5 Ways to Use an Ikea Sheepskin

It took all the restraint I had to NOT buy more than 3 Ikea sheepskins when I was redoing my house a few years ago.  I didn’t even know what I was going to use them for, I just knew I had to have them.

I thought about a Meandering Goat costume but couldn’t find any really believable horns.  Plus there’s the whole fear of being milked thing.

Turns out even without the goat costume … I have a lot of uses for my Ikea sheepskins.

Which can be annoying.  I move them from here to there.  Change things up, ya know?  Which the fella complains about.  The fella likes structure.  And sameness.  And the convertor always to be in the exact same place without moving a millimetre because apparently if it’s moved a millimetre he can’t see it anymore because he is … at times … an asshead.  Wait no.  That’s not right.  He’s a blind asshead.  Who complains about things being moved.

I endure the complaining though because …  I LOVE MY IKEA SHEEPSKINS EVERYWHERE.

And truth be told, even though I normally like you to follow my instructions *exactly* (see Sweet Potato Fry recipe and all the comments in it), in this case … you don’t have to use an actual “Ikea” Sheepskin.  You can use a sheepskin you got from any number of places.  I just titled this post “5 Ways to Use an Ikea Sheepskin” because I got mine at Ikea.  Plus, I was kind of hoping that the God of Ikea would see my post and offer me all kinds of free furniture.  A new kitchen maybe.  Or even just a retweet.  Whatever.

So grab your sheepskin and let’s going get through the options!


table runner copy


Yup!  A table runner.  2 of them together for a large table, just 1 for a smaller.




Throw it over the back of any hard chair to soften it up.




Pile 1, 2, or 3 as a rug.




Drape over wood benches for bum comfort and good looks.



Throw over the arm of a couch for texture, warmth and interest in a room.

And yes Cleo … we all see you.



Where they go depends on my mood and the season.  In the winter I usually have 2 on the bench in my dining room and one over the arm of the couch.  Springtime sees me moving the bench ones upstairs to beside the bed as a rug, with one leftover for the wire chair in my dining room.  And sometimes, I just go nuts and start throwing them willy nilly wherever I want.

Put them  in a kid’s sled, or by the fireplace for the cats to curl up on, or on the foot of the bed. Oh! And outside!  If you’re having a party or people coming over, they look great on wicker furniture or a rocking chair on the front porch in the middle of winter.   Wherever you want.  They’re good like that, Ikea sheepskins.

They – unlike blind assheads – hardly ever complain.

Heh.  I’m just kidding.  I don’t really think the fella’s a blind asshead.  I’m just trying to get his goat.