastinate a bit… last count was 4.

  26. Sarah says:

    I just hate cleaning my fridge. It’s so essentiell but as soon as I open the door I find something to eat and an excuse to put it off. It’s a shame.

    But this time I have a good excuse: we are going to visit the parent’s of my partner all weekend long. Definetily no time to clean. I’m sorry. For sure.

  27. Jodi says:

    I just curled my lip at you and snarled a little bit. Yuck. Ewww. Really? I’ll do #3 and that’s it. ;-)

  28. Lynne says:

    Forgettabouttit :) I’m going to do a snow dance all weekend and pray that it doesn’t come this winter. SNOW is a four letter word. I can feel it coming. Ohhhh no.

  29. Mary Werner says:

    Sorry, my dog ate my assignment. I lost it in the mess in my living room but the dog found it covered in chip grease so then she ate it. I didn’t clean my living room because I was too busy ready your blog! But love the idea of giving us “things” to do. That list will go along with all the Pinterest projects I pin thinking I will do some of them also. Actually I did one of those but have pinned over 6,000! My arm hurts and my clicking wrist prevents any further work (except reaching in the chip bag.) Can you find jobs that only involve sitting and possibly turning my head?

  30. Karol says:

    Clean my lightbulbs? I don’t think so. Who does that? My family is lucky if I clean the toilets.

    • Karen says:

      Karol – I do. My sister does. We do. (if you have chandeliers and you clean the lightbulbs it’s shocking! it looks like you cleaned the whole chandelier) ` k!

      • allyson says:

        This is bringing back painful memories of my childhood – taking each individual piece off my mom’s chandeliers and washing them in vinegar and water, drying them and putting them back in the right place!

    • Pat says:

      Oh, oh. Look above the dining room table. Look way, way up. See chandy, dusty bulbs, dusty crystals, but ooooo, look, some spiderwebs. I think that could count as some spiderwebs for halloween decorating! Nah, just get off the computer, take the sucker apart and clean it already. Thanks for the inspiration Karen. (You better be doing yours too!)

    • Annie says:

      I’m with Karol. Just give me an F. Although I should get credit for cleaning my son’s room yesterday within an inch of its life… Boys are smelly (phew!).

  31. Debbie says:

    Already finished all 3 of those things! So I get the weekend off – whoooooot hoooooooooot!! That is of course if 1. blowing the dust critters off your lamp 2. wiping the handles of your fridge and 3.sticking some dollar store berry type branches into a vase count??? Actually the mantles not half bad… I’m thinking that’s gotta be worth a C+?

  32. Ann says:

    I don’t vacuum. When I figured out that it would always be a challenge to spell, we ripped up all that darned carpet. But I sweep religiously.

    I am also not cleaning all my lamps. All 1 of them. This house has so many overheads that we don’t need lamps. The one place I sit to read has our only lamp and I cleaned it last week when I did the dreaded dusting.

    I am ahead of the curve on the changing of the table linen. Did that last week. Threw the summer tablecloth and placemats in the washer and they bled bright green all over my towels!! Not that I had not washed it all summer. In fact, it had already gone thru several washes. I think it was angry knowing it was to be stowed til next summer and just had a melt down. That’s what I get for buying that cheap, on sale, bright sunny summer set!!

    My chore for the weekend is to finish painting my bedroom. It is all but done but I have to go back and touch up several spots where the primer is showing thru the paint. Note to self. Maybe primer in the same tint as your paint is not the best idea after all. Blame it on the Lowe’s guy. He suggested it!

    • Karen says:

      O.k painting counts. But you NEED lamps! The difference in lighting is remarkable. Much nicer than overheads. They create nice, calm, glowing spots in the room. So your homework is to go out and buy some lamps! Excused. ~ karen

  33. Langela says:

    The dog ate my lamp, mantle, and fridge. Essay done.

  34. Barbara says:

    Hi Karen!

    I love To Do lists—you can be very persuasive! I already did my Fall Scenario—it is on my sofa table. I change it every season/occasion; mainly Dollarama stuff! I wanted to send you a photo but alas, I can’t figure that out! Have a great weekend, Barbara

  35. Claire says:

    October 1st is the earliest my husband lets me put out the Halloween decorations so this weekend will be partially about cleaning the house and having a decorating joygasm :) Never thought about cleaning the lamps though…

  36. Janie Farmer says:

    I am having my first EVER garage sale Saturday and, it will probably be my last. Moving is less stressful. My house is in chaos, shtuff everywhere and, I’m running out of time. My biggest fear is after all this work no one will show up. Then I will have my 2nd stroke, 5th seizure and whatever else my brain thinks up. So I’ll pass on your mediocre chores but if you remind me a year from now I might be able to get them done.

    PS. I kind of clean one shelf every time I pull Mike Katz (4 mo kitten) out of the fridge. Does that count? You’d think after being locked up for 30 min at 6 weeks cured him.

    • Robbin Caskenette says:

      Love that name!

    • Janet says:

      Janie, Don’t worry…they WILL COME! Probably 2 hours before your actual opening time. They’ll come, even if all you’re doing is cleaning your garage and have pulled a few things out to make room, so you CAN clean….It’s like: “excuse me, there’s no price on this mason jar”.- Um, excuse me? -“Isn’t this a garage sale?” -Um, no…it’s a garage cleaning. -“Oh, so, how much do you want for the jar?” -The jar isn’t for sale. -“Well, if you were going to sell it, how much would you be asking?”

      • Melissa says:

        Ahh, the early birds. I live in tag sale central, and most people advertising their sales come up with witty ways to punish those who arrive ahead of schedule.

        I wouldn’t actually mind random people coming up to buy my stuff while I was cleaning/purging/organizing. Heh, come to think of it, I should advertise that: I am cleaning and purging on Saturday. Come by and buy to make my life easier!

    • Sarah In Illinois says:

      I had a garage sale over the weekend. It had been years since I had had one. And you are exactly right, it is SO MUCH WORK! And my garage is still a wreck from all the things that didn’t sell.

      It was worth it, but dang I need to take a vacation from my garage sale!

      • Karen says:

        I almost had a garage sale at the beginning of the summer, but ended up letting my family come over and pick what they wanted. From what was left I either took it to the dump or brought it to our local thrift store. WAYYYYY easier. I don’t miss the $100 I would have made from the 2 days of preparation, dealing with people wanting discounts on 5 cent items and having to wake up at 6 a.m. to set it all out. ~ karen!

  37. Cindy Marlow says:

    I’ll try to work those in between the three day flea market that I’m coordinating, hosting my son’s 30th birthday celebration with an old fashioned cocktail party (to include a low-country boil), and cooking for weekend guests (12). Do I get credit for extracurricular activities?

  38. Shannon says:

    So you have, like, the.best. job. EVER! Seriously, you get paid for this. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I second the “No.”

  39. cruella says:

    Clean fridge, um, yes. Much needed. Vacuum? Maybe. I never decorate other than for Christmas so I’m off the hook there. And I changed a bulb and cleaned the lamp the other day so I’m way ahead of you.

  40. Karin says:

    Sorry, i pressed “publish” before i finished.
    So, i hope you agree with my weekend plans and you don’t order other chores!!
    It will Be a sunny Weekend in Germany!

  41. Karin says:

    Hi Karen,
    i try to do my best to follow your recommendations.
    But, there’s no coffee table or mantle, and i’m not much into fall decoration.
    But i will think about the fridge cleaning, and will pack some more boxes with stuff for our soon to come move to our new house.
    Is this enough for my weekend, or do i have to do Even more?
    Please allow to spend the oncoming sunny weekend

  42. cJoy says:

    What you are suggesting will cause the death of several/hundreds/millions(?) of dust bunnies… I’m already in trouble with PETA over an incident with a scorpion this past weekend…

    Could I just have a martini and plan to clean my house?

    Great ideas, I do plan to change my mantle later today. Cleaning all lamps will take awhile – but, you are sooo right – that job needs doing. I’m happy to report my fridge was cleaned a couple of weeks ago. Don’t worry, there are lots of jobs calling my name around the house. Happy Friday!

  43. nancy w says:

    oh and I cleaned my fridge as part of the “cleaned house twice this week” so double bonus!

  44. nancy w says:

    Gonna work, and party. In that order. I cleaned house twice this week, so I’m off the hook! I also cleaned up dog barf once so I think I get a bonus…

  45. Heather says:

    But I already have homework **said in whiny voice while stomping foot***
    I have a presentation to give today at noon. A quiz to take, two papers to write by monday and an exam to study for. PLUS my computer is on the fritz and I must get it to the repair shop. AND I have a pampered chef party to attend….
    I just don’t know if there is room for your suggested homework Karen :-/

  46. Kristina says:

    I am moving shortly so rather than dust my lamps, I will photograph them and post them up on Craigslist. Dust and all, but I’m keeping the incandescent bulbs. (those are an endangered species after all)

  47. Leena says:

    Teacher teacher, I’ve already done the number 3, could I have some additional homework?

  48. amy says:

    I actually do not have a mantle or a cocktail table (don’t feel too sorry for me; i have a cocktail ottoman on order)!! :) So, I believe I am excused from #3. Instead of Karen’s #3 I will begin to think about fall decorations, and may be inspired to hang my fall wreath!! I will absolutely clean my fridge, I love to clean my fridge, I’m sick like that. I suppose I could clean some lamps too…I am a rule follower, and I always strived for good grades. Hopefully Karen will accept my #3 substitution. Everyone have a super weekend!!!

  49. Nancyeileen says:

    Oh, how you inspire me, so!!!

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