70% of Happy People Do This When They Wake Up.

I don’t like going to bed.  Nor do I like getting out of it.  It’s a conundrum.

My office desk is exactly 7 feet away from my bedroom.  Every time I leave my office to go downstairs or outside this is what I see.  Comfortable bed, napping cat, linen bedding, fluffy duvet …

It’s not that much of a temptation in the summer, but in this gutter of a season we call late winter – it’s as persuasive as a late night infomercial to an insomniac. I’ve only succumbed to the temptation once or twice and the main reason for that is not my military-like discipline.  It’s the fact that my bed is already made.

If it were all a jumble of sheets and pillowy down I might be more likely to swan dive into it. But it’s made, so I continue on with my day instead of curling up to sleep.  Pulling back the covers and getting into an already made bed in the middle of the day is pathetic. Whereas falling into one that’s still an unmade mess is just practical.  Smartly taking advantage of a situation, really – I mean when you think about it.

That’s reason number 1 to make your bed in the morning.  The other billion reasons all lead to happiness.

According to a study by Hunch.com only 27% of people make their bed.  Which is too bad because

70% of people who make their beds consider themselves to be happy.

Happiness expert, Gretchen Rubin;  The Power of Habit author Charles Duhigg; and US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven all believe in the POWER of making your bed.

Gretchen Rubin says making your bed is also one of the most effective and easiest triggers of happiness.

Charles Duhigg describes making your bed every morning as a “keystone habit”.  A way to kick start a pattern of good behaviour for the rest of the your day, week, month, life.

But most impressive is US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven’s commencement speech. Here’s just a little bit of it …

And yet, according to this random study that everyone on the Internet (including Psychology Today) has cited … less than 1/3rd of us make our beds.
Here’s the problem.
I can’t find any evidence of this study online.  Anywhere.  Everyone has cited it and even linked to it but it’s nowhere to be found.  The Hunch.com study apparently polled 66,000 people to come up with these statistics.
Is it a made up poll?  Was it inaccurate and therefore the whole website was forced to shut down, the researchers currently hiding under their covers?  Who knows.  Another poll done by the US government found that 37% of people make their beds regularly.  They also seem to have found some sort of correlation between income and bed making.
The more money you make, the more likely you are to make your bed every day.  
I do believe there’s something to be said for making your bed every morning if only to make getting into at night more inviting.
Of course now I have to conduct my own completely unscientific, random, probably riddled with errors poll.
Do you make your bed every day?
I do. And I consider myself to be happy.
My guess would be that more than 27% of people make their bed.  But what do I know? I was shocked and alarmed to discover we’re basically living in a word of closet nudists. 


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70% of Happy People Do This When They Wake Up.


  1. Nancy Sage Sciarretta says:

    Yes, I make my bed. And, yes, I consider myself happy. The other option is a waste of life!

  2. Eileen says:

    I let it air out for a bit while I get ready, have coffee, etc., then make it. I’m a lousy housekeeper otherwise – having a nicely made bed seems to distract from that.
    But I would not consider myself a particularly happy person…more the grumpy cat malcontent type. : )

  3. Ang says:

    I do make my bed at some point during the 24 hour period we all consider a day. However, not necessarily in the morning part. Sometimes there’s a husband in it so I can’t (I’m the morning person of the family) and sometimes I just don’t, whether I just forget or I just decide there are other more important things I want to do at the time, like getting my first cup of coffee, sitting down to write, or play cell games. We keep our door closed during the day, so it’s not seen unless I go in there. Honestly, I usually make it as I’m getting ready for bed. Guess I’m the odd man out! 😁

  4. Lynn Caughey says:

    I’m happy that my husband makes the bed everyday.

  5. Jeanie Burch says:

    Yes, our bed is made every day. Hubby makes it during the week while I’m in the shower getting ready for work (he works from home). Weekends we take turns but it is made. Maybe not all the decorative pillows get on it, but made. I hate getting into an unmade bed.

  6. LA Burns says:

    If you don’t make your bed in the morning how on earth can you happily go to bed at night? An unmade bed is so uncivilized. *shudder

  7. Isabelle says:

    Yes, I do make my bed every day and I feel twitchy if I can’t (like when my cats have already made themselves super comfortable on the unmade bed and I don’t want to disturb their cute sleepy selves – but only on the weekends when I have extra time). My siblings and I all make our beds having learned it from our mother who would be looking down horrified from heaven if we didn’t. :)

  8. Vanessa says:

    I do! Well. I try. With six cats and two giant dogs it stays made nicely for all of 14 seconds – and then the cats are burrowing under the duvet, the dogs have run off with the furry pillows and I just pretend it still looks nice.

  9. Jessie Heizer says:

    I am new to daily bed making. I just started about 2 years ago after 34 years of not getting the point of it. I can say it definitely sets the tone for a more productive day for me, which leaves me feeling accomplished and satisfied. So I’d say, yes it has improved my level of happiness.

  10. Merrilee says:

    I make the bed AND I sleep naked. Super happy!!!

  11. Susan W says:

    If my bed isn’t made, the covers are trapped underneath two big dogs and I’d freeze all night. When it’s made, I can slither from the top down and at least be completely covered. A beautiful bedroom has always been top of my wish list but after a few un-dog-friendly disasters (think beautiful black comforter and nonstop shedding white dog) I’m happy with the looks of a simple, washable comforter nicely made and sporting lots of pillows and dogs.

  12. Robine says:

    I do make mine everyday, but I make when I get home from work at 5:00. The reason is because my husband is asleep when I leave for work. No way will he make the bed….I finally got him to hang up his towel. Winning.

  13. Su says:

    My partner is a night owl so he rises hours after I do, and by the time he’s up I’m busy with my day, so the bed never gets made, unless we’re expecting company. Plus I read that not making the bed is healthier, something about dust mites….
    since I also retire before my guy, I fluff the pillows and straighten the covers before getting in, cause yeah getting into a ‘’made” bed feels better 😊

  14. Sabina says:

    When forced to think about it, the result is a little startling for me, further reinforcing my Gemini-driven personality…I make my bed about 50% of the time…

  15. Barb says:

    After feeding the cats and having my coffee and breakfast, I always go back upstairs to make the bed. I like the way the entire room looks tidy if the bed is made. I also don’t like to get into a messy bed at night. As my grandmother used to say about people who didn’t make their beds, “They pig in as they pig out”.

  16. Lori Hope says:

    I make the bed, and have, as long as I was old enough to do so (my mom’s rule).
    I work from home, and I get up WAAAAAY earlier than my husband. When he gets up, he flips the covers back, and then I go back a while afterwards and make the bed after it has aired out.

    And yes, I’m happy. :)

  17. No nudity here, my house is cold as in FREEZING! Generally in the 10 to 14 (14 is downright balmy) range.
    Bed making is a big YES. I discovered the joys of making my bed in my thirties, a bit late in life I agree. I credit Martha Stewart. Here’s what I did, I bought very nice sheets, a quilt for summer and a cover for the duvet. Then I learned to make my bed and bedroom welcoming so that going to bed at night would be a treat rather than walking into a rumpled up mess.
    Did it make me happy? Not really, but I did feel better about myself and that was the start to happiness.

  18. Dotti says:

    Someone else gave me this advice – I think after hearing that naval commander speech. And I decided to implement it. For the past year or so I have I made my bed every day. I do get a feeling of accomplishment and I really like the way the room feels after it’s made. I was already fairly happy with my life, but the bedmaking definitely gives me that one little point of satisfaction every day.

    I can’t sleeping nude. I don’t even like night shirts that ride up.

  19. Mary W says:

    Always make my bed – it is easy as it’s just a sheet, light blanket, and homemade quilt and they all lay on top – not tucked in. I do it as I get up, just pulling the lot smooth as I get up and walking around the other side to do the same even before going to the bathroom. I want my bedroom to look nice whenever I walk into it during the day and especially when I turn down the covers before my nightly shower. Getting into bed is a pleasure I look forward to and I think I’m worth this little pleasure. I’m very happy and my craft room is a mess, and the living room is constantly filled with grand kid stuff, computers, games, race cars, etc. I’m not very good at keeping the rest tidy but I’m happy EXCEPT for slime – that is not allowed! My Mom never told me to make my bed and I never did as a kid, so this comes from a place inside me that makes me happy to start the day with my bed made, just like the man said in his brilliant speech. It feels good!

  20. Karla says:

    I’m doubly blessed, because my husband tends to make the bed as I am up before him most mornings. It makes me so happy to see the bed made and it is such an invitation to slip under the smooth covers at night!

  21. NinaMargo says:

    My husband gets up earlier than I do. Sweet man (Pisces) makes his half impeccably, even in the dark so he doesn’t wake me and the dog up. Our bedroom has big double doors that open into the great room so I love seeing our neatly- made bed. Kim, thanks for the heads-up about the upcoming Gretchen Rubin book!

  22. Rachael says:

    I’m an early riser (my boyfriend works in construction and is out the door by 5:15) and we both habitually make our respective side of the bed (I flip my sheet and duvet down, he pulls his up over his pillow in a more manly, efficient, yet less Better Homes and Gardens kind of way) every morning AS WE CLIMB OUT OF BED. Never later in the morning. Then we get dressed (nearly naked, underwear only sleepers) and have productive happy days. I may have laundry piled high on the closet floor but the bed is made every morning. We are happy people that make decent money and are very productive each day. I think you need to post your poll results!!

  23. Deecoder says:

    I am a nudie, messy bedded, wild-child and happy for it.

  24. Julie Kasner says:

    I rarely ever make my bed, and I’m the happiest person I know!!
    I do straighten it before I get back in it at night and I make sure the bottom sheet is pulled tight.

  25. Jenifer says:

    Always. Even on the weekends, vacations, holidays… all of it. I always make my bed. I also suffer from occasional depression, particularly I the winter. So there’s that.

    Glad I could help. Lol

  26. Julie Pearce says:

    Yup, make bed, sleep in nude with hubby….not a morning person. Need coffee 1st. When I get dressed I make bed.
    Didn’t used to. No livestock to feed, so have a.m. time to make bed.😁 BTW nice bed!

  27. Elissa says:

    This happy girl makes the bed every day. I love rituals and this is one that is so satisfying. My bed is made with Rough Linen’s sheets and pillows and a fluffy down comforter. So pretty and comfy! I’m also a nudie once I’m warmed up!

  28. Larissa says:

    Happy bed maker!!

  29. Pat says:

    I did as a child, got out of the habit as an adult and now, once again, make it every day. Is it coincidental that this renewed habit started after reading Admiral McRaven’s book? I think not and I receive a great sense of accomplishment from it.

    I also wear pajamas, perhaps the Admiral should consider another book…

  30. Suzanne says:

    The more money you make the more likely someone Ian making your bed for you. Haha! 😜

  31. Bonnie Harris says:

    It’s about priorities for me. When a working mom, there was only enough time to do the essentials, like cook meals. Making beds happened on weekends maybe. Now that I’m retired I make the bed every morning as part of a routine. It gives me pleasure to see the bedroom that I so carefully decorated looking all tidy and perfect. It makes me feel in control and I really like that. I’d say I was a happy person with both unmade and made beds, happy for different reasons.

  32. Joyce says:

    Make my bed everyday after coffee.

  33. Connie Bridgham says:

    I Do Indeed! and I’m a happy person. Here-Here!

  34. Karen says:

    Make it everyday!

  35. Jamieson says:

    My bed is made every morning by me or my husband, or both of us together (probably 1/3 for each instance) and yes, I am a happy (and nude) person. Until recently I also ironed my pillow cases and top third of my top sheet to give a hotel-like crispness! (After washing each week, not every morning when making the bed, natch.)

  36. danni says:

    ha! Funny story… thought there was a break in at my house, cops are summoned, we realize it was a mistake and try to call them off but ONCE A CALL GOES IN THEY HAVE TO FINISH IT… meaning that they have to go through my house top to bottom and look in every room and every closet…. and as I stood in the driveway waiting for the all clear I realized NOOOOOOOooooooo! My bed was an unmade jumbled pillow nest and it was so embarrassing to me.
    I don’t know why that was the worst to me, the closets were appalling…
    So now I make my bed every day.

  37. Dawn says:

    I make my bed every day and I don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.

    My best friend died 10 years ago at age 37 and I remember vividly going to her house that evening to spend time with her husband and kids. Her breakfast dishes were still in the sink so I spent time washing them. I don’t want the last memory of me for someone else to be washing my dishes. That might sound goofy but it’s a memory that lingers for me to this day.

  38. Kathy says:

    Yes, every day except Saturday, when the sheets get washed. And then the bed making is just delayed a bit.

  39. Gayle M says:

    Yes, but I must qualify. I did not until I was almost 40. Shocked it changed midlife? That was about 14 years into my marriage. You see, my bedroom as a child to 25 year old was upstairs out of sight, shared with sisters who, too, did not make their beds. Then up until that time, my hubby worked a rotating shift which, besides changing every 28 days, also changed day to night to afternoon instead of day to afternoons to nights. (In other words, against your natural circadian rhythm. Makes a huuuuge difference.) So my bed for the most part was like a revolving door until my husband earned enough seniority to bid for and get the day shift. Married to a cop. And yes, 45 years of bliss.

  40. Debbie says:

    Bed maker here! Very happy as I cannot stand a messy bedroom or house!

  41. Sharon says:

    As a nurse I was trained in bed making and still make all those tight hospital corners. I always make my bed and I consider myself overworked, underpaid but basically happy. As a researcher I need to point out the fatal flaw of your survey – if only happy people read your posts (which in order to enjoy your brand of humour I suspect is the case) the sample is bias and not generalizable to the all of the general public out there who don’t have the happiness index to read you every day

    • Karen says:

      That’s true! Anyone who doesn’t like my brand of humour immediately emails to tell me so (often suggesting that I should be arrested or locked up) and then never returns. THIS SURVEY IS A FARCE!!! LOL! ~ karen

  42. Sue in Fairfax says:

    I make my bed everyday as soon as I get up, dust mites be damned! Even when I went through a serious health issue, the bed had to be made.

  43. Linda says:

    Almost never make the bed, in fact i’ve snuggled back into it after my morning shower today. I hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me to do it, and naw, I don’t listen. Leave laundry on the floor too.

  44. Suzanne Reith says:

    Yes, a lifetime habit, TWICE a day. At 71, I take a brief afternoon nap, but could NEVER get into an unmade bed. Sooooooooooooo happy. Rock on.

  45. Linda Sieve says:

    Yes, I make my bed, because I feel I deserve tight sheets when I go to bed at night. And I am happy 😃

  46. Janet says:

    Yes last one up always make the bed, which is usually my husband. Unless the cat is particularly cute, then it’s made a bit later. In the winter he likes to sleep under the covers with his head on a shoulder or pillow depending what is available. Also in the winter we pre-warm the bed with a heated mattress pad which is shut off when we go to bed. Warm and snuggly under the duvet. 😊

  47. Robert says:

    This has been a wonderful read, finding out about people’s early morning habits. I’m one of the lucky ones. I am an early riser, and my wife likes to “doze” – which means she goes back to sleep. She, therefore, gets to make the bed and I get the fresh coffee!

    We do share the bed making after the sheets get their weekly wash, to make sure that each one of us gets their fair share of the sheets and blankets, which in reality is pointless, as by morning she has most of them anyway. Probably because I run hot and like to sleep with the window open – even in a Saskatchewan winter.

    Am I happy though? You bet – after almost fifty years with her, we must be doing something right!

  48. Sachi says:

    I only make my bed about four times a week. I also suffer from depression. Oh no! :(

  49. Miriam Mc Nally says:

    I’m also in the ‘don’t like going to bed, don’t like getting out of bed’ camp. Exceptions are if I’ve something new to wear (bit expensive to do this on a daily basis!) or somewhere exciting to go to.
    However, my bed making is, I think, different. I shake out the duvet (comforter?), then fold it back so half of the bed is exposed to the air, and then I open the window, all seasons. That’s a habit I developed when my young daughter had asthma, and it was one of the things that hugely contributed to keeping dust mite population at a minimum, and keeping her off steroid medication. I’m glad to say it worked, she is 26 now and still no sign of asthma returning. I must check if she acquired my bed-making habit!
    I am a happy person too!

  50. Suz says:

    I have good intentions. I sort of make it on good days. And we learned this pull up the duvet method to sort of straighten things out as we get out of bed…does that count? And naps are nicer when one curls up on top of the fluffy duvet with one’s designated “napping blankie”!

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