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In this house the fella mainly just grunts when I discuss my seed wants. Unless he thinks I’m referring to a different kind of “seed”.  In which case he grunts and then smiles.

There’s something about picking out seeds that makes me all swoony.  And the seeds you can get through actual “seed” stores is impressive.  Sure you can get seeds at your grocery store. They usually haul out the dust covered carousel of 3 year old seeds around April. With such tantalizing offerings as “Tomato”, or  “Radish” or “Cucumber”.

Go to an actual seed store, either on-line or in person and what you’ll find are things like …


Organic Purple Tomatillo Seeds



Organic Watermelon Radish Seeds


Organic Lemon Cucumber Seeds

You must admit, just a *tad* more interesting than a plain old tomato, radish or cucumber.  Of course, you can also get regular old tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers from seed stores, but they’ll have the benefit of being fresh seeds with a really good description of what variety it is which will determine the taste, germination rate and growing season.

I’ve grown cherry tomatoes for years, but only “Sweet Baby Girl” tomatoes because they’re among the sweetest cherry tomatoes you can find.  Now, if you go to your garden centre and buy seeds or even a small cherry tomato plant, you usually have NO idea what variety it is.  That’s why growing your own from seeds that you select is the best way to go if you can when you’re starting your garden.

The other thing to consider when you’re picking out your seeds is whether or not you’re going to enjoy eating it once it’s grown.  Yeah.  I know it sounds stupid but those seeds and plants can look really tempting even if you don’t like eating them.  I also like to grow things that will keep either in a root cellar or dark cupboard.  Things like winter squash, potatoes, turnip, beets … stuff that you can grow and store for months.  Unlike cucumbers or tomatoes which don’t keep unless you preserve them in some way.

Another thing you want to consider when planting your vegetable garden is where you’re gonna plant this stuff.  It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye from a rogue squash plant you don’t really have room for.  If you don’t have a huge yard that gets at least 8  hours of sun a day you CAN still have home grown vegetables.  A lot of vegetables do well in containers or in small spaces.  Tomatoes, peppers, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers are all small garden/container friendly.  Among about a billion other things.

My final tip on seeds is to buy some heritage varieties. These are also known as heirloom variety.  What is an heirloom plant?  There are a few definitions, but basically an  heirloom tomato or carrot is one that has been around for several generations, and has not been genetically modified.  It hasn’t been hybridized with anything else to alter it.  BECAUSE of this, if you grow an heirloom plant, you can take the seeds from the vegetable you grew, plant them again next year and you will end up with exactly the same fruit/vegetable from it.  If you save the seeds from a regular hybridized seed and plant them again the next year you’re never really sure of what will sprout up.

O.K.  Lesson is over for today.  I pass things over now to Laura from Cubits Organics and the $75 giveaway she’s kindly offered The Art of Doing Stuff readers.

Laura’s a rockin, gardening mom in Toronto who runs the wildly successful Etsy shop, Cubits, Organic, Rare & Heirloom seeds.


Cubit’s, Organic, Rare & Heirloom Seeds

She’s giving one lucky reader this $75 package which includes a hand forged garden tool, wood plant markers and 12 packets of seeds.

The best part? She’s letting YOU pick out whatever seeds you want.

To enter, just go to the Cubit Etsy site, have a browse around and decide what your favourite seed is. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me what your #1 seed pick would be.

Contest closes March 6th at midnight, winner announced March 8th. (winner will be randomly selected by automated computer program)

Good luck!

This contest is now closed.


  1. Laura Bee says:

    Damn, I was just about to go to bed…but ok.

  2. Suzanne Ledford says:

    Fractal Romanesco Broccoli times infinity. I have an obsession with fractal beauties. 🙂

  3. Oh boy!! I have to be the winner at least this time for this beautiful giveaway!! I would love to try out lemon cucumber seeds. They look different. Good luck to meee!!

  4. Kim Merry says:

    I have to try the lemon cucumber! I wonder if I could get my family to eat it????

  5. Becky says:

    Karen, once again you have taught me useful information… I never knew there were seeds on etsy. This could be dangerous— however, after oohing and ahhing (there may have been a few moans of anticipation of deliciousness) I have to pick the old ivory egg tomato as my favorite. I grew one plant, a few summers ago, and not one of them ever made it into the kitchen. They are a delight to eat straight from the plant, with a very mild flavor– however, by eating them all, I realized at the end of the summer, that I had not saved any seeds and have not found a replacement. UNTIL NOW!! yay!

  6. Rachel Cree-Lowe says:

    oh sweet moses smelled the roses… those Purple Tomatillo are gorgeous! I wouldn’t know whether to eat them or just stare at them. Beautiful photos. Number one pick for sure. The colour is beautiful

  7. Rebecca Jakel says:

    My favorite seed is the Organic Moon and Stars Heirloom Watermelon Seeds, I’ve always wanted to grow these, I think my kids would love them.

  8. Lynn Pratte says:

    OH MY GOSH. I need this. I am a Sustainability student at Arizona State University, and I am in a class called “Food and Farms” that has given me the motivation to grow my own food. My number one pick is the colorful carrot mix. I love carrots, and I think having different varieties would be so awesome!

  9. Vanessa says:

    Cosmic purple carrot seeds!

  10. Amanda says:

    I would get Heirloom Carrot Seeds – Colourful Mix of Organic Rainbow Carrot Seeds. we had some before and it was always a pleasure to cook with them AND the fun of pulling up surprises was awesome!

  11. Katie King says:

    DEFINITELY Naturally Grown Fractal Romanesco Broccoli (aka Veronica Cauliflower) Seeds. For one thing, it’s apparently cauliflower AND broccoli at once, and for another, Romanesco has been fascinating to me since I first learned about the Fibonacci sequence in high school. Beautiful stuff!! Food should always be art!!

  12. Laura Bee says:

    Well, that was easier than I thought! I was looking for herbs, as we have not much of a “garden”. Then I saw them: Organic Seeds Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry.
    My Duddy & Nana were Mennonite’s, and always had a HUGE garden & grew Ground Cherries. I loved eating them right out of the garden, warm from the sun. So yummy! Thanks for the memories & good night!

  13. Krista says:

    After everything you just said (which sums it up perfectly), and you expect me to pick just one?? Okay, well it has to be the Romanesco. Mesmerizing. 🙂

  14. Christina says:

    oh my how fun!! Just browsing the Etsy link.. I have never seen Fractal Romanesco before!!! It looks amazing and I would LOVE to try it out one day!!
    Love your blog by the way 🙂

  15. Jean says:

    My favorites are the Rainbow carrots and the Easter egg radishes!

  16. Susan says:

    I’ve spent many happy hours pouring over seed catalogues. Hands down the organic heirloom tomato seeds look perfect – so versatile and there’s nothing like a homegrown tomato.

  17. kathleen says:

    Hmmmm watermelon radish or purple carrot? Just can’t resist the watermelon radish so pretty, crunchy and tasty.

  18. Marti says:

    Basil. Can I vote again?

    I was going to call myself a name here, lifted from your post yesterday, but then I remembered I’m NOT CANADIAN.

    Whew. That’s a relief!

  19. Kathleen says:

    I have a couple seed packets from Cubits in my stash for this year, but would love some more! I think my number 1 pick would have to be the Delicata Squash…tried this variety for the first time last summer and loved it : )

  20. Cassie says:

    #1 seed pick is Organic Moon and Stars Heirloom Watermelon Seeds.
    Not only do they look delicious and different, I think the appearance is sure to freak out my neighbors. Looks like a poisonous toad rather than a watermelon!!

    • Shauna says:

      I want to see these seeds – where are they? I’ve gone through the Cubits catalog twice now and see 2 different types of watermelon and neither says Moon and Stars Heirlook Watermelon Seeds. A poisonous toad sounds super cool;)

  21. sherry says:

    my favourite is organic seed aunt molly’s ground cherry.

  22. Eileen says:

    Lemon cucumber sounds amazing!! 🙂

  23. Kristine says:

    ooooh, this is amazing timing! I just bought my first house and I have been longing for spring and dreaming of what to plant in my new garden! Those little tidbits about replanting heirloom seeds is blowing my mind.
    I would have to choose the Large Leaf Organic Basil Seeds, because I know I will use every last morsel- I use basil in everything, and then dry it in the microwave to keep me going in the winter.
    Crossing my fingers for this package!

  24. Claudine says:

    Organic Moon and Stars Heirloom Watermelon Seeds. What a beautiful melon.
    Mmmmmm. Ryan Gosling.
    I just put in a cottage garden last fall. So I have plenty of room for all kinds of things, and promise to rein in any potential rogue squash.
    Her site is beautiful. Thanks for the introduction.

  25. Amanda says:

    Purple Carrots – Organic Cosmic Purple Carrot Seeds. Oh my gosh, those are the most amazing carrots I have ever seen in my life!

  26. Nicole says:

    Seriously there is no question it would be the Italian Large Leaf Organic Basil Seeds. I can nearly taste how delicious it would be from the picture alone. YUM!

  27. Carlota Bindner says:

    The organic purple tomatillo seeds, I would love to grow these to use in my tomatillo stew.

  28. Debbie says:

    WOW …Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries or… no no that’s it Ground Cherries

  29. Karen says:

    Love the moon and stars watermelon. Didn’t know their were organic seed sellers on Etsy, nice to know.

  30. Aimee says:

    Wow, they are all gorgeous!

    I can’t decide between the fig cherry tomatoes and the purple basil…mmm….

  31. Diane says:

    Organic Vivian Romaine.

    No doubt about it. Prettiest lettuce I’ve seen, and she didn’t even have to stick a leg out.

  32. brigitte says:

    fractal romanesco broccoli seeds — hands down. I mean… look at them! They’re magnificent… I just wanna roll around in it!

  33. Emily Rae says:

    I cannot choose only one… okay, Romaine lettuce. And Snowball Cauliflower.

  34. Would love kale or arugula seeds…awesome site and giveaway!

  35. Nancy says:

    I am with Nicole on this one..The Italian Large Leaf Organic Basil Seeds..for me..I am so much waiting to start an herb garden this year..and the the smell of fresh basil is one of my most favorite smells..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you for this chance!!!

  36. Z says:

    Striped Chioggia Beet Seeds

  37. Gigi says:

    I love the names! I think I have to go with the Parisian carrots. Then again purple tomatoes or a rainbow of carrots would be a great treat for my little one. We just finished three large raised gardens so perfect timing. Go me.

  38. Lisa says:

    I want carrots! Leapin’ lizards, I haven’t dug up carrots since around the time the movie Annie came out. My Pa planted them out back in his little garden and it was so much fun to help dig them up. Sometimes we dug up other things too, like whiskey bottles. Ha! I would love to share the fun with my kiddos. The carrots…not the whiskey bottles. My top pick is definitely the Colourful Carrot Mix, ’cause why settle on one color when you can have ’em all?

  39. gloria says:

    Amazing. 24 comments before someone mentioned Ryan Gosling. This must be some serious gardeners here. So anyway…my favorite pick is the German chamomile. I use it medicinally for sinus problems. Make a steamy sauce pan of the flowers in boiling water and inhale w/ a towel over your head.

  40. Krissy says:

    I fancy the Organic beet trio seeds. Nothing beats the taste of beets.

  41. missnicoleo says:

    Snowball cauliflower, I. am obsessed with roasted cauliflower with lemon and cumin. And I will also take 1 Ryan gosling. Thanks.

  42. Kate Moore says:

    Watermelon radish! They’re so beautiful and crunchy 🙂

  43. Caroline says:

    Something that will grow well on top of my bookcase away from the windows–it’s the only place my cat would leave it alone!

  44. Jen says:

    basil! basil! basil!

  45. Becky says:

    Tomatoes are one of my favorite parts of summer! I would love to try the Brandywine Tomato. The colorful carrot mix would be so fun as well.

  46. pve says:

    I can’t decide this alone. I made need seed therapy.
    All of the seeds look awesomely sexy.

  47. April says:

    I would pick the Beet seed mix. I grew a little bit of everything last year but forgot the beets. I tried some homemade pickled beets last year at a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere that were the best I have ever had so I must try and make them!

  48. itchbay says:

    Yum! What a great site! I’m sad that I’ve already ordered all my seeds for this year. I’ll just have to make another order later this year.

    Off the top of my head, I’d probably order her organic radish seeds. We go through a lot of those little guys around here, since we can grow them year-round.

  49. Hands down I would opt for cilantro as my top choice. It’s one of the main ingredients in sofrito, the combination of herbs and spices used in cooking throughout much of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Then I’d go for some tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower… yeah, all of that.:)

  50. Gayla T says:

    The eye candy set me back in my chair and then when I started reading what they have…..a gardeners dream. I could have stopped looking at page 1 when I saw the cinnamon basil seeds but then I would have missed the lemon basil. When you’ve been around as long as I have it’s rare to find a plant I’m not familiar with and it’s exciting when I do. Thanks for the turn on! LOL

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