Are You a True Romantic? Take the Quiz.

I like romance but my version of it isn’t chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day. It’s a man who knows how and when to clean the gutters. So maybe I’m not a true romantic. Are you? Take the romance quiz.

Woman on antique settee holding open a Valentine's card so big it covers most of her body with a Siamese cat beside her.
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Valentine’s Day is the worst.  It’s a made up holiday that you don’t even get a day off for. What the stink is the point of that?  There’s no point to that as far as I’m concerned. It’s the same reason I boycott all Groundhog Day celebrations.

Now, if Valentine’s Day happened to be celebrated with the exchange of potato chips as opposed to chocolate I might be more on board.

Am I a True Romantic?  Clearly not.  I’m 60% romantic.  I know that because that’s the score I got on my own quiz.

Can you do better?

Are You a True Romantic?  Take the Quiz.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is exactly what you want it to be whether that’s a day filled with roses, a few daisies or just a simple night in front of the television with your favourite burrito.

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Are You a True Romantic? Take the Quiz.