3 TV Shows you should be watching part VIII

I started my 3 TV Shows You Should be Watching series 4 years ago as a way to convince people that Yes, there are worthwhile things to watch on television.  You just have to know where to look.  And by worthwhile I don’t mean television that will inspire you, teach you, change the world, or help you find God.  It isn’t elitist television.  It’s just good television.

Good television can be thought provoking, engrossing, stupid and funny.  Much like the man you love I’m sure.

Before I get to the latest list I thought it would be a good idea to recap the list of 19 shows on my Shows You Should be Watching lists so far.  If you click on the link in each show title it will bring you to the original post on it with a description of the show and video.


Nurse Jackie – I still love this show fiercely.

Boardwalk Empire – Even with one of my favourites, Steve Buscemi, this show lost me in the 3rd or 4th season.

Breaking Bad – For once the critics got it right.  Voted the best television series of all time by many.

How to Make it in America – Cute, little known show that’s worthy of searching out.

Damages – Great series I still think back on.

Bored to Death– Like “How to make it in America”, another small, short lived series that’s worth finding.

Downton Abbey – What’s to say?  I can only say good things about each and every episode.

Summer Heights High – The epitome of stupid, funny television.

The Killing – The most haunting show I’ve ever watched.  The look, the feel, the topic.  It’s wonderful.

The Wire – Watch it.  Just watch it. Also one of the best series ever made.

The Big C – Funny, poignant, horrifically sad.

Homeland – Homeland has lost me this season.  I wouldn’t care if Carrie tripped on a flatbread and toppled headfirst into a malaria well.

Call the Midwife – Perfect.  Just perfect.

Scandal – I still think Scandal is a great show but it still isn’t on the same level as shows on specialty networks like FX, HBO or Showtime.

Brooklyn 99 – Still my go to show when I need a quick and guaranteed laugh.

Orphan Black – Good on you Canada.  One of the best shows on television.

Veep – Very close to being the funniest show on television thanks to inspired casting. And writing.  And everything else.

Moone Boy – Touching, warm, thoughtful, funny.  Everything someone who reads Maeve Binchy wants.

The Mindy Project – The funniest show on television. Full stop.

Now I know at this point all of you are screaming in your head OMG!  WHERE’S JUSTIFIED?!  WHERE’S GAME OF THRONES?  WHERE’S THE LITTLEST HOBO?  If they aren’t on the list I either a) don’t like them  b) like them but not enough to recommend everyone watch them or c) haven’t watched them.  You can feel free to add your favourites into the comment section.

So what do I have for you this time around?

A show I hated the first go round then gave it another shot.  And I’m glad I did.

A show recommended by my friend Jamieson who tends to have similar tastes as I do.

A show apparently everyone in my family was watching but me. Even Fish  Pedicure, who normally only watches movies and tv shows that feature actors so old most of them died from rickets.  Again, I didn’t like the first episode but pushed through and am now HOOKED.

Here we go.




Fargo tells the story about a series of unlikely and brutal murders that take place in a small Minnesota town. Part comedy, part drama, all entertaining. Despite what it says at the opening of the show this is not based on a true story. That is an homage to the movie Fargo which said the same thing at the beginning of the film.  Which also was not based on a true story.


American Horror Story


American Horror Story is a show that changes completely from season to season. The storyline, characters, plot, location … EVERYTHING … changes every single season.  Many of the cast members stay on and play different characters from one season to the next. The one thing that stays the same is that every season is  dark.  Truly, deeply dark and scary. From the creators of the show Glee comes something gruesome. I love it.




Around Christmastime my family was sitting around and somehow the topic of this show came up.  One by one everyone mentioned they were watching it.  My sister Pink Tool Belt said she was on the phone to her son in Vancouver one night and they realized they were both watching it. Fish Pedicure and her kids watched it.  EVERYONE knew about this show but me.  Why would no one tell me?  What else was going on in the family that I didn’t know about.  Was I adopted?  Could everyone else speak Armenian?  Was my childhood home  built on the sacred graves of  razzmatazz circus performers?  WHAT?? WHAT ELSE?

So I kicked everyone out and found The Curse of Oak Island to watch.  I blew threw all of the episodes in 3 days over the Christmas break.  Which is kind of a miracle because I was bored to death in the first episode.  But still … I wanted to know what happened.

The Curse of Oak Island is a reality show, along the same lines as Gold Rush Alaska, that follows 2 brothers as they put every cent they have (and many more cents) into uncovering a treasure that may (or may not) be buried on a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.  Over the past 200 years 6 treasure hunters have died looking for what some say could be anything from regular old pirate treasure to The Ark of the Covenant.  The lure of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island has reached as far as Franklin D. Roosevelt who had the island searched to Errol Flynn who wanted to search the island but never did because the rights to search it already belong to someone else.  John Wayne.

I believe I have armed you with what I think are some of the best and best kept secrets on television. You may now take on the weekend without fear of boredom.  Without fear of wasting your time on a subpar television show.  Without fear you won’t have an excuse to ignore the laundry, cooking, kids and cleaning.  So go forth and download.

Special thanks to Jamieson, my secret filled family, and the razzmatazz group of big footed clowns.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. Aysha says:

    I 2nd Endeavour! So good a young Morse what’s not to love.

  2. Love the shout-out to The Littlest Hobo. My husband loves this show, and as a high school teacher has made it his mission to pass it on to the next generation.

  3. Joann Ritter says:

    Nothing makes me laugh more than The Big Bang Theory. Love it.

  4. Conrad says:

    I miss the HBO series “6 Feet Under.” Quirky and delightful.

  5. Diane says:

    You left The Walking Dead off the list!!! OMG!!!

  6. Ron says:

    Top Of The Lake has to be one of the most eerie, thought provoking miniseries I have ever come across. Despite initial indications that the series would not continue, it has been announced that there will be a second season.

    You can read about it here — http://tinyurl.com/mg8zsus

  7. Patti says:

    I’m loving right now …
    Enlightened (hb0) Laura Dern is so good…she plays slightly manic and crazy to perfection and I can’t wait to see what she does in each episode.
    Peeky Blinders (netflix) about a gang of thugs in turn of the century Ireland. Awesome lads!
    The Affair (showtime) hmmm. what can i say…thought provoking.
    I know everyone raves about The Wire … I tried a couple episodes and I was so lost. Gave up on it. Also agree with Homeland, what happened? I don’t even care anymore.

    • Alex says:

      Yeah, Peeky Blinders is great. Set in turn of the century Birmingham, not Ireland, altho many of the characters are newly arrived Irish. The Peeky Blinders really existed. They were brutal gangsters who sewed razor blades into their peak caps, the better to butt opponents with. Not v endearing but you can’t help but get involved as the series goes on.

  8. Marie-chantal Lafrenière says:

    I will certainly discover some new addictives there !!!..maybe I should also take a new gym subscription !

    I think you might like Orange is the New Black and Broadchurch….I also LOVE 19-2, I watch it in french but there is a remake in english (why not a traduction???) who’s suppose to be good ON Based on the award-winning Québec series of the same name, 19-2 is a richly-nuanced and character-driven drama surrounding the daily lives of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department …. if you want to see the dark side of the moon.
    Bien le bonjour!

    • pat says:

      I watch the English version of 19-2. It’s very good. Closest cop show to the real thing IMO. The episode two weeks ago at the school was amazing.

  9. carswell says:

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet – but the Endeavour series (it’s on Netflix) is wonderful – they are about Inspector Morse’s early days as a policeman.

    And yeah, Rake is pretty funny in a dark way.

  10. Alex says:

    Karen!! Rush to watch RAKE – the TV show made for you. It’s Australian, hilarious, dramatic, quirky, intelligent and very, very, very, fast paced. Everything you are except the down under bit! Stick with the first episode while stuff gets going. The payoff is tremendous. Don’t even think about looking at the American, watered-down, pale tea apology of a copy.
    First two seasons are on Netflix. Watch out for Toni Collette’s guest spot as the sexually rapacious Australian Premier in some episodes, she’s fa-b-ulous dahling.

  11. Karin K says:

    BLACKLIST. There’s plenty to find wrong with this show, as pretty much every actor other than James Spader needs major development, and the story line requires occasional suspension of disbelief (though not nearly as often as Scandal) but James Spader…my God what an actor. His character alone will hook you. House of Cards is also a great show, and I think someone in Hollywood needs to put Kevin Spacey and James Spader together in the next big brilliant script.

    • Carla says:

      I agree with you about James Spader – wow! I kind of hate the rest of the show (especially the terribly acted girl), but am hanging in there since he is terrific!

  12. Jody says:

    Karen, there is a very dark side to you. But also a very funny side. All I have to say is Martin Freeman needs to stop Fargo so he can have time for Sherlock. Luvin’ Sherlock.

  13. Darlene Cox says:

    lilyhammer cracks me up!

  14. Maggie L says:

    I have to add to this list. Karen, you seem to have a bad girl side – where is SONS OF ANARCHY?!!! I finished watching this show (started after it was completely finished and watched all 6 seasons in about 2 weeks!) right before Christmas and am still having withdrawals. The music is great too. MUST WATCH. If you hate it then you are weird and I might have to disown you lol.

    Also, what about Orange is the new Black? This show is hilarious!


  15. Ev Wilcox says:

    Downton Abbey, Selfridges, The Paradise, Call The Midwife. On Netflix: House of Cards, and would you believe, Poirot! Watching all the Poirot episodes, on the 4th season now. It is mildly funny, and love the cars, clothes, buildings, etc. Nice relaxing entertainment. As far as regular TV, The Big Bang Theory, though I think it has lost something over time. Tired of cop shows.

  16. sheri says:

    I lOVED The Killing, but thought the last season sucked. I hated how they seemed to rush to the end and I didn’t find it as detailed as the other seasons and I hated that in the end they put them together, seemed like a cop out to me. I can’t try AMS, it freaks me out as well as The Walking Dead, I have tried twice to watch and can’t make it past the first episode, I’m a crying blubbering mess. I’m going to give Fargo a try, it’s filmed some where around here in Calgary. Great list.

  17. Rebecca says:

    I still think about Damages too. Glenn Close is amazing, all around, but definitely in that show. The Killing was great. Orphan Black is by far the best tv show I’ve watched! And The Mindy Project!!!! I’ve seen most of the shows you’ve listed and besides Shameless, I don’t have any great recommendations but your list has come at a perfect time because I am interested in getting hooked into a new show. Oh! Someone mentioned Ray Donovan…I got hooked. It’s a good one. And Sherlock, I watched that entire show in a weekend. I couldn’t stop. I love tv.

  18. Carol says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch Dr. Martin. It is the best show on this earth!!! really!!
    He’s a doc that moves to a small village in Cornwall and has a fear of blood. It is so funny and he is so mean.


    The village he moves to is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

    I know you will love it!

    • Kim from Milwaukee says:

      Oh yes, I second the vote for Dr Martin!!! I love that little village!

    • Kelli says:

      can’t believe how much I love this show and never wanted it to end (I hear they’re still filming in 2015). This show gave me giant fantasies of moving to Port Isaac (Port Wen on the show). I agree, it’s glorious.

      • Marti says:

        Martin isn’t “mean.” He’s misunderstood. If you really watch it closely, Louisa pretty much expects him to read her mind. He makes perfect sense, and she is every bit as much to blame for their sad little relationship.

        Let’s all move to Cornwall. I hear the pasties are good.

  19. Karen says:

    Bomb Girls–Women working in a Canadian munitions plant during WWII. Just the clothing alone makes it worth watching!
    Family Tree–A Christopher Guest series in which a British guy looks into his ancestry. The main character’s sister wears a monkey hand puppet at all times (yep, you read that correctly). That monkey has the best lines in the show!!!!

  20. Janet says:

    We love Suits. And while we completely loved season one of Broadchurch, season two isn’t doing it for me. They seem to have changed their filing method and it’s no longer as hauntingly beautiful to look at as it was last season. House of Cards is another fave and we can’t wait for it to start again in a few weeks! We’re working on liking Schitt’s Creek (Eugene Levy’s new Canadian comedy) and it has its brilliant moments, but I haven’t completely made up my mind yet. And I completely agree with you – Mindy is the funniest show on TV.

  21. Karol says:

    I tend to watch light, funny shows, but we got hooked on Fargo. OMG, I became an instant Billy Bob fan. LOVED it!

  22. alison harper says:

    I had never read your TV show recommendations before, but I just read through the list and saw a bunch of shows I love– The Killing, Damages, Nurse Jackie.. So that’s a good barometer for me on the rest the shows I can tune into during the friggin cold evenings. Thanks.

  23. Suanne says:

    Unfortunately, my fav just had its last episode this past week…..but PARENTHOOD was an awesome series. If you get a chance to rent the series….do it. Soooo sorry it’s over. It was a good ride. :(

  24. ~JackieVB says:

    I never thought I would like The Walking Dead until I watched it. I was home sick with the flu and caught a marathon of it. It is amazingly good and much deeper than you think it would be. Looking forward to Better Call Saul – hope it’s good. Sherlock is fantastic – does anyone know when it’s coming back? And I love Outlander too – beautiful Jamie…I mean scenery.

    • carswell says:

      I gotta say – the Walking Dead finally sold me on the whole zombie thing.

      • Melissa D says:

        If you live in ATL it’s even more fun. Although I died when the “CDC” was revealed to be the old building SciTrek, where we all used to have science field trips as kids. (Actual CDC buildings are just office towers, really.)

        Andrew Lincoln’s GA accent really redeems any small quibbles. Best I have ever heard!

    • Stela says:

      It’s back February 8th!! Can’t wait!

  25. Michelle says:



    DO IT!

    • Karen says:

      omg, lol. I tried Transparent the other night and I hated the characters so much I couldn’t watch more than 2 episodes. I absolutely love Jeffrey Tambor in it, but … couldn’t get past everyone else. Give me a few months and I’ll try it again. ~ karen!

  26. Ann says:

    We dumped cable also and depend totally on 2 network channels we can get with an antennae and Netflixs. There are many great suggestions above that I need to see if they are available at the moment. Right now I am watching Call the Midwife and it is great. Very very close to the book and great acting. I love the character of Chummy, could not have found a better person to play her.

  27. Melanie says:

    I got hold of The Mindy Project on your recommendation and I LOVE IT!!! I laughed my way through season 1 and 2 in about a week :) Thank you for introducing me to the best time waster in a long time!

  28. Jenny W says:

    I can not be the only person on here that watched the first 8 episodes of OUTLANDER !?! (It returns for the next 8 episodes in April) It is fantastic – like watching the books come to life, only with no disappointment.

    • Cheri says:

      Oh I am so in love with Outlander….. I recorded the first 8 episodes and have been reading the books.– Did you also see The White Queen? Oh my gosh.

    • JMC says:

      Thank you Jenny I was reading through the comments and wondering that too. Much to like about this show including a very nice to look at guy!

    • Lynn Johanson says:

      Outlander, sigh. So wonderful! The acting is great and the story line fascinating and I really appreciate how the Scottish landscape plays such a strong part. If you haven’t found it yet, it is worth searching for!
      Vera, yes
      Miss Fisher, yes
      Old Tricks, yes
      What would we Americans do without access to BBC productions…..

  29. Mantha says:

    Grimm – Definitely watch from the beginning.
    Orange is the New Black – So good, but the first episode can almost make you not want to watch.
    House of Cards – No other TV show has given me so many ‘Holy Crap! I did not see THAT coming’ moments.

  30. Barb says:

    Fun topic. We dumped cable about 6 months ago and haven’t missed it yet. We get everything from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Friends tell me this won’t work for sports fans or news addicts but we are neither. I am happily binge-watching many shows. I thought Fargo was top notch. And agree about The Killing an got the same feeling with Broadchurch. Some of my faves:

    True Detective
    American Horror Story (daughter got me hooked on it)
    Top Of The Lake
    Wallander (Kenneth Branagh version – haven’t watched the original)
    Almost anything about detectives, crime, sleuthing from the BBC – nuts for them!
    Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – a bit silly but the outfits and hats are amazing!

    • Beth Sanders says:

      Sherlock, Wallander, and Miss Fisher are all GREAT!

      • carswell says:

        Wallander was the first thing I watched after season two of House of Cards when I signed up for Netflix. It’s a great series – moody in that Scandinavian way.

        If you’re not averse to subtitles The Bridge is a good one too. There’s a new American version out that’s just as good in an entirely different way. The similarities and contrasts between the two are really interesting.

    • Raymonde says:

      Miss Fisher, to swoon over her clothes!!!

  31. Tasha says:

    Curse Canadian Netflix! Seriously, I never get to watch what I want to watch. Or what other people tell me I would like to watch.

    That being said, my current addiction is Supernatural. Much fun. And Brooklyn 99, which is apparently the only show my husband, my nine-year old son, and I can agree on for Friday night pizza night.

  32. Grammy says:

    Foyle’s War is some of the best TV ever. We bought the first six seasons on DVD because we couldn’t find all the episodes on TV. It’s on PBS here in the U.S. Season 8 is about to begin.

    • gloria says:

      I agree. Really liked Foyle’s War. George Gently (I know, odd name, but great show) is another terrific crime/mystery/detective series. So cool to see how the English dealt with the 60s. Or at least the writer’s take on how the English dealt with the 60s.

    • Erin says:

      Another vote for Foyle’s War – the family knows not to even think about interrupting when it’s on.

    • Marilyn says:

      Finally, a show I actually watch. This is one of the finest shows on TV. No sex or overt violence, just great acting and the writers are top notch. I also like Vera, Inspector Linley Mysteries, Inspector Frost, Last of the Summer Wine, Poirot and Midsommer Murders. (I didn’t misspell Midsommer, it is the name of an English town where at least two and up to four murders are committed every week and have been for 17 seasons! Must have run out of locals to kill by now.) Miranda is really funny. Bletchly Circle, Call The Midwife, Father Brown, Yes Prime Minister (incredibly funny and probably quite true), Sherlock, Doctor Who and re-runs of The Carol Burnett Show rounds out my TV viewing. As you can see, I really like Brit shows and not much else. Can’t get into Downton Abbey. Never could, though my husband will kill anyone who interrupts him during an episode! Tried Game of Thrones – don’t see the point, though hubby likes it. Most of the others listed, I have never even heard of. I live in Canada, so we probably don’t get a lot of the listed programs, which may be why I have never heard of them. Oh yeah, I madly love True Blood, especially the theme song. (I adore anything with a Vampire in it!)

  33. Kathy says:

    I agree with so many on your list, Karen… and I see I have been missing out on so many others!

    Ones you left out that I love: House of Cards and Sherlock! How could you?! ;) I am also looking forward to watching the mini-series The Slap and Better Call Saul. And I hear good things about The Americans, as well as the new show Fortitude. Do you know them? And finally… being a resident of Minne-so’-tah for ten years, Fargo is pretty darn close to how life in rural MN actually is. And sad to say, the original movie is pretty spot on as well. lol

    • Laurie says:

      Yes, the Americans!
      I loved Broadchurch, Veep, Sherlock and Bored to Death to setup my TV tastes and the Americans is my only show where I am watching as it airs. I love it too much to wait, and season three just started on FX. You can catch the whole series on Amazon Prime.
      Fun 1980s costumes, but everyone looks hot -not hokey. Death Comes to Pemberley’s Mr. Darcy plays a Russian playing an American who loves America and his kids. Felicity (keri russell) is a badass Russian spy and its just a sexy damn romp.

  34. Kevin says:

    The Flash. Plain silly fun entertainment.
    & that’s my three favourite TV shows…

  35. Kevin says:

    The Slap, an Australian production based on Christos Tsiolkas’s novel of the same name, is interesting to watch as it explores mulitple viewpoints and consequences rippling out from a single incident where a noisy brat is slapped at a party…

    • carswell says:

      I’ve had that in my Netflix queue for a while but haven’t got round to watching it yet. I was wondering what it might be like.

  36. Kevin says:

    Gracepoint is haunting and beautiful, so is True Detective.
    Broadchurch is the British original of Gracepoint, equally beautiful and haunting, but expressed differently…

    • Grammy says:

      I loved Broadchurch, so didn’t bother with Gracepoint. Did you see both? Did you like the American version?

      • julie says:

        Hey Grammy…I watched them both last season…I liked Gracepoint fine, but it was SO MUCH like Broadchurch…slight twist at the end, but the dialogue even was so similar I found it a bit tedious…watching the second season of Broadchurch now but will be skipping Gracepoint this year (unless I’m desperate lol).

        • Jan in Waterdown says:

          Watched both, imho, Broadchurch was better . . . better direction, cinematography, acting . . . although Gracepoint was good. I thought the characters were more complex and interesting in Broadchurch. They were very one dimentional in Gracepoint. David Tennant speaking with an American accent was just plain weird! We put on the closed captioning to help with some of the dialogue.

  37. Cynna says:

    My favorite is Revenge. It had me hooked from the start. Other than that,I really don’t watch a lot of TV.

  38. Jennifer says:

    I forgot one. You MUST check out Enlightened! Laura Dern is amazing in this drama, comedy and often uncomfortable series!

  39. Cynthia says:

    Yes, The Us version of Shameless is great, the UK version sucks big time.

    Hannibal. Did anyone mention True Detective for last year’s list? If not, whack it on this year’s list.

    • carswell says:

      True Detective! Yes, yes, yes.

      And I’m anxiously awaiting the imminent release of season three of House of Cards.

    • calliek says:

      Seriously? I love the UK version of Shameless but think the US version is terrible. But I find that about most shows that jump the pond- the American copies never quite live up to the original British series. Guess i just appreciate British humour.

      • Karen says:

        I started the UK version and knew I’d love it but I honestly couldn’t decipher the accents! I’m usually pretty good with that but I got frustrated and stopped watching it. Maybe I’ll try again because I really did know I would love the UK version. ~ karen!

  40. gloria says:

    LOVE Moone Boy. Now how about some more Hulu favorites of mine, like, Whites, The IT Crowd, and Miranda, The Supersizers Go…, The Wrong Mans (sic), and Spy? Oh then there’s Vera, for straight up brilliant Brenda Blethyn acting and gorgeous scenery. I really got pulled into Single-handed, another one I found on Hulu. The setting is as much a character as any of the people. So much so, that I took to Google Earthing all over the area where it was filmed. The landscape is hauntingly beautiful and a little depressing at the same time. So then, that’s a bit more than 3. Oops.

  41. Jennifer says:

    I have never been much of a TV watcher. However, a little over a year ago my husband had a heart attack, was hospitalized for 5 months and put on the transplant list. While we patiently wait for a miracle, we have taken up a new hobby…binge watching. It’s horrible, I hate it…yet I can’t stop!!

    Some of our favs:
    Peeky Blinders
    True Detective
    The Affair
    Game of Thrones
    Ray Donovan

    Hopefully we will get the call soon and I can put this horrible addiction to rest…or at least at bay!!

    Thanks for sharing your favs!

  42. kathy says:

    Fargo…is in North Dakota, not Minnesota.

    • Karen says:

      Indeed. The TV series, named Fargo, however .. isn’t. The small town it is set in is in Minnesota. And the small town isn’t called Fargo. It’s simply the title of the show. ~ karen!

  43. sandra says:

    Supernatural. Dark. Funny. Creepy. Scary. Weird. I’m hooked!

  44. Hazel says:

    Grimm. I love Grimm. But watch it from the beginning, or it will make no sense at all.

  45. Raymonde says:


  46. Tracy says:

    Oh – and AHS this season (Freak Show) — what a wild ride from start to finish! I think it was the most gruesome yet. I will be sad if Jessica Lange doesn’t come back again.

    • Karen says:

      I couldn’t watch anything past the back story of Pepper this season. It cut me for some reason. Ask my friend Jamieson. I sent him a picture of me horrified and bawling during it. ~ karen!

      • Jodi T. says:

        I couldn’t get into this season! I love 1-3 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessica Lange, but I kind of found it stupid… I’m probably going to end up giving it another try when it comes out on DVD so I can watch without interruption… Maybe that’s why I lost interest. It’s not often anymore that I watch “real TV”, I usually watch Netflix, and I think I’ve become spoiled to the immediate satisfaction of GIVE ME THE NEXT EPISODE. :)

        I watched Breaking Bad all the way through because of your recommendation. Loved it.

      • Vicky says:

        I cried when ********* (edited by karen so as not to reveal show spoiler) but stuck with the show. It was worth it.

      • Kim from Milwaukee says:

        Karen, you have to finish watching the rest…Neil Patrick Harris is in a couple stories, and the ending was quite beautiful. When the incident with Ma Petite happened I cried…Pepper’s story was really rough as well. But it was worth pressing one til the end.

  47. Tracy says:

    Hey Karen – have you watched Orange is the New Black? It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth a watch! ;) I gotta see if Fargo is on Netflix!

  48. Lynn lagimoniere says:

    Geez Karen you mentioned so many shows I have never even heard of … Now I need to go on a hunt , Breaking Bad was a good one even hubby agrees with . I have been hooked on White Collar of late . If I could find it in the store I would just buy it an save my internet for other things . Living in the country we do not get the Internet packages or service city folks do. You really did a good job picking I think. Oak island I watch on occasion but not faithfully even knowing the background, just can not commit to it glad you can though.
    Netflix is great but oh how it can hook a person ….

  49. Sheryl says:

    OMG, you’ve gotta give Shameless a try. Funniest black humor comedy of all time. Also, Hannibal, not just black humor…just dark. One last show that I think is hilarious and NO ONE has ever heard of is Getting On. Another black comedy. Do you sense a theme here?

    • Karen says:

      Shameless is on one of my lists, I have no idea how I missed listing it! Great show. I tried Hannibal, I kind of found it tedious. :/ ~ karen!

    • Karen says:

      It’s NOT. It’s not on any of my lists! I have NO idea if the post disappeared or if I only included it in one of my newsletters. (I always talk about what I’m reading, listening to, watching and wanting.) Anyhow, Shameless definitely goes on my top shows list next time! ~ karen

    • Alex says:

      I first saw Getting On when I was flying transatlantic. I laughed so hard that people around me got concerned. My daughter is a hospital doc, she said that the sad thing is that it is absol true.

      Also try “The Thick of It” to see Peter Capaldi in full blow running the UK Govt. His character is modelled on Tony Blair’s real life executive aide, Alastair Campbell and he is apparently pretty true to life. Watch out, everyone!

  50. SusanR says:

    Don’t have TV, but I would add ( from Netflix and Amazon):
    The Escape Artist
    The Bletchley Circle
    The Fall

    I agree The Killing is well done.

    • Emily Carver says:

      LOVE Blacklist !

      • carswell says:

        Happy Valley is another good and gritty Brit cop series on Netflix is another good one – if you liked Broadchurch, The Killing and The Fall. Oh, Scott and Bailey is good too. I’ll look out for Blacklist.

        Like Karen – I got bored with Boardwalk Empire by the end of the fourth season. Even so I forced myself to wade through the fifth just to see where the characters wound up. I’m sorry I did. I’ve not seen the series Fargo – but the movie is on my top ten list. I agree that Call the Midwife is a perfect gem.

        Downton Abbey is starting to bore the heck out of me, I’m sad to say and I wasn’t thrilled about where The Fall ended in season 2.

    • LisaB says:

      Love Broadchurch….. Also Hinterland. Any sort of bleak, BBC police drama apparently.

    • Cindy says:

      The Bletchley Circle, Broadchurch and The Fall I highly recommend.

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