An Entirely Unexpected Occurence

No post today. Sorry. But it’s true.  Well, not entirely true  (clearly),   since you’re sitting, reading a post right now.  I suppose what I meant to say was the post you might have been EXPECTING has been postponed until next week.

I was supposed to have a plethora of pictures for you.  Pictures of the clothing you’ve all saved from your wild, wild youth.  Last Friday I asked you to send in pictures of any ridiculous, beautiful, interesting clothing that you’ve saved over the years even though you know you’ll never wear it again.  And you did indeed send in pictures.  Lots of them.

So why no post?  Well it’s an interesting story actually.

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this post.  Don’t ask me how because it’s all a blur but instead of writing a post today, I ended up getting my hair done and …



… had my  first manicure/pedicure in about 3 years.  I’m not one for succumbing to the societal standards of relaxation.  Or relaxation in general.

So when my friend Renee (who does my hair at her spa) offered to give me a manicure and pedicure  I said, no thank you, and tried to leave.  Soooooooooo 17 swear words, 12 adamant refusals and 1 Indian leg wrestle later … I ended up getting the manicure/pedicure.

It’s very unlike me to a) not write a post and b) be bullied into relaxing spa services.

But for women like me,  and quite possibly you, the odd time you need a friend to say Shut up, Sit down and give me your hand.