Andddddd where exactly have YOU been?

Dear Diary,

I’m getting a bit worried about my readers.  I’m not normally an alarmist but … I think they might be dead. For the past month they’ve just been … gone.  Vanished.  I realize that if Harvest Gold, AN ENTIRE COLOUR, can vanish, it’s possible my readers could do the same thing. But I think it would have made the news.  Twitter at the very least.

Maybe they’re all on some sort of spiritual quest.  I’m trying to keep my chin up but I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY WENT. They just up and disappeared without a word, leaving me to assume the worst.  I’ve had horrible visions of them in unspeakably torturous situations.  Binge watching  Dancing With the Stars for instance.

Me?  Oh I’ve been here at my computer like I always am.  Sorry I haven’t had time to write lately.

At the end of December I mentioned on my blog that I’d be taking the month of January off from posting so I could get a bunch of technical crap done.  Basically working on the guts of my blog as opposed to the face of it.

I have been to the bowels of my blog and back.  Turns out, my blog had a severe intestinal disorder. Possibly parasites too, who knows.

I won’t get into the worst of it, but suffice it to say my blog probably shouldn’t go anywhere without knowing exactly where the nearest bathroom is.

So even though I wasn’t writing posts, I was working. Of course, Dear Diary, I can also confess to you that I took a couple of breaks from my technical work during the month to enjoy myself.

For example, on the third Saturday of January I ate some toast.

And one day I went for a wonderful evening run.

(Click on photo to play video of my glorious running experience, click photo again to stop it)

I documented a lot of the month of January on my Instagram account.  Like that time I made toast.

Oh, Dear Diary, please let my readers be O.K.

It’s because of them I reworked all of my recipes so they’re printable, include nutrition and calorie information PLUS I made them prettier and added a little button on the top of every recipe post that says Jump to Recipe now, so people can ignore all of my writing and get right to the recipe.   Well I haven’t updated all the recipes yet, but some of them.  It takes a while to work through an entire intestinal tract.

This no knead bread recipe is looking pretty good.

So is the Quick & Easy Guacamole.

In between eating toast and keeping up my healthy and enjoyable running habit,

(Click on photo to play video of my glorious running experience, click photo again to stop it)

I also worked on some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff so that Google will have an easier time finding my posts and giving them to other people. People who might actually show up around here and appreciate all I’m giving them.  I’m a giver. Just last week I gave someone the finger for reasons I can’t remember.  Let’s just assume they were being a twerp.

I worked on the SEO stuff by hiring  SEO expert, Casey Markee from The United States of America to help me. So in the course of a month my blog has gone from a pocket of intestinal distress to an International company with employees across two countries.

Oh, Dear Diary, I hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning my readers will have returned from wherever they went.

God help them if they somehow hooked up with Avocado Green.  I’ll never see them again.

Your pal,


  1. Bonnie Goodrich-Wilcoxson says:

    Hey, Sweetie, we didn’t go anywhere; you did. Ostensibly to make toast. But you’re back and we’re happy so let’s boogie forth!

  2. Denise says:

    Just been patiently waiting for your return. So glad you’re back!

  3. Kristin N Bitler says:

    Isn’t the smell of toast the best?

  4. Karen Jeanne says:

    January seemed like the longest month of my life. I spent the time telling everyone I know about your blog, since I couldn’t read any new content. I can’t wait for more food and gardening posts from you! And I truly appreciate the addition of nutrition information on your recipe posts.

  5. Amie Melnychuk says:

    I’ve been loving your instastories. They bring a chuckle to my life when I’m cycling through.

    Seeing your heirloom beans post reminded me I better get going on my garden planning for this summer! Gotta order those seeds! Are you heady to Niagara Seedy Saturday again this year? I’m hoping to actually make it there.

  6. Bev Rommens says:

    Welcome back 😉

  7. Kay Bonikowsky says:
  8. Nanette says:

    Welcome back! Loving that you are on Instagram now. I have a new obsession now and read those I follow daily.

  9. Peggy in Minnesota says:

    Glad you’re back and a BIG THANKS!! for your work to make it easier for us to get straight to the recipe, although why anyone would want to skip over the story is a mystery to me.
    I stayed home to keep from getting the flu, but next time I’ll try that Taj Mahal trip …

  10. Catherine says:

    I Wish the site would recognize the IP address of a user who had already signed up for email notifications. Or if the pop up box could have a link/check box that says we’ve already signed up.

    Welcome back.

  11. Rhonda says:

    Glad you got the problematic bowels figured out Karen!
    Looking forward to learning how to do more stuff…

  12. Mary-Jane Brown says:

    Glad you are back!!!

  13. D. Ber says:

    Welcome back.

  14. Evalyn Lemon says:

    Right back where we started from.

    I love the Buddha on your desk. I keep looking for just the right one for my house, but I think you already have it. I guess I’ll have to chop down a tree and carve my own.

  15. Julie says:

    Great to see you back – we are all still here – waiting for the next post!

  16. Melissa Krouse says:

    you were gone? I hadn’t noticed 😉

  17. Renda Bullock says:

    Lol…..I really enjoy your posts, even IF I get side-tracked once in a while. I want Spring….not the heat of Summer, mind you, what with all the fire threat and such, but Spring!
    Lining my seed packets up and getting the bug to play in the dirt.
    Good to know others get swamped by projects as well…
    Hugs from friends in the US!

  18. Jacquie Gariano says:

    Soooooooooooooo glad you are back and alive and well. Missed your wit and comments on life. Love the recipes and ideas for things to do. Love the purple running shoes. I don’t run, just walk to the kitchen for snacks. LOL
    Glad your back and we are here together.

  19. Kate says:

    Oh dear, I’m late to the welcome back party!
    It’s sorta that kind of winter.
    I’m so glad you’re back. : )
    Kate in Boston

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