Why no one over 40 cares what you think.

The difference between saying you don’t care what other people think when you’re 25 and saying you don’t care what other people think when you’re 40, is that when you’re 40, you actually mean it.

At 25 you say it because you want it to be true. At 40 it is true.

When you get older you get more confident in yourself and forming your own opinions and you just don’t care as much if they’re the same opinions held by everyone else.  Sometimes in fact, you’ll find what you think is the total opposite of what everyone else in the world seems to think.  And you don’t care.  Sometimes you’ll even voice these opinions of yours out loud.

And so it is with no regret at all that I tell you … I don’t like Hitler.  I really don’t.  I think he was a real asshole.

I also don’t like jabbing my eye with an infected needle, drought, monsters, really long lines at the grocery store or being stuck in traffic when I have to pee.

At this point you’re nodding your head up and down in validation.  YOU feel the same way about these things!  That’s because I tricked you.  You thought I was going to voice an opinion on something that was different than yours.  I didn’t.  But I’m going to now.

I don’t like Game of Thrones.  I not only don’t like it, I think it’s stupid and cheesy. And stupid.

NOW we’re getting somewhere.  Game of Thrones has gained cult-like status the likes of which haven’t been seen since somebody dropped a piece of chocolate in peanut butter.

And I don’t like it.  Game of Thrones I mean, I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter.

I also don’t like most desserts, porn, Shakespeare, chain restaurants or sunflowers.  And I don’t really like hockey unless it’s being played by 6-9 year olds.

I’m guessing you disagree with at least one of those things and you disagree STRONGLY.  But I don’t care.  I don’t like ’em even if they are wildly popular things.  And no, I’m not saying I don’t like them just because they’re wildly popular.  That’s a favourite position for some people to take as well.  Saying they don’t like something ONLY because everyone else likes it.  Oh really?  You love breathing?  I don’t like it, totally overrated.  I prefer an iron lung.  

And then there’s brussels sprouts.  I hate them.  Everyone knows I hate them.  I’ve mentioned many times on this site about how I hate them.  By this age I know what vegetables I like and which ones I don’t.  Yet … no matter what … any time I mention my hatred of brussels sprouts someone tries to change my mind.  I just haven’t cooked them right, haven’t used the right recipe, haven’t tried THEIR brussels sprouts.  I haven’t tried eating your hair either, but I can tell you right now I won’t like it any more than I like eating my hair.

I can’t really blame people, it’s what we do.  If a person doesn’t like something that we like, we automatically try to convince them it’s worth liking.  There’s a certain pride we feel after we’ve changed someone’s mind about something because it’s such a difficult thing to do.

Just try it this weekend. Try to change someone’s mind about something. Not even anything explosive or controversial like abortion or politics.  Just try to convince someone who doesn’t like John Travolta that they actually should like John Travolta.   That they could like John Travolta.  Betcha can’t do it.  If the person happens to be under the age of 20 you might have a shot (providing they know who John Travolta is) but you won’t be able to budge anyone over 40.

I have absolutely no idea where I’m going with this post or in fact if I’m going anywhere with it.  I guess there isn’t really a point to it.

And the beauty of being over 40?  I don’t care.


  1. Debbe Van Ness says:

    No one has responded yet? humph. I don’t like that.

    I also don’t like lima beans, really truly don’t like them, probably like you don’t like Brussels sprouts, although I know you don’t care.

  2. Shana Beirne says:

    Amen, sister! I couldn’t agree with you more!

  3. Kath says:

    You’re over 40? You’ll never make me believe it.

  4. Milton says:

    Karen I don’t know if it is a hormonal thing or what but I really feel you are stressing out about something that I haven’t detected in any of your previous posts since I’ve been following you. Hope everything is going well for you. I really don’t know who Hiltler was but am guessing it could be a typo. Hope you feel better in the morning. We all love you.

  5. Paula says:

    A ‘bit’ random, however; I just bought a Fitbit and I followed your link on your previous post but it took me to the American site. Perhaps that was on purpose?

    • Karen says:

      Hmm. Normally it (Amazon) switches you over to whatever country you’re in automatically Paula. I’ll look into it. :/ It could be that Fitbit doesn’t sell on Amazon.ca and you *have* to buy it from Amazon.com. ~ karen!

  6. Violet Rose says:

    Brussel sprouts really really suck. Stinky little cabbages of horror. Hair would definitely be more palatable.

    • Jacquie says:

      Love that – “little cabbages of horror”, hehe. And so true of course.

      • Robin says:

        Brussels Sprouts! Yum! I don’t care if you don’t like them. Game of Thrones – first three books – Yay! All the rest can be thrown in a blender with barbershop trimmings and then buried under the compost heap.

  7. lisa says:

    I’ve felt this way for a while now. I think it means you’re a grown up.

    Not only do I hate Brussel sprouts, I also hate broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans. And I even have to tell my own mother, I am 47 freaking years old and I do not have to eat them if I don’t want to! And I will not make other (little) people eat them either.

    Darn right.

    • gabrielle says:

      Respect for kids tastes – provided they don’t become too narrow and picky – is an excellent parenting skill IMHO.

    • Happily says:

      I’m right there with you Lisa, on all . My husbands loves all of them, and he makes them all himself; for himself! Leave me out of all those choices period!

  8. stephanie says:

    You can buy Fitbits at Chapters. Hate, hate, hate beets, kidneys, liver, heart, tongue, brains and lima beans.

  9. Bee-Naz says:

    Karen, I think I’ve recently started hating brussel sprouts just as much as you – if not more! I mean, I never really had a brussel sprout fetish or anything but I’d eat them if they were put in front of me. Occasionally I’d buy some and oven roast them with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Easy. A vegetable to have with dinner. Done.

    Now, a fun story shall we? I was at the grocery store one Sunday afternoon and decided to pick some up to have with dinner. Got home and started washing them to throw in the oven. Cut the first one in half. Hmm. What’s this we have here? Worms? Okay, into the compost it goes. Cut the next one, worms?!? The next and the next and the next and MORE WORMS!!! I went through almost the whole bag, getting more and more sick to my stomach each time I found it festering with little wiggly worms!! I mean, sweet swaddled baby Jesus!! How many times have I shoved one in my mouth without so much as looking inside? How many wiggly brussel sprout worms have I eaten in my life?!?

    Lesson learned. NEVER. AGAIN. *shudder*

    • Gillian says:


      I’ve never had them and now I most certainly never will….

      I used to love oreo cookies but, my sister showed me a picture of one with a spider stuck in the icing. …never again.

    • JulieD says:

      Ugh-The same thing happened to me last year with blackberries.

    • gabrielle says:

      That’s the kind of produce I expect from my local Zehrs market. It’s tough up here for an ex Californian (tho not any more, I gather)

    • IRS says:

      Stop whining. Free protein.

    • Karen says:

      Yeah, that’s those darn brassicas. They get cabbage worms. White moths lay eggs on them and they turn into green worms which live out their life on broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts etc. They’re your basic horror show. ~ karen!

      • Penny Mitchell says:

        There’s a nasty little bugger called carrot fly, too. Surprisingly enough they attack carrots (!) which results in hordes of tiny wriggly white grubs inside the roots. Hasn’t put me off carrots, though, just the shop that sold me the infested produce. Quality control, Tesco?
        Basically, any veggie you care to name has a pest that has evolved to make it their food of choice. If that’s a good enough reason for you to eschew the whole brassica tribe, great, more for me! On the other hand, the only vegetables I’ve tried and found utterly revolting were okra (nasty slimy little snot-tubes) ackee and eddoes. I think it’s all about the texture with me.

    • But worms are high in protein! You really should learn to enjoy them. If you try my recipe, I’ll bet you change your mind. 😉

  10. Therese says:

    Wait until you’re over 50! I didn’t expect to like Game of Thrones, but I actually LOVE it! I don’t care what you think. 🙂

  11. Miss Chris SA says:

    Brussels sprouts and Game of Thrones, I hear you! Wait until you are 50, rats arse comes to mind!

  12. Rebou says:

    I think you’re feeling just a little bit peed off with something this morning darling, just a little bit. Now, why don’t you tell Mommy just what it is and I’ll try and help.
    Because you now know (because you’re over 40) that Mommy doesn’t like brussels sprouts either, even though you keep serving them at Thanksgiving dinner, and I did keep this from you all the while you were growing up.
    So let Mommy know what you’re feeling hissy about this morning (just a little bit darling) and I shall try and help.
    Lots of Love, Mommy. XXXXXX

  13. Robert says:

    You don’t like GoT either? I think i just like a little bit more just for that, although I just remembered you also don’t like Hannibal so I think I also like you a little less, not that you might actually care

  14. Edith says:

    I guess I’m lucky because I love 99% of the foods we typically eat in the western world. i can only think of a very few common things that won’t cross my lips. Root beer and anything Wintergreen flavored. Then there are the few things I find very tasty but won’t eat anymore because of the “harvesting” method….lobster and Pâté.

    • penley says:

      What is wintergreen flavour? I’ve never heard of that. Sounds intriguing! I’m imagining it to be pine-y maybe?

      • gabrielle says:

        Like Beeman’s gum. If you prefer spearmint to peppermint, you might like wintergreen. It’s fresh, not hot, but not cloyingly sweet.

      • Karol says:

        Wintergreen tastes like Peptobismol. I hate wintergreen too, and beets. But I love, love brussel sprouts.

      • Bernadette says:

        It’s truly awful. Think Canada mints or Pepto Bismol or the sawdust the custodian used to cover kindergarteners’ vomit.

      • Garth says:

        Sheesh… protected childhood… Ask Mr. Google to tell you all about it, then make a visit to your local forest, find a Wintergreen plant, and chew on it. If you’re really lucky, you’ll find one with it’s lovely red berries.

        • Penley says:

          Protected childhood haha – yeah, lots of ‘local forest’ in outback Australia, most definitely heaps of this ‘wintergreen’ in between all the spinifex. Good imagination buddy. If you’re really lucky, one day you’ll realise there’s a whole world outside north America.

          • Garth says:

            Hmm… Aussie Eh! Having just returned from a month in Europe, I sort of realize that there is more to the planet than North America… and your Outback is on my list… friends there! Wintergreen is… fresh!

      • Edith says:

        I suspect that you’re not in the US? Many things here are wintergreen flavored….breath mints, chewing gum, chewing tobacco, toothpaste. Are you familiar with the old-fashioned pink bubble gum? That’s wintergreen flavored. Do you know Pepto Bismol, that pink goopy medication you take when your stomach is upset? Yup, wintergreen. I’m sorry I can’t describe what it tastes like, there is nothing else like it.

        • Penley says:

          I’ve not had pepto bismol but I’ve seen it mentioned. It’s amazing how many commenters think that the north American experience is universal. I can say pretty safely that in my experience living in the UK, Finland, Australia and France there’s not an abundance of wintergreen flavour. But thank you for trying to describe it, and sorry for getting a bit snarky but it seems some (other)(Garth)people can’t understand quite how border-free the internet is.

    • martina says:

      What are the “harvesting” methods of lobster and pâté that you object to!?

  15. mia pratt says:

    One has to think before speaking after this post. Hmph. Sheesh, I love sunflowers!<:}

  16. Sue says:

    Brussels sprouts and Game of Thrones…..two of my favorite things, but I do agree with you about Hitler! Being an old broad, older than dirt, is wonderful…people just think you are eccentric or crazy. I answer to either.

  17. Jennie Lee says:

    Some things I can ameliorate enough that I like them: BABY lima beans with lots of butter and a bit of pepper, green beans cooked with plenty of bacon or ham, and either oatmeal or sweet potatoes with a ton of brown sugar. But brussels sprouts? My Mom said I had to stay at the table till I ate them once. I was there a long time. Did not eat them. The same thing happened with liver. I tried to eat a bite, almost threw up, sat there a long time. Did not eat them. I cooked squid once. Everyone else said it was good, but after cooking it, I couldn’t eat it.

    • gabrielle says:

      Try your limas in a good cassoulet with white wine and savory meat casserole. Every recipe is different – I like it with ham and sausage and a herbed butter/breadcrumb crust, as smoked game is harder to come by. Use baby limas if you can!

  18. Jennie Lee says:

    I forgot the “don’t care” part; now that I am retired, and can’t get fired, I don’t care. I still try not to antagonize my neighbors, though.

  19. Bash says:

    I am loving the luxury of age; not having to like something because everyone else does, and having the freedom to be able to voice my opinions without worrying whether everyone will understand where I’m coming from. So yes, I agree with your conclusion that trying to sway a more mature person’s thinking to more closely align with yours is probably an exercise in futility.

  20. connie says:

    LOL- i’m with you – I don’t care either and ..I’m over 50 so there ! All I know is I luv peanut butter and chocolate… and brussel sprouts…. and my kids are tired of hearing my opinions. So I don’t think I can convince them.

    And i’ve never watched Game of thrones.

  21. kate-v says:

    Ah Ha! I was wondering what happened to the hated Brussels sprouts – why we hadn’t heard of them for so long – now they rear their little heads.
    I still like ’em, though and their season is upon us

  22. Kim says:

    I think I have felt this way most of my life. It actually infuriates people to an extent. And only now that I’m older am I finding people to be more accepting of my eccentric and vocal opinions. I think younger people feel threatened when they are not agreed with, even over minor things. As a young adult I once had some OFFENDED because I dared to mention I did not like their favourite ice cream flavour…as if their self worth was tied up in this particular preference!!!

    Also that worm Brussel sprout story basically sealed the deal for me. I will never eat them again. I never liked them anyway. I agree with the person who said hair would be preferable!

    • trish says:

      wish i’d gone down the ice cream route . . . 30 odd years ago i saw princess di on telly doing her look up from under her fringe thing and thought oh o that looks posed and practised unfortunately i followed up this thought about media manipulation by saying these things out loud. the reaction would have been less offended and violent if i’d declared i loved Hiltler and worm-infested brussel sprouts sprinkled with hair ! whaddaya gonna do 🙂

      • Jacquie says:

        Agreed. I was never a fan of Princess Di but if you said it out loud (I’m British), you might as well have said Santa was a paedophile. Very clever lady.

      • MaggieB says:

        Brit also and never took to Princess Di – that look she used to do always reminded me of Myra Hindley. And yes, people did get upset if you said you didn’t like her – but mention the Myra Hindley picture it got them thinking. The only thing I thought good on you was the landmine effort.

        Do brusssel sprout worms count as protein or carbohydrates by the way? That must be the reason for the extra poundage that has crept on being a lady of a certain age over 40!

  23. Stephanie Hobson says:

    Game of Thrones the tv show – no
    Game of Thrones the books – yes
    If Martin dies before he finishes the final book he’ll probably be dug up and hung or something equally final. Not that anything could be more final than being buried.

  24. JulieD says:

    HaHaHa! All so true! There is a certain freedom that comes with a certain age. I happen to like brussels sprouts well enough, but I’ve never wanted to watch Games of Thrones.

  25. Lindy says:

    Ah Game of Thrones. The reason you don’t like that annoying series is because you are not a hormone raging 16 year old boy who is getting his jollies watching the sex scenes. It’s particularly bad in the first series. And Sean Bean dies. Who would do that? In the business we call it a sexposition: when you need to move the plot along but you can’t come up with a creative way to do it. Stick some naked women simulating sex with each other while your dull character laboriously moves the plot into the right orbit and no one will notice.

    • lavacha says:

      Linda, you may be right. I guess when you’re a certain age you know which clichés and tropes you enjoy , and which just bore or anger you. No amount of actors I enjoy or fabulous costumes could make up for the aggravation of misused or overused tropes. I read the first book decades ago and was bored, watched a few episodes to placate friends and started knitting again.
      Ditto the walking dead, I rooted for the zombies….

    • Karen says:

      Yes, that’s pretty much how I would have summed it up if I were better with words, lol. ~ karen!

    • Evalyn says:

      I was finished with Game of Thrones as soon as they killed off Sean Bean. I was still traumatized from Lord of the Rings, so the second death was just too much for me. Long live Sean Bean, Brussels sprouts and pickled okra, not necessarily in that order. Howsomever, I do not like pomegranates.

  26. Gillian says:

    I can’t say that I don’t like Brussels Sprouts because I’ve never had them….because my tiny little girl mind decided that I didn’t like them and I trust her. I also don’t like broccoli. It stinks, can’t stand the smell of it. I will eat it though….if it’s chopped up and hidden in something else. Won’t eat cauliflower either. It reminds me of broccoli. I also don’t like apple pie. I just prefer my apples cold and crunchy and uncooked. Finally (the one I’ll probably be stoned for…) pumpkin. I dislike everything about pumpkins. Pie, latte, scooping out the guts for Jack-o-Lanterns, seeds, everything.

    On the topic of Game of Thrones. I keep getting told that I would like it because it’s my “type of thing”. My entire family who do not have that same “thing” all enjoy it however, the first 15 seconds of the first episode of the first season was so violent I got up and left the room and haven’t watched much more since AND what I have happened to glimpse has been just as violent so. No for me. I can’t even bring myself to read the books which I’m assured are not as violent. So, I can’t say that I dislike that either because I’ve never really seen enough but, it doesn’t interest me and I don’t care how people feel about that(and I’m only a little bit over 40). ;-P

    • Anon says:

      Do not read the books. I repeat, do not read the books. Just as violent as the TV series with the addition that the characters are way younger. Not a pretty image.

    • Erin says:

      You don’t like apple pie! Now that is just plain weird. However I don’t get that American thing, apple pie with cheese on top.

  27. janni says:

    I live on the Oregon coast in a drinking town with a fishing problem. Salmon season is right up there with Christmas for some people here. So, the fact that I hate salmon like you hate brussel sprouts really perturbs a lot of people. I don’t care (anymore). The first couple years I lived here, and I was in my thirties, I fell for the
    “If you only try it my way” lines. Baked, boiled, barbecued, jerkied, or in a dip I hate salmon! It took me awhile but I finally stood my ground.
    What I do love is your blogs, Karen. Thanks for all the laughs 🙂 ~Janni

  28. Christina says:

    Psst. I’m Scottish and I don’t like haggis. Don’t tell the others.

  29. trish says:

    Boy do i hear you sister but its not just not caring once you hit 40 and upwards but also the realisation you’ve really GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT !! Yay for ageing dsgracefully

  30. Melissa says:

    You don’t like hockey? And they let you stay in Canada?

  31. Auntiepatch says:

    Wait until you pass 60! I can say and do whatever I please and just ignore everyone else. Unless, of course, they want to join me. I’m always up for company. I’m going to be the Auntie Mame of my generation.

    I’m going to have to take a long hard look at my brussel sprouts in the future. I love them roasted with garlic, olive oil, and butter. Then served with mayo on top. The veggies I won’t eat are lima beans and turnips! Ughhhhh.

    And how could someone NOT know who Hitler was? Is WW2 not being taught in school any more? Did they throw out History along with Music, Art, and Theatre? I’m stepping off my soap box now……..

    • Karen says:

      Milton was just kidding Auntiepatch, lol. I had a typo and had spelled it “Hiltler” in the post. I’ve since corrected it. If you notice he’s spelled it the way I did in the post. 🙂 ~ karen!

  32. Silvie says:

    i dont like hockey. julia roberts or papaya.

  33. whitequeen96 says:

    I LOOOVE brussels sprouts, but only when they’re covered in peanut butter and chocolate! 🙂

  34. Grammy says:

    Never seen Game of Thrones and have no interest in doing so. But I still very much like Brussels Sprouts. I would, however, not serve them if you were coming to dinner and I’m happy that you don’t give a darn if I eat them myself.

  35. Marna says:

    Funny! 🙂

  36. Cathy says:

    I loathe capers. They look like rabbit turds.
    I hate being awake @0410 when I volunteered to take an unpaid low census day
    and I could’ve slept in till 0700!

  37. gabrielle says:

    Well, I was going to say that not caring what other people think is the first sign of the slippery slope of dementia, but I actually have NEVER cared. EVER! It’s a developmental thing, I was raised with the opportunity to try many things, but I was told precisely what my reaction should be each time. Now I just crave peace and quiet in which to discover my own opinions.

    And, while Game of Thrones may have many faults, it is NOT cheesy.

    Walking Dead – now THAT’S CHEESY!!!

  38. Cindy says:

    Wait…porn? You don’t like porn???? But it’s so amazingly tasty and so good for you. Have you never tried it hot and covered in butter? Porn on the cob, it’s like my favourite.

  39. IRS says:

    I have many opinions, and voice them often, but I never try to force them on anyone. I have never much cared what other people think, but when I was younger, I was much nicer and more tactful about dealing with people who tried to impose their opinions on me. Not anymore! Nowadays, the pushier someone tries to be with me, the sharper my retort. Like the guy who wanted me to sign up for a 7 day a week subscription for a newspaper I have no respect for. When he wouldn’t take no for an answer, I informed him that I was not presently house training a puppy, nor did I have any fish that needed wrapping. But my biggest pet peeve is religious proselytizers; I am well aware of where your various churches are, and if I ever want to drink your particular flavour of Koolaid, I will come knocking. Until then, f*** off! The current bane of my existence is real estate agents. I live in an area where houses are very much in demand, and any that go on the market always sell before the “for sale” sign is driven into the lawn. I am tired of weaselly agents who accost me while I am working outside, and try to convince me that I need to move out, just so that they can make a whopping commission selling my home out from under me. F*** off! As for the ongoing argument of liking/hating Brussels sprouts, or anything else, eat what you damn well like, and stop trying to shove it down my throat. I promise to show you the same respect. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who tries to tell me that “you will love it”, just because they do, has a serious deficit of brain cells. The current rage for salted caramel anything totally revolts me. I refuse to eat it, but happily watch others consume what I consider an abomination. We are all different. We can voice our opinions without needing to be pushy, or agreed with.

    By the way, never mind “Game of Thrones” (which I don’t watch), years ago I saw the first episode of “Breaking Bad”, found it quite boring, and never watched it again. How’s THAT for “sacrilege”? Cue the outrage. *cackles*

    • Debbe Van Ness says:

      Oh, I saw the first episode (is that the one where he kills the guy with the bicycle lock while the guy is chained to a pillar in his cellar?) can you tell I never got intimate since I don’t know anyone’s name? Anyhow…..personally, I didn’t find it boring, but it was definitely disturbing. I never watched it after that.

    • Ann Brookens says:

      Salted Caramel! What is the current fascination with the stuff? I tried it and I don’t like it. Also, sweet and savory together just don’t do it for me.
      And I don’t like Breaking Bad, either.
      Or Game of Thrones, series or books. Too violent.
      Or pretzels.
      I’m done, now.

  40. Jane says:

    One of the great things about being an adult was realizing I never had to eat lima beans again. Or broccoli stems.

    • IRS says:

      Very true. Eat what you like. I almost regret (almost) not having had kids. It would be enormously gratifying to be able to tell a sullen 9 year old, “I hate liver too, and I don’t have to eat it because I’m a grown up, but YOU do, because I said so!” Hee hee! However, I am told that the use of sadism in rearing children is generally frowned upon. Oh well.

      • Debbe Van Ness says:

        Yeah, and, God love ya. Liver isn’t so good for us to eat. Sadism is probably less good for us to project on kids…..just saying. My parents loved liver. My mom would cook it for her and my dad and make something else for us kids, knowing that you either love it or hate it. My mom was awesome like that.

        • Kim says:

          Actually, whether you love it or hate it, liver is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat (if it comes from a humanely/properly raised animal)

      • Ann Brookens says:

        IRS, I love your comments. You are a wicked person.

  41. Jillian says:

    I simply don’t care what other people think for a few reasons:
    1. A persons thought process is based on their subconsious beliefs formed, mostly, when as a child and if they are not conscious of what they are thinking they are living their life from the view point of a 6 year old lol
    2. As my grandma use to say “what others think about you is none of your business, and vice versa”. This is a very potent statement to say to people who are personally attacking you. lol It ends the conversation.
    3. I don’t take what other people think, do or say personally, (see #1), which frees me to just not give a shit. This also frees me to live my life authentically and just be who I am, because again, I just don’t give a shit.

    And I totally agree with you, the older one gets the less we care what others think. I love being in my 40’s and can’t wait to be in my 50’s, beginning next year! When I say this to people, they get all uptight about getting older, probably, because of fear of old age and death or vanity or whatever. Bu then again, I just don’t give a shit….

  42. Jack Ledger says:

    I totally agree with your dislike of chain restaurants………….their problem is that no restaurant is stronger than their weakest link. Have a nice weekend!

  43. As I was busy corking, yes corking, small bags from hemp this past weekend I had someone try to convince me I should be knitting instead. “I don’t like knitting, I like this” I replied but to no end they tried to make me see the light about knitting, how easy it is and I just hadn’t been taught right and that the bag I was making would be better as a knitted square and then tied with a ribbon. “But that isn’t what I’m making at all” I countered. Then the attack was on the hemp, “it’s too rough” they complained. “It will soften with use, like linen” I explained. “It’s too rough, I should use something else.” “But that isn’t what I want, I want to make it out of hemp” at which point I had to walk away before I told her what she could do.

    • IRS says:

      Linda, you are a woman of great restraint. I too, enjoy corking, and after my first polite rebuttal that I like to do it my way, I would have told the nosy knitter that he or she could shove their knitting up the south end of their alimentary canal. I have come to believe that even the most shy, demure, and elderly of people, and those unaccustomed to swearing like a truck driver, need to learn to deploy a well placed “F*** off!” from time to time. Perhaps not as frequently as I do, but occasionally nonetheless.

      • Hahaha, I do have great restraint! I was at a craft show selling my soap products, (the bags were for the soap) and for the sake of potential customers have to, however, the conversation or actions going on in my head compared to my actions and/or what comes out of my mouth are entirely different. I call these my Walter Mitty Moments. 😉

        • IRS says:

          Anyone who would endlessly criticize your work like that isn’t going to buy anything anyway, so let the ignorant boob have it. I love going to craft shows, and frequently talk to the artists about the methods and techniques they use, if they are so willing. Sometimes when they have explained why they do something a particular way, I have had a “Eureka!” moment, and realized that their way makes more sense than mine. The key is to ask questions, but not criticize; that just makes you an annoying twit.

          • It isn’t them that concerns me but other customers, I already know they aren’t buying. If I engage with them I’m just the same and I’m not going to change them plus I may turn off other, more important potential customers. Besides, the Walter Mitty Moments make for some pretty humorous stories, like the woman who asks do I sell Pears, she has used Pears all her life, it’s all she uses, to which I reply, smiling, “No, but I do sell these beautiful, truly natural soaps which are extra moisturizing and very good for your skin” while thinking “what do I look like a F$%King Shoppers Drug Mart?, move along, get the F*(k out of my space.” 🙂

            • IRS says:

              Wow! She actually said that to you? What a moron! I generally don’t like to berate people for asking questions, since everything we know, we had to learn at some point, but some questions really are indicative of who you are dealing with. So she is at a craft show…..talking to a woman who sells handmade soap……..and she asks if you carry a commercial product? I would have messed with her head, and told her that Pears is made with petroleum sludge runoff, and filtered sewage water (not true), and then presented her with your version of Pears, which is just glycerin soap. Either you could have sold her something, or at least you could have made her squirm every time she takes a shower. 😀

            • Hahaha, well this was at a Farmers’ Market but regardless, yes. Again, she wasn’t going to buy so I just pointed her in a direction where she could purchase it. I hear all kinds, those people just aren’t worth wasting your breath on. More recently I had someone tell me they could buy the same thing for $2 at the bulk food store. I told her I knew the product she was referring to and that it wasn’t the same as this but before I could say more she said it was also available at the local, very prominent health food store, which is true because I know the product. She repeated this several times as she walked quickly away.
              She obviously wasn’t interested and/or did not care about hearing anything I had to say, her prerogative. Perhaps letting them continue will help to thin out the herd, one can only hope.
              On another note, I could and will contact the prominent health food store and let them know about that product and how it affects the purchasing power of people’s thought process when buying from them. They provide other, better options but people are more likely to compare prices over ingredients and if this store provides that alternative it must be just as good, after all soap is soap right.

            • IRS says:

              You need to start bringing a fully charged Taser when attending these Farmer’s Markets. You can make yourself a nice hemp hip holster, so that it’s always at the ready.

  44. danni says:

    I’m over 50, a widow with grown children out of the house… and I do whatever the hell I want. Just one of those “whatever the hell I want” things was painting the refrigerator in chalk paint (actually everyone loves that,) and wrote my motto on it… YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!
    You just become more of the stubborn, willful, curious and creative child you were born as. I’m loving it.

  45. Kim C says:

    I didn’t have any interest in watching Game of Thrones either but, out of desperation, gave it a go. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it. Heck of a lot better than the regular drivel on tv most evenings! Being over 40 and a month shy of 50, I will throw my opinion into the ring…I don’t like Harry Potter! After much coaxing from my relatives I attempted the first book then the movie. Nope, not for me thankyouverymuch.
    I do love that we can all come here to Karen’s to share our opinions and maybe pick up on a great show or another method to cook nasty little devil cabbages!

  46. marilyn says:

    if porn is done well it can be a good thing lol

  47. Sarah says:

    I too couldn’t give a rats arse what happens on Game of Thrones. or Downton Abbey. now that I am over 40, I consider my life essence too finite to spend binge watching and trying to catch up on shows I never got into in the first place.

  48. laura n says:

    I hate liver. I accidentally threw it up right at a restaurant. It was a buffet. I thought it was beef.

  49. Marjorie Kramer says:

    I don’t like Game of Thrones, either. I binged on the first four or five seasons, thinking I would eventually understand its greatness. There is no greatness to get – especially because they so under-utilize their best actor, Peter Dinklage.

  50. Mary Duffy says:

    Goat cheese. Ack.

  51. Angela says:

    Sunflowers? What’s not to like about sunflowers?!!!

  52. Mary W says:

    All this time I thought Game of Thrones was a game you played on laptop. I have never seen it nor even seen the title on the TV select screen. I hate, hate, hate cilantro and don’t understand how anyone can say they do. Have learned that I am part of a minority that lacks or has some weird enzyme and it makes it taste like soap. So maybe all these likes and dislikes can be blamed on our tongue. I hate nose piercings and wonder why they don’t constantly try to pick it and tongue rings which would interfere with my tasting of non cilantrofied food.
    I hate the word blouse, people that don’t “fix” their pets, and all the time I spend on my laptop when I could be producing instead of consuming. I do love snakes. I’m leaving now to warm up my coffee and go on to the next blog – Karen first is my motto.

    • Pam says:

      Amen to the grossness of the evil soapy cilantro! UGH!!! I’d add slimy avocado, grassy alfalfa sprouts and ‘piney’ papaya to my hit list. Not so wild about brussel sprouts, but I’d take them over cauliflower any day. Though I wouldn’t take either of them if they were worm infested because I’m vegetarian. And this over 50 gal doesn’t give a flying fig if anyone agrees with her!

  53. Terry B. says:

    I live in Maryland. I hate crab. I mean totally hate. Tell that to people who consider a great time to be
    sitting around a table picking crab claws.

  54. Janet says:

    I hate peanut butter. Yeah, I said it.

  55. Jane S says:

    I don’t like Meryl Streep and won’t watch a movie if she’s in it.

  56. Sideroad 40 says:


  57. Su says:

    I love reading all the likes and hates here! Some of the reasons are hilarious! I’m not being snarky when I say I don’t care that much what others like or dislike….. and I’m sure no one cares that much about my preferences… and that’s ok! 🙂

  58. DanT says:

    I get it.

    I’m over 40, over 60 actually, and I don’t like green beans or televised sports.

    Never did like them.

  59. Rebecca says:

    I’ve got about a month until I’m 40, so I guess I’m a bit early, but here goes… I’m from Toronto and I don’t care about the Blue Jays. There. I said it. Also Game of Thrones is stupid and Brussels sprouts are disgusting.

  60. Catherine Manning says:

    I also don’t like Hitler. Or Harper.

  61. Lea says:

    Cilantro makes me angry, and I go bonkers when people scratch their plates with their knives and forks.

  62. Nancy says:

    I’m American, and I hate apple pie! Any pie for that matter as well as peas and any type of bean (except jelly beans!). I don’t like Scandal or The Walking Dead, so please don’t try to convince me how good they are. Maybe I’ll make a list of all the things I hate; it feels good to verbalize it!

  63. maggie van sickle says:

    I don’t know what the Game of Thrones is nor do I care (I am 70). I will not try and change your mind on Brussel sprouts but someone did change my mind and now I love them but only certain ways. Shaved in salads or lightly pan fried with garlic and lemon. John Travolta I don’t know him but he is not my favourite actor. The rest of the stuff in my opinion “I don’t care” . Just sayin Karen Bahaha. Have a great weekend . I am heading to the Bala Cranberry Festival with my Sistas. Do you care?

  64. Karin says:

    i agree it’s very liberating to go ahead and not give a hoot about what anybody else is doing/thinking. but what’s even more liberating to me is to be able to accept that other peeps don’t give a hoot bout what everyone else is doing/thinking. no one has to proof anyhing, no one has to waste energy convincing one another of their POV. live and life, that’s what i go by. that’s what maturity and serenity is to me.

    you don’t like brussels n GoT? cool, more for me . you can have all the licorice instead :0B

  65. Lynn says:

    Have to say Karen you are right on except for the sun flowers. 🙂 . Being over 50 an still having people try to push their food loves on to me , just really sucks!!!

  66. Ruth says:

    I actually like when folk don’t like some of the foods that I like… “Really? You don’t like coconut-ty stuff? You’re right… totally overrated… More fore me.”

    *Heads off to snack on a Bounty*

    How do I love thee, coconut, let me count the ways…

  67. Jody says:

    You are a woman, you made a typ-o,and you have contrary opinions. You must be hormonal or about to have a breakdown. Sheesh. Somebody needs to lighten up.

  68. Carol Hogan says:

    I’m over 40 – way over 40 – and I love Game of Thrones and I don’t care if you don’t like it. But I agree with you on the Brussel sprouts. I think the point is: like it, don’t like it, whatever. Don’t try to convince other people. Just live your life and let them be.

  69. This is hilarious…Agree..it seems the older one gets the more we can embrace the idea of really becoming who we want to be and to hell with what anyone thinks. What I especially enjoy as a 60+ girl now, is surprising people….like the time I almost arm wrestled an entitled teenager , with his Daddys Mercedes, to the ground at a gas station. He decided to be an arrogant little “p” and not back up his car a bit in order for me to gas up…He stood there aghast at the language that came out of this old ladys mouth…He and his Ralph Lauren wearing buddy slinked away and no doubt regaled the story about the crazy woman who let them have it…I was hoping it would show up on youtube…classic…woulda had a million hits 🙂

  70. Linda says:

    Well I HATE Pizza… and tons of other stuff as well, anyone want to stone me for that?? hahah I don’t care.

  71. leslie says:

    just wait till you’re 55. You’ll be spitting in people’s hair and laughing wildly!

  72. angie s says:

    Great post and totally true. I pretty much agree with every single thing you listed. Wanna talking about convincing people of whatever? I’m vegan so I’m pretty much having “convincing conversations” with people every time they learn that about me… yes, I get enough protein, blah, blah, blah….

  73. Seriously, Game of Thrones is such a bore. And there has never been a good brussel sprout recipe, I guarantee it.

    But I am a hockey fan. And sunflowers – really?!

  74. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE your post! (Even though I like Game of Thrones) I totally get what you’re saying — maybe because I’m over 40 — and I totally agree that it just doesn’t matter what people think about what you like and dislike. Beets and kale chips taste like dirt and I don’t care WHAT you put on them, they still taste like glorified dirt.

    Keep up the good work because every time I read your blog, I feel like I’ve talked with a friend. (I apologize it’s not ALL the time — there are times when my eyes glaze over a little when you talk about gardening but that’s only because I am death to plants even though I would love it to be different.)

  75. Gail says:

    My daughter says I’ve become a crotchety woman! Really?

    • Kim from Montana says:

      I totally agree. The older I’ve gotten the less I care what others think about what I do and how I do it but I do still care about what people think of me. I surely would hate to be thought of as cruel or angry. On the flip side. Don’t ask my opinion of something and then get ticked off because my opinion doesn’t jibe with yours or may even be based on some truth you had never even considered.

      I HATE garden hoses! Annoying kinky stupid things! I also hate Lima beans and have since childhood. Black licorice. Body piercing. Flies and cold wind top out my list.

      What I love is The Art of Doing Stuff. Thanks so much for your hard work. Keep it up!

  76. Christie says:

    Wow… Very strong feelings about so many things. I also HATE brussels sprouts – even though BFF tried to convince me that sautéing them with bacon was yummy. The bacon was good, but the brussel sprouts still tasted like stinky socks… I Love Game of Thrones – and loved the books – but it’s also a bonding thing with my older son…

    I am now over 50 and I care even less what other people think – it’s very freeing!!!

  77. zoraida says:

    You’re a very funny lady. Like this post…a lot. Not caring about the opinion of others is part of getting older and more confident. It only grows stronger with age. It creeps up on you. Try it after 60 🙂

  78. dede says:

    Karen, it just gets better and better. At 61, I’m at the top of my “I don’t care” game. Man, I can cause some blood to boil now. If I say “I don’t like Jesus,” at least one of you would come and stand next to me. But when I say “I don’t like dogs,” people are personally violated and will either suck all the air out of the room telling me how wrong I am, or they just start shrieking and throwing shit at me. It’s hilarious! I don’t like dogs and if you do, you’re just wrong and I don’t care.

    • IRS says:

      Dede, I absolutely adore dogs (far more than people in fact), but I respect your right to not share my passion for them. Since you know you don’t care for them, it’s good that you don’t have one. Kind of like me and kids. As long as you are never mean to a dog, you and I are good.

  79. Lauren says:

    Having just turned 30, my impression has been that it carries a free license to not give a damn- good to know that that licence gets even broader after 40!

    For the record, I love brussels sprouts and always have, however every time I mention I don’t like sloppy Joes (and never have) everyone loses their minds.

  80. Shirley Walker says:

    I have a 13 year old daughter. I might try to get her to change her mind about wearing yoga pants to school this weekend and see what happens. I HATE yoga pants – unless I am in a yoga class. It will be a pointless fight but may as well try……I should leave her alone as she likes brussel sprouts. The grocery store was totally sold out of them last night. Not sure what the scoop with that is. Lots of farting going on in Windsor, NS this weekend I expect!!

  81. Karen Too says:

    Just wait till you’re 80. Then you really just don’t give a shite! I feel the same about GofT for the record so you’re not the only one.
    PS. I am not 80 yet but looking forward to not giving a shite!

  82. LeAnne Osburne says:

    I did discuss John Travolta with a twenty-something and told her she should watch “Urban Cowboy”.S he wasn’t moved. PS–I love “Game of Thrones”. Did Jon Snow really die?

    • Ann Brookens says:

      So I’ve been told; I don’t watch GofT but I like Peter Dinklage and understood that he was one of the best characters on the show. Until they killed him off.

  83. Marcy says:

    Karen, I like you and no one better ever try to get me to change my mind or even slightly disagree with me. I, too, don’t like hockey, Shakespeare, Game of Thrones, chain restaurants, most desserts, porn, sunflowers and Hitler. I do like brussels sprouts, in fact, I love them. John Travolta–no one could ever convince me to like him. But, even you could ever convince me not to like Karen’s The Art of Doing Stuff, it is my lifeline to a laugh a day.

  84. Ev Wilcox says:

    Nothing wrong with opinions, if expressed as such. Trying to convince is a whole ‘nother animal, which I try to not do! My only beef with G o T’s is that I do not get it here-Damn! And I really like Brussels sprouts, but so what? Whether anyone else does or not means nothing to me! I would say that I HAVE NEVER found worms in sprouts, but I won’t, ’cause the Garden Gods will fix that right up. And, my grown children seem to not want to hear any opinion from me on pretty much any subject. I am expected, and do, listen to theirs. Some times life just sucks, ya know?

  85. Kelli says:

    Oooh, and just wait till you’re in your 50s, you won’t give a rat’s arse about anything! LOL. Or maybe that’s just me. I don’t care.

  86. Lifesart says:

    Just wait til you’re 65! Then you really won’t care what other people think! And you still won’t like Brussel Sprouts! (husband tried to make cole slaw outta them, ‘they’re just baby cabbages!’ No they ARE NOT! Still YUCKY!!!)

  87. Vicky says:

    My husband hates apple pie. Everyone tells him that their’s is different. Now, hand him a whole apple that is ripe and he’ll chomp the hell out of it.

    I get what you are saying here.

  88. Vicky says:

    Plus I’m 59 so I haven’t given a shit about other people’s opinions for a long, long time.

  89. I can’t stand brussel sprouts or leeks. I think Hitler was an asshat. I’m meh about Game of Thrones, and really didn’t like the newer Battlestar Gallactica. AT ALL. Hated it, in fact.

    And yeah, you’re right. I’m over 40 and it honestly doesn’t bug me if people disagree with me. I feel how I feel. If I don’t want to wear pink, I won’t wear it. If I think my teenagers look stupid the newest fad of clothing, I’ll tell them. They won’t agree with me, but then they’re teenagers and have to deal with the kids at school where everyone wants to be liked by everyone.

    So yup. You are spot on. 🙂

  90. jainegayer says:

    Very refreshing comments. I’m 66 and never worry about what other people think of me, never have. But I did worry that maybe something was wrong with me because I didn’t care. So happy to know that other people are content just being themselves. I loathe brussels sprouts. I gag if I even smell them cooking. Vile vegetable.

    Thank you for the laughs, Karen.

  91. Rachel says:

    I turned 43 yesterday. I live in the tropics and celebrate Halloween in an overtly Religious country with negative feelings about it. I constantly wonder about Fall, orange and red trees and what people mean when they say the air is getting cooler and crisper. My own countrymen constantly berate me for not loving endless sunshine and sitting around drinking rum all year long. My son is Autistic and because I am a teacher of Shakespeare, he’s been reciting quotes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream since he was 5, ( and Robert Frost poetry). I love GOT because it IS cheesy and it reminds me of the guilty pleasure shows of the eighties I grew up watching with my mom who died from cancer, except now, those shows are just pleasures. She would have agreed with me that Sansa was a recycled Lucy from Dallas and Jon Snow’s death was “who shot J.R.” all over again! Then we would watch Mad Men’s finale and sob like babies. I love life’s contrasts. My kid taught me that no matter how much the people in my world refuse to give something else a try, or try to see something in a different light, that there IS an “art to doing stuff” and I should always be open to changing my mind no matter how old I get, because I may find a diamond in what I thought was garbage. Your beautiful Thankgiving centrepiece looks like something from a scene in an Oscar award winning Shakespeare production, by the way, and it made me insanely happy! Thank you so much Karen. Can’t wait to piss off my neighbours with your DIY spider web I plan to hang in my front window along with a barrage of offensive Halloween decor! I love all your articles.

    • Ann Brookens says:

      Rachel, have a lovely Halloween! Sorry I can’t send you some of our “crisp” air; there was frost on my car this morning!

  92. IRS says:

    Conversations about personal likes and dislikes can be highly entertaining, as long as no one gets pushy about insisting that they are right. No sane or intelligent person could actually be upset that another person refuses to eat a food that they themselves adore. Conversations about less trivial things are a different matter. While it is sadly true that most people babble on about things that are stupid and unimportant, it is a good idea to keep one ear open for the occasional idea that floats by that is actually of interest. I have had conversations with people who held opposite opinions to mine, that really made me think. On a few occasions, the conversation actually led to me gathering more information, and ultimately changing or modifying my opinion. You don’t have to eat something you don’t like, or do something in a way you don’t like, just because someone else is trying to strong arm you, but it is good to be open to new ideas. Use critical thought to evaluate them, and if you conclude that they are not for you, cheerfully move on. Life is a buffet; pick and choose what YOU like.

  93. Now, I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t like Elvis Presley. I’m way over 40 and was there when Elvis hit the scene. I didn’t like him then and never learned to.
    There. I’ve said it.

  94. tiffany says:

    we call them “poison balls” in my family.

  95. Stacey says:

    So Karen, are you still even reading the replies? ‘Cus baseball is on. To be honest I didn’t read too far in, but I am annoyed with the GOT show only because I have read the books and they are taking waaaaay too many liberties for my liking. The books are much better. I like sunflowers and Brussel sprouts, but absolutely WILL NOT eat turnip , or rutabaga or whatever way you would like to disguise this vegetable. My name is Stacey, and I am over 40.

  96. yvonne says:

    Got my hubby (who is early 50’s…shush…don’t tell him I told you) to admit that Tom Cruise is a pretty decent actor. Do you know how long that took? Every TC movie on Netflix, every TC movie on tv, even Redbox. How long did it take? About a year. Was it worth it? Possibly. Now working on his ambivalence to John Travolta (come on…how could you not like him in Pulp Fiction, From Paris with Love and Wild Hogs?). I think I should have been in politics, behind the scenes, lol.

    • IRS says:

      I have never considered John Travolta to be much of an actor, but I admit that him being a Scientologist is a large part of his creepiness factor. But Scientology aside, as he has aged, he really has become a creepy old man. Did you see the way he caressed the face of that young singer at the Oscars? It was straight out of “Silence of the Lambs”. *shudders* And yes, I know that Tom Cruise also drinks the Scientology Koolaid, which also dampens my enthusiasm for him. At least he is better looking, and a much better actor IMHO than JT, and I must admit I love the Mission Impossible movies. And we finally get a new James Bond movie in a few weeks. Yay! But no more Daniel Craig after this one, because he has turned into a petulant little shit, who doesn’t want to do them any more.

  97. Fruity pies are pretty gross… and mayo on French fries? Eww! Who started that? Mayo is just a white glob of nasty! Someone made me a cheesecake once and I forced myself to eat it. Yuck! Sunflowers, though? I love sunflowers.

  98. Debbe Van Ness says:

    Question regarding formatting of the replies. In the upper left hand corner, there’s a number. I always thought it was for the number of the reply, but the numbers are all over the place, sometimes duplicated. Is it just a glitch? I could say I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m an idiot that is missing the obvious, but gotta say I do care. :::sigh:::

    • IRS says:

      Individual comments are numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc, but if you reply to a comment, as I just did to yours, it is numbered 1, if you are the first. If another person replies to the same comment, they are number 2. If someone replies to a reply to a comment, the numbers start all over again. It is sort of like a folder within a folder within……..well, you get the idea. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. The gray and white backgrounds to the printed comments also help to organize where everything belongs. But yes, it gets confusing sometimes, especially when someone comments in the wrong spot, as I have sometimes done. And of course you’re not an idiot. Asking a question to learn something should never be something you should feel bad about. If someone tries to put you down for it, just employ my favourite phrase. All together now: “F*** off!”

    • Ann Brookens says:

      I would have answered your question but IRS took care of that. Now, you see the 2 in the upper left corner? ‘Cause I am the second reply to your post!

  99. Merrilee says:

    I quite enjoy disliking John Travolta, and his weird “talk through the teeth” thing. I also don’t care for Phil Collins, or Bruce Springsteen, or those stupid shoes called crocs. I’m also not going to try to convince anyone to like what I like, because I care equally less about what they like! But just in case anyone else cares….I like Tom Petty, Susan Tedeschi, Vincent Perez (you’ve gotta see Indochine), and Jenny Doan (a quilter who has quite the series of youtube tutorials). And avocados.

  100. Mel says:

    Amen sister! I don’t like hockey either and it is a very unpopular opinion to have as a Canadian! Being 33 with two small kids I don’t care either.

  101. Jody says:

    I got nothing to say and I don’t care.

  102. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    After reading all of this…I’m quite sure that I don’t care..lol..

  103. Well, as a professional pastry chef, I hope most people don’t agree with you about desserts. I love all cruciferous vegetables, and Shakespeare, but I can understand those who don’t. Your comment about the reaction you get when you tell people you dislike brussels sprouts reminds me of the reaction I get when I tell anyone I can’t whistle. What do they say in response? They don’t say anything. To a man, they simply whistle–like, to prove they can! I never said YOU couldn’t whistle! I said I can’t whistle. You don’t need to rub it in! Jerks.

    • Karen says:

      I am currently eating rhubarb crisp. But I don’t really count that as a dessert because … well I just don’t. ~ karen!

  104. dannie says:

    I just laughed my way thru your blog. Nothing has to be wrong to just give in to being a hater every once in awhile. Why must we be so politically correct all the time when most things are just opinions. Glad you didn’t have any point … your blog was hilarious and refreshing. I don’t care what you hate or don’t, so I must be over 40. I don’t care if everyone seems to be all about brussell sprouts and don’t even want to state my opinion, so that must make me over 50! What in the hell am I going to be like over 60?

  105. Kari says:

    Agreed! I’m under 40 so I may be an exception because I can’t begin to describe how little I care what the majority of people think about me. Some people might disagree but I feel like soooo many people are just judgmental idiots drowning in their own issues and hangups and I’m just like biatch, just work on yourself because you don’t know me. And it hit me one day why would I care what these people think about me or anyone else.

  106. Kari says:

    To be clear, there are also penty of amazing and wonderful people but I’m talking about “haters” .

  107. What? Brussels Sprouts are the BEST! I don’t care what anyone else says thinks 🙂

  108. Ann Brookens says:

    I love how everyone who reads your blog has to reply with everything that they individually hate (I did, too, waay up there!) and agree that they also no longer care what anyone thinks! 101 responses so far! Very popular, Karen!

    • Ann Brookens says:

      Ah. I just discovered that your blog posts 100 responses to a page, then any new responses go onto ANOTHER page! Well. Now I know.

  109. Thought you’d be interested Karen; the hype over The Game of Thrones which I will admit I was initially intrigued by but then it went AWOL and I’ve not pursued further – but I digress – has actually become a University Credit Course here in Winnipeg.
    Despite a world wide following of Tolkein’s amazing Lord of the Rings, by readers (and watchers) of all ages and, despite all his fascinating characters, it was just been made into movies. I had to read the book twice just to figure out who was who and how they were related to the story. I couldn’t get past the first page of TGOT. I don’t like brussel sprouts either BTW.

  110. Meg says:

    I wonder how many people tried the experiment part of this post…. (I’m under 40… maybe I was still considering your idea there/your opinion?)

    Also wondering what biological function not caring what others think comes from. Up to a certain point, that had to be something useful right? Maybe offspring of the people who get to the “Hey I’m an adult and I don’t care what you think” point survived better than the people whose brains were completely malleable well into adulthood?

  111. Jenny B says:

    This is synchronicity. I get the brussel sprouts thing. I have hated them passionately my whole life, everything from the smell to the disgusting taste. Then my husband unearthed an old barefoot contessa cookbook with a brussel sprout recipe this very weekend and made them (mix with lots of olive oil, salt and pepper, 400F for 40 minutes roasting) and the heavens opened up. They were hot little salty almost sweet nuggests of heaven. So I understand both sides of this war…

    ps – they weren’t very big ones, maybe that’s the key to brussel sprout heaven

  112. Karen says:

    Hysterical! I love this blog and try not to miss any entries. Just wait until you turn 60. You’ll be amazed at how clear things appear.

  113. Judy Jackson says:

    Euw euw euw Brussels Sprouts… yuck spphfffftttt…

    BUT, years ago I saw a Mapled Brussels Sprouts recipe (maybe Victoria magazine back pre-2000something-ish when it was a really really great magazine before it got bought out… or maybe it was a Martha Stewart recipe) for Thanks Giving. Tried it and Oh My Gosh… became my new favorite food for a while!

    Cooked in lots of butter and maple syrup (did it in the microwave without any water so a thick sauce was made)

    I’ve always been a ‘don’t care what you think’ person and not shy about my dislikes… Now I absolutely love being of an age where people believe me without question.

  114. Sean says:

    The only reason I like Brussel Sprouts is cuz they make me FART and I love to FART

    • MaggieB says:

      Hahaha! That is EXACTLY the reason that my brothers and nephews eat them at Christmastime – sitting in the same room especially when the fire is lit and the dog joins in as well makes the atmosphere rather fuggly! And they all seem to wait until the most exciting reveal in the film plot and then you have to decide – breath-poison, can you hold your breath long enough or eyes now watering neeeeeed Oxygen immediately!

  115. Kitten Caboodle says:

    I’ve pretty much never cared about what people think. What I’m really looking forward to is getting to the age where I can *say* whatever I want and people will just give me a pass because of my advanced and addled brain.

  116. Rubi J says:

    I don’t care for Brussels sprouts, GoT, The Voice or Dancing With the Stars type of shows. Peanut butter gives me headaches and also had very boring kinda kill me now childhood moments every time Scooby Doo was on since it was everybody’s favorite cartoon and I just hate it. There I said it?. Looking forward to being 40?

  117. pixie dixon says:

    you just sound like a crank, knock it off. just give us the art of doing stuff. there is enough cranky garbage all over the web. don’t contribute to it. show a little class and keep it to yourself

    • Karen says:

      I believe the phrase I’m looking for at the moment is fuck off. Oh I’m sorry. I forgot. I’m supposed to be Pollyanna-robot Karen. ~ karen!

  118. Laura worsham says:

    Tis absolutely true that you cannot ever change anyone’s mind about what they desire or do not desire (aka “like”). Most of what’s wrong with this world is the effort of the powerful to force others to do what they want. iIt is very important that you don’t like Hitler. However, as I spend too much time contemplating the nature of evil, I am certain that Hitler had no control over what he desired. While interesting that you don’t like GOT and it gives me pause (how could you?) I am ok with that. I also find brussel sprouts interesting. I used to hate them, as for most of my life people always boiled them wh/makes them bitter — then about 8 years ago had some baked and I love them. Why did people always boil them? I could go on about the difference between frozen spinach and fresh — but that would date me as a child of the 60’s. Finally, if you like chocolate and peanut butter, then you do like desserts. I suppose it comes down to definitions. Please define “dessert”. AYour dislike of them baffles me. It’s ok, I just do not understand. You, however, I like very much. Not a choice, just the way I feel.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. yes. I know. I’ve tried to convince many a person that I really don’t like Game of Thrones. It’s like telling them I don’t like air. They just don’t understand. ~ karen!

  119. pixie dixon says:

    f**k off to you too c***, whiney b***h (this comment has been lightly edited by karen for the more sensitive readers. who unlike the commenter will enjoy the unlimited irony in all of this)

  120. Laura Bee says:

    Well, I love desserts, but will agree on hating everything else. Although I like brussel sprouts – the story about the worms may have put me off them for a bit.
    I also hate raw tomatoes and mustard.

    Need to share this with my sister on her 40th today 🙂

  121. Penny Mitchell says:

    I DETEST pork crackling. And yet . . . if ever I roast a piece of pork, it’s impossible for me to NOT make the crackling as crispy and perfect as possible. The crackling-lovers I’ve fed agree that it’s spot-on. I then cut myself a tiny piece and try it. Just in case my tastes have magically changed. Crunch, crackle, chomp . . . BLEEAGH, YECH, AGGH, spitspitspit.
    What the hell is wrong with me??
    Forget I asked. I don’t care.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. I’ve always wanted to try a good piece of pork cracklin’. Although I HATE pork rinds and can’t figure out why anyone would ever consider that a attractive snack. But if pork cracklin’ tastes anything like bacon then I’m all for it. ~ karen!

  122. Melody Axe (real name, ask my Mom.) says:

    And I don’t like butterscotch.
    But only on days that end with Y.

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