A Preview of Monday’s Post

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up for Monday.

I’m in a Guy Ritchie phase.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. mary liz says:

    whats the string for? I am new to the meat eating world. . .so many things to explore!
    – thanks for being awesome Karen, and letting us watch you while you do it :0)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mary liz – The string helps hold the meat together. Sometimes with a roast is made up of a few different muscles (gross, I know). So tying string around it holds everything firmly in place for cutting it into steaks and when you’re grilling or roasting it. ~ karen!

      • mary liz says:

        Very interesting, not gross, I spent two semesters in cadaver labs studying muscles and human movement . . . at that time I was ironically grossed out by touching animal meat, but a billion percent okay playing with human meat . . . and you thought you were weird. . .maybe it was because I knew the humans weren’t food? Now its time to learn how to prepare and cook meat!
        I watched the video tutorial from your next post, very helpful.
        ps. I discovered you two days ago, and stayed up until 3am bouncing around your blog. . . I promised myself (and my husband, who also thinks your awesome) I wouldn’t do it again tonight. . . .we are approaching 11 pm in Seoul, KR. . . .time. . .to. . .turn. . .the . . .computer. . .offfffffff!

  2. BIG EATER says:

    Almost all grocery stores still have those big hunks of Cryovac-ed meat in the back and are happy to sell them to you. You just have to ask. One other thing, meat prices vary a lot from week to week and from cut to cut, so don’t be embarrassed to ask which is the best deal that week. The butcher will be impressed by your knowledge of the meat biz.

  3. Pam'a says:

    My dad, may he rest in peace, was a meat cutter while he worked his way through vet school. On the rare occasion when he found himself in a grocery store years later, he’d stand at the meat counter ogling the cuts until we dragged him away.

    You’d have liked him. :)

  4. Brigette says:

    Your blog often takes me by surprise and makes me smile!

  5. iris says:

    Wholly, macaroolies, Karen, you must be dating the butcher to get a big chunk of meat like that!

  6. sera says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ll never be comfortable cutting a big bloody hunk of meat. Back when I worked in a restaurant, one of the chef’s offered to teach me how to cut up a chicken properly. I just sort of shivered and walked away. This was the same restaurant that, once a week, received a half a pig, sliced down the middle from nose to tail so that they could do a weekend roast. My first day, there was a pig head in a bucket. I didn’t last long.
    Regardless, Karen, you inspire me.

  7. Robin says:

    Hi Karen!

    I just discovered your blog through Style At Home and I am in LOVE. I come back every day for more. Your blogs are so funny and informative, and CANADIAN!!

    For Monday’s post, could you please include how to select above type of meat for cutting?


    • Karen says:

      Thanks Robin! I’m glad you like the site! I’ll include all information possible on Monday’s post. Including selecting your meat! LOL. I just got back from the grocery store where a woman was gazing questioningly at the roasts and asked for my opinion. I’m sure by the time I was finished talking to her she was regretting she even asked! I get a bit worked up when I’m talking about meat. – karen

  8. Todd says:

    Yes to “steak” on wedding diet. No to “cake” on wedding diet.

  9. Shannon says:

    P.S: this video needs Benny Hill music or something

  10. Shannon says:


    Happy now Karen?
    Step 1) ask butcher to cut steak.
    Step 2) butcher cuts steak.
    Step 3) cry secretly in the laundry room because you shouldn’t be eating steak on your wedding diet.

    • Karen says:


      Yes. I’m happy.

      Step 1) Ask butcher why he charges so much.
      Step 2) Tell butcher to suck it
      Step 3) Eat steak anyway ’cause the cuts with less fat aren’t much worse for you than chicken.

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