Are You a True Romantic? Take the Quiz.

I like romance but my version of it isn’t chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day. It’s a man who knows how and when to clean the gutters. So maybe I’m not a true romantic. Are you? Take the romance quiz.

Woman on antique settee holding open a Valentine's card so big it covers most of her body with a Siamese cat beside her.
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Valentine’s Day is the worst.  It’s a made up holiday that you don’t even get a day off for. What the stink is the point of that?  There’s no point to that as far as I’m concerned. It’s the same reason I boycott all Groundhog Day celebrations.

Now, if Valentine’s Day happened to be celebrated with the exchange of potato chips as opposed to chocolate I might be more on board.

Am I a True Romantic?  Clearly not.  I’m 60% romantic.  I know that because that’s the score I got on my own quiz.

Can you do better?

Are You a True Romantic?  Take the Quiz.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is exactly what you want it to be whether that’s a day filled with roses, a few daisies or just a simple night in front of the television with your favourite burrito.

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Think you\'re a true romantic? Find out how romantic you actually are.


  1. Jacquie Gariano says:

    Yes, 50% romantic, that’s me. My husband has passed away, so these days it’s chick flicks and CHOCOLATE any time I want.

  2. Dale R Lacina says:

    Okay…it ran. I’m a 50/50 romantic. I did go with flowers for my wife. I hand delivered a vase of assorted flowers to the business she works for her department and a vase full of roses for us at home. Why buy flowers if you can’t enjoy them.

  3. Dale R Lacina says:

    No quiz running. Have I missed the moment to be romantic?
    Or will it run after this comment?!?

  4. celestial says:

    This is hysterical! I got 20% and have been married to the same person for 38 years. I have to do the gutters because he is deathly afraid of heights, so I guess I am definitely HIS valentine.

  5. Marna says:

    LOL! I got 80% but only because that’s me, my friends all use to say I was the most romantic person they ever knew (the real friends have all past away, sigh). I would love a man that did stuff, like building things, doing repairs, wiping his feet, etc, that is romantic! I buy myself flowers or pick them from my garden, try to fix things as best as I can (getting too old) etc, married a jerk, so can’t count on anyone but myself. If I had taken the test in my early 20s it would have been closer to 100%, sad but true, I believed in happy endings. I guess my dad is partly to blame, he was a romantic person, gave my mom gift just because, could built and fix anything, and often helped others with repairs.

    • Karen says:

      See? To me giving someone a gift for no reason is much more romantic than giving someone something on Valentine’s Day. :) ~ karen!

  6. Jan in Waterdown says:

    20% and the blanket is for ME!!!
    We went out for dinner last night to avoid all the annoying cutsie stuff. Thank gawd we’re on the same page after almost 47 yrs of marriage. “45 of the happiest of my life” as he likes to tell people.
    But he did go out and buy me two big bunches of orange tulips, my fave.
    He’s a keeper.

  7. Linda says:

    I met my husband of 45 years at a Chinese New Year’s party in San Francisco on Valentines Day, 48 years ago. We got engaged on Valentines Day a year later.
    So yeah, we celebrate Valentines Day for lots of reasons–and I count 60% on the quiz as pretty decent for this old married couple.

  8. Eva says:

    45% not too shabby

  9. Chrissy says:

    30% and there is no blanket that can contain his farts.

  10. Eva Tovstiga says:

    haha! 40% no surprise. Karen your posts are too funny, I’m glad I found them!

  11. Mary W says:

    30% representing the lonely neighbor I would invite for dinner. I still love a lot (grandkids, kids, people) but not romantic. I have now learned why my husband used to toot ( I can’t even say that word f**t) in front of me. See, I always learn something from your posts!!!!

  12. Ardith says:

    35%…meanwhile, it only took a lifetime to find my gem of a valentine, so I’m going to be grateful for him every single day.

    As for Idris, he has obviously lost his mind. No valentine for him until he recovers his sanity, which better be real soon.

  13. Jenny says:

    Ha, 65% sounds about right–kinda mushy without being overly soppy.
    Years ago my husband complained that he couldn’t give me chocolates for Valentine’s day (because I don’t really care for them) and therefore he never got to eat them. So now I buy him his own heart-shaped box every year. One year I didn’t hide it very well and he ate half the box before I could even give it to him, haha.
    Sometimes he gets me flowers and sometimes (like this year, I suspect) he comes home late because he forgot it was Valentine’s and has to run to the store to buy a card real quick before he comes home. ;)

  14. 60%…..I’d take a load of compost over chocolates any day.

  15. Leslie Barnard says:

    Well, I got 65% which is more than I expected. I bet if Hallmark created that quiz, I’d get 10% so thank you for being my ideal realist, Karen! I’m sure my husband of 32 years would score higher than me but then I’m building shelves in his office (he is the money man, I’m the handywoman) so…

  16. Jody says:

    Wow, a realistic 65%. Actually I did receive a Christmas gift, framed 2 tickets to the football game I met my husband at for our initial blind date. I thought if the blind date was awful I could get lost in the crowd. He wasn’t so I didn’t.

  17. Diane says:

    I needed a “none of the above” option for these questions.

  18. linda in illinois says:

    I am dying here.. too funny.. ok so my score was a 5% and according to you I am a scab living on a scab in prison. I have no partner and just laughed thru most of the questions cause there isn’t a man who can romance me unless he 1. can built shit better than me, 2. can cook and doesn’t criticize my cooking but when he does he better be able to do it better, and 3. Doesn’t annoy me… good luck finding that dude.

    • Thera says:

      Oh yes, the “doesn’t annoy me to death” is the most difficult!

      p.s. I got 50%, yep right in the middle, which I guess fits, as long as you don’t annoy me! Lol

  19. Cath says:

    Must. Have. That. Skirt. ….. seriously I’m in your neck of the woods…. maybe even have passed your house …. so did you get it locally???

  20. Megan says:

    Um guys, am I the only one that knows chocolate covered potato chips are a thing?? I love them!!

    • Cath says:

      A bouquet of grocery store flowers, a card, and my morning coffee…..~ sigh~….. but he’s my guy and I appreciate and love what he can do. Can’t imagine my world without him…. um, I can but why go there? In my next life I wanna try singledom.❤️

  21. Kole morgan says:

    45% mainly cos i like bubbles n am sick of lawyers/court so had to go WH
    Love the quiz results from everybody more.

  22. Charlene says:

    60%. Now, where’s my burrito?

  23. Christine says:

    I couldn’t even take that mushy quiz! The answers were all too sweet for me.l would imagine this Valentinesday is a sad one for you what with Idris dumping you and running off with the beauty queen.My sympathies,you can do better.

  24. Susan Gruss says:

    How did I get 65%? Despite growing up on romance novels, being a floral designer for 12 years which ruined proms, weddings, and Valentines Day, and watching The Bachelor for the laughs, I would rather be home with my dog, who is currently laying on my feet, than anywhere else. And I can buy my own damn chocolate though I do have some leftover Christmas kisses and M&M’s.

  25. Sam King says:

    85% for me and my romantic side is wasted when the only guy interested is 4,500 miles away from me 😔 Never mind, hoping to make the most of it soon when I go to visit him lol

  26. Jenny W says:

    70% LoL! 25 years in, with the same fella. He is home this V Day – usually he is 3000 miles away. He asked me what romantic = expensive restaurant I wanted to dine at tonight. After careful consideration, I chose the rowdy pub that we can walk to down the street, that serves great steak and our first drink is free! We decided to reserve a table for 4, and some good friends are “sharing” our romantic night with us there :) Who needs to stare longingly into each others eyes for an entire meal? I’d much rather laugh and tell stories, and exchange a few naughty side glances at the guy who’s guaranteed a happy ending later! – and, yes, that would be my husband ;) Happy V Day to You <3

  27. maggieb says:

    I’m impressed I got 35%! Maybe there’s hope for me… 😍🤔

  28. whitequeen96 says:

    I’m sorry (but I did just leave you a compliment above), but as a Californian (where we’ve had no winter at all this year) I was wondering, “Why is Karen wearing white stockings with tan boots?” I’ve seen you in shorts, girl, so how do you keep your skin so white? This is why you never seem to fry/wither/shrivel and why you’ll look young until you’re 104! ;-)

  29. whitequeen96 says:

    I loved the question about how your dates usually end. My favorite answer was the last one, where you can see a cop car in your side mirror. HILARIOUS! You are too funny, Karen!

  30. Centi says:

    20%. No big surprise.
    But I hope I don’t go to prison soon…

  31. Wendi says:

    How in THE hell did I end up with 75%??!

    • Hazel says:

      Me too!!? I think it’s because I put I quite like holding hands with my husband. And I’ve got a soft spot for Lush’s Aura Suavis bubble bath bar…

  32. Stephanie Hobson says:

    “Woah. Uh, dude. You have ZERO romance in you. If it were a romance contest between a scab and you, the scab would win. Also you were, will be or are in prison.”

    Pretty much on the mark.

  33. Vickie Barrett says:

    60% Thought it would be lower now that I’m depressed Idris is off the market.

    • whitequeen96 says:

      NOOOOOOO!!! I saw that but tried to put it out of my mind! (Actually, I was thinking about how disappointed Karen would be.)

  34. Mel says:

    I’m also 60% romantic apparently. Happy Valentine’s to you. I am looking forward to the chocolate candy sale.

  35. twyla harkey says:

    80 % and we have been married 49 years and 9 months..

  36. Fonda says:

    I got 0% — just like you, so I thought everyone would get 60%, and it would be a big joke. Well…after being with the woman I love for about 24 years, we have avoided silly DAYS, like Valentine’s Day. When I proposed to her about 22 years ago, I had to wait until midnight, because I didn’t want our proposal date to be on Sweetest Day. Now, there’s another stupid DAY. I didn’t even know about Sweetest Day until we were on her business trip, and I had the ring tucked away in our luggage! Of all the rotten luck…Geez!

  37. PattyO says:

    65% for me…….and I just got my gutters cleaned by my Valentine. He’s definitely a keeper.

  38. Kathleen Aberley says:

    LMAO! I thought I was more romantic than that! I’m single so I shower all that pent up affection on my darling Granddaughter. :)

  39. TucsonPatty says:

    O.M.G. I am much more romantic than I thought! After two divorces (second one 5 years ago after 26 years and being cheated on), I figured my score would be 0%. It was a HUGE 30%! Funny quiz Karen! That took some work.

  40. Jennifer says:

    My husband passed away unexpectedly in May, so I’m skipping this and possibly all future VD’s. All of my 65% of romance will go to waste…maybe I’ll but myself roses. Happy Vday to you all. ❤️

    • Kathy says:

      Jennifer, I feel for you & I’m sorry. Please do something for you….. get away for a few days, read something funny, just treat yourself. Time will help.

    • Tina says:

      I’m sorry for your loss. I’d buy you roses if I knew where you are. So here’s a virtual bouquet! 🌺🥀🌹🌷💐🌺🥀🌹🌷💐

    • Billie scara says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. I know you get tired of the time will make it better, time won’t but you will get used to the empty place and the pain and you will find joy again and be able to laugh with out tears. may this happen soon for you as you deserve to feel better and do better soon, love and blessings

    • Ev Wilcox says:

      We are still in mourning for our dear black lab after 10 years. I can only imagine how you feel, but would give you hugs if i could. I can tell you it does get easier-it won’t go away, but I promise it will get easier. Will keep a good thought for you, from Ev.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jennifer. You have my heartfelt condolences. ~ karen

  41. Carol Hughes says:

    I’m old. Already raised my kids and outlived two husbands. My current idea of romance is an evening by myself curled up with a good book, or movie, with no one in sight for 50 miles. Well earned peace and quiet. Now that’s romance.

    • Tina says:

      I’m with you! No, actually I’m alone but I know what you mean. And I got 10%.

    • danni says:

      Me too, (although I only outlived the first and only husband, I learn from my mistakes.) As for romance, I got 15%, and I think that’s high. Lucky me, if I need anything done that takes a man, I have a shop full of guys that I work with and they take care of anything the nice widow at the front desk needs. I pay in cookies. :D

    • Alena says:

      This! I would love this myself! If somebody wants to send me Calathea Orbifolia – that would lovingly peek every time I flip a page – then I would be in heaven.

      I ended up with 40% but that’s probably only because one of my answers was “Rose petals strewn on bed and half a Valium” – except that I muttered to myself that a Valium would be better than half a Valium.

    • Cath says:

      Here! Here!

  42. Tracy says:

    LOL, 55%. I think I only got that high because I like bubble baths. I’m with you, Karen. If you want to impress me, build me something or fix something.

  43. Audrey Hunter says:

    Omgosh! I am 20% romantic? It is true that I don’t care about all that mushy stuff anymore, but I didn’t think I was that bad. :)

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