Andddddd where exactly have YOU been?

Dear Diary,

I’m getting a bit worried about my readers.  I’m not normally an alarmist but … I think they might be dead. For the past month they’ve just been … gone.  Vanished.  I realize that if Harvest Gold, AN ENTIRE COLOUR, can vanish, it’s possible my readers could do the same thing. But I think it would have made the news.  Twitter at the very least.

Maybe they’re all on some sort of spiritual quest.  I’m trying to keep my chin up but I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY WENT. They just up and disappeared without a word, leaving me to assume the worst.  I’ve had horrible visions of them in unspeakably torturous situations.  Binge watching  Dancing With the Stars for instance.

Me?  Oh I’ve been here at my computer like I always am.  Sorry I haven’t had time to write lately.

At the end of December I mentioned on my blog that I’d be taking the month of January off from posting so I could get a bunch of technical crap done.  Basically working on the guts of my blog as opposed to the face of it.

I have been to the bowels of my blog and back.  Turns out, my blog had a severe intestinal disorder. Possibly parasites too, who knows.

I won’t get into the worst of it, but suffice it to say my blog probably shouldn’t go anywhere without knowing exactly where the nearest bathroom is.

So even though I wasn’t writing posts, I was working. Of course, Dear Diary, I can also confess to you that I took a couple of breaks from my technical work during the month to enjoy myself.

For example, on the third Saturday of January I ate some toast.

And one day I went for a wonderful evening run.

(Click on photo to play video of my glorious running experience, click photo again to stop it)

I documented a lot of the month of January on my Instagram account.  Like that time I made toast.

Oh, Dear Diary, please let my readers be O.K.

It’s because of them I reworked all of my recipes so they’re printable, include nutrition and calorie information PLUS I made them prettier and added a little button on the top of every recipe post that says Jump to Recipe now, so people can ignore all of my writing and get right to the recipe.   Well I haven’t updated all the recipes yet, but some of them.  It takes a while to work through an entire intestinal tract.

This no knead bread recipe is looking pretty good.

So is the Quick & Easy Guacamole.

In between eating toast and keeping up my healthy and enjoyable running habit,

(Click on photo to play video of my glorious running experience, click photo again to stop it)

I also worked on some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff so that Google will have an easier time finding my posts and giving them to other people. People who might actually show up around here and appreciate all I’m giving them.  I’m a giver. Just last week I gave someone the finger for reasons I can’t remember.  Let’s just assume they were being a twerp.

I worked on the SEO stuff by hiring  SEO expert, Casey Markee from The United States of America to help me. So in the course of a month my blog has gone from a pocket of intestinal distress to an International company with employees across two countries.

Oh, Dear Diary, I hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning my readers will have returned from wherever they went.

God help them if they somehow hooked up with Avocado Green.  I’ll never see them again.

Your pal,


  1. Amy Watson says:

    This old red neck gal is glad you’re back, I don’t know anything about all that technology but why ain’t I getting ads for some weed???

  2. Kim C says:

    Missed you. I had dry, itchy skin all of January and now I know it was actually withdrawal symptoms not the crappy Ontario weather! The snippets of life you shared on Instagram and Facebook along with some lotion helped but I really enjoy your writing. 🙂
    The additional features to your recipes are great and much appreciated. Welcome back!!

    • Karen says:

      I’m so itchy too! My friend Noelle who owns the store Ellenoire dropped off a bunch of stuff for dry Ontario winter skin along with a print out on why we have it and how to deal with it! I can’t wait to get into it! ~ karen

  3. traci says:

    You’re back!!!! This just totally made my day! I don’t do instagram so I’ve missed out completely.

  4. Mary W says:

    SO glad to here from you. I seem to have been in a Harvest Gold sort of cloud that I didn’t want to leave and now I’ve broke through and found you! So happy to be alive and watching Pucxstawny Phil – how would I ever have gotten through the next year? Got to go, I have a strange yearning for toast.

  5. Terri J. says:

    We’ll never leave. We’re as addicted to you as we are those cheesy crunchy things.

  6. shoshana leeder says:

    Here I am!!!! I thought it was you that disappeared! Shoshana Leeder

  7. Jody says:

    You’re back….just like Ground Hog Day!

  8. Danni McLaughlin says:

    Hey! We have the same running mantra! Thanks for doing the boring stuff so we can just enjoy your work! PS I run in a forested, hilly park so I wear bright red so if I have a heart attack and fall down the canyon, someone can find my carcass. That’s the kind of tip you don’t find in Runners World.

  9. Lynda Loy says:

    Longest January ever!!! Welcome back!!

  10. Jackie says:

    Don’t freak out, Karen. We’ve been here all along – just waiting for you. So glad you are finally back – I can breath again now. We all really missed you.

  11. Laurie says:

    I wanted to congratulate you on your article in the Spec. My husband was reading the paper and asked me if I had heard of a blogger who lived in Dundas. YES, I said, it’s Karen!!! He laughed and thought I was crazy! I thought it was funny that the picture they used was in front of the curtains you’re always wanting to replace. They must not be that bad!

  12. Kim says:

    Lmao! You’re back! Woo who!

  13. Hilda Peraza Munk says:

    MAKE ROOM FOR MY CARTWHEELS!!! (who cares if my bra breaks)
    Whoot! Missed You Lots!

  14. Bunguin says:


    Seriously, I somehow missed you saying you were “taking January off” and have obsessively checking on your posts for the past month.

    Obsessively. Thanks for not being dead.

  15. Tawnya says:

    Yay! Welcome back. I’ve missed your educational humor brightening my day 🙂 And you’re just in time. I was actually considering checking out Dancing With the Stars to fill my free time. Now I can go look through all your prettified recipes.

  16. allie says:

    There was a January? Are you sure? I remember trees and presents and food and then today…Groundhog Day. 😜
    Glad you’re back.

  17. Karin says:

    Yay! Now the new year can begin. And thanks for the recipe updates. I love reading your blog ( and all the comments). But sometimes a gal just need to find the best mayo ever recipe and quick.

  18. Janie says:

    W E L C O M E B A C K. Missed you. You always bring sunshine to my inbox.

    xoxo from Texas…U S A

  19. Sabina says:

    Ahhh the Harvest Gold stovetop, double oven/broiler and leaf-patterned ceramic tile backsplash (add avocado green, burnt orange and a rusty brown to the mix)…..I too am a child of the 70’s!

    Welcome back!

  20. Dale in Davenport says:

    Well…now that your GI is back in order…don’t forget the probiotics.

  21. Lynne A Burns says:

    Oh thank god you are back. January was like eight months long and all I had was a couple Karen Instagram posts to stave off the cold deep depression…. Please don’t do that again in the winter. Seriously.

  22. Happily out-of-touch, ~gloria says:

    Welcome back!! I must admit, when I noticed the word Instagram in a couple of your past posts, I might just have to let your blog go, as I have done with a few others that want me to follow them on Twitter, or elsewhere on the interweb, or I’ll miss out on their best stuff. I think it’s great that you’ve performed a DIY colonoscopy on your blog, I really do–something I should have done years ago. And I will be a happy devotee, as long as I don’t have to join one more bit of social media to do it. I’m hoping your best stuff will remain on the blog. For we lazy slugs who can’t be bothered to become members of another online community. Looking forward to the good stuff.

  23. Meg says:

    haha I try to NOT pester people when they’ve said they’re doing something else! 🙂 I haven’t gone anywhere 🙂

    I’ll join the chorus of ‘yay you’re back!’

    Nice job doing the recipes, that is so great to see the nutrition info and printable formats! It is such a task to go back through something to re-organize, re-optimize, or re-format things. Good job churning through it. How do you make yourself finish projects? Do you feel compelled to finish? I always find I don’t QUITE finish projects sometimes.

    Anyway, hooray 2018!

  24. SR says:

    What a relief! You’re back! I was afraid that Canada had decided to move to a better continent because of “He Who Shall Not Be Named” (HINT: lives in the “dump” at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave).

  25. Joy says:

    ABOUT TIME! Glad to know that you’re all SEO’ed and that all is well.

  26. I love how you ran to the store for chips! Missed your blog, but in the meantime I’ve been enjoying your Instagram. 😁

  27. Elissa Rioux says:

    Morning coffee was lonely without you Karen! Glad you’re back Xo

  28. Lynn says:

    Thank goodness you are back January has never seemed so long. To be honest I have not just sat around, hubby and I have been doing our kitchen backsplash. I just didn’t have you to give me a laugh everyday. Guess it was good hubby keep me busy. We are now just waiting for Lowe’s to get in a trim piece so we can finish the ends an we will be done.

  29. Susan says:

    I missed you too , Karen! And I usually don’t notice when some email is missing since I get so many junk emails! Glad you are back.

  30. Janet Goddard says:

    I’m still here….and I never thought of looking at the back side of Buddha. How interesting. Glad you’re okay. Is the Black Kale salad recipe done yet? Never mind, I can make it by heart now. I love a salad that keeps long enough to pack in my lunch every day. You rock.

  31. Barbara Kemp says:

    Just checked out your recipes and I am thrilled. Time to try a couple new soups since it is freezzzzzzzing here. Thank you Karen.

  32. Camille says:

    Thank God you’re back…hilarious!

  33. Letitia-- Floridan born and bred says:

    I subscribed right before your began your January sabbatical so I read your blog entries back into 2012 during the hiatus. I learned how to do lots of stuff, made the black bean soup and bread to rave reviews, have started planning for our backyard garden –and now am happy to be reading you in 2018. Thank you for publishing such a interesting, inspirational, fun and funny blog.

    • Karen says:

      And thank YOU for the nice comment. I missed those in January. A girl needs to get her dose of validation from random strangers every once in while. Or in my case, every day. 😉 ~ karen!

  34. Letitia-- Floridan born and bred says:

    Also, did you know there is such a thing as an under desk bicycle? I learned about them today from a similarly desk bound companera and will be buying one tomorrow.

  35. Nancy Sciarretta says:

    You know where we’ve been – right here – waiting for you. Welcome back. It will be a pleasure to return to living vicariously through you!

  36. Gayle M says:

    You’re Back! I’m back. YAY!!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you now and then. Truly missed your blog, lady.

  37. karin in NC says:

    YAY!! *Jumping up and down*

  38. Therese says:

    hmm. Time has flown by. Where have I been? I sent my horses off to the “horse starter” :), and have spent the month indoors working on my kitchen reno. It is almost finished.

    REALLY looking forward to your posts again.

    While you were off having surgery of sorts, I have read many many of your old posts as I am a newbie. Kick on and glad you took a break to do what you had to. And, that you had toast. I live on it. Really. I am a toast-a-holic…..I should send you some recipes. Seriously.

  39. Tatiana says:

    Yes you’re back!! I’ve had to resort to your Instagram stories to get glimpses of your life and those stories are hysterical! And the recipes were good too!

  40. Kelly says:

    Gah, Karen,
    January was the longest month ever in the history of the world and I’m so glad it’s over and your back because you make me laugh and your instagram stories were amazing and funny. Looking forward to all the new things you have in store this year.

  41. Robyn says:

    Yay! You’re back1. You have been missed! January was much longer without you.

  42. YvonneM says:

    No wonder January felt like the longest month ever! You weren’t around to ease the pain of our miserable west coast weather. I’m so glad you’re back with your blog, and your wicked sense of humour. The world will now be set right.

  43. Willow says:

    Well, I am really glad you are back. I missed you! I spent 5 weeks with the what ever it is going around. I am coming back! I am getting crabby. A sure sign, that I am getting well. Now I can look for you and smile. I really enjoy you, you make laugh. Take care of yourself. Stay out of trouble, and have some fun.

  44. Debbe Van Ness says:

    HAHAHAHA….as soon as you mentioned harvest gold, my mind immediately went to avocado green (been there in the 70s).

    Anyway, you should have known all of your readers were huddled en masse fretting about your well being and missing you like a flower misses the sun (heard that in some schleppy movie somewhere, which I still love). We were, by turns, apoplectic and catatonic…it was horrifying to see, all of us huddled together, pots with no ingredients, no a.m. laughter, worried about chickens that would never fill said pots. I could go on, but you get the drift.

    You were missed. Glad you’re back, Missy.

    And, I got to use words like apoplectic, catatonic and schleppy, all in one email. GAWD, I love this site. Thanks! LOL. Yeah, I don’t get out much.

  45. peter woodman says:

    Hi Karen, I just love your total contempt for the difference between the present perfect and past simple tense. But I like your blogs, anyway.

  46. Nellscuriosityshop says:

    Haven’t missed you at all. Been following you on Instagram! Great stories and pics, but glad your blog is back too.

  47. Welcome back! I took your behind-the-scenes-work absence as time to read through your old posts from the beginning! Currently I am at your “How to season a Cast Iron Pan” post, you have a LOT of content! I enjoy reading the comments too which is why it’s taking me longer than I thought. 🙂 I have read many older posts from your links to them and through searches, like all your chicken and your backyard garden posts.

    I began reading your blog in 2015 and it has been both funny and interesting, thank you, and I have left comments from time to time.

    Your re-organized site is cleaner and easier to navigate, well worth your time to do it. I hope you get a lot more SEO juice!

  48. Etta Lanuti says:

    Missed you!

  49. Jeanne says:

    We have been here patiently waiting for you! We missed you Karen. Glad you are back.

  50. Caron says:

    In best Jack Nicholson voice (and a variation to the phrase) “she’s baaaack!!!
    Have missed you posts – glad you were able to take some time out for yourself and enjoying the basics of life xo

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