A Kitchen Update.

I’ve been sitting here for an hour staring at my computer waiting for some sort or revelation. I felt like I should write an update on the kitchen, but the truth is not much has been updated recently.

I got a new lid holder from Ikea if that counts.



See, when you renovate a kitchen you’re at the mercy of those around you. If one thing isn’t ready yet (in this case the counter) you’re at a stand still. Waiting. Sitting patiently on the kitchen floor surrounded by wet tissues and an old copy of Tiger Beat magazine remembering a time when you were happy, carefree and the future wife of The Fonz.

For me, no counter means no sink, no taps and no dishwasher. I’ve taken to hiding the dishes behind the shower curtain in my tub. Since my tub is occupied, as a result I’ve also taken to washing myself with a rag and a bit of dish detergent.

UPDATE FROM 4 SECONDS AGO: No joke. As I was about to start typing my next paragraph here, lamenting the loss of my bathtub to a 2 foot high pile of dirty dishes I got an email. MY COUNTERS ARE COMING MY COUNTERS ARE COMING MY COUNTERS ARE COMING.


So now I don’t really want to write this post because I’m so excited that my counters are coming.  It feels like an event.  

Waiting at the door wearing heels and a party dress may seem like too much … but it’s not.

Waiting out on the road might be.





You’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t included more pictures of my kitchen in the process of being renovated. Part of the reason is I want you to have that GASP moment when you see it all done (without having seen too many bits and pieces of it).

I, personally have had several GASP moments since the start of this kitchen, many of them ending in choking on my own spit and going to bed around 2 in the afternoon with a wine cooler and a Dramamine.

There are so very many things that can go wrong in a kitchen renovation and so very many things that need to be decided on.  The electrical boxes. Where should they go?  How many appliances will you be running at the same time?  How high on the wall will they be?  You’re going to put your coffee maker there?  Oh … well a plug won’t fit there.

Decide, Decide, Decide.

And the longer you take to decide the longer the project takes, but if you decide too quickly you may be staring at a mistake until you redo your kitchen again in the year Never.

Update from 30 seconds ago:  MY COUNTERS HAVE ARRIVED.

Yeah.  You’re not getting any more outta me today. I have a party to go to.

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  1. Linda S. in NE says:

    So, did one of the delivery guys take the picture? I bet they did not give the camera back, did they? As usual Karen, Cuter than Cute!

  2. theresa says:

    congratz! and I am sure the delivery guy is thrilled to deliver to a lady who looks like a lady and not a woman who’s been crushed by dirty dishes as she tries to sponge herself off…

  3. Carole-Ann says:

    OMG you’re so much FUN!!!
    That giddy smile is contagious! Now I’m smiling and I HAVE counters!!!
    Tee hee but I remember …. oh too well the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait for counters, second fridge because the first was scratched in installation, the under counter lights that are now soooooo much cheaper at Lee Valley Tools and the waiting, waiting, waiting ….. for the workers for the work to be finished! Now that was stressfull and there was no way in HELL I ever even contemplated looking as good as you!
    You have the right attitude! Keep it! It will wear well on you and keep you healthy!
    You keep me sane!
    Keep up the good vibes …. (maybe you’ll be Mrs FONZ someday or in your dreams ….what would THAT look like????)

  4. michaele anderson says:

    You’re adorable and never fail to entertain!

  5. Maureen says:

    Totally reasonable behavior, Karen. After mine were installed, I was very close to making a pallet on the floor and sleeping in the kitchen. And I still love my kitchen. We had a down-to-the-studs remodel. No kitchen for about 2 months. It was totally worth it.

  6. Olga says:

    Oh my goodness, I have a feeling that this whole renovation is coming to the end and I might as well get all dressed up too. I’m in a way afraid for it to come to the end, what if you leave us because you will be too busy in your new kitchen with your new counter tops?

  7. Kristin Ferguson says:

    I dress like that pretty much all the time. I mean, when I’m not actually working. I wish I had that dress–It’s just about the loveliest sundress I’ve ever seen.

  8. Karen says:

    BWWWAAHHHAAA…I don’t know what I’m laughing the most at. Your writing or the surprise picture of you in a party dress. You look fantastic but it sooooo took me off guard (no idea why I should have suspected it was coming). I would have not guessed you owned such an outfit. Or did you steal it off from June Cleaver’s clothes line down the street? So happy you are so happy.

  9. Marion says:

    Oh happy day! I think this occasion definitely calls for that awesome dress. Can’t wait to see the big reveal, hopefully it’ll be soon.

  10. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    Karen, you look beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see what you wear for the kitchen revel :) Enjoy the party. I am thrilled for you.

  11. Susie Heller says:

    Forgot. I sent your last couple posts to friends. One replied she has joined as you are the “Modern day Erma Bomback.”

    • Catherine says:

      I loved Erma Bombeck growing up. Two of my favourite quotes from her are:

      “I didn’t fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.”


      “I told you I was sick.” (her epitaph).

  12. Susie Heller says:

    You are a great humorist! I love the dress, hair, bag, and excitement that is mounting by minutes. Can’t wait to see the new kitchen! I am sure, as with all you do, it will be grand. You give Kate Middleton a run for the money. Where is your tiara? Love the matching truck in background.

  13. Rondina Muncy says:

    We are going to get a big reveal like they do on HGTV, but I would rather get the dirty little secrets and a play by play in keeping with learning “the art of doing stuff.”

    Having gone through the kitchen remodel once, I know you can move right along now. Remember to put the faucet on the sink BEFORE you install it.

    Hope the counters are exactly what you had in your mind’s eye. We will want full details about what you chose and why.

  14. Kelli says:

    Nope NOT too much. Too much would be if you had 2 feet of snow still on the ground and had to wear galoshes. New counters definitely are something to get excited over! (are they recycled materials???)

    You looks adorbs. Mind sharing where that dress came from?

  15. Teresa says:

    While I’m patiently waiting for the big reveal of your kitchen, you made me think of our “tub”. When we moved into our house 2 years ago we bought the tub of our dreams because we were getting ready to redo the ugliest bathroom we had ever seen. But then the roof needed to be replaced asap, and the patio doors needed to be replaced, and, and, and, and….
    2 years later, the tub of our dreams is still sitting, uninstalled in our spare bedroom. It is the source of much teasing from friends and family. But someday it will make it back to the top of the (money-to-be-spent) list and I like knowing that it is there and dreaming of the day that I’ll be able to use it :)

  16. Patti says:

    You look so pretty…and freezing! Love that bag too. Can’t wait to see this dadgum kitchen reveal!

  17. Kim from 3 peanuts says:

    You look beautiful! Don’t be surprised if the counter delivery men want to stay;)

  18. jeannie B says:

    Such a sweet dress. It looks so lovely on you. Is the money in the purse, to pay for the counters? Lots and lots of money.

  19. kari says:

    I love how you make me laugh each day!!!! You are so talented that you deserve those counters and all of the perfect outlet placing that goes along. I am SO EXCITED right now b/c my 7 month long DIY bathroom reno if finally being finished by a real contractor this very moment. It’s 3/4 done, so it’s only going to take him 2 days. Hallelujah! My daughters are already planning the bathroom reveal party complete with the finest kids non-alcoholic bubbly! Happy counter day!

  20. Ev Wilcox says:

    No, the nice dress is not too much! I hope the install went well, and that the installers kept their eyes on the job and not on you! Well maybe a few ogles are OK. Happy for you on counter day!

  21. Diane Amick says:

    “I’m so excited”….du du du du doooooo….”and I just can’t hide it”……du du du du doooooo…..”I’m about to lose control and I think I like it”……du du du du dooooooo!!!!! (name that tune).

  22. jainegayer says:

    Happy Counter Day, Karen!
    And no, it’s not too much. Your counters are here!!! Yay!!!

  23. Susan says:

    Happy Counter Day!

  24. Trish Cordiner says:

    Have fun at the party…the dress is perfect…you look so pretty…
    wish I was invited…CAN”T WAIT!!! YAHOOO!!!!!

  25. Mary Werner says:

    You’re as pretty as a new counter top. (I think I see goosebumps from here.)

  26. Reg says:

    Happy your counters have arrived. One less thing on the hurry up and wait list.
    I like your dress too.

  27. Beckie says:

    I love the dress, but even more, I ADORE the straw bag!! I covet one and that looks about near-perfect!

    enjoy the counter party =)

  28. Danni says:

    I know the feeling! When mine finally came in, during the install I had to duck into the living room to happy dance and muffle my squeals!!
    So awesome when the counters go on the cabinets, like frosting on the the cake.

  29. Suanne says:

    Wait! Wait!! Run back in the house! You forgot the pearls! :) Congrats on “Counter Day”.

    • Grammy says:

      No — look at Karen’s right wrist. She didn’t forget anything. Pearls at her throat would have been over-accessorizing.

  30. Jody says:

    You are too funny. And excited. Wait…not too excited. Just the right exited. Sounds like the counter is the next big thing to be installed…and then….

  31. Tigersmom says:


    I’ve prematurely celebrated your kitchen being almost complete so many times I’m afraid to get too excited. I truly hope that this time it is the real light at the end of the tunnel and not the scary “Caaaarole Annnnn, coooome to the liiiiiight,” kind.

    Great dress and good job on capturing the appropriate expression of anticipation.

  32. Grammy says:

    Your dress is just right for greeting the counter delivery truck. It looks chilly, but I’m sure it warmed you up when you began jumping around and waving your handbag at the truck driver. Now that you have the counters, everything can begin happening much faster and your kitchen will look like a kitchen.

    Party on, but don’t forget the rest of us with kitchens that lack everything nice are waiting with bated breath for your big reveal.

  33. mimiindublin says:

    Your counters have arrived means we’re one step closer to that GASP post.
    I’m going to celebrate, in the bathtub (no dishes), with a wine cooler. Your idea!

  34. Ember says:

    Yay! Congrats on the counters! You look very pretty in your party dress.

  35. Pam'a says:

    Can I have the Tiger Beat now that you’re done? ;)

    ‘Glad to hear the iceberg is moving!

  36. victoria says:

    You look so pretty!

  37. Bobbi says:

    If dressing like that gets new counters, I’m shopping for new duds asap !!! Yayyy for progress !!!

  38. TucsonPatty says:

    I’m glad you will soon be able to use your new farm sink for a bathtub! It will be so much fun!!!
    Love your dress, can’t wait to see the reveal.

  39. Amie Mason says:

    Wow! Great dress!

  40. Kat says:

    The first part of your post cracked me up as my sister used to hide her dirty dishes in the oven when I would give her about a 10 minute notice that I was coming to visit and then she’d get so depressed when I would announce I was staying for dinner and she would have to pull all the dishes out of the oven. She was a bit lazy in her youth and I still tease her about it religiously to this day. She tells me to shut up alot!

  41. Annette says:

    I’m waiting for kitchen counters too!!! So jealous cause mine aren’t due until Wed and then they don’t have another install date until the following Monday! I have no water and no dishwasher, and a teenage son who uses 4-6 glasses a day. I’m thinking of installing a lock on the glass/dish cabinet but the cabinets are new and it’s only another week of no water. then is be stuck with a lock in my cabinet until a redo my kitchen in the year never. Sound familiar?!?

  42. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    No honey..it’s not too much..I am so happy for you..enjoy!!

  43. Noelle says:

    I want neither your dress nor your counters, I am around the corner staring at my own bloody computer waiting for blog inspiration so I hate you that you have an excuse not to write more. I am blogging about natural cleaning, maybe I will come over and try stuff out when the kitchen is closer to done…. sometime when I will undoubtedly be avoiding writing my blog. Happy Counter Day!

  44. Edith says:

    I’m so happy for you Karen! ….and you look adorable!

  45. Tracie says:

    What a great dress! I want to be happy about your kitchen counters, but I really don’t care now. I just want that outfit….:)

  46. Laura says:

    It’s not too much! You look like a woman with gorgeous counters!

  47. SeaDee says:

    OMG I cannot wait to see it all! All I’ve gotten done in the last three months is resurfacing my bathtub. Not for the faint of heart, or perfectionists. That’s kept me from installing my tub doors, and pulling up the carpet, and replacing the toilet… You know the drill. Glad you’re over the hump!

  48. ruth says:


  49. Valerie says:

    The Canada Post truck matches you and your outfit – right down to black shoes/black tires…well done!

  50. Debbie says:

    All I want is a picture of the dishes in the bathtub. This would help me feel better about not doing anthing about the kitchen I have now. Please……………………

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