I have a relative that’s become obsessed with buying Tide when it’s on sale.  If everyone on earth ever falls into a ginormous mud puddle, I have a direct line to where we can find enough detergent to get everyone clean and still have enough Tide left over to get Nick Nolte clean.

I do the same thing with certain things but not because they’re on sale but because I always think I’m out of it.  Tin foil.  I always think I need tin foil.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on sale or not, when I see it, I buy it.  I currently have 5 boxes of tin foil.  It won’t even matter that I’ve written this entire post about how much tin foil I have.  The next time I go to the grocery store my mind will suddenly start running and jumping around compelling me to buy tin foil, because I’m not reallyyyyyyy sure that I have some.  I think I don’t.  I definitely need tin foil.

Then there’s the “Always keep in stocks”.  The things we always want, always need, always put in our carts.  Mine are going to be completely different than yours because we all have different “keep in stocks”.  For my mother it seems to be those crispy onions in a can that they used to elevate almost any dish from a casserole to a jello  mould.

My always keep in stocks are:




Diet Coke

Cream (18%)

Greek Yogurt or Milk to make Greek Yogurt.

If you come over here on any given day of the week in any given month and you want me to prepare you an Avocado lime cream casserole with a Diet Coke Yogurt sauce … I will be able to do that for you.

And I will be able to wrap up the leftovers in a tin foil packet the approximate size and weight of a hotel safe.

I look through people’s grocery carts or what they have on the conveyor belt and wonder about their food all the time. Often I’m jealous of it and wonder why in the world I didn’t buy a 14 lb watermelon or 16 cans of vanilla Ensure.

I wonder if this is the first time they bought that thing or do they always cook with that weird ingredient I’ve never seen before.  I wonder what they’re going to make with it, will their kids eat it and why I’m kind of jealous of their Chef Boyardee Raviolis.

Because I’m wildly curious about food and people’s food habits.  You know how people say no one cares about your food photos on Instagram?  I DO!  I CARE ABOUT YOUR FOOD PHOTOS!!!

So because I’m wildly curious about food I genuinely want to know what your food “Always haves” are.  What are the 5 things that you always make sure you have in stock at home?  Not including things like butter.  Everyone has butter.  Or scratch and win tickets.  Mainly because you shouldn’t really eat those, they’re very difficult to digest.

Lay it on me!  What are 5 things you always have in stock because if you didn’t you’d start to get the shakes?

Lemme know and have a good weekend!






  1. Stephk says:

    If toilet paper is insane I’m buying it. I once had a bookshelf full of toilet paper.

  2. Joanne says:

    Tortillas, Cheddar, Avocado, Lettuce, Blue Cheese. I eat quesadillas and salad 3 nights a week. Yum, plus no agonizing over what to cook!

  3. Laura Watt says:

    Ohhh! I love this game!
    Olive Oil
    Pink Salt
    extra extra old Cheddar

  4. Keelea says:

    Vidalia onions, celery, bell pepper (the Cajun holy trinity) good olive oil, and smoked sausage.

  5. I looove seeing what other people eat/buy/hoard too… because I love food, but mostly because I’m nosy!

    half and half
    no less than 4 different types of cheese
    celery… celery is my tin foil
    cherry tomatoes
    summer sausage or salami

  6. DP says:

    Facial tissues. Every time I shop I buy more – of each Kleenex color that a I obsessively horde to match the decor for each bedroom, bathroom and our beach house.

  7. Sandra says:

    Orange juice
    Cheddar cheese
    Peppermint Tea
    Ice cream

  8. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Sharp cheddar cheese
    Good wheat bread

  9. Daphne says:

    Natural cure bacon, lemons, limes, avocados and cilantro . And I never run out of real butter ,ever, if in doubt , buy.

  10. Trisha says:

    Milk, Diet Coke, eggs, sour cream, lime juice.

  11. Melissa says:

    Old Fashioned Oats

  12. Jennie Lee says:

    Progresso soup, light red kidney beans, mild salsa, eggs, fruit (apples & whatever is good yet cheap). Diet Coke used to be a must. I consumed it in vast quantities. But a recent health scare caused me to restrict my intake to six 20 oz. bottles a month. Health scares can be useful; I’ve lost 18 pounds thus far!

    • Gina says:

      The ultimate irony – the heaviest people in my circle drink nothing but Diet Coke.

      • Jennie Lee says:

        That reminds me of an old joke about salad making you fat. All the folks filling their plate with salad at the salad bar were fat, so the comedian said there was no way he’d eat that fattening salad.

      • Luanne says:

        I’m not sure that’s ironic? Maybe it’s doing what they can when they can?

  13. Gina says:

    Half and half
    Greek yogurt
    Honeycrisp apples
    Ice cream

    Wow, that’s a lot of diary!

  14. judy says:

    3 bags of costco coffee beans I now drink coffee all day long since Husband sleeps throughout the day and all night he starts poking me to get up anywhere from 4 am to 5:30. Let me tell you,sleep,beautiful sleep is worth more than diamonds,gold or whatever..I buy way too much 1/2 price stuff,and a lot of it gets fed to the Rottweiler and the 100 lb Lab-Pit. The Rottie now weighs 145 and I know you are thinking…don’t give him all that food,but this Dog bangs his 50 lb head on my 76 year old leg until I give him something. And I am still shopping at Costco even though its just the two of us so 5 packages of pasta instead of one,6 cans of chopped tomatoes for spaghetti instead of one..I am the archetype of..if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result you are coo-coo.

    • Karen P says:

      Bless you. I should come and live with you. The hubbies can live together at our place and stay awake all day and night with each other. You and I could get some sleep. It’d be great!

    • Stefani says:

      LOL I’m a widow, living alone, and I still buy huge bags of stuff at Costco! I love that store.

  15. Deirdre says:

    3 minute steel cut oatmeal
    Green onions
    Chicken/beef or veggie stock

  16. Marianne says:

    Interesting topic!! I eat low-carb, high protein because carbs are the root of all evil (for my body and mind), so my basic list is:
    Ground turkey or chicken
    Greek yogurt (coconut)
    Sugar-free Jello
    Low-carb tortillas
    Cheese sticks (colby, cheddar, or mozz)

  17. Edith says:

    Dark leaf lettuce
    Country bread
    Those assorted mini bell peppers
    Small buffalo cheese balls in olive oil

  18. Teri Shaw says:

    Grated Parmesan,
    Mild salsa,
    Feta cheese,
    Truvia (stevia sweetener).
    My personal tin foil is unsalted butter. If it is on sale I buy 2 at a time. I tell myself it is for baking but once I had so much in the freezer I made ghee.

    • Karen says:

      Oh, lol! Well if you still have the ghee I actually have a recipe going up on the blog next week that uses ghee! ~ karen!

  19. Melissa says:

    Oh my, just FIVE?? (hoarding tendencies aside), ok fine, 5 limit rule

    Diet Coke (don’t let me run out…or you’re gonna have to run out and get me more)

    Lemon Pepper – I always think I’m out…I’m never out, 28 in the cabinet

    Peanut butter – I have no idea why. Again, 28 in the pantry

    Deodorant – I’m running out, right?? No, 28 are in my bathroom cabinet, maybe 29

    Lucky Charms – don’t judge me…I only eat the charms, enough boxes to start my own cereal distribution

  20. Lynn says:

    Coffee , no fat creamer, Peanut Butter, Rye Bread, Tomato Soup would have to be my top 5 with old fort Cheadder being a must have 6th .

    • Alice says:

      Lynn, you’re in Canada, right? You know the “fort” in Old Fort Cheddar is just the French translation, right?

    • I love Old Fort. We call it that at our house, never mind cheese or cheddar. It’s just Old Fort. Although we’ve recently found a Seriously Sharp white cheddar that my in-laws bring us from the States. It’s much more Fort than Old Fort.

  21. Ellen says:

    Nutritional yeast
    Jars of red peppers
    Sweet potatoes
    Bananas (to freeze for banana ice cream)

  22. Haydée Skeet says:

    Baked beans
    Sour Cream
    Old Cheddar

    I also always buy green onions and never eat them so they slime away in my fridge.
    Because, one day I might make tuna salad

    • Rachel San Diego says:

      I feel you on the green onions. And the slime.

    • Nicole says:

      Oh the green onion slime… Which reminds me, tomorrow is trash day and they should have gone out! Argh!

      Also, have you guys tried planting a green onion stalk? Pinterest tells me that’s a thing you can do and it will regenerate. Presumably it will only do this pre-slime.

      • Kori says:

        I keep mine in a mason jar with just tap water on the window sill and yes they will regrow and won’t get slimy. I put mine there and they grow like crazy until I forget to water them, then they die, or I water them them and they grow like crazy but I don’t need them….

    • Elaine says:

      Oh! Thank you so much for your slime story – now I don’t feel so guilty when I toss my celery slime. I keep thinking I’m going to make chicken salad but never get do. Plus I live on my own now and a whole head of celery is a lot!

      • Elaine says:

        Sorry for the typo … meant to type “never get around to it”. There’s been (so far!) year-round construction outside my condo and I’m badly missing my shut-eye!

      • Jennifer says:

        I don’t get the green onion slime, for me it’s the cucumber slime…you know, when you open that useless produce drawer to finally get the cucumber and your fingers go right through it….Love that one…lol

  23. Stephanie Barnhart says:

    Parmesan cheese
    Fudge pops
    Black beans

    We’re super healthy around here, as you can tell.

  24. Anastacia says:

    I have to keep my hubby’s ” must-haves” in stock. I tend to eat a wide variety of food. He needs what I lovingly call, “slab-o-meat” every night. Yes. Every night.

    • Lydia says:

      What is it with men always needing their meat? Mine’s the same way. Has to have “something good” with meat every night–the only exception being Blackbean Quesadillas. Whereas, I could live on like peanut butter toast and cereal!

  25. Laura says:

    Olive oil, dried oregano, Kraft Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, laundry detergent

  26. Tracy Egan says:

    Avocados (unless they are 3 dollars each because that’s just ridiculous)
    Dog Food, always Dog Food.

  27. trish says:

    you guys have really yummy interesting top 5s. i dont have a top five more of a minus list, like your tinfoil Karen. its got so bad now my kitchen blackboard now has two columns: Top left what we’ve run out of and bottom right headed no more> Today the list reads ‘no more: brown sugar (which has been in this column for about 6 weeks), sultanas and soap’. And i these are things are just always buy whether or not they’re on special. Not bad, since i’m only 2 days out from my last main fortnightly shop. But who knows what else will reveal itself duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate and beyond as i forage through the pantry!

  28. Jane S says:

    Peanut butter
    Shredded wheat with bran

  29. Suzanne says:

    Cheese – usually cheddar
    Dried pasta
    Good bread
    Some kind of fruit – depends on what is in season or looks good

  30. Stephanie says:

    Baby spinach, in vast quantities, for green smoothies
    Grass-fed beef (ground, for burgers)
    Fruit: whatever’s in season, or apples

  31. Kim from Montana says:

    Half and half
    Real butter
    Chicken stock

    I have 6 rolls of aluminum foil on my shelf right now. I also have a tendency to hoard ziplock bags of all sizes. And garbage bags because I am so particular about the style if I find them I buy them.

  32. Auntiepatch says:

    Chicken (don’t judge me, I can only eat poultry and seafood)
    Milk (I can’t live without it)
    Chocolate Chips (ditto)
    Cat food/treats (I REALLY can’t live without it. Angry cats are scary.)
    Artichokes (I love them)

    I bake so I always buy butter.

  33. Susy Fry says:

    Butter every single shopping trip
    Pasture raised heavy cream
    Frozen berries
    Super sharp pasture rsised cheddar cheese
    A package of mexed veggies for emergency use
    At least one too green avocado that I forget while waiting for not tonripem. I am swearing off this right now.

    • Eileen says:

      I have never been able to figure out how they “pasture-raise” or “grass-feed” cream and milk…visions of little containers and gallon jugs out in the green fields…do they give them straws so they can suck up the grass?

  34. Wendi Miller says:

    My grocery list is generally different every week, but these items are ALWAYS on it:

    Fresh Garlic
    Italian Bread
    Cereal (either Honey Nut Cheerios or Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats)
    Pace Picante Sauce (it’s good with so many things: with nachos; on a baked potato; on scrambled eggs; in chili…)
    Chocolate milk (it’s my addiction)

  35. Kathleen says:

    Coconut cream / milk
    Italian chopped / whole tinned tomatoes (in case I don’t have fresh in the fridge, which I always do)
    Fresh tomatoes (at least 2 different varieties)
    Angel Hair pasta

    My “tin foil” is dried herbs, particularly oregano. I have at least 4 extra in the grocery cupboard.

  36. Kmarie says:

    1.) Cinnamon. Every single time I go to the store I come back thinking I don’t have any. Currently I have four large costco sized ones in my baking cupboard ( though we do go through them fast as I use it in all my home made baking and to top of frothed tea and coffee.)
    2.) Grape seed Oil ( I do not know why- currently have four costco sized ones. Keep forgetting I already bought it and my brain is on repeat.)
    3.) Dark Chocolate ( I panic when this goes down to three bars:)
    4.) Organic Greek Yugort ( Costco thinks we are crazy as we buy 17 containers at a time- In our defence we go only once a month.)
    5.) Half and Half creams. We buy two cases of cream every time we are at costco for our family of five.
    We tend to follow the Weston and Price Diet (ish)/ Mediterranean so mainly high fat foods I suppose…
    for a non food item: Purple Method Spray. I hate being out of it..running soapy water over my counters with a rag just doesn’t feel as clean or as pretty.

  37. Rachel San Diego says:

    Sweet Potatoes
    Tortilla Chips

    (And I’m also one of those people who hoard Kleenex in decor-matching colors. I feel so much better knowing I’m not alone.)

  38. Ruth hirsch says:

    Another Wonderful column. Blog. Email.

    Am I the only Caper gatherer?

    My cousins laughed themselves silly at the collection in my pantry. Same: in Big Box (happily, can mostly shop in well priced smaller shop or two around here, with occasional trip to Big Box.)

    Waft down aisle, see capers, appreciate self for remembering to buy…………
    bring them home and discover their many sibs. No more, tho, thanks to the echoes of my cousins laughing at my caper stock.
    Have enough of years……probably almost the rest of my life.

    • Debbie from Illinois says:

      Your love for capers reminds me of a man having a meltdown in a tiny grocery store in the northern woods of Wisconsin. Man, he was mad that the tiny mom & pop store didn’t have his beloved capers. 🙂

      I like capers but I only have two recipes I use them in, so a jar last me a long time.

    • Cheryl says:

      I have done that, but it’s not a regular thing. However, I did just open the last jar so I’d better put them on the list.

    • Jay says:

      Capers!!!!! They make my list. I have a fit if I’m out of capers. I use then all the time, when I’m catering just for me, or when doing puttanesca sauce.

  39. Cynthia Jones says:

    How come everyone else got this post early? Never mind.

    1. Cilantro. Its called Coriander in Australia. I like it on pizzas, in stir fries and even in scrambled eggs.
    2. Dilmah loose leaf tea. To make in an old fashioned Swan brand aluminium pot.
    3. Sour cream.
    4. Tomatoes. On the vine. Cherry ones, grape ones.
    5. Eggs. For brekky and for surprise cooking.

  40. GC Lehman says:

    Oh boy! ….keep it to 5…..

    Veggies (cucumber, grape tomatoes, carrots)
    Fruit (apples and so much more in summer, I live in BC. Yummy!!)
    Pepsi (I’m a addict)
    Ripple Potato Chips

    • GC Lehman says:

      I forgot the frozen berries! My 3 year old wouldn’t eat if I didn’t keep cheery tomatoes and frozen berries (generally blueberries) in stock at all times!!

  41. CarlyMae says:

    1. Bananas
    2. Apples
    3. Pasta sauce – a good marinara is the base for so many of my meals!
    4. Frozen broccoli
    5. Dog treats – I know they’re not a human food item, but I always worry that my pup will run out!

  42. Patricia says:

    If I don’t have any of the following items, I am uncomfortable until I get to the store:
    Tea bags (plain old Black Tea, preferably Tetley 🙂
    Cheese (usually cheddar)
    Canned tomatoes (I always buy them at the store, my tin foil)

    • Jessica says:

      I was amazed it took this far down for someone to say eggs! We are constantly out of eggs!

      My list:

      So, I can make you breakfast…any time! Or you can gnaw some lettuce and sip wine.

  43. Kelly says:

    Any kind of rice (except minute rice-hate it), kashi cereal, bananas ALWAYS, frozen vegetables when not in season (*green beans) AND Nabob Gastown Grind Coffee, on sale, naturally!

  44. Rhonda says:

    Yellow onions
    Red Onions
    Tomatoes, fresh and canned
    Cream of Mushroom Soup

  45. Jaclyn says:

    I compulsively buy packets of yeast – every time I’m planning to bake, I stand in the store & convince myself the pantry is bare.
    Greek yogurt
    Are my 5 always-haves.

  46. Anne says:

    Is milk like butter? Something we all pretty much have? Does it count,? Or is it like the free square in Bingo? Cuz… we drink a gallon a day, so it’s the thing I’m usually going shopping for, and something we can’t be without!

    But 5 other than that would be:

    Greek yogurt

    Peanut butter!!

    Coffee (I always have a bag or 2 of about 6 different flavors”in stock” at home!)

    Fruit (whatever’s in season and on sale)

    Potatoes (my husband is from Aroostook country in Maine & loves all things potato!)

  47. Teri says:

    you all are so healthy!!!

    XXX Eggs – well, no, we have chickens so I don’t buy eggs. We just used 2 dozen to bake for a friend/extra son wedding. didn’t even dent the supply – I hate to wash eggs so they pile up and then I need to find a meal using eggs, but I don’t buy them!!

    Sandwich meat (yuck – sorry, but it is for the kids) – chicken or ham. Kids eat. They might even add some veggies to their sandwiches

    Milk. always milk. we are bottle feeding a lamb, who is well past needing it but is noisy

    Cheese, Cheddar if on sale or Gouda. simple tastes. Love to buy a Gouda round, cut and freeze.

    XXXX Garlic and Onion (nope, we grow our own, but if we were out of them, we HAVE to have on the counter)

    Pasta – ya gotta have scooby doo (extra curly elbow macaroni) for the best Mac and Cheese. I tend to over buy

    Sesame oil and other oils – I never can remember what we are low on..

  48. karen tomlinson says:

    All from Trader Joes:
    roasted chicken strips
    formaggio cheese blend
    think thin crunchy peanut butter-chocolate bars (zero sugar-20 grams protein-great chocolate hit)

  49. Luanne says:

    Purple cabbage
    Cottage cheese
    Corn meal
    Flakes of ham (true story)
    2 chicken breaststroke

    Nail files are my tin foil. I have a bazillion of them.

  50. Liz says:

    Only 5?? These are definitely the top 5 out of about 20 items.

    Olive Oil
    Garlic, lots and lots of garlic – I actually write that on my grocery lists
    Flour – for that wonderful bread you taught me to make – I bought that cookbook too.

  51. Bev Rommens says:

    Ah…yes. Little jars of cinnamon, cans of mushrooms, toilet rolls, bananas, coffee. Weird?

  52. Jenn says:

    Ok –
    Apple juice
    (hate it – but kids love it)

  53. Schweppes Tonic water (for G&T’s), French Vanilla coffee cream, cereal, milk, American cheese slices, and Cranberry juice.

    • pat says:

      There it is, there’s the French Vanilla coffee cream. Whew, thought it was just us. Then:

      – skim milk
      – eggs
      – cheese
      – fruit / veggies. I know, booooooorrrring.

  54. Marsha Snodgrass says:

    Bananas, bananas, bananas, mangos, and beer for my husband 🙂
    I love bananas!

  55. Kate says:

    Bottled still spring water (Highland Spring) The thought of running out induces panicky feelings. And if I did? Well you could pretty much name your price.
    That’s probably the only thing I’m obsessed about having enough of (I drink a lot of water)
    The other four things I buy ‘just in case’ and almost always get home to find I have plenty of already
    Sweet potatoes
    Halloumi cheese

  56. Amber says:

    Asafoetida powder (hing at the Indian grocery)–you have to get past the initial smell, but it is better than garlic and onion powder. And I am a garlic lover. It has an aged mellowness to it.

    Braggs soy aminos–like concentrated soy sauce flavor, but still liquid. My husband is vegetarian and a lot of meat substitutions we use this in. And sauces and such. Bonus: lower sodium than soy sauce.

    Apples–my husband and his son eat tons of apples.

    Cherry tomatoes–they just seem to go well in almost everything.

    Broccoli slaw–shredded broccoli, carrot and cabbage. It is a staple for last minute soups, stir frys, utma, mason jar salads…

    • Amber says:

      Also, with the making greek yogurt: have you tried the homegrow kefir? I was doing that before I moved (it didn’t work well where I was and stopped) and I’m planning to get som grains to start again. I wasn’t fond of the smoothie level kefir, but the strained version that was greek yogurt or even cream cheese like was great. And I have since read the whey is great for baking.

      And have you ever made yogurt cheese? I have just done the kefir version, but I understand that it is basically just straining it beyond greek yogurt (I was using a nut milk bag or a jelly bag strainer for the kefir cheese.)

  57. Nancy W says:

    Rolled oats
    Peanut butter
    And kale
    (Yes, that is six, but they are the six things I tend to live on. Coffee doesn’t count, as it is an unspoken rule around here, NEVER NEVER run out of coffee…!)

    Kale and oranges make a delicious green drink…

  58. Caroline says:

    1 – Butter Hawaiian buns. Has to be the 4 pack.*
    2 – Cheddar.
    3 – Bananas.
    4 – Veggie sausages.
    5 – Avocado.

    * MY tin foil ? There are two packs in the bread bin plus another two in the freezer. That’s 16 buns. My 8yr old is the only one who eats them. Sigh.

  59. Lauren says:

    Things I always have:
    Onions. I love them.
    Good stock or boullion.
    A block of cheese. In a pinch I could probably make a damn tasty meal out of the above items. (Secret’s out I have. More than l once)

    Yea that’s five. I also always have garlic, butter, herbs and meats and tortillas of various sizes in my freezer. It turns out they freeze wonderfully and if you have the above mentioned onions and cheese you can scrape the mold off the jar of chipotles I always have, mix with a little mayo (everyone has) for an *amazing* quesadilla. Older bell pepper or mushrooms? Add those babies in too.
    Love doing stuff and love your blog Karen!

  60. Mark says:

    Top 5 list:
    – eggs
    – old cheddar
    – bananas (or whatever fruit is is in season)
    – long red peppers
    – coffee beans (Colombian)

    Buy if on sale:
    – bacon
    – TP
    – Tetley tea

    PS: Karen – did you see this article? That should mean that you are safe from the Zika virus. 😐

  61. Emmeline says:

    Yorkshire tea bags
    Olive oil
    UHT Soya milk

  62. Kat says:

    I am with the TP Gang! One can never have enough TP!
    I was surprised to see how many are Avacodo Hoarders out there.
    My latest hoarding grocery item is tea. Not just any tea, it has to be STASH Double Spice Chai Tea. I keep thinking they are going to stop making it (that always happens to me when I find something I like). So every grocery trip I buy several more boxes. It really is getting quite silly but I can’t help it. When I make it I always add a spoon full of hot chocolate mix to it. Just downright yummy. I have even taken to making a big batch and started drinking it cold which is really good also.

  63. Nicole says:

    Diet Coke
    Microwave Popcorn
    Xochitl tortilla chips
    Green onions

  64. SusanKate says:

    Not counting coffee without which the world would end; these are the things that would drive me to the grocery store. Half and half (for the coffee) Honey Nut Cheerios, Greek yogurt, granola bars, and Cinnamon Pop Tarts. Second runners up would be: string cheese, any kind of fruit juice, Pillsbury Orange sweetrolls in the can, and Oreos. (The first list ALMOST looked to healthy.

  65. MaggieB says:

    My 5 brain freeze items are :

    Dutch processed cocoa powder
    Italian tomatoes, tinned – chopped, whole or cherry
    Tea leaves – any from Rooibos, Gunpowder Green and Peppermint depending on which Tea leaf neuron beeps the loudest.

  66. MaggieB says:

    PS Karen love that the video plays in the background. Have just been captivated all over again with Josephine and her chicks.

  67. Grammy says:

    Ziplock bags are my tinfoil
    Diet Pepsi (never Coke)
    Mexican blend shredded cheese

    Tend to grow lots of tomatoes and peppers and squash, so no reason to buy those.

  68. Kelly says:

    1. Spinach, from Costco, consumed in two weeks by just the two of us.
    2. Pasta, dry or filled and frozen. Often both.
    3. Artichoke hearts, delicious in all things and cheap from Costco.
    4. Cheese! At least three kinds at any given moment, typically a block of cheddar, shredded mozzarella, and something special depending on the week’s meal plan 🙂
    5. Band-aids are my tin foil. I hoard them in every size and shape and in my bathroom, purse, car, anywhere there might ever be need!

  69. Avacado
    Sour cream
    Tortilla chips
    Tofutti cuties

  70. Sangita says:

    My five must haves –
    Lysol disinfecting wipes (must have lots of back up too)
    Toilet paper

  71. Rita says:

    My father : Marmite. Tomatoes. Bread. He then opens the newest. Because.

    My partner : Fish sticks. Tinned meat balls. Dried fruit.

    Me : Red lipstick. Nail varnish. Curl cream. I know what matters

  72. Nanette says:

    Paper towels
    Dog food

    Being a child of parents who went through the depression, I pucked up the habit of alwayd keeping certain staples in my pantry. Spices, rice peanut butter, canned soup, pasta, etc. are always there. I never understood when my friend’s cabinets only had a few items in them. Didn’t they know there could be a national disaster! lol. I tried letting certain things run out and buying them when I actually needed them, but I just couldn’t do it.

    Oh yea, this isn’t something I panic about running out of and have to buy, but rather I panic if it is not in my fridge…..bread and butter pickles. Ever since you shared your recipe, I always keep a few jars in my refrigerator.

  73. Jacquie says:

    I always have cheddar, feta, some kind of blue cheese, Brie or Camembert and lime squash/cordial. Love me some cheese 🙂

  74. Catt in Kentucky says:

    For some reason I obsess on garbanzo beans….like your tin foil obsession, only with me it is garbanzo beans. Funny thing is I rarely eat them but I am always sure I’m out of them. I currently have 14 cans of garbanzo beans. Oatmeal, almond milk, hemp hearts and Trader Joe’s aoli mustard. Oh and bananas.

  75. Amanda says:

    milk (i can’t explain this one. we usually have like 3 cartons but no one in the house drinks it, we never eat cereal, and I buy cold brew coffee that has almond milk already in it…)
    beans (dry – black beans, white beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, lentils, etc.)
    chia seeds (i’m pretty consistent about forgetting to put them in the things I intend to, and also forgetting to check the expiration date before I move them from the bag they come in to a glass jar, so I just refresh them a bunch.)

  76. BamaCarol says:

    How fun! I’ll play along…
    toilet tissue
    peanut butter M&Ms

  77. Lez says:

    Karen, I am fascinated by the crispy onions in a can!! Not sure if a can is a tin or a jar in Canada? They sound SO lovely! Photo please? We can buy them in a packet here & I love them on everything!
    1. Wine (Does that count as food!?)
    2. Heinz Tomato Soup
    3. Milk
    4. Nuts
    5. Cheese
    I also love trying to work out ‘shoppers in the queue’s’ personality from their purchases!

    • Elaine says:

      Hi Lez: i haven’t bought them for ages, but the last time I did, they came in a cardboard cylindrical container that had a tin bottom and a tin top. I’ve only seen the brand: “French’s Fried Onion Rings”.

  78. gabrielle says:

    I know I used to do this, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember what I used to buy. I am pretty sure xtra xtra old cheddar was on there. Was cured of hoarding by sticking to an extraodinarily tight budget… unless stocking up for PC points counts, but that always varies. We always have kidney and black beans also chickpeas for summer salads.

  79. Amy says:

    Crushed tomatoes
    Cheese (multiple varieties but especially sharp cheddar)

    And because I’m feeding teenage boys I’ll add their “in stocks” of tortillas and cheezits. Thank goodness for quesadillas or one of them would perish between meals!

  80. Jenny W says:

    I have two lists of “must buys”
    Costco, every single trip, toilet paper, laundry detergent, sweet & condensed milk, and their huge packages of ground beef.
    Local Grocery stores – Cool Whip, (must pronounce the H) cream cheese, and hard cheeses.
    I can “whip” up a dessert in minutes, cream cheese just elevates a simple meal to scrumptious,
    & cheese – well it’s Cheese 🙂

  81. Marilyn says:

    Capers, canned tomatoes, bananas, canned tomatoes, bread

  82. Emily says:

    White Bread (I KNOW but toddlers)
    Cream cheese (see again: toddlers)
    Apple Juice

  83. Sandra Lea says:

    Greek yogurt, lemons, avocados, tea and skim milk. I also love looking in people’s grocery carts. I find it interesting what they choose to splurge on and what they skimp on. And of course I keep my eye out for something interesting I myself might want to try.

  84. Ronda says:

    Coke (house rule my kids would tell their friends – NEVER take the last Coke!)
    PC Butter Chicken Sauce (could never remember if there were any jars in the cupboard! and its the best!)
    ex old Cheddar cheese
    boneless chicken thighs
    ground beef

  85. Dawn says:

    Let’s see-

    Lactaid milk
    Cheerios (honey nut)
    Coopers sharp cheese
    Chunky peanut butter

    I fully believe these items will change as my kids get older. 🙂

  86. Karen P says:

    Our must buys are:
    Greek yogurt
    2% milk
    Bell peppers
    Frozen Frenchstyle green beans – for my dogs

    I hoard toilet paper and scent free Sunlight laundry soap. If they’re on sale, they’re coming home with me.

  87. Lyn says:

    Baby Spinach
    Frozen Berries
    Extra Sharp Cheddar
    Whipping Cream
    I live on coffee, smoothies, cheese & crackers…

  88. Denise says:

    Greek yogurt
    Nuts (I even grab a little bag at every register at every store I go to.)
    Baby spinach
    Almond milk

    The weird thing about mayo – I live in the house my great-grandparents built and where my grandparents lived until they died and I moved in. My grandmother always had several jars or mayo and cans of tuna. Lots of mayo! I do too! I think it’s a curse of the house. It causes an unnatural hoarding of mayo.

  89. Thandi says:

    1).Toilet paper. It’s a compulsion. A couple of weeks ago I was having a really bad day and my husband came home with an 18 roll pack of toilet paper. He really gets me.
    2). Cinnamon. I make my own spiced pecan granola, and I’m utterly convinced that I need more cinnamon every single time I go to the shops. I have A LOT of cinnamon.
    3). I stockpile our favourite wheat-free pasta. My husband has a wheat allergy and the regular wheat free stuff is soooooo expensive. When I see our favourite cheap stuff on the rack I buy three or four packets. Every time.
    4). Washing detergent on special. Oodles of it.
    5). Foooooooil!! Oh tinfoil my beloved tinfoil! I am sure it’s really bad for the environment, but I love tinfoil.

  90. Christy Weber says:

    Instant oatmeal
    Baby carrots
    Graham crackers
    Vegan cheese
    Nail polish…I have enough never opened bottles to open my own nail salon. Thankfully I have only bought the same color once.

  91. Anna Lee says:

    Goat cheese, avocados, bell peppers, milk (for coffee and for making greek yogurt), sour cream…

  92. Thera says:

    Honey Oat bread
    instant coffee
    strawberry yogurt

    boring lol

  93. Sue H says:

    • wine
    • cilantro
    • cumin
    • beans (cannelini, garbanzo, black)
    • diced tomatoes

  94. Fun to see all the lists of must haves! Mine:
    Steel cut oats
    Frozen blueberries
    Peanut butter
    Dark chocolate

  95. Phyllis Boyd says:

    tomato sauce
    garlic powder

  96. Karen Duke says:

    This is so funny because I really study what people have in their carts and if it’s interesting then I figure out what dishes they’re going to make with their haul. I plan out their meals for them in my head.

    My chickens are hooked on bananas. I have 150 pet chickens and buy 30 to 40 lbs. a week. Every week either the cashier or the person in line behind me asks me what I’m going to do with so many bananas. Banana pudding for a church fund raiser? Smoothies for my child care center? Sometimes I lie. Last week I said they were for my monkey because people think I’m crazy when I say I trade my chickens bananas for eggs.

    Bananas are illegally price fixed. No matter what store I go to they’re 49 cents a pound for regular, 59 cents for organic.

    I live in the country and I’m a grocery hoarder because it takes 10 minutes to drive to the grocery store. I only go because I’m running out of bananas.

    Here’s what I can never run out of (besides bananas):
    Heavy Cream
    Diet Coke
    Splash Lime-A-Ritas
    Frozen Shrimp

    • Eileen says:

      jeepers…where do you live? I want to come and buy bananas there! Around here they’re almost twice as much!
      Not that I buy many bananas. The window in which I consider them edible is minute, and usually opens while I am away from the house (probably shopping for my must-haves).

    • meredith says:

      Haha…..the only other person I’ve ever seen that knew chickens were bonkers for bananas! I fed my chickens bananas for years. Piles of bananas every time I went to the store. They would shove each other out of the way for them, jump straight up in the air for them….crazy. Many many rounds of chickens loved bananas. Then two springs ago, I got about 7 new chicks, several different breeds…..they all could care less about bananas. So no more bananas at the store.

  97. Kirsten says:

    Egg noodle pasta
    Greek yogurt
    Pound cake (prefer lemon)

  98. Ann says:

    full fat cream for my coffee
    non-fat milk for my husband
    dark chocolate
    avocado oil potato chips

    Sad news today…..lost my baby chick to a snake. In a coop I thought was unpenetrable. So sad. So post more pics of your babies so I can live vicariously thru you

  99. Mary W says:

    Water, instant pudding (fat/sugar free), cheese, bran cereal.

  100. Mel Robicheau says:

    The items that would put me in a sweat if we ran out are:
    1. Coffee (Organic fair trade caff and decaf – we are slowly working our way to full decaf but toddlers);
    2. Organic Meadows Coffee Cream;
    3. Bananas (always organic because they last longer and don’t taste gross after they get spots);
    4. Onions/garlic – they are always used together so really they are one item;
    5. Beer – because toddlers. Just kidding, it is beer, no reasons needed. Hubby and I enjoy trying new craft beer and I love Mill St. Organic.

    I almost think the first two fall into the butter and (almond) milk category so my alternates, but not quite as sweat worthy, are avocados and cheese (cheddar, feta, mozzarella, havarti, halloum, gouda – at least one but usually 2-3 types).

    My hoard item is Rainforest Coast canned tuna. I always think I’m out but I only eat tuna sandwiches one or twice a month. And forget if it is on sale, then I really stock up.

  101. jainegayer says:

    Half and Half and whipping cream (for the coffee)
    Apples and carrots for my horse

    Then I’m happy and she’s happy.

  102. Susan Claire says:

    Baby carrots-for the dogs
    Green beans-for the dogs
    Apples-for the dogs
    Plain non-fat greek yogurt-for the dogs
    Bananas-for my sweetie, who shares them with the dogs

  103. Anne McCarthy says:

    Silk milk and creamer, coffee, canned tomatoes, broths of all kinds, glutino muffins and hummus.

  104. Codi says:

    Everytime I go to the store:
    coffee creamer (specifically, Coffeemate Hazelnut, super full of chemicals, ridiculously expensive for not even having any real hazelnuts in it)
    greek yogurt
    tomatoes (only when it’s not farmers’ market season)
    fresh mozzarella

    Karen why don’t you grow your own avocados yet???

  105. Judy O says:

    You wouldn’t die of excitement — or envy — eyeballing my cart, Karen.

    Ham (entices my allergic-to-everything-except-pork-and-fish dog to eat her [gross] hypoallergenic dog food)
    Watermelon or apples, depending on the season
    Wax paper (it’s my tin foil)
    Pasta (the more fun the shapes, the more likely I am to choose that one)
    Frozen ground turkey (My meal planning consists of opening the pantry and refrigerator/freezer when I get home from work, grabbing a few things and thinking, “Yeah, I can make dinner out of that!” Generally, pasta and frozen ground turkey play a key role.)

  106. Sally says:

    Eggs, bread, milk, orange juice, toilet paper and cat food. Butter is actually in there too, so I really have 7 things, but this has been my “covering all the bases” list for 33 years.

  107. carolyne says:

    chicken broth
    half and half
    Dishwasher detergent

  108. monique says:

    No way on earth I can name only way..
    I must say Diet Coke was on my list until about 10 years ago..the more I know the happier I am I really is so bad for you:( But there was a time..I thought I could not go a day w/out it..

  109. danni says:

    organic flour on sale
    half and half
    seasonal fruit
    Liter bottles of Polar Seltzer… tons of it. It’s a regional thing, and they come out with seasonal flavors, but my favorite is the Ruby Red Grapefruit. I have a massive basket under the counter and keep it filled AT ALL TIMES. In the basement is a gross, that’s 12 times 12 people, 144 bottles, of their limited edition Jalapeno Citrus Margarita. Filled the back of the PT Snoozer when my niece called me with the find of the decade, a store with a the mother lode. Two plus hours to drive there and get it home but WORTH IT!
    Check ebay, its a cult thing. Honest, I’m not nuts! I just cant help myself! \_(ツ)_/¯

  110. Karin in NC says:

    Beans (all kinds – canned and dried)
    Cheese (all kinds)
    That’s 6 but I can’t do without all of them.

  111. Beckie says:

    this is fun

    ~regular yeast (you never know when the urge to make bread will strike)

    ~cereal, at least 5 kinds (it’s a food group in my house)

    ~peanut butter


    ~eggs from the farm

  112. Olivia says:

    Egg whites
    turkey sausage crumbles
    Club Soda

    The 1st 4 for my breakfast every day and soda for vodka & sodas at night! That’s a balanced diet, right?

  113. Deb Miller says:

    For me, it’s original Honey Maid graham crackers, Fuji apples, Butterball Thin ‘n Crispy Turkey Bacon (no substitutions!), cinnamon-raisin bread, and cheap store-brand shredded mozzarella cheese, because my three little hens don’t want to see me coming without it!

  114. KariMcD says:

    Lavazza Gran Filtro whole bean coffee (on auto order through Amazon)
    Vanilla creamer (see the trend?)
    BBQ potato chips/crisps
    Many many cheese
    Baggies of all sizes…like a whole drawer full. :/

    • Karen says:

      I used to love BBQ potato chips but now I find companies make them almost … sweet. I do not like sweet bbq potato chips so I don’t buy them anymore fearing they’ll be too sweet. ~ karen!

  115. Helen Whaley says:

    Ooh fun! Here goes:
    Amy’s Organic cheddar bake (frozen dinner for emergencies. Which occur almost every week).
    Amy’s Organic lentil soup
    Belvita blueberry breakfast biscuits
    Reed’s extra strong ginger ale
    English tea – the real made-in-the-UK stuff, which I have anyone visiting from England bring over.

  116. NinaMargoJune says:

    Smoked oysters
    Chamomile tea
    Trader Joe’s mussels in white wine

  117. TeresaP says:

    This was such a fun post to read….Avocados are high-ranking amongst the readership (very nice)…I got tons of ideas for yummy eating…Avocado toast might be on the horizon and an omelette or quesadilla…
    Here are mine:
    1. Wheat thins (any variety though I am currently partial to the thins and minis…I still eat too many)
    2. Frozen spinach – a true staple for me, goes with quinoa and an egg, baked potato etc etc
    3. Salad mix – because I am too lazy to tear up lettuce and I like variety
    4. Tuna fish
    5. Paper towels – I always think I am out and I never am. I am single, I live alone, I bought a Costo batch of papertowels 2 years ago and I still have multiples left – i dont really use a lot of papertowels but I THINK I do

    • TeresaP says:

      I cant believe I forgot the FIRST item I head for ….Iced Tea. I buy the iced tea that my grocery brews because the water in my area is DISGUSTING and creates a filmy tea….I am not fashed about filmy coffee but filmy tea is a non-starter 🙂

  118. Jen Topp says:

    Avocados, Greek yogurt, organic half and half, black beans, and limes

  119. Elaine says:

    My “tin foil” is most definitely toilet paper! Standing in the aisle ready to buy more, I’m fully aware I have lots but then know how briefly a roll lasts …. and I now live alone. Before, I toss it in the cart, I then try to recall which brand stayed longer on the actual t.p. holder all the while thinking what I have at home should last for another week but am too scared to chance it so off I go with more. I also can’t resist mascara. I’m fair so I resemble a rabbit without it; I even put it on in the early stages of labor before leaving for the hospital as I wanted to look nice for the doctor! Another “tin foil” for me is Excel gum as I have a breath phobia. I also look at people’s carts and try to imagine what they actually cook. Thanks for this fun post, Karen!!

    • TeresaP says:

      I wish I could teach myself that I HAVE paper towels and if I need to have a paper hoarding thing, hoard TOILET PAPER. It is a given that I will use more toilet paper than paper towels…just saying.
      I can certainly appreciate the mascara thing….I now indulge in lash extensions so I WAKE UP with lovely lashes :)…so ridiculous (since I work at home behind a computer) but it makes me feel great and I know I can leave the house and at least be ‘presentable’ (lipstick kept in car).

  120. Kathryn says:

    Yogourt, bananas, coffee, dog food and poo bags

  121. Cheryl says:

    1. Chick peas, canned and dried. Canned are better for mock tuna salad, dried for everything else.
    2. Tofu, plain and smoked
    3. Cheddar and its best friend chutney
    4. Gin
    5. Tea. I have a whole upper cabinet dedicated to tea. Okay, so it’s a narrow little cabinet, but tea.

    • TeresaP says:

      Love this! Chick peas are fab! I mix with quinoa for a salad and sometimes just eat from the can…probably gross but no one is around to see me and this post population wont judge (right?)

      • Cheryl says:

        My favourite snack, back before my lactose intolerance kicked in, was a mixture of half cottage cheese/half chick peas, lemon juice, and ground coriander.

        And I love being able to make hummus anytime I want.

  122. AngieC says:

    Goat cheese. Love the crumbles from Costco that come in a tub. So convenient.
    Mexican chorizo from a local butcher shop.
    Sour Cream.
    Gourmet white cheddar flavoured popcorn seasoning.
    TP. Husband teases me about it but he wasn’t there when my college roommate and I both got our periods and the associated grumpy guts at the same time and ran out of both money and TP. Good thing for Kleenex! Roomie actually stole TP from the office building where she worked (back in the day when we got paid once a month by cheque!).

  123. Marie Anne says:

    Lime juice
    Olive Oil
    Herbs & Spices (yes all of them, but if I have to pick then fresh garlic)

  124. Valerie says:

    I continue to purchase the following. I have jars and jars and jars of condiments and no where to put any more. Here’s my list of hoarded items:
    * Janapeno jelly – makes any sandwich taste tops
    * Hoisin sauce
    * Keen’s prepared hot mustard
    * Unsliced Italian or French loaves – once home sliced one inch thick and left out for one day to dry and then frozen in plastic bags for french toast – we consume many pounds of french toast. I know, I know, I use the freezer as a bread box
    * Sockeye canned salmon
    I am adding chick peas as a sixth item as I have many cans of these critters as well

  125. Jenny says:

    Milk (I NEED a glass of milk in the morning and woe to my husband if he used it all in a midnight bowl of cereal)
    Tortillas (if you have cheddar and tortillas, you always have an emergency quesadilla available :D)
    English muffins
    Nature Valley protein bars for my husband’s breakfast

    Diced tomatoes are my tinfoil. I’m not sure why I always think that I need another can.

  126. Eliza says:

    peanut butter (peanuts only kind)
    leafy lettuce
    plain yogurt
    frozen berries

  127. Michelle says:

    My list if I were not fat…
    Olive oil
    Bread -Sour dough, French I don’t care I love bread. Sigh so sad I’d live on bread alone

    My real list
    Green beans (goat and horse treats)
    Olive oil
    Husband has ice cream addiction. no he is not fat. Again so sad.

  128. martha says:

    This is fun! My husband thinks I’m crazy because I will notice what is in other people’s carts. And if there are multiples of an item then I’ll want to get one because…it must be good! My must haves this time of year are:
    Nespresso Ristretto pods
    blue berries
    bing cherries
    Really, almost any fruit.

  129. Stephanie says:

    I have 4 teenagers ( 2 boys & 2 girls), friends/girlfriends/boyfriend of said teenagers, a hubby and my 73 year old diabetic, legally blind father that I feed on a daily basis…. I’m not sure i can even limit it to 5 things… LOL

    Coffee & Creamer-to keep our sanity
    Cinnamon (for the coffee) & Paprika ( my hubby puts it on every.single.thing he cooks)
    Cheese – at least 5 packages of colby jack
    bagels ( 4-5 packages)
    Butter – father eats at least a stick every 2 days…. he literally puts it on everything
    Yogurt – 4-5 large containers a week
    Frozen pizza dough- usually 4-5 each week
    4 boxes of pasta and 3 jars of sauce – always in the cupboard for the “OMG I forgot to defrost something for dinner” meal

    yes, our grocery bill is ridiculous and no, i don’t have a table big enough for us all to sit down together … I asked yesterday for a 2nd dishwasher…. 🙂

  130. Eileen says:

    COFFEE !!!! (stovetop espresso only)
    Fat-free milk for the coffee!!!!
    Seven stars farm organic yogurt – one of the few without pectin or gums or other things that make yogurt weird and slimey. I’ve tried making my own, but not very successful. I don’t like full fat.
    Canned beans – don’t know why, I rarely eat them because I can’t digest them, but I always think I will and therefore need more

  131. Renee says:

    mixed nuts
    coconut oil popcorn

    I can only think of three things.

  132. Darin says:

    Genoa Salami (because my child lives on it)
    Monster Cheese (Muenster – another child requirement)
    Zucchini (I’m obsessed w/ zoodles)
    Canned Tomatoes (This is my hoarding problem- I always think I’m out)

  133. Lisa says:

    #1 coffee
    #1 1/2 Half & half
    Ziploc bags of all sizes

  134. Shirley says:

    Tzatziki, feta, onions, mushrooms, milk – never EVER diet Coke. My hugely overweight sisters guzzle it. If I want some for my rum I would use the real thing and water it down. That stuff is BAD for you. Rum isn’t a cure-all either….but hey, it’s hard to be perfect. If I remember Avocado and lime I will buy that too.

  135. Lisa says:

    And cheese, I forgot cheese!

  136. Teresa says:

    I love the lists but my favorite part of the post was the typo of “mine” – I thought, huh? My twisted brain corrected it and I automatically envisioned Karen and her personal Mime who starts running and jumping and compelling her to buy tin foil.

    Greek yogurt
    Real English tea (PG tips) – and milk for the tea so it counts as one item
    Some kind of bread item

  137. Gail Blain Peterson says:

    We eat a ketogenic diet and many of the things we eat I do have to order online (we live in SMALL town Kansas). But I always pick up and keep on hand —

    assorted cheeses — especially those sharp flavored ones.
    assorted nuts
    unsweetened chocolate
    natural peanut butter
    #6 — I have to have COFFEE

  138. Dana says:


    I’m pretty sure 95% of the dishes I make regularly contain at least one of these things. I buy them all each time I’m at the store…even if I have more growing in the garden! They are my “control group” in the kitchen. I can simply add a fat and a protein to make any number of delicious meals.

  139. Melissa in NC says:

    Greek yogurt
    Chia tea latte Keurig cups
    Sunflower kernels for salads
    Chicken breasts for salads
    Eggs for fried egg sandwiches

  140. rachel white says:

    granny smith apples
    almond butter
    gluten-free bread (although i eat it sparingly if i don’t have it on hand i simply feel like there’s NOTHING to eat)

    love reading everyone’s comments!

  141. Ella says:

    Hot Extra Chunky Salsa (PC Brand only)
    Coffee Cream
    Spring Mix salad
    Ok so that’s more than 5 but I always seem to be buying those things.

  142. Ella says:

    Oh…and my tin foil….is tin foil.

    I oticed kast night I am down to just 4 boxes….Must.Buy.More. It has its own shelf in the kitchen and it must be full at all times. gah!

  143. Ev Wilcox says:

    Wow-did not have time to read all these responses-must be a record!

    My list is much more mundane than most: T paper, Puffs (allergies!) sugar, flour, butter. It was hard to make this list because I could have put 5 or 10 more items on it, easily. We have lived out in the country before, so no close stores. Now we live in a rural suburb where civilization is creeping up on us and I don’t like it! There is a fairly large grocery store 5 miles away now. So it does come in handy, but as I HATE to shop, well never mind. If I was a zillionaire I would shop once a year, or prob have personal shoppers. Not for fancy stuff either. Except for crafty stuff. I don’t hate to shop for fun stuff-just clothes and food. But I realize how lucky we are that we CAN shop and not starve!

  144. Hmmm… Olive oil, eggs, canned tuna (in water), Greek yogurt, apples & almonds. That 6 – and wine of course (even if it’s not a food…)

  145. Sara Miller says:


    And that, my friends, is the diet of champions

  146. Wendy W says:

    3 kinds of yogurt (regular vanilla for hubby, Honey Greek for me and my daughter and plain Greek for my dog which we freeze in a Kong for him and he LOVES)
    2 large bags of Romaine from Costco
    Naval oranges, must have one for breakfast EVERY day
    Everything bagels
    I also buy Nutmeg like you buy tin foil. I get that from my Mother, she always thinks she’s out of Nutmeg and buys a ton of it. We always joke that when either of us die, someone is going to have to sprinkle nutmeg over us so we smell nice in our urns! Morbid, yes, but hilarious too!

  147. Katie C. says:


    Butter is my tin foil. I always think I’m out of it and buy more. Then I realized I have 12 lbs of butter in the freezer and tell myself to stop buying it. So I do. Then all of a sudden I want to bake something and I have none left!

  148. Brenda says:

    1. Balsamic Vinegar would need to get dressed in the middle of the night to hunt this down if …

    2. Cheese (Parmesan, Feta, snow goat, etc)

    3. Lettuce/Arugula, etc

    4. Baguette is my tin ,Olives are my foil

    5. FRUITS Wine, cherries, Watermelon, Lemons, Garlic – the new it’s really a fruit

  149. Amber says:

    Avocados, garlic, eggs, cheese, raw flour tortillas (and black beans – okay, that’s six and if you add our giant collection of spices and seasonings as one, that’s seven) – I could whip you up a mean breakfast burrito (with the bacon we always have stockpiled) or a quick quesadilla.

    I would say wine but it never stays in the bottle long enough to stockpile. I dream of an immense wine cellar full of amazing vintages that I can ask my butler to retrieve for me at any moment (Sadly, no butler, no wine cellar, no maid to do the dishes or laundry…).

    Ziploc bags are my tin foil and I must have 4 different sizes: gallon, quart-size freezer, snack and sandwich. God bless Costco!!!

  150. Frances says:

    Cherry tomatoes, soy sauce, milk, cheese (sooo much cheese!), and olive oil.

  151. Cred says:

    Arrive! 5, just 5.

    Okay, I’m going ignore the regulars I always have to have for my fam- these are the items I always have regardless of what everyone else needs.
    Canned tomatoes
    Frozen spinach
    Fresh garlic

    These way more but I’d say those are the top. Coffee and cream don’t count since their for survival. Real butter, good oil, ‘all the spices’ and dried pasta don’t count cause their staples in my book. And we always have a drawer of cheese- with 5 regulars always in there.
    I use do have the same ‘foil’ problem with parchment paper and several staples, that I’ve since cured myself of so I can’t even recall. I used to hate that.

    • Cred says:

      How poorly do you have to spell ‘really’ for autocorrect to change it to ‘arrive’?
      I need a nap!

  152. Marilyn says:

    1. Red wine

    2. Coffee

    3. Red wine

    4. Coffee

    5. Red wine

  153. Amber says:

    Sorry, missed the “n” – maybe it was subconsciously intentional because red wine and coffee are “merrily/marily” consumed in my house! Ha!

  154. Maureen says:

    35% Whipping Cream
    Cereal(whatever whole grain is on sale)
    Canned Tomatoes

  155. Jamieson says:

    I’m pretty on top of keeping my kitchen stocked thanks in no small part to my Grocery IQ app which is always on hand, updated in a moment, and organized by store and aisle. However there are a few items over which I’ll break into a cold sweat if I’m running low on…

    Paprika – I put that shit on everything

    Watermelon – my summer daily must have, the choosing of a ripe one I have now perfected to about a 95% success rate and I have a carving ritual:

    Coconut Milk Lite – I’ve been making dairy free popsicles all summer in my Zoku, the fantastic 7-minute freezing machine

    Grainy mustard – it’s a great flavour enhancer with minimal calories and adds great crunchy texture

    Avocado – it’s healthy fat and you need that!! I often cut it into squares and toss it with chunks of peeled grapefruit for acid.

    BONUS ITEM: Toilet paper – not food, but in this age of big box stores, I get antsy if I don’t have a couple of dozen rolls in the cupboard

  156. Canned unicorn, fresh frozen baby eels, dry-roasted venison liver, chocolate-covered pork rinds, and spotted dick sponge pudding.

    I’m very lucky, Amazon carries all my staples. You’d be surprised just how hard it is to find good canned unicorn at a regular grocery store.

  157. Colleen Smith says:

    Greek Yoghurt
    Dark Chocolate
    Oolong tea
    Even if we live to be ancient and dottery we will probably never use up the MANY packages of tinfoil that we found in my elderly in-laws’ home when we cleaned it out a couple of years ago!

  158. Melinda Wood says:


    1. Heavy Cream
    2. Bacon
    3. Milk
    4. Ingredients for: (summer) chocolate milk mix (winter) hot cocoa mix
    5. Bread mix


    1. Toilet Paper
    2. Laundry detergent
    3. Paper Towels
    4. Toothpaste

  159. Mindy says:

    I never have avocado or cilantro when I need them. Maybe I should have them on my ‘always’ list.
    Five things that MUST be in my house are, garlic, olive oil, canned diced tomatoes, garbanzo beans, and bread.

  160. Kristy says:

    Diced tomatoes, black beans, cilantro, sour cream and cheddar cheese. What can I say… I like Tex-Mex!

  161. Janine says:

    1) half and half
    2) Boom Chick a Pop (original)
    3) Costco Italian Meatballs
    4) Antonellas basil tomatoe sauce

    Don’t try the Boom Chick a Puffs!! Just don’t do it…you’ll look up and the bags empty and your fingers have a concrete like coating of white cheddar powder that you spend five minutes gnawing off.

  162. Safetydog says:

    These things are always on my shopping list:

    Cheese (parm, blue, sharp cheddar)
    Green onions

  163. Zoe says:

    Eggs – always eggs, eggs for breakfast, emergency dinner eggs….
    Bread – to have with above eggs, or to make bovril toast or just to have toast
    Fruit – whatever is in season
    Tinned sardines / mackerel – like you i’m never sure if I have any and they are my emergency, yet healthy lunch

    I also want to put a shout out for Kerrygold butter – that almost always goes in my cart unless i’m really sure.

    • Zoe says:

      oh and i wanted to add – i’ve found a way to keep avocados slightly fresher for slightly longer, if you eat half or a 1/4, put it “back together” and put it in a mason jar – the tight seal and not much space seems to keep them fresher for a bit longer

      Seeing your avocado up top reminded me!

  164. vicki says:

    and bread (for the cheese).

    fine. let’s throw in some fruit and dairy also because i have a mostly veggie garden and don’t own a cow. 🙂

  165. Benjamin says:

    LOL what a fun post, everyone seems to enjoy telling about their quirky must-buys. Looks like you hit a home run this weekend Karen. I have to have bananas, coffee, cheese, tomatoes, and potato chips in case my friend Karen drops by. I have a lot of almost always have on hand stuff too because I don’t know if I could whip up a casserole with just those but these are the things I MUST have or I get anxiety OCD and withdrawl shakes. Fun reading all the replies from your crew of readers. Have a nice weekend everyone.

  166. Missy says:

    Fish Sauce
    Sesame Oil
    Heavy Cream

    I also keep Marmite, Vegemite, and Nutritional Yeast in stock but I don’t freak out if I run out of one of them.

    I have an obsession with ‘secret’ ingredients!

  167. Audrey says:

    Buttermilk because I drink 4 litres a week, yes I do.
    Liberte Greek Yogurt
    Snap Peas
    Parchment Paper – I currently have 4 boxes — the big Costco size boxes, not the teeny dollar store boxes.

    • Maria says:

      Seriously changed my life when Costco started carrying parchment paper. I like to have plenty of that stuff on hand.

  168. Linda says:

    I was in the check out the other day and the couple in front of me had five bags of plantains. To the embarrassment of my husband, I had to ask them what they were doing with them. Their answer was fries, chips and anything else you can do with potatoes.
    I think I’ll stick with potatoes; I was born, raised, and live in Idaho.

  169. Jennifer says:

    My daughter works at Trader Joe’s and still lives at home, so she does all of our shopping there in lieu of paying rent. Score! Always on our list:

    Eggs, coffee, baby carrots, bagged fresh spinach, and bananas.

    I grow tomatoes and herbs, and we get our fresh fruit in season from neighbors or friends or farmer’s markets. I also go to Whole Foods once a week for creamy milk in a glass bottle – a must for the coffee!

  170. Anti Kate says:

    For feeding 5 picky, but not healthy picky, eaters.

    canned chili
    costco polish dogs
    breads (several types)
    pink salt
    mini wheat cereal
    brown rice (costco does NOT carry the right type, dagnabbit!)

    I also hoard a bit, I have a pantry closet full of stuff, and the coffee table is basically a trunk, for the iron rations. I’ve even trained the young men to check the use by date to use the oldest first! (major miracle, there)

  171. Renee says:

    loved reading everyone’s go to-s
    mine are
    low fat vanilla yogurt or greek yogurt
    olive oil

    Of course there are others, but the top three are my breakfast every single day

  172. Ian says:

    Protein Powder
    Almond Milk
    Parchment Paper
    Nut Butter

  173. Carla says:

    Love this post topic Karen!

    *lettuce – I need a side salad every day and came across your blog through a salad dressing recipe you posted.

    *almond milk – for daily smoothies

    * bananas – for above mentioned smoothies, if they get soft I slice and freeze them

    *limes – I can’t ever be sure if I ran out, so into my basket they go, every week!

    *Epic bars -my latest obssession. Beef or bison flavors

  174. Maria says:

    half n half
    I only have 3 of them

  175. Larita says:

    I have two young children, my must-haves are different (read, less fancy) with than without children.

    Quick oats for breakfast every morning
    Bananas to shove at them whenever they’re hungry at an inconvenient time
    Crackers and cheese for quick lunches
    Chocolate for my own sanity

  176. Anna says:

    claussen pickle spears
    tortilla chips
    cat litter
    imitation crab (I feel gross typing this out…I have a problem)

  177. Liz says:

    what do you even use grape seed oil for? lady with the jugs of it. I’ve never bought it in my life.

    cheese buns (problematic as they start to mold before I eat them, so now I have a cheese bun situation in the freezer and the cupboard.

    alfalfa or radish sprouts. Always get eaten, and always need more.

    white wine

    sourdough english muffins and fake cheese slices for breakfast sandwiches

    Ichiban soup, just in case I haven’t had my carb or chemical quota for the day haha

  178. Pam says:

    peanut butter
    cheese, usually sliced and shredded

  179. Penny says:

    Fishfingers* (I know they’re called fish-sticks in the USA, don’t know about the rest of the TAODS-iverse)
    * these are for the times I simply MUST have a fishfinger butty with lemon/caper mayonnaise – I don’t need to buy capers, they’re on the ‘this is becoming a storage-problem’ list.
    Good post, Karen!

  180. Ryn says:

    Only 5? Okay…

    Frozen peas

  181. Jessie says:

    I always look at what other people are buying. Years ago, I saw a nervous looking man buy strawberry ice cream, a bottle of white wine, and a pregnancy test. I still wish I knew how the rest of his night went.

    My 5 items are:
    Fresh spinach, almond milk, bananas (all for smoothies), chicken thighs, and triscuits.

  182. JulieD says:

    Of course butter’s a given. It’s like water. I put coffee in the same category.
    Observing other people’s groceries is fun. People’s home food culture is interesting!
    For my top 5, the first thing that comes to mind is flour. 3 types, plus the ability to grind my own, with or without electricity. It’s because I bake prosphora for church (communion bread)as well as bake all our own bread. But truly I have an inordinate love for breadstuffs. Less than 10 pounds in the cupboard is a flour famine in my book.
    East Frisian Black Tea.
    I thought number 5 was vermouth for deglazing, but realized I don’t really get the shakes when it’s running low. What I do have that bothers me when it’s running low is plastic cling wrap. The huge food service size that lasts a year is what I keep around. Any other size and I always think I’m running out.

    Oh…Maybe something fermented should come before lentils. Anything fermented!

  183. Elise says:

    Avocado and marinated goat’s cheese – a match made in heaven. Every café in Melbourne has smashed avo toast on their all day breakfast menus for good reason!

    And milk!!! Husband and I both do this thinking we’re out so we end up with 8 litres!!!

  184. Shauna says:

    Tomatoes, cheese, refried beans, pasta, pasta sauce

  185. Shauna says:

    hmm, weird, just realized my picture isn’t there anymore. Can’t even remember how I did it in the first place, but I know it has to do with my google account – right? It’s still there. Very weird.

  186. Heather says:

    Ok, I know we drink to much but the first items that come to mind and they are grouped together because, well just because

    Vodka/ Diet Tonic/Lime

    I’m thinking we might have problems around here…….

    • Eileen says:

      Here I am, chuckling, chuckling,chuckling at your list and your comment!! I think I might sound like some of Karen’s chickens…………, anyhoo, my list,

      Diet Tonic/Orange Juice/Limes(Good drink if you can’t take the vodka, like me)
      Dog Food for yorkie
      Eggs, by the dozen. I might just have to get meself some of those chickens!!!!!!!!!

    • Karen says:

      You do have problems around there. You drink your whiskey with coke. ~ karen!

  187. Carol Hogan says:

    Cucumbers, sour cream, mini peppers, goat cheese, onions

  188. MindyK says:

    At my house in Pennsylvania, Larabars, lettuce, chicken, cheddar, and cat food.
    My husband lives in Virginia, where you can get alcohol at the grocery store. You can’t do that in PA, so every other week I compulsively buy bottles of wine and six packs of beer just because I can. I tend to giggle like I’m getting away with something.
    I love looking at people’s carts at Costco. I pop in to get a rotisserie chicken and see people with flatbed carts of yogurt or tahini or garlic and can’t imagine what they are going with it. We also have Amish shoppers at ours, and they buy TONS of stuff. (Then, yes, take it home in their buggies.)

  189. Paula Clark says:

    Shredded cheese all flavors, chicken , whole or parts and pieces, tortillas, eggs and dry beans, lentils and rice. You would think we were nearly vegetarian if you looked in my dry bean and rice bucket but they are apparently just there for when the end comes and I need to survive on something other than fresh meat and veggies. I also can not walk past a good sale on canned veggies and tuna for that reason too. I am a food hoarder for sure.

  190. Laura Bee says:

    ok. We go through phases, but always coffee & tea (Red Rose) and milk & cereal.

    Right now:
    Tuna & frozen peas.
    Hot dogs & cheese
    Peanut butter & bananas
    Bread, bagels & tortilla wraps.

    I mix & match the breads & fillings/toppings & my daughter will eat it. Tuna on toast beats out tuna & cheese in a wrap – but peanut butter & banana is the overall best on any bread.

    My tinfoil is sugar – all kinds, white, brown, icing & honey. Always think I’m out lol.

  191. Kelli says:

    TP, creamer, coffee, butter, and club soda (i like the bubbles, but not the chemicals or sugar in soda).

  192. Berry says:

    Breakfast fruits – I shop somewhat seasonally so bananas all the time, strawberries unless they are insane, but then whatever is seasonal (blueberries, blackberries, stone fruit, apples, pears, etc)
    lime or lemon
    sandwich bags

    My list of staples is actually a fair bit longer, but those are the panic run to the store if we are out items. I also can’t live without real butter, olive oil, oats, white wine, fresh mushrooms, and salad fixings.

  193. Nancy. says:

    You know, the foil is not tin. It’s aluminum.
    #1 I would panic without Slap ya mama seasoning but I don’t buy it all the time cause they don’t sell it where I live at the moment. If they did I would.
    #2 I do buy heavy cream rather too often and I have learned that you can put all the extra in jars the size you might need and freeze it. If it’s weird when you thaw it, stick the immersion blender in there and you are enjoying luxurious whipped cream in your coffee instead of crazy hoarder kinda separated watery/thick cream. There’s quite a few jars in the freezer right now. Haha.
    #3 I buy foofoo grainy mustard way too often but it comes in such tiny jars, you can never be sure there is plenty at home. I stand in the aisle and get a little nervous so I just get one jar. Just in case. Regarding everything else, I’m completely normal. I actually just ran out of Tide and used Oxyclean only for a couple of weeks. Umm well, I do have a helluva lot of
    #4 Oxyclean. That’s only 4 things.

  194. Meg says:

    Limes, bagels, cheese, half & half, coffee. I will never be uncaffeinated!!!

  195. E.J. Humphrey says:

    Five things…this could be challenging:
    Cream for Coffee
    Old Cheddar
    Peanut Butter
    Soda Crackers

  196. Deva Fjelsted says:

    chicken thighs, hamburger, bread, coffee creamer.

  197. Lindsey says:

    Black beans

    I have 5 large jars of cumin on hand most of the time. That would be a lifetime supply for most people but only seems to last me about 2 months.

  198. SusanR says:

    M&M Peanuts, 64 oz bag
    M&M Plain, 56 oz bag
    Costco chocolate chip cookies
    Prego Heart Healthy Spaghetti sauce (yes! Bottled sauce!)
    Angel Hair Pasta
    Frozen Kirkland Italian Meatballs
    Frozen Italian sausage
    Shredded Mozarella cheese
    Kirkland Frozen Meat Lasagne
    Frozen chicken breasts and thighs
    Costco multi-grained bread
    Frozen Hamburger
    Frozen Steaks
    Pene pasta
    Kirkland Classic Creamy Alfredo Sauce
    Kirkland Mexican shredded cheese mix
    Some beef or pork roast, which gets pressure cooked with seasoning and frozen for use in whatever
    Some beef or port roast which gets cooked and half of it gets frozen for later use
    Canned Green and Canned Red Enchilada sauce
    Canned sliced olives, small cans
    Shredded Fresh Parmesan Cheese

    If we don’t eat the meat fresh right away in something, I freeze it. It rotates out of the freezer fairly quickly. Whenever I make something, like Chicken Alfredo, I’ll make a double batch and freeze the second one. I do the same with pizza dough, pot roast, enchiladas, chicken and cheese quesadillas, pretty much everything. I figure if I’m going to be making it, I might as well make more than one meal, and then I can just pull the second one out of the freezer at a later date.

    From the above, you can surmise a few things:
    1. I shop at Costco
    2. My ass has its own zip code.
    3. I don’t like to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen anymore. I once made everything from scratch. Now I just scratch whatever itches at the moment, and pull something out of the freezer. 🙂

    • Joanne says:

      you are funny!! I love your list and your comments…. you have all the things on your list that I would LIKE to buy except my freezer and pantry are already full of unknown items! one of these days….

  199. Patti says:

    Hi Karen! Love this game!

    sour cream
    Miller Lite
    black beans

  200. Sheelin says:

    I loved the post and every single comment! Sometimes it’s a relief to know you are not unique!

    My shopping mantra that I recite as I enter the market is “milk, eggs, bread, butter, milk, eggs, bread, butter” because I am usually out of one if not all.

    That being said my list also includes seltzer. I love seltzer plain and mixed. I add orange or pineapple juice to it. If I am feelind decadent I mix milk and chocolate syrup then add seltzer to make a New York Egg Cream Soda. Then there are the grownup additions such as coconut flavored rum. The list is limited only by my imagination!

  201. Joy says:

    canned roasted red peppers
    cheddar cheese
    (together these become pimiento cheese spread, but each has myriad uses itself)
    dried fruit
    smoked sausage

  202. Darcy says:

    Cottage cheese & dill weed fresh or dried, green olives, bananas, and half & half (for my coffee)

  203. Kelly says:

    Celery (cause it makes everything else taste better)

  204. Jane says:

    Does anyone else have a “I go into this store to buy one thing” list? I do the majority of my shopping at costco, but they don’t to carry frozen cauliflower. And I always get odd looks when I buy 14 bags of frozen cauliflower and box of propel drink mix at Giant.

  205. Rintin says:

    Nescafe (ONLY when its on sale)
    bags of shredded cheese

    also, eggs. But I thought that might fall into the ‘butter’ category.

  206. onion soup mix
    honey peanut butter
    popcorn (white)
    angel hair
    sour cream

  207. Pam says:

    ice cream
    almond or coconut milk
    peanut or almond butter

    All are in stock currently so I can relax. 🙂

    Oh, and my tin foil item is dish soap. Gotta have a couple of spares in the cupboard.

  208. Courtney T. says:

    Karen, you should compile everyone’s answers for a “Top Five Top Five”

    Mine are:
    – coffee
    – a Costco sized block of Parmesan reggiano
    – garlic
    – olive oil
    – passata

  209. Liz says:

    Parmesan cheese (the good stuff),
    Olive oil
    So I can always whip up a simple pasta dish and add in whatever else we might have – bacon, tomatoes, basil, a can of tuna, olives…. The list is endless!!

  210. Dana says:

    French vanilla yogurt
    Corn Tortillas

    And with my food club:
    Chocolate chips
    The good brown sugar
    Canned tomatoes

  211. Jac says:

    Only 5?? wow…
    1/2 ‘n 1/2

  212. Dana says:

    Parm Reggiano
    EB eggs

  213. Sherri Stockfleth says:

    Bananas, yogurt, protein bars, fresh berries and deodorant.

  214. Phylicia M says:

    Milk, cream of mushroom soup, potatoes (I’m Irish lol), limes and shredded cheddar

  215. Darla says:

    bologna roll (for hubby)
    mild cheddar cheese
    toilet paper

  216. Katie Monk says:

    Green Onion
    Romaine-ish Lettuce
    Parmesan Cheese

    We eat a lot of tacos and ceasar salads.

  217. sera says:

    These things actually change a little depending on the season. And now that I’m trying to feed a toddler the list of things that we CAN NOT RUN OUT OF is getting longer.
    But mine is:
    grated pecorino romano
    fusilli pasta

    followed by mushrooms, bread, yogurt, milk, olive tapenade, anchovies, canned tomatoes, garlic…
    Well, you asked.

  218. My don’t-dare-come-home-withouts:
    avocado (everybody’s go-to!)
    peanut butter
    milk (for my mom-in-law.)

  219. Angela K says:

    My always “over-buys” are:
    Cheese – I’m lactose intolerant but when I want cheese, I want GOOD cheese!
    Soy Milk (because this stuff is crazy expensive but lasts for months!)
    Pasta – there are too many cute shapes to not buy a package when I see something new
    Pens – I have a writing instrument addiction and more pens than I will be able to use in this lifetime
    Cat treats – I am afraid of what my two boys (Compo & Clegg) might do to me if we ever run out

  220. Joanne says:

    oh what fun! I had to skip to the bottom and I know I have missed some great lists…. I am a hoarder with so many toilet paper and toothpaste, etc.. but in the actual kitchen it might be:

    skim milk
    nespresso capsules (maybe the first two should go together….)
    canned tomatoes – no salt
    pasta – pantry is full of it and we don’t really have it that often but it goes on sale! what can I do??

    I also have a lot of unsalted butter in the freezer – scared to run out of that.

    there is probably so much more – there must be – I always have several bags of stuff to bring in the house every time I shop, and there are only two of us!

  221. Tannie says:

    1) Butter
    2) Cream of Mushroom soup
    3) Peanut Butter
    4) Sweet & Low
    5) Coffee

  222. TB Cook says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. 😀

    1. Cabbage, even when I have an untouched head in the fridge. Worst case scenario and I don’t roll a few dozen Spring rolls, the Flemish Giant rabbits will eat it. 😀
    2. ACV – I am always convinced I am out of Apple Cider Vinegar. I never am, but often my friends are. We live rurally. It pays to buy extra. (I often do the same with White Vinegar – see #5)
    3. Alfredo sauce. I have a dozen jars now. I use 1 per week on average.
    4. Hummus. I’m addicted to hummus. Even though I know my husband will buy a box at Costco, I still buy a tub or two in case he forgets. We currently have a box of Costco hummus and I’m on my last emergency tub. 😀
    5. Baking stuff. I somehow convince myself I’m out of Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, etc. in the baking aisle. The baking aisle does things to me I cannot explain. I bought rye flour last week and it’s still sitting on the counter accusing me of neglecting it. 0__o

    There’s my confessions. I need to run to the grocery today and will likely buy the 5 again. 😀

  223. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    OMG..this is such an awesome and funny post…eggs..butter…milk…bottled water…cat food…cat litter…ok that is 6…but I can’t take any away…the cats said so…

  224. Margot says:

    I hoard…er, constantly stock up on, 1. Uncooked udon noodles. 2. Dolphin safe tuna on sale (.99 or less). 3. Tinned organic tomatoes/spaghetti sauce. 4. Dried cranberries. 5. Mediterrane (Liberte) yoghurt.

  225. Ellen says:

    For us it’s the following:

    Almond milk
    Greek yogurt

    • Ellen says:

      I forgot eggs, which I buy from a woman up the street who has chickens. I guess I can’t limit this to five items.

  226. Ann Brookens says:

    I’m a cashier at Walmart and I am always talking to people about the unusual (to me!) foodstuffs they’re buying!
    My 5 HAVE-to-haves are:
    Cheese: especially sharp cheddar and parmesan
    Jif peanut butter
    Chocolate chips
    Flavored coffee
    And no, you can’t make a meal out of these five ingredients. I didn’t include classic staples in my list: bread, eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar, pasta, oil, standard spices….

  227. Carolyn says:

    When we cleaned out my dad’s garage there were over 20 cans of WD-40. Who has that much stuck stuff? The list goes on from there…

  228. Kristin says:

    1. Minced garlic
    2. Croutons
    3. Cans of rotel
    4. Light sour cream
    5. 3 packs of romaine lettuce heads

  229. Sheri says:

    Dr. Pepper
    Instant Vanilla Pudding
    Eggs (which I never get around to cooking)

  230. Amie M says:


  231. Kalani says:

    I came upon this post several days late and reading through the comments has been an absolute HOOT! If asked this question a few years ago my list would consist of Diet Coke x5. I was a DC junkie for sure. But now that I’ve detoxed from the stuff my current list, pared down with agony because I love lots of different foods, would have to be canned black beans (for salads, soups, and my fave, black bean hummus!), bananas (for smoothies ‘n snacking), avocados (to put on EVERYTHING), wheat crackers (for the hummus & guac), and lots of filtered/bottled water.

  232. Sarah says:

    There are more than five items, but these are the things we buy every time we go to the store. It’s also pretty common for us to run out and restock a second time during the week.

    Tortillas (corn and flour)
    Cheese (cheddar and Parmesan)
    Bell peppers
    Frozen pizza

  233. Jaylah says:

    1) At least one wedge of Parmesan cheese (doesn’t have to be true Parmigiano-Reggiano imported from Italy, but NEVER that sawdust stuff in the green cardboard can).
    2) At least one kind of pasta.
    3) At least one head of garlic.
    4) Canned tomatoes and tomato sauce (is that one thing or two?)
    5) Skinless, boneless chicken breasts (bought in quantity when they go on sale for less than $2 per pound).

    I picked those five because they’re all FOOD items. Of course I stay stocked up on things like toilet paper, toothpaste, bar soap, dish soap, etc.

  234. Janet says:

    Geez, I finally saw some people with wine on their list, I was starting to think I had a problem! So my five are…in order of importance:
    Wine (definitely red)
    Organic yogurt
    Some type of berry, raspberries are my “must” right now
    Tea because I love the art on the box, not because I drink it. I usually end up taking the teas to work so others can drink them, but I keep the box. What’s wrong with me? I think its because the Kleenex boxes are too boring!

  235. Julie says:

    Red wine
    Red wine
    Red wine
    Garlic Triscuits

  236. Glenda says:

    Fun game!
    Cream for coffee
    Chick peas
    Seasonal veg

  237. Vanessa says:

    Peanut Butter, Pasta Sauce, Mozzarella, Sparkling water, and apparently after looking in my pantry, bread crumbs. Can you tell I have kids??

  238. katie says:

    Enough different kinds of cheese for a party plate, tomatoes, fresh garlic, beef broth, chicken stock.

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