3 Things to Do, Try, Make this Weekend


In case you’re bored this weekend … 3 things to










If nothing here interest you, I have one other option.  You can ignore your cutlery drawer while watching television, NOT eating homemade cookies.  Either way …

Have a good weekend!





  1. amanda says:

    i did one of these! a girl friend of mine gave me a jar of ingredients to make cowgirl cookies. If you haven’t made them before you have to do them! So tasty!!!


  2. Funkytime says:

    cookies sounds like a good idea!

  3. Gillian says:

    I braved the sh*te weather in Southwestern Ontario last night to go to Canadian Tire to purchase a bamboo (fancy!) cutlery organizer, and I did it, I cleaned my pathetic cutlery drawer. I will probably bake cookies tonight, and eat them while I’m catching up on “Vampire Diaries”. What? 2/3… still pretty good, right?

    • Karen says:

      Gillian – It is quite commendable. I’m afraid I’m still going to have to banish you though. Until tonight at midnight, you are shunned. ~ karen

  4. I definitely choose the third alternative. Cookies… always!

  5. Patty says:

    Ha! Ha! PJR I had to google butt paste. I was a little afraid! Actually very very afraid. Looks like it is a diaper rash sort of cream, a gag gift I am guessing for a 50th birthday. Whew!!!

  6. PJR says:

    Is anyone else wondering what butt paste is? Do I want to know? Heh.

    • over50 says:

      Absolutely I’m wondering about the butt paste! I just bought some Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for a baby shower. But 50th Birthday? I’m flummoxed, especially it’s For The Boss.

  7. Patty says:

    Umm, cleaned my silverware and cutlery and dish towel drawers out a few weeks ago when I found some mice had moved in and “made themselves at home” if you know what I mean. I moved everything to the cabinets on the other side of the kitchen until I get all the gaps around all the pipes running in sealed up good (can you do a post on how to get behind a built in lazy susan so I can seal it up?). I can’t bake cookies because I would eat them and I probably won’t get a chance to watch TV. My boyfriend and I will be visiting my aunt, who broke her hip last week, in the hospital and then taking a trip to a nearby city to visit his grandson. Then to his house to soak a horrible muscle cramp I have in my thigh in his hot tub. Hmmm where’s the fun????? Maybe in the hot tub. :) Thanks for the ideas though. You inspire me. The mice, notsomuch! Have a beautiful weekend Karen!

  8. Nancy says:

    Cleaning the drawer definitely needs done..My fella might not survive if I turn the TV off but I could live without it cause I like to reading, make things and stuff..He has been asking me to make some more cookies since the Christmas one all disappeared so I can do that also..Thanks for the ideas Karen..You and the fella have a good weekend..

  9. Barbie says:

    …..since I am at a loss as to what to blog about today perhaps I will blog about cleaning my cutlery drawer, while NOT watching TV and baking cookies…. hmmmmmm

  10. Joanne says:

    I have an interesting project this weekend. I need to photoshop my boss’s face onto Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Sex Over 50 book for a gift for his – yes, you guessed it – 50th birthday. Pray that I still have a job after this one! Oh, and I need to buy him butt paste.

    Laughing at Christine’s comment!

  11. christine hilton says:

    Not only am I going to clean those drawers,I am going to use the crumbs in my firestarters!!!

  12. Amie says:

    I’m on it. The man has a friend coming, and I always bake cookies for his playdates.

  13. I bought a new cutlery organizer a few months ago, so I think I’m good there. I have been kind of a stickler for keeping it nice. But the no TV and homemade cookies…yes, I think those are fantastic ideas for this weekend! Off to clean the craft room! (But I may totally cheat and “watch” a movie on my lap top as I work.)

  14. Pat says:

    If you already cleaned the cutlery drawer why not try this. Since it is that re-organizing time of the year when all those bins, etc. are on sale as a reminder, why not do your closet? Or, at least do the “how often do I wear this” test. Turn all your hangers (yes, with clothes on them) around the other way. Once you wear an item, you put it back turned the right way. At the end of a designated number of weeks/months you see which clothes you are not wearing and/or realize which ones you totally avoid. Then, get rid of them.

  15. Sandi says:

    Well my cutlery drawer was part of my get rid of 50 things! Love your blog.

  16. Danielle M. says:

    Love it. A good weekend to you, too.

  17. Janet says:

    Crap, clicked on the cookies, always looking for the best cookie recipe, No recipe. You pulled a fast one Karen, Good for you. Enjoy your weekend

  18. Oh I just did the cutlery drawer last week too. Will be having a “music” night anyway so there will be no TV. I can’t bake cookies – don’t have the equipment. I’ll just make my CD for music night then. Oh and wash and freeze the beer mugs for the boys and clean the disco ball. Kidding. We don’t have a disco ball but I’m sure something else around here needs cleaning.

  19. Susan says:

    Can I read the flip book? I love a good romance!

  20. pve says:

    I made “blondies” which I find are much less work and I love bar cookies…. I cut them in candy bar bites.
    My cutlery drawer is totally sparkly.
    I loathe tv. Much prefer to do other STUFF!!!

  21. Gayla T says:

    Amazingly, I noticed today that my spoon slot looked dirty so I got the whole thing out and washed it all down and put it back. I do not have TV. Just never got it hooked up since moving here last April. I had a yard to get in which kept me busy all summer. No one had lived here for 8 years while the house was being restored so there was only false rhubarb growing here. We had such a late fall I kept at it until the holidays and now my plantings think it is spring and I’m out pulling dirt up around everything. Our ground has not frozen as it is so warm. This is NE KS for heaven’s sake, zone 5 and not a flake of snow yet. I’d love to bake cookies but I’m out of gluten free flour. Ok, I’ll probably grocery shop if I need to but I have some celiac legal cookies. Can I just eat them while I’m out planting bulbs I didn’t get in the ground and thought I was out of time? I’ll finish the book I’m reading,too. Well, I’m heading to bed as it’s after 2 am. See ya Monday, kid. Have some fun this weekend.

  22. itchbay says:

    Weird. Get out of my head. I just today reached in the drawer to get a fork and noticed a bunch of crumbs and other things that I really don’t want to examine too closely lining the bottom of the silverware tray. I thought I might spend sometime this weekend disassembling the drawer and giving it a good cleaning.

    And the cookies thing is a given. I found a recipe for lime melt-aways that I absolutely MUST make with the limes I bought last week.

    The no-TV thing is pretty much a given these days.

  23. Claudine says:

    I’m with Rebecca: I just cleaned out the drawers, and the basement, and tossed a ton of stuff. I don’t watch TV, although I will watch series streamed through Netflix occasionally. And I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last Friday, and my waistline won’t tolerate another batch.
    Would you please give the weather a special assignment instead, to stay nice, so that I can get the weeds pulled in the yard?
    On a side note, the wonderful man who is going to update my website has been delayed – his wife had a stroke. So, I hope there are still spots available, as I will want to advertise through your page, once that’s done, if you’ll still have me.

  24. Leena says:

    Will do the first! My boyfriend is out the whole weekend and I can finally watch those shows I’m too embarrassed to watch when he is home. Might bake, no promise though.

  25. Cutlery drawers get crummy very quickly – it’s discouraging really. I’m so impressed when I do something like that I want it to last.

    Lasts longer than cookies though.

  26. Rebecca says:

    Hmmm, I washed my cutlery drawer last weekend, I never watch TV (sanctimonious, aren’t I?) and I made oatmeal raisin cookies two days ago (and ate them all because my kids decided they now hate raisins). What am I supposed to do?

  27. Marti says:

    I saw a picture of a cookie and I clicked. WHERE ARE THE COOKIES?

    Sheesh. What’s next… talking about chickens and no pictures of Cuddles?

    Have a good weekend. I gotta go find a good home for a Limoges Tureen.

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