A Very Special Post.
Someone’s a Birthday Boy!


This is a post for him.




If you’re not familiar with, aren’t sure about or have never heard of “The Fella” … here’s a selection of posts to introduce you to him, including one of my all time favourite posts … The Fella’s stupid move.       Also check out   The Fella does crossfit   and my summertime series   The Fella’s opinion on …

Have a good weekend!  Back to regular posts on Monday, and of course tomorrow “This Week’s Menu” comes out.





  1. taria says:

    happy birthday wishes to the fella from So. Cal.!

    • Karen says:

      Taria – The fella reads all of my posts and the comments every day. So … birthday wishes will be much appreciated by him. 🙂 I think. Or he’ll hate me for doing this post. I’m not sure yet. ~ karen!

  2. Marti says:

    Total hottie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fella! I think you’re the world’s most tolerant (of Karen!) man!

  3. Kathe says:

    And the Fella loves you because you do all that stuff,have an awesome day both of you.

  4. Happy Birthday Fella!!

    Seriously Karen, how could you not love a man who opens car doors for you, notices your haircut, and cooks souffle?! Lucky girl!

  5. Brigid says:

    awww, this is the sweetest birthday thing I have ever seen. I say ‘thing’ because ‘post’ sounds impersonal. whatever. happy birthday, fella! I wish you many more years of patience and understanding with the crazy lady that loves you for all the right reasons.
    Gee, I just made myself a little teary.

  6. rachel says:

    being a homo, i’m so happy he’s not a homophobe…makes me love your blog all the more. <3

  7. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday Fella. Hold on to that fella Karen, I’ve had one just like him for the past 35 years. They age like fine wine–better & better every year eh? Many many more to follow Fella!

  8. Tracy says:

    LOL – such a cute post! Adorable! I love how if is not even freaked by your ripping up parts of the house. My fella thinks I’m crazy most of the time but knows in the end it will usually turn out not horrible so he is usually not shocked by me walking past him with a sledge hammer. LOL! Happy Birthday wishes being sent on this frigid and snowy Friday from Chicago! I wish you both a fabulous birthday celebration!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Hahaha cute!

    Joyeux anniversaire The Fella!

  10. Lucy says:

    Happy birthday, fella. Got a brother? My birthday will be coming up soon…. You’re lucky to have found each other. Luckier, still, to be such a good fit. Opening doors, loving your mother and his own mother, caring for others AND being a good cook — what a gem! Better than a diamond or a bouquet of roses.

  11. Ginny says:

    Happy Birthday Fella! Can’t believe you didn’t look twice when Karen ripped up the floors. And the video when she was trying to put a bandaid on you while you were asleep. Well that just proved you two are meant to be! Hope you have a great day!

  12. HBD Fella! That’s the term all the kids are using now. I hope you get a nice big “true cake” with lots of candles!

  13. Tillykke med fødselsdagen Fella :o)

  14. m says:

    Does he have a brother???

    Seriously, he sounds like a gem! Happy B’Day, Fella!!

  15. Kate says:

    Happy Birthday Fella! May this year bring you legalised chickens, immaculate garbage cans, elegantly dressed teenagers and appropriate grammar.

  16. Carol-Anne says:

    Fella, Have a great Birthday, PLEASE! Seriously, PLEASE have a great birthday 😉 (please refer to Karen’s 4 am bandaid post for reference)

    • Karen says:

      Hah!!! LOL. He has since informed me he wasn’t being polite with the “please, please, please” … he was begging. 🙂 ~ karen

  17. Elle says:

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

  18. Robyn says:

    Happy Birthday Fella!
    Lets hope Karen bought you cakes, cookies, pies, and dug out some dusty/hairy chocolate chips found at the bottom of the cupboard under the bag of cornmeal. Just so you won’t eat her chips! She needs them.

  19. Brenda says:

    Happy birthday to him, hope he has a fabulous day !! Someone with a kind & generous spirit, how rare these days.

  20. Marta says:

    Happy Birthday to the Fella! He sounds like a great person to share life with. And that picture looks so relaxing, especially with our snowy blast here in Toronto. ~Marta

  21. Shannon Clarke Devine says:

    Happy birthday Fella – doesn’t he have a brother who wants to come and visit sunny South Africa?? Shannon

  22. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday Chicken Daddy! You are a hottie and a very patient and tolerant man… But very lucky too! On a list of true women… Karen has to be number one! Wishing you a special day and the start of many more fabulous years ahead! Love Suexo

  23. maggie says:

    Happy Birthday Fella. Are you crossfitting today or cooking a souffle? Have a great day whatever you are up to.

  24. The Fella's Dad says:

    Happy Birthday my boy. I’m very proud of you. We’ve got something here for you. Hope it fits.

  25. Jules says:

    Happy Birthday! Karen, he sounds like one very special guy…a keeper.

  26. Nicole2 says:

    A Poem

    Happy Birthday, dear sweet Fella
    We don’t know you, but we love you
    Hope you have a ball like Cinderella
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you

  27. Langela says:

    Have a great one, Fella!

  28. paula says:

    Happy Birthday to ‘The Fella’ incredibly sweet post for an obviously incredibly sweet guy!

  29. Samantha says:

    Happy Birthday to the Fella. I’ve enjoyed reading his opinions on things and have found sage wisdom in these here pages. 🙂 I’m very curious to know the Fellas poppa’s opinion on True things. Those lists are so great. Handy and helpful this family line you got going on here…so Happy Birthday and Congratulations Karen on the Fella’s birthday.

  30. tina seashore says:

    you are both so ridiculously lucky to have each….i’m green with envy, but filled with hope that my NEXT significant other will be as grand. in fact, i may just use your checklist as the litmus test–with the exception of the floor-ripping-up thing.

    happy birthday to a wonderful person!!!

  31. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Happy Birthday!

  32. Paula says:

    Karen, I love how you call him “The Fella.” It just tickles me that you refer to him that way, what can I say…other than, Happy, Happy Birthday to The Fella!!

  33. Liz S. says:

    Happy Birthday Fella!

    I loved the summertime series!

  34. Jen says:

    This was so sweet. Happy Birthday to one special “fella”. I especially like the comment from The Fella’s dad….LOL!

  35. Meredith says:

    Ahh, Karen, he obviously has the 4 TRUE manly qualities. Best wishes to you both. Celebrate in style!

  36. Mickey says:

    Dear fella. I remember when you were on Stylin’ Gypsies with Karen. You worked so well together. It’s not surprising that the two of you are living happily ever after….a perfect couple, indeed! Happy Birthday!

  37. Linda Strickland says:

    Happy Birthday from Florida

  38. Angie says:

    It is indeed a wonderful thing to have a man that loves you without a doubt, and exactly for who you are. Have a wonderful birthday, you fine Fella!!!

  39. Becky S. says:

    Happy Birthday Fella. Today is also my Mom’s 70th birthday, so if I believed in horoscope type stuff I might be inclined to think you are as awesome as my Mom. From what Karen has posted about you, I’d say you are indeed. Hope your day is great.

  40. Chau says:

    Happy Birthday Fella. You two are MFEO!

  41. Marie says:

    Happy birthday, fella! So wonderful to “meet” another tattooed person that doesn’t fit the stereotype.

  42. Fella says:


    Thank you for the nice post and thanks to your readers for the birthday wishes. I think the funnier post would have been the ten things that I do to drive you nuts.


  43. Ann says:

    Happy Birthday Fella! Seems like you found a good one with Karen. If you guys ever come to California – wine country, you have a place to stay! (with wine, of course)

  44. Happy Birthday The Fella!
    just for the record, i think you rock!

  45. Scouty says:

    Happy Birthday! – Best wishes

  46. Roxanne Lucchesi says:

    So, of course, I had to Google “Stylin’ Gypsies.” Wow. You’re a Big Deal, Karen. I mean, I know you are a “big deal,” but I didn’t know you are a famous BIG DEAL.

    Love your blog, Karen. Wish you didn’t live so far away. It would be nice to know you in RL.

    Happy Birthday to the Fella.

    Fella, you sound like someone very special. The two of you take good care of each other.

  47. Nancy says:

    Happy B-Day Fella..You are living proof that big tattooed guys can be sweethearts too..Karen is lucky to find a guy who still knows how to respect his woman..I’m sure Karen has a great day planned for you..Hugs

  48. Brenda j says:

    Happy Birthday Fella….and after reading all that. I love ya’ too!

  49. Barbie says:

    I can see clearly why your fella is so lovable! Anyone who shovels the snow for the elderly has my heart indeed! Also, the fact that he notices when you get your haircut is a big points factor!
    Happy Birthday to the Fella!

  50. Barbie says:

    …..any special plans for the day?
    You should do something really super “Fella like”

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