Do you know what’s really weird?  I mean other than the obvious, like that no one seems to be bothered by the fact that Donald Trump thinks a natural looking tan is exactly the colour of Orangina?  The fact that stopping television watching for one month, completely changed my television habits.

I know they say that doing something for around a month will either make or break a habit, but lots of people say lots of things.  Like lots of people say Swedish people are nice.  They’re not. They’re super scary.  They’re like 12 feet tall, freakishly attractive and they speak another language.  They’re terrifying.

So I wasn’t really convinced that not watching television for a month would do anything for my television watching habits beyond cutting out TV for the month.  Which in itself was quite a traumatic event at times what with it being a really great month for reruns. And I think probably Dr. Phil had a guest that did something dramatic and stupid to which  Dr. Phil responded to with a down home phrase like “You can’t badger a chicken with a three bit billy goat and expect to get a sow’s purse like a whore in church.”.  And then everyone would have laughed. And I missed it all.

You may remember The Great Television Hiatus of 2015.  I went cold turkey, no television for a month.  No news, no sitcoms, no Netflix, no streaming, and no cheating by watching television shows on YouTube.

Instead I did like they did in the olden days.  I listened to Podcasts.

When that month was up though, I didn’t even turn the televison back on for 2 nights.  Well, I did turn it on the first night but got some kind of “Entertain me” anxiety and just ended up turning it off for fear that whatever I watched would be stupid and boring.  Now I usually turn the television on to watch the 6 o’clock news and again when I sit down at night.  I watch around an hour of television in the evening.  Two hours tops if I’m feeling like I can really relax into the couch.

These next 3 shows though? These I could watch back to back to back to back.



Mondays post featured a pancake hack that I’d seen on Please Like Me.  Please Like Me was recommended to me by my friend Jamieson.  In turn I recommended it to every single person I know.

It is what television should be.  Cutting edge, hilarious, touching, smart, real, PLUS it has a great theme song.  It is everything.  The show is based on the real life of Australian comedian Josh Thomas, whom I now want to be best friends with.

Please enjoy the trailer from Please Like Me.

Like it? Buy it.

The other interesting thing about Please Like Me is that every show opening is different and it’s cut to that very great theme song I told you about earlier.  Each episode is named after some type of food, and my very best friend in the world, Josh Thomas, appeared on Celebrity Masterchef Australia.


I’m not sure how THIS happened but I somehow neglected (in the first 8 posts in this TV Shows You Should Be Watching series) to mention …




That would be detective John Luther, as played by Idris Elba.  Pretty sure I don’t need to say anything else on this recommendation but I will let you know it’s a crime show and each season is a whopping 3 or 4 episodes long.  I attribute that to the fact the network knows any more Idris Elba filled episodes would cause some sort of mania and they’re looking to avoid lawsuits.  I assume they have some sort of hotness formula for this and trust their judgement.

Like it? Buy it.



Wentworth (Prison) is weirdly addictive for me because if I’m being perfectly honest with you, it’s technically a great show but … the characters are a bit cartoonish, the directing is heavy handed and it’s ridiculously implausible.  Which is probably why it’s been so successful.

Wentworth is a women’s prison drama from Australia that makes you hope if you ever get arrested you’ll be heading to wherever it is those chicks from Orange is the New Black are housed, because you do NOT want to go to Wentworth.

There you go.    Please enjoy.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Jennie Lee says:

    I don’t have TV cable; I watch series I like on DVD. Just in case any of these aren’t still on, I’ll give you 4 series: Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful, Black Sails, and Vikings. Love ’em all.

  2. Jodi T. says:

    I love Wentworth. Can’t wait for the new season.

  3. Carswell says:

    I anxiously await season 4 of Luther…….

    While cruising the Netflix files for something to watch this week I landed on the British version of Being Human. It follows the “adventures” of a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf as they try and lead “normal” lives. It’s dark at times, dramatic and often deliberately campy. I’m enjoying it immensely.

    The Brits do these things so well.

  4. JebberJay says:

    Yes to Luther! Yes to potcasts! Oops, “Yes to podcasts!” Will you do a “3 Podcasts you should be listening to” post? Podcast series 1: Radiolab. Have a good wekeend!

  5. Tracy Martinez says:

    Idris Elba!!!!!!!!! sigh

  6. Laura O. says:

    The theme song to Please Like Me is by one of my favorites bands: Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes. Try “Love Letter” and “She Plays Up To You”.

  7. Martina says:

    Love Wentworth! It’s like a dark Orange is the New Black…excellent show!

  8. Babs says:

    I cut the cord a couple of years ago and got a Roku player. It works off my wifi and essentially makes my TV an internet TV. I’ve got the Hulu Plus with no ads and they carry many of these shows. You can also get Acorn TV (but I’m too cheap to sign up for that). Lots of free channels, PBS, Smithsonian, Crackle, etc. Even Netflix and Amazon are available. One time purchase for the Roku player. I love it!!

  9. Kitten Caboodle says:

    Karen, did you see the object of your desire (no, not potato chips) left his baby mama and has been seen out with phone-thrower, Naomi Campbell? I think you dodged a bullet…

  10. Heidi M says:

    Happy Valley. Just showing season 2 in the UK.
    Try your library! Our Fraser Valley branch in BC has Luther 1-4, Happy Valley, and I just put holds on Peaky Blinders 1 and 2.
    Watching 20 years of Time Team on youtube is a crash course in Archaeology – not “watching tv”

    • Shirley says:

      Thank you, Heidi! I just watched the first episode of Time Team and I’m already hooked! It’s everything I love about history and archaeology.

  11. Laurie says:

    Thank you for the recommendations. I’m one of the few people on the planet who doesn’t have cable which helps to keep my tv viewing to a minimum . However I’ve discovered a site called acorntv where you can watch mostly British TV shows. My current favorite is an Australian comedy show called Kath and Kim. IT IS Hysterical! An episode a day keeps me in a happy mood.

    I try as much as possible not to watch the network news. It’s just too much sometimes.

  12. Ruth Hirsch says:

    I love TV when it is something I love………..
    Just found and watched all of a wonderful show. what was it called……………………..? It has Sam Waterson (You have witnessed a Miracle: I remembered a name!) Plus the guy who played President on US TV…..

    Frankie and Grace. the TV show is called Franke and Grace. Women who never liked one another, pushed into life sit that got them to develop friendship.
    My friend Paula turned me on to it. So, maybe all you all already have seen it. I really liked it. Only one Season. Kind of show, I didn’t have to cover my eyes or ears because of too scary.

  13. Lynne says:

    Wentworth! I love love loved it. Couldn’t stop watching it. So freakishly awesome. I could barely step away from watching it, and start to live real life again. We had popcorn for dinner for a week. ha.

    Ahhhhhhsome recommendation. Just sayin’.

    Design The Life You Want To Live

  14. Ann says:

    Was not all that impressed with Luther. Found The Killing to be so much better in every single way. Mireille Enos is one of the most interesting actresses out there today. Maybe not as sexually hot as Idris but hey, I got that covered already in my life

    Heck, I even enjoyed Hinterland, Top of the Lake, iZombie, and Jessica Jones better than Luther. But Luther was enjoyable enough to not regret watching it.

    Right now I am watching Lost Girl which has decent entertainment value as long as you don’t mind some skin now and then. And sex. I think it is quite similar to Grim only with a female as the strong lead. Along with tons of good and bad Fae to make life interesting for a succubus.

    Then I think I will watch Foyle’s War. Got that recommended from several of my friends as being a very good watch

    • Karen says:

      See now, I hated and I mean HATED Top of the Lake, lol. Loved the Killing when it first came out. Season 1 was great, then it took a bit of a dive. Then it redeemed itself. ~ karen!

  15. Monique says:

    Loved Luther..my daughter is renting Season 4 on Itunes..she says it’s great..gruesome.

    We coudn’t get in to Wentworth..maybe didn’t give it a chance..
    I can’t find Please Like Me.. Not on our Netflix anyways..will search..
    I enjoyed The Great British Bake off when we were in Florida..I love Biitish shows..
    Call The Midwife..my fave..

    Enjoyed The Killing..The Fall..Happy Valley..to name a few:)All Netflix Canada.

  16. Karen says:

    Karen, where does one find Please Like Me in Ontario? I checked the obvious places and come up with nothing. Maybe iTunes will have it. Your other two picks are also favourites of mine. My all time favourite recommendations are Velvet and Grand Hotel, both on Netflix.

  17. calliek says:

    Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll is my latest binge worthy TV show – Dennis Leary is always worth watching.

  18. Kathy says:

    Maybe these are not shown on basic cable but I will search em out. My tv went black screen for 3 days and then somehow healed, I just really don’t know what is going on with it. But I got a lot done so I am going to try a 3-6-9 routine. No tv on the 3rd, 13th, and etc. Why pay for a dvr if I don’t turn on the tv. Funny preview, and are those grocery aisles narrow and one way. The days of yore and podcasts, I listened to NPR but it’s an election year and I could only take so much political theory.

    • Karen says:

      No they’re not Kathy. Definitely not on basic cable. The shows I recommend are generally shows you maybe haven’t heard of before. Things that aren’t in the spotlight but are great. ~ karen!

  19. Daphnecybele says:

    Peaky Blinders. Best show I have ever watched. Slow first 2 episodes, watch through third and HOOKED.

  20. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Do you actually like LUTHER or do you just like drooling of Idris Elba???

  21. Bronwyn says:

    Trying to become an honorary Australian, much? Love it.

  22. Mark says:

    I think the Brits get far better television shows than we do. Thankfully we get Luther, which I think is probably the best (written, acted, directed, edited, you-name-it) show on the telly…

    PS: Thanks for the other recommendations.

  23. stal says:

    Does televised porn count?

  24. Jamieson says:

    My television hours have decreased dramatically also, and I didn’t even have a hiatus! Dunno how to explain it other than keeping busy with reading, NYT daily crossword app, Lumosity, printmaking course at the AGO, cooking and baking a lot more, and exercising. So maybe a more well-rounded life than I was accustomed to? Or maybe I am in a period of correction after Great British Bakeoff seasons 1-5 took over my summer.
    Please Like Me is the best. Episode one of Wentworth scared me. black-ish and Inside Amy Schumer are my new late-to-the-party favourite comedies, and The Mindy Project seems to be having a renaissance now that it’s off broadcast television!

    • Karen says:

      Yes, tonight I made the World’s worst cookies in place of watching television (unless you count an episode of Brooklyn 99, which I don’t because basically it’s like watching comedy lessons). Wentworth is scary, as I said, in a variety of ways. I took screen printing last year at this time. And I didn’t invite you to take it with me. Just so you know. ~ k!

  25. Paula says:

    I love the show Luther! I watched it a couple of years ago :)

    • Paula says:

      Omg, I did not realize that Season 2 had begun! It is going to be a late night…

      • Karen says:

        I believe we’re actually on Season 3! So far it’s been airing for around 6 months and there’s been 2 episodes. Soooooo that’s kind of a thing. ~ karen!

      • Mark says:

        Luther season 4 aired on BBC in December, it has only two epiosdes. I suspect it will be the last of Luther, and Idris Elba is getting a lot of recognition.

      • Karen says:

        That’s right, Season 4. So that’s IT? 2 episodes?? It didn’t even seem to wrap up or end in any great way as far as I remember. :/ That’s no good! ~ karen

      • Ian Warrington says:

        Yes they were the last 2 episodes, there has been talk of a film but who knows?

      • Paula says:

        Damn I have already seen season 2, when I found the show, I binge watched so season 1 and 2 blended into one! I watched it on Netflix – what channel has series 3?

      • Lauren from Winnipeg says:

        All seasons are on Netflix.

      • Lauren from Winnipeg says:

        series 1-3, not the final 2 episodes.

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