3 TV Shows you Should be Watching.
Part VI

Welcome! To another edition of 3 TV shows you SHOULD be watching. But maybe aren’t.

I have 3 series you absolutely have to watch. I don’t mean to be pushy, but the truth is if you don’t watch and consequently like these shows there’s something wrong with you and your brain. Which I’m very sorry about. You’re probably one of those people who thinks a motor vehicle is an invisible cloak that makes everything you do inside it invisible. Note to you: we can see you picking your nose and doing all other manner of gross things. You and your poor brain. So, so sorry.

I’m basing my diagnoses of you on my genuine doctorate by the way. Karen Bertelsen, PhDoeit (Doctor of excellence in television).

2 of the shows I’m about to recommend are old favourites and one is a new favourite. All of them are addictive.

Let’s start with the new favourite, Orphan Black. Orphan Black is a Canadian series produced through a partnership with Space Channel in Canada and BBC America. It’s a Science Fiction show revolving around a conspiracy. That’s pretty much two strikes for me which is why I officially shunned it for the first season. Then one night with nothing to watch I decided to give it a go. I watched 4 and a half episodes in a row and woke up  with my dried drool attaching my lip to the sofa cushion. Instead of going to bed, I rewound to the point I fell asleep and finished the episode.

I actually had to push myself through the first episode because even though it was good I wasn’t convinced it was for me. It was for me. It was very definitely for me. And it might be for you too.

Orphan Black



Veep is hilarious. That’s pretty much all I have to say about it. It is laugh out loud, make sure you pee before the show starts, funny. If you weren’t convinced that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a comedic genius after her stint as Elaine on Seinfeld her role as Vice President Selina Meyer will change that.  If that isn’t enough to convince you … Arrested Development’s Buster will.



I mentioned Moone Boy once before in my St. Patrick’s Day post.  But I was worried some people may have skipped over Moone Boy thinking I just added it in as a show to watch because it’s an Irish show and I was discussing St. Patrick’s Day.

So I wanted to include Moone Boy again with a note of assurance that this is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.  It’s funny and touching and nostalgic.  It’s everything a television show should be, which is entertaining.   Is it the Sopranos or Breaking Bad.  Um, no.  But just because there aren’t bad guys and drug lords and Emmy nominations doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.  It really is a great show.  And if you don’t agree after watching the trailer, you can just get back in your invisibility cloak and pick your nose.


Moone Boy

Sci Fi, full on comedy and comedy with a heart. I wouldn’t lead you astray, all of these shows are worth taking the time to watch. When last we met I told you to watch Brooklyn 99. Two weeks later it went on to win Best Comedy at the Golden Globes as well as best actor in a comedy for Andy Samberg. I know. I was kind of surprised I had that kind of influence over an awards show too.

Just kidding. I’m not surprised at all.

Now quit being productive. Put that glue gun/seed packet/vacuum cleaner down and go watch some television. Doctor’s orders.

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  1. Dale says:

    Why hasn’t Tatiana Maslany gotten a Golden Globe or Emmy or something. It’s amazing to watch her play 5 different characters… in the same damn scene!!!

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  3. Dawn says:

    I absolutely love Moone Boy! So sad that there are only a few short seasons! I’ll have to check out Veep–I’ve heard lots of good things about it. And you should check out The IT Crowd which also start Chris O’Dowd from Moone Boy. Absolutely hysterical.

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  6. Kelly says:

    FYI all you latecomers like me: Moone Boy starts with the series premier (2012) tonight, Thursday May 29th at 8:00pm on the HIFI channel, Rogers 538. Another episode follows at 8:30.

  7. Barb T says:

    Being new to this Blog, Karen, where can I find parts I, II, and III?

  8. Jodie says:

    I loved Brooklyn 99 after you recommended it. Looks like I’ll have to try these out too!

  9. deneen says:

    you’ve never steered me wrong when it came to tv shows (the Killing is a perfect example) – and Orphan Black keeps the tradition going. HOLY COW is this show good!!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hah! Yes, well I pride myself on my discerning television tastes. Unless you count that first season of Jersey Shore when I couldn’t help but get sucked in. ~ karen!

  10. Lyn says:

    I had 11 episodes of Orphan Black recorded on my DVR and then 5 days ago switched from satellite to cable and lost all my recordings without ever watching one episode of Orphan Black, now I’m mad that I didn’t watch it. Never heard of Moone Boy and if it isn’t free I won’t see it, same with Veep, it’s on HBO and I’m too cheep. Silly that I’m too cheap for Netflix, it’s like $8 or $9 a month right, what the hell is wrong with me. Oh, I’m saving for a car, that’s what it is!!

  11. Leslie says:

    Ohhhh! I hope I can find these. I love SciFi, and there is never enough of that around. Last time you recommended Call the Midwife and you were so right about that show!

  12. Melissa Helm says:

    I am so glad you’ve done this because I need to thank you for turning me on to Moone Boy. I had never heard of it before your St. Patrick’s Day post. I’ve loved Chris O’Dowd since the Bridesmaids, but this show is something else all together. The cast, the writing–oh balls, I could go on and on!

    thank you, Karen

  13. Susan says:

    Dang, Netflix still doesn’t have Moone Boy yet! Keep reminding us so I remember to keep checking them for it. I love your suggestions; all been winners so far!

  14. Sam says:

    I’ve been meaning to watch Orphan Black. I’ll have to check it out now! I’m kinda obsessed with TV – I love Game of Thrones, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Downton Abbey, 24, True Blood, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and White Collar. I was also a big fan of Dexter, Chuck, Lost, Rescue Me, and Weeds when they were on TV.

  15. Vanessa says:

    My Brother made me try Justified and I now Love it! I like Longmire more, but Justified is really good and Timothy Oliphant has his shirt off a bunch. I watch Torchwood and Orphan Black came on after it was moving too slow that 1st episode and I moved on. Never heard of Moone Boy. And my husband turned off our cable. So no new shows for me…at least til they hit Netflix!

  16. Nikki Kelly says:

    I was really hoping that Hannibal was going to be on this list. There’s a lot of artful cooking. I am very interested in the Orphan black show.

  17. Jennifer S says:

    Orphan Black is the best ever. I need to check out Moone Boy!


  18. Sera says:

    I love Orphan Black and Moone Boy, but damn HBO for making it such a pain to watch their shows without cable. I’ll try to put Veep in my Netflix disc queue…

  19. Barbie says:

    It is so nice to have a TV Connoisseur to refer to! I am always looking for another good tv series! Thanks Karen I will try these out!

  20. Gail says:

    Oh goody–more shows to marathon watch on a crappy, rainy day!! Love VEEP!!! Dreyfus is fantastic in it. I hope the other 2 shows are on Netflix. Anyone know???

  21. Manisha says:

    I feel so in sync with your universe. I watched the first episode of Orphan Black last night. When that was over, I contemplated watching another one but it was midnight and I fell asleep on the couch before I could start it. I have limited tv access so I’ll have to wait on the other ones. Thanks!

  22. Sheri says:

    My husband has been watching Moone Boy and loves it, I watched a couple episodes with him and they were very funny, I love Chris O’Dowd. I will look for VEEP, have heard good things about it too and I think my husband would love Orphan Black. We got rid of cable a couple of month ago, so I need to find them online to watch, some times that is difficult. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Pam says:

      Sheri-I watched Orphan Black on Amazon Prime. The first season is currently free there with a membership. Moone Boy and Veep are available as well, but you have to pay extra for those.

  23. LAURA GERBER says:

    Yes yes yes – I finally convinced my 14 year old to watch Orphan Black with me after raving about season 1 – so now she’s into it too. And VEEP is amazing (since I live right outside of DC it cracks me up more so than maybe if I lived in Ohio). And I am the opposite of a tech nerd, but Silicon Valley is another great show that is funny even if I don’t understand all of it.

  24. Tracie says:

    Thanks for the list, Karen. I have loved every suggestion so far, so I don’t see why these won’t be a hit. Really looking forward to Moon Boy, if only for the accents and the red heels!

  25. Rachel says:

    I just discovered a Canadian show called Lost Girl about a bisexual P.I. Succubus. Now that is quality television!! Well, not really, but it’s something to watch while recovering from surgery.

    Did you try True Detective? That was great! We are also really invested in Fargo, which finishes up shortly. Good stuff.

    • Karen says:

      Oh! I forgot about Fargo thanks for the reminder. (and yes I’ve watched True Detective. Liked it but not enough to put it on the “3 you should watch” list. ~ karen!

  26. Miriam says:

    Where does Moone Boy air? And where is Game of Thrones on your list? If not for the plot, then for the cinematography and costumes.

    • Karen says:

      Well I’ll tell you Miriam. I hate Game of Thrones. Not even, just can’t get into it. I. don’t. like. it. Sorry. I know that makes me an outsider to many people but I’ve sat down and gave that series a concerted effort on 4 different occasions thinking “maybe if I give it one more shot I’ll like it”. And then I don’t. So I’m not even going to try anymore, lol. And Moone Boy can be watched on Hulu. ~ karen!

  27. Polly says:

    OK, since I LOVE Veep and I LOVE Moone Boy and I LOVE Brooklyn 99, I will give Orphan Black a try. And one for you: a ‘detective’ show called Terriers that came out in 2010 and bombed, and came back from the dead on Netflix. Binge and drool-worthy.

    • Barb T says:

      Polly, you are the only other person besides myself (that I know of) who has seen Terriers. I loved it on Netflix! Since we’ve mentioned Netflix, how about Outrageous Fortune (my current guilty pleasure)? (New Zealand) Thumbs up for Moone Boy (PBS) and Veep! (Don’t know anyone better with comedic timing than Julia Louis-Dreyfus) Will look for Orphan Black now :)

  28. Gina says:

    Orphan Black is hands down the best show on TV. Motive is a close second.

  29. Tigersmom says:

    I don’t currently get to watch much TV that isn’t suitable for a young child. There’s precious little out there that is suitable for a young child and I value my sleep too much to stay up after he goes to bed.

    And since I can’t bring myself to watch TV during the day while he is at school (unless I am really sick), I guess when I’m older and he’s older I will have a way to fill my days. Sigh.

    • amyfaith says:

      And this is why when my guy was little, I was absolutely rigid about the early bedtime. After he was tucked in was the only time of day I could get some peace! (I have a theory that the folks who have later/lax bedtimes have easy kids, and those of us who are strict with early into bed have more… um, “challenging” kiddos let’s say.)

  30. Amie Mason says:

    GET OUTTA MY HEAD LADY! 3 out of 3!

    So I have to ask, have you downloaded the BBC iview international app? If not – do it! Like right now! And watch Whitechapel and tell me what you think! Go!

  31. Christina andrecyk says:

    As soon as I read the title of this post I thought ‘orphan black”! The BEST! I’m in LOVE with Felix! And where are you catching moone boy? I love Chris o’dowd and have been wanting to see that.

  32. Pam'a says:

    Just common old network TV, but I highly recommend “Elementary” on CBS, a modern take on Sherlock Holmes (loosely). I was originally skeptical of that, but it’s one of the most intelligent and engrossing series I’ve run across in a while.

    • Karen says:

      I just finished watching Sherlock (British version) and I’m afraid if I were to watch the American one now I wouldn’t like it. I always prefer the British versions (must be the Canadian in me) but I *would* like another series to jump to if I need it. Ill put it on the list, lol! ~ karen

      • Traci says:

        I agree that the British versions are usually better (see the terribleness that is the American Being Human). I also love Sherlock. I was leery of Elementary, but my roommate loves all things Sherlock Holmes so I gave it a try with her. (She’s obsessed really. I wonder if there is a treatment for Sherlock Holmes addiction?) It’s not comparable to Sherlock at all really. It has a bit of a different feel to it and is worth checking out. Also, it got so much better when my husband pointed out that the guy playing Sherlock is Zero Cool from Hackers (I did not recognize him, for shame). I could totally see Zero Cool growing up to be a crazy Sherlock Holmes character and that’s how I watch it now-the Zero Cool show- and it is awesome! (I am totally a kid of 80s/90s…)

      • Kitten Caboodle says:

        Do it. Jonny Lee Miller is dorky-hot.

        I have a another recommendation: “Legit” The first season is streaming on Netflix, the 2nd season finished airing in May and I just saw FX didn’t renew it for a third season. Considering I didn’t know it even EXISTED before this weekend, I blame the network, not the show. It’s hysterical and all kinds of wrong.

  33. SeaDee says:

    Crap! The rest of my email was deleted! Also suggest HBO’s “Silicon Valley”. Lots of inside jokes for us tech geeks but universally funny!

  34. SeaDee says:

    Loooooove Veep on HBO! It’s subtle in-your-face comedy

  35. Jessica says:

    Your St. Patrick’s Day post introduced me to Moone Boy and I’ve been watching it ever since. It’s so feckin’ good!

  36. dana says:

    What the? I have not heard of any of these but Veep. My fave was Reven8e. Then Bates Motel took over. OMG. Love me some Norman Bates! It is filmed on an old landfill somewhere in Canada but the show is set in White Pine Bay, Oregon. It only has 10 episodes. Wont be on again until March 2015. Im thinking of cancelling (canceling? If I live to be 100 I will never know exactly how to spell that word) cable until then. Call The Midwife has sucked me in, too.

  37. Pam says:

    Ooooohhhh…Orphan Black is sooooo good! I recently watched all of season 1 in two days. The lead actress is amazing. You do need to pay attention though because there is quite a bit going on. It’s kind of killing me that I can’t watch the current season since I don’t have cable. (I rely on Amazon Prime to see shows, or wait until the DVDs are available at the library.) The trailer for Moone Boy looks terrific and I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus. (I thought The New Adventures of Old Christine was hysterical.) Those two shows are on my list. Oh, and the last season of Justified. I love me some Timothy Olyphant!

    • Karen says:

      I really like Timothy Olyphant too, but I just can’t seem to get into Justified. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. ~ karen!

  38. Angela says:

    love orphan black! love moon boy! veep has been on my list for awhile…
    I have no idea what else your watching but if you haven’t checked out Scandal then you are missing one of the best shows ever! http://abc.go.com/shows/scandal

    • Karen says:

      Yup. I think Scandal was on TV shows you should be watching part IV or V. Doesn’t score as high as Homeland with me, but still very addictive! ~ karen

  39. Ember says:

    May check them out. Never heard of any of them. Of course I have been deeply involved with keeping up with Once Upon a Time, Dancing with the Stars and Marvels Agents ofShield. They are all over for the season so we need new shows…so you are timely! Of course, my hubby and I are old Hawaii 5-0 junkies, so we watch those all the time. Book ’em Danno!

  40. Lauren from Winnipeg says:

    Absolutely love Veep. The show gave me my new favourite word, (all you sensitive people cover your eyes), “Fuckweasel”. It works in so many scenarios.

  41. Laurel says:

    Well, Moone Boy and Orphan Black I will definitely check out. Veep….looks like one of those vague dry humour shows that takes a bit more concentration to actually get the jokes/humour..and honestly I kinda prefer my tv to be obvious and predictable haha. If I can’t watch it and space out thinking about what I will plant in my garden for my winter crops (Its Winter here in NZ) and then out of my head and back to the show and still be able to watch without having lost sight of the plot, then that’s my kinda show. I never really was one for those dry humour type shows. *shrug* but the other two are on my list to check out!

  42. Auntiepatch says:

    Um……when are they on? I don’t remember seeing any of them advertised. I will try them if I can find them!

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