An UNPAID Robot Vacuum Review & Guide.

I made my way to the world’s greatest source of reliable information (Instagram) a few weeks ago looking for a vacuum cleaner recommendation. For reasons I still don’t entirely understand, I am now the proud owner of an automatic vacuum.

Eufy 11s robot vacuum on hardwood floor.

I vacuum my house every day.  Every SINGLE day I vacuum. Do I have OCD? No. Do I have an especially hairy pet, a lot of time on my hands, armpits that spew out breadcrumbs every time I walk?  No.

But what I do have is a robot vacuum. In fact, as I sit in my office writing this post I am vacuuming. Last night while I watched television I was vacuuming. The day before while my family celebrated my mother’s birthday on my front porch I WAS VACUUMING.

At this very moment you could walk with bare feet through my entire house and out the back door without a single thing coming between the sole of your foot and the cool, clean floors. Not even a dried up piece of diced onion. Nothing. As long as you don’t walk in the corners or on the stairs.

I’m going to say that I think you and I are probably very similar. We’re fascinated and excited by new technology and all the things it can do but at the same time – I mean, I don’t care how advanced my iPhone calendar gets, I’m never giving up the pencil scribbled paper calendar hanging inside my kitchen cupboard.

A little about which vacuum I bought and why I bought it.

The Eufy 11s

After listening to the fine people of Instagram who have absolutely no reason to lie to me about robot vacuums, I decided to buy the Eufy 11s.  Which, (and again I think we’re probably similar here) I had never heard of.  I’d heard of the Roomba and that’s about it.

The vacuum is a round disk that’s less than 3″ high which means it can get under most sofas and chairs. 

It has a roller on the underside which cleans carpets and two whisk-like things on the sides which rotate and clean bare floors.

Eufy 11s automatic vacuum on hardwood floors.

It lives in it’s charging base which needs to be plugged in while it’s not working. After vacuuming it will automatically return to its charging base when it starts to get tired and in need of a sit down (when the battery in it gets low.)

A robot vacuum charging station tucked out of the way under a bench.

When I first got the Eufy I was ANGRY because in the instructions it said the charging base had to be in an area that had a clear 6′ in front of it and on both sides.  There is NOWHERE in my house that has 6′ of open space all around it!!

I thought screw that, and tried the base in a spot that has 2′ in front of it and about 4″ on either side of it. It works perfectly. No problems.

Also, when you first get a robot vacuum you need to prepare for it.

Preparing your house for a robot vacuum

  • Clean up any cords that are on the floor. Cover them up with a wire box like this white and wood one or lift them so they aren’t touching the floor.
  • Don’t leave shoes with undone shoelaces anywhere near it! You’ll see why in the upcoming video.
  • If you have pets and their water bowl is lightweight switch it out for a heavy ceramic one. The robot vacuum can flip and spill a water bowl faster than you can say “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.
  • Tape down or use grip mats under lightweight throw rugs or kilim type rugs so the vacuum doesn’t push them around or get them all bunched up.
  • NO need to worry about stairs. It has a sensor for sharp declines and won’t fall down stairs.


A Short History of Robot Vacuums

In 1996 Electolux released the very first robot vacuum, the Trilobite, which failed dismally with consumers and was discontinued almost immediately.

Zip through the next 6 years when people had to continue to vacuum their floors by hand and we get to the year 2002 when the company iRobot released the Roomba. Even though it wasn’t perfect it was an instant hit among the I’d rather make a mess than clean up a mess  crowd.

The first models used random patterns to vacuum a house by simply bumping into things, ricocheting off them and heading in a new direction. Like Uncle Bob at an open bar wedding.

Newer models use mapping technology through cameras, radar and lasers helping it remember what rooms are like and more efficiently clean them.


Hold on a second, I just heard something smash downstairs and I am 100% certain it’s robot vacuum related … more on this phenomenon later …

Yup. It was the robot vacuum. This is the sort of excitement you can expect when you buy a technologically advanced cleaning system. It’s SO enthusiastic about cleaning that it lets nothing stand in its way. It does not get tired, or bored or intimidated by a speaker wire. It will in fact attack, maim and twist that speaker wire until it chokes on it. 

It’s then up to you to help the robot barf it out.

I came to learn that there’s a slew of robot vacuums that have come out since the Roomba made its debut, all of them doing basically the same thing in different ways, at different speeds and with different price points. 

Robot Vacuum Brands

These are some of the most widely available and best reviewed robot vacuums.

  • Miele ($789 US, $1360 CA)*
  • Shark ($489 US, $656 CA)
  • Neato ($491 US, $999 CA)
  • Samsung ($499 US, not widely available in Canada)
  • Ecovacs ($155 US, $250 CA)
  • Bissel ($222 US, $300 CA)
  • Eufy ($219 US, $279 CA)

*if you browse Amazon, you can get this one for hundreds of dollars less by choosing the “Autumn Red” colour instead of “Graphite Grey”.  Also the Miele does not get great reviews from Amazon or Consumer Reports, but those who follow me on Instagram and own one say they love it.

 So why did I go with the Eufy 11s?

Because my Instagram followers who owned it loved it. This led me to check to see how it fared on Consumer Reports.

The Eufy 11s, the one you’ve probably never heard of, scored the top spot for robot vacuums on Consumer Reports.

The TWO things the Eufy has going against it is that for some reason it has held onto the archaic system of bumping and grinding its way around your house by way of using the archaic “random pattern” system.

It also doesn’t work with wifi, which means you can’t start your vacuum with an app from the comfort of your dentist’s chair or grocery store.

Most other vacuums will work with an app and use sensors to map the room. 

Given I had no intention of buying a robot vacuum, didn’t know if I would even like a robot vacuum and really didn’t need a robot vacuum I felt pretty darn comfortable buying one of the least expensive ones available, especially when you factor in the fact that it was rated #1 by Consumer Reports.

If I had no intention of buying a robot vacuum, why did I ask my Instagram followers about them? I was doing research for my mother (Betty). She was interested in getting a new stick vacuum. Either the Shark or the Dyson. I threw in the possibility of a robot vacuum when I asked my Instagram followers what they thought. 

And the wide majority of Instagrammers who had robot vacuums LOVED them.

Which got me curious about them. Which led me to ordering one off of Amazon at 1 o’clock in the morning because driving to the store at that time and waiting outside seemed a bit manic.

How do I like my robot vacuum?  I actually love it. There are a few issues with it but the pros outweigh the cons for me. 

What I like about a robot vacuum

  • O.K. seriously my house is always vacuumed.
  • If it misses something on the first pass it’ll get it on the second. If it misses it on the second it will get it the next day.
  • I. Do. Not. Like. Vacuuming.  
  • You can program it to vacuum at a scheduled time every day or push the start button on your way out the door so it does its job while you’re out and you return to a vacuumed house.
  • It’s discreet and hardly takes up any room at all.
  • Watching and feeding it has been among the more entertaining things I’ve done since Covid hit.
  • Weirdly my cat who is afraid of everything isn’t quite as afraid of the robot vacuum as she is my central vac.
  • It does a remarkably good job. It’s performance on my Kilim rugs is ASTONISHING. It gets embedded cat hair that I could never get with my central vac.
  • There’s a huge amount of satisfaction from dumping the contents every morning after it has run and seeing HOW much crap it sucked up even though it only sucked up crap the day before.
  • It does a much better job around baseboards than a regular vacuum because it has tiny brushes that stick out from it that whisk right to the edge.
  • It’s just plain fun.

What I don’t like about a robot vacuum. 

  • It takes a long time to vacuum. It runs until its battery wears out which is generally around an hour and a half.
  • It will get stuck on things. This doesn’t happen all the time but there are times when I’ve left a – well a speaker wire for instance – on the ground and the vacuum will get all tangled up in it. I have several pieces of furniture that have sloped bases and the robot vacuum will try to climb up them over and over and over and over again until the battery wears out. This has only happened twice, but I’ve only owned it for a month soooo.
  • It doesn’t get right into the corners, but honestly, neither did I with my vacuum. 
  • If your house is more than one level you either need 2 robot vacuums, or you need to carry it to the different floor.
  • It doesn’t do stairs. So while my entire house is perfectly vacuumed there’s currently enough cat hair on my stairs to knit a pair of leg warmers.
  • It’s loud. Not the unit itself, but the bashing into things. And it does bash into things. Not enough to damage anything but it’ll go bang, bang, bang against a chair trying to get under or around it.

Like I said, I vacuum with this every day and EVERY day it pulls up an entire bin full or hair, dirt and junk.  To empty your vacuum you need to pull out the little built in drawer it has.  More expensive models have self emptying drawers. The super-cheap Eufy doesn’t have that feature.

You don’t know fear until you’re jolted out of sleep by the sound of someone breaking into your house at 3 in the morning. When you groggily realize your robot vacuum has randomly started cleaning, your fear changes to anger as you’re changing your sheets.

Pulling out the waste drawer in a robot vacuum to empty it after cleaning.

If you’re on the fence about one of these take a look at what my the drawer held after vacuuming for an hour. Keep in mind it has vacuumed almost every single day for a few weeks.

The robot vacuum drawer filled with hair, dust, cat hair and general guck on a kilim rug.

It’s like this every day. 

I’m horrified and elated all at the same time. 

There are a few ways to use the vacuum (at least this vacuum). It comes with a remote control and there are buttons for “edge cleaning”, “spot cleaning”, “single room cleaning” and more. 

You’ll see some of those features in this video on the good and the bad of robot vacuums.



Do I recommend a robot vacuum (this one in particular)? Yes I do. 

I’ll still use my central vacuum the odd time, but the majority of the work around here is going to be done on a daily basis by the Eufy which is about 28 more times a month than I would normally get around to vacuuming the whole house. 

If you have ANY questions about it leave them here and I’ll answer them honestly for you. 

Finally – Betty got a Eufy for her birthday. She didn’t want one, was completely opposed to one and had no intention of getting one.

Until she saw mine.


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An UNPAID Robot Vacuum Review & Guide.


  1. Robin says:

    Yes! Technology is wonderful. When my Roomba was alive and working, I went out in the back yard and looked at the house, thoroughly enjoying the fact that my laundry was being washed, my dishes were being cleaned, my sweater was being knit (automatic garter carriage on knitting machine) and my floors were being vacuumed. I couldn’t find a way to get the sewing machine to do its thing, so I just laughed and took the dog for a run.

  2. Christina says:

    Omg!! I love my eufy!! He’s like the little drunken sailor that just keeps cleaning!! I do have a few corners he seems to like a little ‘too much’ (maybe I need a spray bottle). But it just does such a great job every day! I bought one for my mom, too and she loves it.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi. I love my Roomba. I have not had itwork for a while. The concept, due to the battery, has an issue. I’ve replaced my battery twice and Finally gave up. When I used the automatic return to base, when the battery wasn’t fully discharged, it would change it back up. Finally after so many times of this, it failed to charge completely. I believe it’s a battery failure amd I hope they have gotten better. I hope your vacuum’s battery doesn’t experience this drain when it charges at the base when it wasn’t completely discharged. I really loved my automatic vacuum when it worked.

  4. TucsonPatty says:

    I recently purchased a friend’s used Dyson upright, after she purchased a new one, then found out her old one was still under warranty and so was repaired for free. Such a deal – and still under warranty.
    I do not have a clear enough floor to use this type of vacuum, but have always been curious.
    The one thing I do have to add to the discussion is everyone needs to purchase an inexpensive seam ripper from JoAnn’s to use to cut through the hairs wound around the shaft of the vacuum. Works like a charm with very little effort.
    Best advice ever!!

    • Cheverly Long says:

      Wow, this IS great advice! I’ve got lots of seam rippers laying around and am always annoyed by the long hairs. Thank you!!

      I’m also super jealous of all of you who are able to own one a robot vacuum. Our 100 year old house has seam binders in all the doorways (in spite of the floors being continuous… go figure) that would be too tall for the vacuum. :(

  5. Mia says:

    We’ve had ours for a few weeks and only problem was that it curled up the corners of the den rug. Ordered NeverCurl from Amazon and that worked!

  6. Leslie says:

    Karen, I think your fireplace is crying out for a rough stone mantel! Just wanted to contribute that thought. Thanks.

  7. Lori says:

    I love your writing 💕 Maybe it’s cuz I have enough pet hair on my stairs to knit leg warmers too🤣
    We bought a Roborock 5 and it’s awesome!!!
    It adjusts its speed and suction; gets stronger on carpet or in our case area rugs. It’s easy to empty and maintain. It is Bluetooth and you can send it into certain areas only. It will also “wash” my wood/laminate floor with this little attachment.
    Did you know that there are many stickers that can be added. My niece has an R2D2 sticker on hers🤣😂
    The Roborock can be named too. Mine is named Hazel after the old TV show (before I was born!) It was that or Alice – Brady Bunch.

  8. Kiara says:

    I purchased today thanks to you. I ended up going with the more powerful Eufy 15C Max which is $100 off in Canada right now and cheaper than the 11S with some neat features. I have a friend returning his because it got stuck on rugs but I don’t have any rugs and am optimistic based on your review and the reviews online.

  9. Linda Huenecke says:

    I have had my Eufy for the past 3 years and I LOVE it! The price was right and it’s a little work horse. My puppy thinks it’s fun to chase and run from. A win/win for everyone!

  10. Sunny Harvy says:

    I can’t see your video for some reason and I want to watch it after reading your review. Can I view it somewhere else, like on You Tube since it won’t come up on your website for me? Thanks.

  11. Leslie Russell says:

    I had a Roomba when it was the new thing. I’m a clean floor freak, which is why I have no less than 4 vacuums at any given point. None of them vacuum on their own though, dammit. So my floors are never clean, but I am a clean floor freak nonetheless. I’ll whip one out randomly but rarely do the whole house at once. (Loser). Back to the Roomba. That was probably 15 years ago and the thing that made me crazy was it’s random pattern. It would go along the baseboards and then randomly head off somewhere else. Made me nuts. Then I became obsessed with just watching it wander around. I could have been vacuuming. The little drawer was too small and it would be stuffed with dog hair. So I’m glad to hear your review and that things have changed a lot. What’s one more vacuum.

  12. Frani says:

    I have had an Eufy for almost two years and love it! I also have two very hairy dogs and a very hairy cat, plus another dog and two more cats and a teenage son (nuff said). Eufy is wonderful. She gets up tons of hair for me. I won’t ever be without an Eufy again!

  13. Kim says:

    I’ve thought about this over the years. I have a very very sheddy dog. Does it stop when it’s full? I think I’d have to empty it every 10 minutes. What about rugs with fringes? Do you think I’d have to cut them off? I too HATE vacuuming so often. Did anyone on here get the one with the self emptying docking station? How well do those work?


    • Karen says:

      It does say it does NOT work well with fringe. I have small fringe on all of my carpets and it’s fine with it. But maybe bigger more aggressive fringe would bind it up. ~ karen!

  14. Susi says:

    Just purchased one. I’ll let you know!

    • Susi says:

      Set up was simple and it cleans like a champ. We are also ridiculously entertained by it. My granddaughter named it Nini. I bought the 15 from Target at a decent price. Thanks for the recommendation.

  15. z says:

    I think its a requirement somewhere that you Must name your random appliances and vehicles. I love reading what everyone has chosen for their bot! I might just want one now….

  16. Connie AZ says:

    When I started reading this brilliant review I leaped up to retrieve my Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from the closet. Named “House Elf” a few years ago, it still does a good job when I remember to liberate it. I chose this brand because, for an inexpensive model, it got good reviews and compared well with the more fancy models.
    Wi-fi schmi-fi.

  17. Deborah says:

    So, if it makes a mess of cat vomit, puppy piles would likewise be a problem? We find little tootsie roll size poop from our chihuahua now and then. Would it pick it up or smear it all over the house?

    • Jess Ruelens says:

      I definitely wouldn’t risk it.

    • Karen says:

      I um … I suppose it depends on how firm it is.😆 ~ karen!

      • Lori says:

        Yes, my Roborock hit a English Setter sized pile that was not firm and started dragging stuff under and around!!!! Luckily I smelled something and was able to stop it. But then there was the cleaning of the machine.
        Because of pets (and family-shoes, cords, or other things) I always do a quick walk around before starting. I still LOVE my vacuum 💕

  18. Helen Gemmell says:

    I’ve had a Roomba for at least 10 years. It was one of the basic ones that you see for sale often at Canadian Tire. I really loved it and others have stated, was amazed how much stuff was in the bin after each use. I had to make sure I remembered to empty and clean after each use.
    A couple of years ago I bought a top of the line IRobot from someone who was selling it. It has so many better features than my original one, mainly the brush isn’t like the old one and is so easy to clean. So now I keep the old one for downstairs and the new one for upstairs. Once a month or so I do a deeper clean on the carpets with my Dyson (does the best job). Every day out comes “Robbie” and I love it.

    • Patricia Butler says:

      Dyson, yes! Vacuuming was painful. Until I got my Dyson 11 stick vac two years ago. Wow; worth every flipping dollar. I’m still fascinated by the amount of cat hair, carpet dust, battery longevity. I take it out onto our screened in porch and use it out there. Because of the portability, I vacuum more and because of the frequency, the job is quicker. It’s shocking how good it is. I can’t justify buying a robo vac while having the Dyson on hand, but those robo lawn mowers are mighty appealing!

  19. Leah says:

    Thank you for the review….and of course putting your personal flair to it! Looking at them on Amazon now! :-D

    Also, what have you named yours?

  20. Lynn says:

    Thank you! This is the kick in the butt I needed. I bought one a month ago with the best of intentions. It is still in the box. After a year, I’m still moving in, while recovering from surgery, and unpacking boxes in a house with minimal storage. Things are everywhere in sorted and unsorted piles. To use the vacuum I have to find homes for all this stuff. Sigh. Priorities! Time to buy Ivar shelves, put the boxes there and set up the vacuum and sort later.

  21. Sakura Sushi says:

    We had an iLife A4 a few years ago. Husband named it Wally (like Wall-E – get it? Ugh, I know.). It was super annoying. Always got stuck under the furniture. Did a mediocre-at-best job of cleaning the apartment. Pissed off the dog, who is normally the chillest creature ever. Pissed me off with its insane method of going over the same spots incessantly while completely ignoring others. Beeped for “help” constantly. Ran off to its little house to recharge after much too short a time. Basically, it was a pain in the butt. I was relieved when the husband finally gave up on it and returned it. Now we have a fancy, ridiculously expensive Miele canister vac that works beautifully and quietly. It’s not a robot vac, but worth every penny. Oh, and did I mention that it’s the husband’s job to vacuum? That’s the real win right there.

  22. Kathleen Budacki says:

    Ordering one today. Thank you for answering all my wondering so completely.

    • Kathleen Budacki says:

      So I’ve just been following my Eufy around and watching it’s progress. I love it! I definitely don’t vacuum everyday. My excuse is a bad rotator cuff but we all know I really hate housework. 🌝 Eufy is a revelation. She glides around gently bumping into things and recalculating her course. Up comes the dog hair. Right now I hear her in the living room and that means she made it over a area rug.
      Thank you so much for the information and recommendation. I feel like I have control of my house again. Ooooh here she comes into the kitchen!

  23. ~laura says:

    LOL, look how many of us are posting comments! Who would have thought?!?
    And yet, here I am, among all these folks who think a robot vacuum is worth commenting on (even if I don’t think a robot vacuum is worth much…)
    When my darling was ill and I needed daily vacuuming to keep SOMETHING under control, but didn’t have time between hospital trips etc, I bought one. Yes, it picked up lots, BUT, it was more trouble to CLEAN the machine than it was to sweep the floor myself! I needed a razor to cut out long hairs daily, cat hairs wound so tight around some spool-like parts that it just wasn’t worth it! I relegated it to the thrift store pile (with a twinge of guilt about whoever did get it next), and just live comfortably with my dust bunnies and loose wires…
    HAVE they improved that? (it was over a decade ago… )

  24. Carswell says:

    I bought a Roomba a couple of years ago. I love that thing. I too am an infrequent vacuumer (is that a word) even though I have a central vac and a relatively small house.

    Mine came with a couple of infrared doodads that when placed allow you to confine it to a certain area or avoid something specific like the cat food/water bowls. It does absolute wonders when it comes to keeping up with cat hair.

    • Jane says:

      We also bought a Roomba years ago. It did a wonderful job of vacuuming, especially under furniture. And it was quiet! One of the cats even loved sitting on it. Unfortunately, the sensors somehow got clogged and it was hellish trying to clear it. Never managed, and the thing kept going around in circles. Not sure if newer models have solved that problem.

  25. Cathy Reeves says:

    I thought there was a video….

    • Karen says:

      There is. I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing it. :/ It could be your browser (try using Google Chrome) or if you have an ad blocker, remove it. ~ karen!

  26. Eileen says:

    I just ordered myself one as a birthday present…had to justify it somehow. I’m alone, no pets so expect to have good results. I’m having a hip replacement operation in a couple of weeks so vacuuming is and will continue to be a hassle….and painful. As long as I don’t trip on it!!!

  27. Doug says:

    Not seeing it for 159.00 on Amazon. It’s now $219.00. Bummer!!!
    I like your music to vacuum by.

  28. Jen says:

    I have been wanting one of these for years, but my husband resists because he is afraid of what will happen if it encounters a spot where a cat has vomited (or worse). Any insights on this issue?

  29. Clara says:

    The Eufy 15C max has wifi, app and works with Alexa. It’s priced around $249 (or cheaper) in the US. I received one for Christmas last year and love it…his name is Olaf.

  30. whitequeen96 says:

    Help, Karen, help! So interesting, but why can’t I see the video? I don’t seem to be able to see any of them lately. I don’t have an ad-blocker on, so I don’t know what’s wrong. Waaaah! :-(

  31. Julia says:

    I got my Eufy last November when I was at my wits end & I’m obsessed. I run mine every day & I’m always amazed at how much it picks up – although everyone gets tired of hearing me yell ‘Someone save Eufy!’ It’s made me a much nicer human being with a significantly cleaner abode. I even got to keep the 2 kids & 2 pets!

  32. Karen says:

    Thank you for your entertaining blog! I am curious as to where you purchased this vac for $149? Lowest price I can find is $199. Thank you

  33. Susan Updike says:

    Does it stop vaccuuming when its dust bin is full? We have a shedding wool rug that fills a shark upright tank twice on a normal vacuum day and are in need some serious vaccuum salvation. Our home has small step ups (an inch or so) where the added den is). Will it navigate that? Oh, and we have three dogs who may or may not shed.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Susan. I have a high transition between my dining room and kitchen. I had to add a small board to the floor to ease the transition a bit. It now makes it between the two rooms easily. It’s a vacuum for bare floors or medium pile rug. It won’t do very thick, high pile rug like shag so if your wool rug is like that it won’t work. ~ karen!

  34. Kristen says:

    I love my Roomba so much. Best gift ever. Imperfect vacuuming bests no vacuuming every time.

  35. Carole Hollis says:

    I live on a farm with lots of dust needless to say, I love my Roomba. I have had it for 4 years and use it every day. I have had to replace the side sweepers and the rollers once. The negative is it doesn’t always charge when it returns to base. If there is a speck of dust on the charging pad it can’t make the connect. I clean the pads with alcohol and then it charges.
    Great article!

  36. Em says:

    So helpful! This vac pops up all the time on my recommended list and I’ve always wondered if it was plungeworthy.

    I have a 🦈 and find it “meh”…BUT a mediocre job is way better than no vacuuming. On the flip, I have a yellow lab, so what should I hope for anyway?

    So…does yours really start randomly.. or can you boss it around and tell it when you want it to clean (ie start button).

    Also, have you named it?

    • Karen says:

      You can schedule it to clean at the same time every day. I had it clean in the middle of the night but the banging woke me up. It randomly (or so I thought) started one night after I had stopped its schedule. Turns out I accidentally hit the “scheduled” button on the remote which is why it started up in the middle of the night. You can also just press the start button on it to run immediately. ~ karen!

  37. Jessie Heizer says:

    I’ve had this same vacuum a little over a year and I still love it. The battery has not yet started to wear out at all. The only issue I’m having with it is the brushes have already been replaced once and again are ready to be replaced. Also, eventually, the roller gets hair rolled tightly around it and it’s a pain to remove. I have long hair and 2 long haired daughters, so this issue may be more unique to us, but it happens more often than I would expect. A pair of scissors and patience is all you need to fix this though. I put a couple drops of my favorite essential oil in the filter and now it sends a light fragrance throughout the house every day, too. It’s my favorite invention of the past 20 years.

    • Karen says:

      !!! Essential oil in the filter is brilliant!! Is that a thing?? Do people do that??? I have to try immediately! ~ karen

      • Terri says:

        I would warn folks to be careful with adding essential oils to the vacuum filter, as some kinds are not good (and some downright dangerous) to cats and dogs.

  38. Lori Huffstutler says:

    We have named ours “Biff” and have had for four months. He runs every morning at 6am and we know to have shoes and wires up by then. My husband jokes when he sees a tuft of dog hair on the floor – he calls it Biff Food. Biff has been a life saver as we have three dogs and like you! I have the same Eufy model as you and also have the Eufy stick and portable. LOVE the brand.

  39. Denise says:

    You helped me remember why my zoomba was my best friend before I fell in love with my instant pot.

  40. judy says:

    I got one on woot for 129.00 so cheap thought what the heck. Found at 80 years old getting going was hard. I had to hold it-heavy-to put the brushes on-hold it to do something to bottom-forgot what and worst- track it down and pick it up-heavy-to get it going again. It was great for cleaning until the Rottweiler mistook it for a fire hydrant. By the time I discovered the reason for the wetness I gave up. Can’t bend over,pick it up clean it and get it back on the floor again. Don’t know how it wiles away the hours in the back bedroom? Wonder if they rust?

  41. dani says:

    I have an INCREDIBLY hairy golden retriever, Lucy. To prove my point, every time I brush her I can literally create another small dog with the hair. Or make a wig. There are constantly tumbleweeds of her hair floating around my house, and a meal wouldn’t be a meal without a strand or two of her hair mixed in. Which leads me to my question, can this vacuum REALLY handle this?????

    • Joy Buchanan says:

      We have tumbleweeds as well. My Eufy handles them like a champ. :) Depending on how many tumbleweeds you do have, you may have to stop the vac a few times during it’s trip to empty the bin. But it does pick up an amazing amount of stuff!

    • Karen says:

      I don’t know, lol. My sister has a golden retriever so I KNOW the hair you speak of. I have a fluffy cat with similar hair and it does a great job with that. I assume if you use it once a day and empty the drawer it shouldn’t have a problem with Golden Retriever hair but that’s just an educated guess. ~ karen!

  42. Laura Woodard says:

    We purchased a robotic vacuum last month. 3 cats, 4 dogs. I too am amazed at the fluff we get up everyday. It has made my life so much easier. We purchased the same model. I still do a little happy dance every day when I push that button.

  43. margaret says:

    What’s its name?

  44. Thank for this thorough review Karen. I’m seriously considering one but if I take it upstairs will it fall down the stairs? I have no stair guard? Thanks Linda.
    The Potterage

    • Karen says:

      Shoot! I meant to add that into the post. I’ll do it now. NO, the robot vacuum has a sensor that senses a sharp decline and it won’t fall down stairs! ~ karen

  45. EB Thomason says:

    Interested in the comments from other users

  46. Elaine G says:

    Hello! I have a Shark ion 720. I got it on sale at Canadian Tire for $200. And then months later, it went on sale again and I also bought one for my Mum. We both love it! I heard it purring along this evening on its auto program and it warms my heart! It’s also a basic model, random action. With 2 cats, one being giant floof monster, it’s great! But yes, I do need to get to those stairs soon!

  47. Fiona says:

    Not to throw a wet blanket on your up-beat and persuasive robot vacuum cleaner post, but do you think you could let us know when it first breaks down or just rolls over and dies? I’m curious about the longevity of these things. You have made me want to get one and now I need a reason to stall!

    • Barb says:

      I had a Roomba several years ago. I got it on American Express points. It went along well for a few years and everything was great. I had to spend too much time cutting and untangling long human hair from the brushes (4 long haired women in the house!) but I liked not vacuuming myself. Then one day it just lost it, going in small circles and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I think the memory/program system got messed up. It collected dust after that and I got rid of it.

    • Karen says:

      Ha! Yes, I’ll do an update if things go sideways on me. ~ karen!

    • Jess Ruelens says:

      I’ve had this same model Euphy since March 2019. Household members include a long-haired lady and a lab/golden retriever mix dog. I use it just about every day, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Occasionally it’ll get lost and can’t get back out form underneath an end table or I’ll forget I have the blinds open, and it’ll grab the cord.

  48. Victoria says:

    Omg!!! Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been thinking of getting a Roomba for a long time, it’s nice to see an alternative.
    With two dogs, two cats, two boys, one messy man and living in the dirtiest city, I’m forever vacuum cleaning. This whole quarantine has been about pushing the vacuum cleaner..
    I’m going to get one. Thank you, you made my night.

  49. Jeanne says:

    Love, love, LOVE my Eufy 11s. It’s great. It vacuums a lot more than I would too. I have no complaints other than it won’t do a great job on the whole house but it’s 2700 sq ft. I just block off areas with a board so I do a different area each time. Super efficient and inexpensive to boot.

  50. Joan says:

    I have a Roomba and I love it. My floors are always debris-free now and I think my house is generally less dusty since I got it. Bonus – not as much dusting to do!

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