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Advertise on The Art of Doing Stuff

The Art of Doing Stuff is a humour/lifestyle blog comprised of 100% original content created by site owner, television host, Karen Bertelsen.  That’d be me. The site was created in March of 2010 and is growing at a rapid rate. 

Each and every day I undertake a project and give the reader step by step instructions and photographs on how to accomplish it themselves.

The Art of Doing Stuff encourages people to do it themselves because it isn’t that hard.  Any of it.


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The Art of Doing Stuff receives approximately 500,000 pageviews a month.

It has 6,700 daily subscribers.

The majority of readers are women aged 25 – 50.

The readers engagement and interaction with the site is uncommonly high compared to other blogs.  On average, posts get between 50 and 100 comments.

The Art of Doing STUFF

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Available Advertising


Button Ad

• 125 X 125 image buttons (linking back to your site)

• Right sidebar

• All ads appear on both the homepage and all posts.  They are viewable  100% of the time anyone is on the site.

Current price for 125 X 125 ads are:

$50 per month billed via Paypal

Small Banner Ad

• 300 X 125 image (linking back to your site)

• Right sidebar.

• Ad appears on both the homepage and all posts.  It is viewable 100% of the time anyone is on the site.

Current price for 300 x 125 ad in the sidebar is:

$90 per month billed via Paypal

Paid Giveaways

Larger companies looking for a more interactive campaign may be interested in a giveaway post.  All giveaways must have a value of a minimum of $250.

The Giveaway campaign includes 1 full post revolving around the product you are giving away, including contest details and linking to site,  an additional post announcing the winner(s) of the contest and a 300 x 125 ad in the righthand sidebar for the entire month the giveaway is to take place.

The cost for this initiative is $1,200 and is the best value for a larger company looking to increase pageviews and product exposure.


Giveaway Campaign, $1,200 billed via Paypal.

Happy Customers say:

Karen –  I have had a TON of sales since we set up the ad and you mentioned my shop.  This is really great.  I’m so glad I decided to advertise with you.  I will be recommending you to some other Etsy sellers I know! – Adrienne

If you decide to advertise on The Art of Doing Stuff, remember … pretty buttons get more clicks.  So make your button pretty.  Or fetching.  Or at the very least intriguing.  I reserve the right to refuse a button or potential advertiser because I think they’re weird.  Or not weird enough.

For $30 I will design your button for you.

*Please note, these are special rates applying to small businesses.  Larger ads for larger businesses will be charged CPM rates.  Email me for rates.

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  1. Hi there Karen,

    I was recently passed on your info by a friend of mine on Etsy, who told me she had enjoyed a lot of success advertising on your blog. I’m really keen to have a go! I sent you an email already with a copy of the ad I want to use, and would welcome any comments from you.

    I’m interested in the 125 x 125 size, at $50 a month. Starting as soon as possible! Any further info you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, with my very best wishes,

    James Kaufman

  2. Liz says:

    Hi Karen, I’ve been enjoying your blog for many months now and have been considering advertising ever since you first mentioned it. I’ve decided that I’m ready to take the plunge and make the investment. I would like to purchase a $50.00 ad.

    Thank you


  3. Christina says:

    You do a post featuring your sponsors every month, right?
    Is that included with the $50 ad?

    • Karen says:

      Yes ma’am, it’s all included. However, the sponsor post isn’t a *guarantee*. I’ve never missed one, but I consider it a large added bonus. So if I happen to not do a sponsor post one month you don’t get your money back. 🙂 ~ karen!

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