Ashley English’s Year of Pies Giveaway


If you’re smart, you saw yesterday’s post on how to make pie as a hint of what was to come today.

If you’re dumb, you didn’t see yesterday’s post as a hint of what was to come today.  And you wear mittens all year long. Probably.

Indeed, yesterday’s post featuring one of the many pie recipes in Ashley English’s latest cookbook, A Year of Pies was just a taste of what was on its way.

Today, I have for you not one, not two, not three, but FOUR copies of this cookbook to give away courtesy of my best friend Ashley.



A- Year Of Pies 5



O.K. Ashley isn’t really my best friend.  I’ve never even met Ashley.

But I do believe if we were ever to meet, Ashley and I would (at the most) become best friends.  (At the least) we would refrain from pushing each other into oncoming traffic and probably wouldn’t pull each other’s hair.  We might even share mittens.

After a quick browse of the book I have determined that it does indeed include all 4 of the “True Pies“, as well as a several other non-true pies.  56 others to be exact.  Getting into the fact that the book includes variations on the True Pies probably should’t be discussed.  Like the fact that there’s a Chai Apple pie recipe.  Information like that could be detrimental to the fella’s father’s delicate pie sensibilities.

A few of my favourite pie titles from this book?


Pie Selections


Want to win a copy so you can make Galumpkis Pie?

Just tell me your favourite type of Pie!

This here contest is open until Sunday, December 2nd at midnight. The 4 winners will be announced next Thursday, December 6th.

Winners are going to be selected randomly.

This contest is now closed.


  1. jamie lynn says:

    my favorite would always be the classic apple. i’ve never made one but i bet there’s a helluva recipe for one in that book! 🙂 thanks to you and ashley for this giveaway!!

  2. Laura Watt says:

    Anything with rhubarb is good in my books!

  3. Corinne says:

    Pumpkin!! With real whipped cream! Yum!!

  4. Denise says:

    I love blueberry pie and cherry pie, and would alos like to learn how to make a meat pie!

  5. Em Johnston says:

    Huz says “dessert pie” is his fav. I think I heart apple pie the most. Classic and borderline boring, I’m sure, but eh… Whatevs.

  6. candace says:

    Raspberry pie, no question.

  7. Jenn says:

    French silk pie with lots of whipped cream…. Always for breakfast.

    • Kim says:

      OH MY !! French silk pie is THE BEST. Worked at a restaurant paying for college. We would damage those things on purpose just to share among the waitstaff …ah memories.

  8. claudine says:

    Apple pie is my favorite. Actually, I love all pies sweet or savory. It is a problem.

  9. Jodi says:

    I wanna win!!! I wanna win!! I wanna win!!!

    My most favouritest of all favourite pies is Strawberry Rhubarb (the rhubarb grown myself)

    Second is a wonderful tie between pumpkin, apple caramel, blueberry and cherry. Oh and Pecan – cant forget Pecan.

    I would like to try Lemon meringue, key lime, an sweet potato.

    So please for the love of all that is Holy and any god you believe in – LET ME WIN!!!

    That is all.

  10. Lynne says:

    Strawberry rhubarb, closely followed by cherry, closely followed by lemon meringue, closely followed by pecan, closely followed by apple – hmm there seems to be more than just one favourite ….

  11. Kelly says:

    Rhubarb Pie. Yummy!

  12. joan wyatt says:

    Definitely Faery’s Merengue pie, made with my 5 YO daughter. Any sweet smooth filling with merengue on top. We love it!

  13. Mmmm – pie!
    My first thought was Pumpkin, but then I remembered I haven’t had Flapper pie in ages so I’m going to go with that. Is Flapper pie in Ashley’s book?

    • Karen says:

      Um …. a what? Are you from America or Romania or something? ~ karen

      • Tsk Tsk – Flapper Pie is Canadian. From the prairies in fact.

        • Karen says:

          Ah! Well. The prairies. That’s practically Romania. ~ karen

        • Karen says:

          AND DON’T START SENDING ME HATE EMAILS FROM THE PRAIRIES! It’s a joke. A Little Pie on the Prairie joke. ~ karen

          • SK Farm Girl says:

            Good recovery! I was about to totally unleash on you! Bet you don’t know what Vi-Co is or what a bunnyhug is . . .

            • Karen says:

              Well Miss. Smarty pants, I *absolutely* know what a bunny hug is. The fella worked in Saskatchewan for half a year a little while ago and it’s one of the first things he told me about. NO idea what a Vi-Co is. He might, but I don’t have a clue. ~ karen!

            • SK Farm Girl says:

              As smart as he is, I’m pretty sure even the fella doesn’t know what Vi-co is! Just cuz I like ya, and cuz I’m always willing to “one up” anyone’s fella, I’ll let you in on Vi-co! Vi-co was, wait for it . . . chocolate milk!!! It was made by Dairy Producers and sold in Saskatchewan. In the mid 90’s, Dairy Producers was bought out and the name Vi-co was dropped – saddest day in SK history. Except for those 10 gazillion times the Roughriders lost a game in the last 15 or so seconds, or worse yet no time left on the clock!!!

          • Deb J. says:

            It’s okay Karen. I grew up on the prairies. They are practically like Romania. Especially from here in Ontario:)

  14. I love all pie. All of them. I already love the 60 in Ashley’s book even though I haven’t made them yet. That’s how much I love pie. I need to win this book….

  15. Jean says:

    Definitely Lemon Meringue Pie. No, make that Pumpkin Pie. On second thought, Banana Cream Pie. Oh what the heck, every pie!

  16. Kirsten says:

    Blackberry pie, made with fresh blackberries picked from my friend’s vines!

  17. Laura says:

    I’m old fashioned… An apple pie with cinnamon and a dollop of vanilla ice cream cannot be beaten, in my humble opinion. Though I can’t really think of a time when I’ve met a pie I didn’t like…

  18. kat m says:

    I adore chess pie!!! However on a past trip to Quebec, I discovered maple sugar pie. I could eat that every day! Now as I know you have family/peeps who lurve the syrup so much, that they guzzle it down right quick, I suspect that if you have a bottle of that in your house, it never manages to make it to the pie stage!!

    • Karen says:

      kat m – I have a few bottles of syrup that I made this spring from the tree in our backyard. It is hidden. I will bring it out on Christmas morning and he can do what he likes with it then. ~ karen

  19. Amber Lew says:

    My mother’s custard pie. Fantastic.

  20. Bri says:

    Any fruit pie is good in my book. And bourbon pecan, pumpkin, lemon and a whole host of others are welcome on my plate. In other words, I’m an equal opportunity pie lover.

  21. Raymonde says:

    Since I won last week, (happy, happy, joy, joy, joy!) I’m going to let someone else win one of these books.
    Let me just say that I love “tourtière” which is a delicious Québec meat pie. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it! I could also go on and on about the huge seafood pies from the Magdalen islands, or the tasty “cipaille”, another big venison pie from the Lac St-Jean region. And don’t get me started on sweet dessert pies!!!

    • Karen says:

      Raymonde – The fella got sick off cipaille at our cottage in Quebec a few years ago. Don’t think he’ll be eating that again for a decade or so. Email me your tourtière recipe and I’ll give it a shot! (my only complaint about it that it’s usually so dry! I like a little sauce in my pies) ~ karen

  22. Elif says:

    Strawberry rhubarb!

  23. Rachel says:

    French silk!

  24. Rose says:

    Turkey pie. I just made it last night for my son’s birthday. It’s what he asks for every year.

  25. Chris says:

    I am going to have to toss a coin on my favourite. It is either rhubarb or apple. My all time favourite was the apple pie my grandma made.It had the flakiest buttery crust that I have only come close in making and she even managed to make a crunchy sugary bottom crust. She never followed a recipe so I am still trying to replicate it. This is why cookbooks are so important.

  26. Robyn Orr says:

    Chocolate Pecan Pie! I am not even a huge chocolate person but this pie is less sickeningly sweet than pecan pie and has the most amazing mouth feel.

  27. Katie says:

    I like cream pies more than fruit pies. My top 2 favorite pies are Key lime and coconut cream. OMM NOM NOM!

  28. Kate says:

    Blackberry. Oh my, yes.

  29. sherry says:


  30. Faith says:

    My favorite pie is a “harvest” pie. A spin on apple pie with cranberries and walnuts (currants if you’re feeling crazy) tossed in the spiced apple mixture. All topped with a delicious crumbly struesel mixture which begs for a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. I’ve also served it with homemade candied ginger ice cream, yum!!

  31. Natalie says:

    FAVORITE pie, eh? I guess I’d have to say apple. Though I do love custard, so flapper pie looks pretty damn good.

  32. Natika33 says:

    It would probably be better if I didn’t win this book, but I’ll tell you my favourite pie(s) anyway. Apple first, pecan second and blueberry third, but really I pretty much like all pies!

    I agree that tourtiere can be a bit dry. Apparently, if you make it with enough fatty meats like duck or pork it is more juicy, but my mother always uses less for health reasons. Hence, we eat our tourtiere with sauce (HP or Heinz 57) or sometimes even just ketchup.

    I’d love to play with the recipe one day and see if I could make a juicier tourtiere. I trust that if you ever make one, Karen, it will be perfect!

  33. MaryB says:

    Lemon pie!

  34. Rita says:

    My favorite pie is sweet potato pie with butter pecan ice cream. Sometimes my favorite pie is that Tarte Tatin.

  35. jezz says:

    My favorite pies are crumb pies, and shoofly pie is a big favorite.

  36. Jessica C says:

    I love pumpkin pie, but that may just be because it is the only one I can consistently make well. I too have always wanted to make a meat pie…well at least since I saw Sweeney Todd.

  37. Amie Mason says:

    I’m a lover of a chicken and leek pie. But the sweet tooth in me loves a cherry pie with vanilla mascapone. Yum!

  38. erica says:

    Rhubarb. Yum!

  39. Donna T says:

    Apple pie made with Jonathan apples, warm, not hot, with a little vanilla ice cream on top. Heavenly!

  40. My favorite is and always has been sour cream lemon. This was a Marie Callendar’s special but I’ve since found them elsewhere. Just because this is my favorite doesn’t mean that I’m not open to exploring other pies. I mean I don’t feel like I’m cheating or anything. Pie, like children, can be written out of the will anytime on a whim. This might be the result of finding another favorite should I find myself in possession of Ashley’s stupendous book.

  41. Cathy Bernard says:

    One? I have to pick one ??? I would have to say peach comes a very close second to bumble berry made with a variety of berries my 3.5 yr old daughter picks.

  42. Sharon says:

    Pecan or apple pie would be my first pick!

  43. Shannon says:

    Anything with berries more than pleases my palate, but I’d have to go with strawberry if I had to pick just one. Must be that childhood influence of growing up across the street from a huge strawberry patch in So California! Eating them til my belly ached…mmm, mmm. And, of course, I paid for every one of them…ahem.

  44. Mary says:

    Although it’s not a true pie,,,my favourite pie is peach pie! I’d love to see if Galumpkis Pie could sway me

  45. Wendy says:

    RAISIN!!! Warmed up with ice cream!!!!! MMMMM, Now I will have to go the Blackfoot Diner to get some. I can’t make pie, maybe the pie book would help me.

  46. Becca C. says:

    Blueberry. Hands down that is the best pie ever and I’ve never gotten sick of it. 🙂

  47. Belinda Philp says:

    mince and cheese, yep, I know, it’s not sweet, and it’s got meat in it, and cheese. (Here’s hoping you’re able to send a pie book to NZ!)

  48. Sylvia says:

    Strawberry-rhubarb. Yep. Or Cherry, that’s the one, cherry. Or Chess, yes I think Chess. Wait, then there’s Pecan or since I live in the South pEcan. Oh I don’t know they are all good! Pick me pick me!

  49. Jamie says:

    My favorite would have to be Cranberry-Apple. Sweet and tart!

  50. Becs pantry says:

    Oh, I love love love making chicken, bacon and mushroom pie with a white sauce. Come to think of it, I’ve not made this for ages! To the kitchen!

  51. SK Farm Girl says:

    Well . . . when I’m with a particular old school friend it’s Banana Cream; or at local fall suppers it’s pumpkin pie with REAL whipped cream; or at my auntie’s it’s whatever she’s just pulled out of the oven; or at a small-town sports day it’s whatever berry is in season; or at a curling bonspiel it’s lemon merangue! Damn my Decision Defecit Disorder!!!

  52. karen anderson says:

    Strawberry rhubarb–and I clearly need this book since mine was unedible at Thanksgiving!!

  53. Rhonda "SmartyPants" says:

    Pie? Favorite? Favorite pie? Uh, mince meat w/real beef inside, quiche, chicken pot pie, pumpkin, rhubarb, rhubarb-strawberry, strawberry, chocolate cream, lemon meringue, banana split cream, coconut cream, toasted coconut cream, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana cream, apple sour cream, apple crumb crust, apple, pecan, walnut bourbon, key lime, sour cream/cream cheese w/canned cherries, cherry, marionberry . . . sorry, I’m at an impasse, let me get back to you, please?

  54. Jackie says:

    My favorite type of pie is apple pie. Delicious!

  55. Athena R says:

    I love too many pies to have a favorite, but one of my favorites is called Fat Pie…it’s a fluffy delicious concoction of whipped cream, pecans, crushed pineapples, lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk in a graham cracker crust.

  56. Laurel says:

    There are oh so many pies I love…Oh I couldn’t tell if I could enter to win living in New Zealand or not? I’m American living in NZ and there is a huge shortage of really nice sweet pies…I always seem to go for the ones I miss the most, and my most loved…Missippi Mud Pie. *swoon* Although I can only ever make it when i get my hands on some jell-o stovetop pudding mix, which is rarely. 🙁 (I’ve tried to make my own pudding…it’s just not the same..heh)

  57. Erika says:

    Pie with feta cheese and zucchini. And for dessert: Lemon menringue pie!!

  58. Beth says:

    I love pie!!! Apple is definitely my favorite, and my mom makes the best 🙂 She makes her crust from scratch, but I usually cheat.

  59. Rebecca says:

    Pumpkin is my fav…but none of that canned stuff! REAL pumpkin filling, topped with whipped cream. Yummmmm! 🙂

  60. marsha says:

    I love peanut butter pie. Actually, I love most pies but I think peanut butter is the best. Coconut cream pies aren’t bad either. Maybe I don’t have a favorite – just enjoy any and all!

  61. Kim Merry says:

    I would have to say that pecan is my all time favorite…. but frankly I have never met a pie I didn’t like!!!!
    My mother in law makes a “Gerryberry” pie that is really good. I asked her once what a “Gerryberry” was, her answer- “You know… the berries that I pick at Gerry’s house” LOL!

  62. Anna says:

    Pecan. What could be better than a sugar pie with nuts in it? When no one else in the house likes it, that’s what. All MINE.

  63. farquist says:

    Strawberry Rhubarb (from my garden) and whipping cream (not from my garden)

  64. Kathy W says:

    Yum, banana cream pie…my fav

  65. Patteta says:

    Love, love, love little hand-held, golden-crusted peach pies but Key Lime pie is a real close second. For some reason I prefer food I can eat out-of-hand, while I walk around doing nothing. Don’t know why…

  66. Lara says:

    Blueberry! My husband is the pie baker in this family. But he only makes apple (his fave) and only one time per year. I suspect that if there was a pie recipe book in the house — um, like this one — we’d get more pie variety more often! Yum!

  67. Cynthia E says:

    Classic apple pie is the bomb, but I have to admit that cherry pie is also a contender for favorite.

  68. Bonnie says:

    Chai apple pie will certainly be my new favorite, since apple pie is my current favorite, and I adore chai.
    In any event, thank you both.

  69. Laura Bee says:

    My nana’s elderberry pie might be my favourite.
    We had store-bought apple last night for hubby’s birthday. I was looking at cakes, but your post gave me pie on the brain. The pie was disappointing I need this book so store bought pie will never come into this house again.

  70. Erica Filpi says:

    I grew up n a household where everything was generic, pumpkin, apple, banana…… This book has me excited about more flavorful pies. (And I want to try the meat pies). I don’t have a favorite, but I DO have a dislike… Keylime pie, yuck.

  71. Sarah says:

    My mother’s homemade apple pie. Little nutmeg. No toppings. Served ice cold, from the fridge a day later. This will always be my favourite! Now I want pie!

  72. Jeannette says:

    Blueberry pie is my favorite!

  73. Elizabeth says:

    Gooseberry pie, as made by my mother. Delicious!

  74. ev says:

    Peach Pie! Cobbler is good too, but peach pie is the thing. I like savory pies a lot–chicken pot pie is wonderful–has to have top & bottom crust though. Sure would like to have that pie book! Thanks Karen.

  75. Michelle says:

    I made yesterday’s pie with whiskey and it was great but top fav of all would have to be wild saskatoon berry by grandma.
    (I also forgot to put the sugar into yesterday’s pie and it was still really good)

  76. Anita says:

    Pecan Pie! yummy!!!

  77. Noodle says:

    Turkey pie is a thing? that sounds awesome! I’m a big fan of meat pies in general. My favorite at the moment is the “SMOG” (steak, mushroom, onion, and gruyere) that they make at the local pie shop.

  78. sophie says:

    key-lime, pumpkin, pecan, blueberry, raspberry, how could I ever pick just one!

  79. Anna Lee says:

    Shepherd’s Pie! (ha ha ha) –
    I am a pretty big fan of pie as long as it has a good crust. And since I recently came into possession of my great-grandfather’s famous pie crust recipe (he was a Fred Harvey House baker in Colorado and New Mexico)… I’m in luck.
    Today my favorite pie is macadamia nut pie – a recipe of my grandmother’s. She passed away last year and I made it in her honor and absence at this year’s Thanksgiving.

  80. Kathy says:

    Gino’s East Pizza Pie in Chicago!!!! Good for breakfast, lunch and supper….who needs dessert?!

  81. Marta says:

    Warm blueberry pie (blueberries from Northern Ontario) with vanilla ice cream. Om nom nom…

  82. Brenda says:

    Warm blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

  83. Suanne Jefferies says:

    How the heck can you pick ONE favorite kind of pie? That’s like choosing a favorite hair from your head!
    Hmmmmmm….I guess rhubarb, or black raspberry, or maybe banana cream or pecan, no wait, chocolate cream…SEE? Impossible!

  84. LuAnn says:

    Raisin pie!!
    With cream. Or without.
    With ice cream. Or without.

  85. John C says:

    My favourite pie is any pie while on PEI. Whenever we vacation on PEI, it’s pie every night! “keep your fork Duke, there’s pie!”

  86. valerie says:

    coconut cream pie is my most favorite!

  87. APPLE PIE ALL THE WAY. Well, any pie that SOMEONE ELSE makes for me. Everything always tastes better when someone else makes it. xx

  88. Beckie says:

    I just learned something new (about myself)

    I can’t pick a favorite pie! I love too many of them to name one as my Very Favorite

    I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the other pies by choosing just one =)

    what with apple pie and pumpkin pie and blueberry pie and Fruits of the Forest pie and chicken pot pie and coconut custard pie and seafood pot pie…and turkey pot pie…and peach pie…

    but I will say, anything stuck between layers of flaky, buttery crust is heaven on a plate!

    thanks for the chance =)

  89. pooks says:

    MEAT PIE!!!!

    Okay, Cornish pasties. Eaten in Cornwall.

    On the coastal path with a wide view of the sea and rocky cliffs and green, green sweeps of patchwork fields separated by hedgerows.

    With cows.

    Which provide meat.

    For MEAT PIES!

  90. Judith says:

    Ohhh, PECAN. Always, always pecan.

  91. Melanie says:

    My favorite pie is definitely Pecan. My aunt passed away two years ago and it was always her tradition to bring her famous homemade pecan pie to Thanksgiving dinner. Now her daughter has carried on the tradition and it holds a special place in all of our hearts. Plus, it tastes amazing. Nutty and just the right amount of sweetness without being disgusting.

  92. Elizabeth says:

    It’s a dead heat between the ever classic apple and lemon pudding pie, meringue me not!

  93. Pauline says:


  94. Delores says:

    Key Lime Pie made with fresh key limes!

  95. Carol-Anne says:

    If I really had to choose a favourite… Lemon Meringue.

    Good luck everyone!

  96. Susie says:

    Pecan or coconut cream top my list, I even have some lard in the freezer to make the crusts with. Lard makes the very best crusts.

  97. Tara says:

    Coconut Cream pie…no wait, Blueberry…or um banana cream…

  98. Leah says:

    I love the smells and flavors of fall…like apple pie and pumpkin pie. Scrumptious!

  99. Vanessa says:

    My absolute favorite pie is my mom’s blueberry pie. My grandparents used to have acres of blueberry bushes, and my mom’s pie, made from just-picked blueberries from Nana’s farm, simply CANNOT be beat.

    That said, I have never been known to turn away a slice of any variety. I am the neighborhood champion of pie crusts, but I’d love to win this book and expand my filling repertoire!

  100. Lori says:

    Blubery Pie!

  101. Heather says:

    Lemon Meringue

  102. Lori says:


  103. darlene says:

    Peach!!!!!!! Oh my goodness fresh ripe running down your chin peaches!!!

  104. Leslie says:

    Butterscotch pie. My favorite of all time!

  105. Mags says:

    After much deliberation, Rum Cream Pie! Enough of a motivator to drive an extra 4 hours out of the way on thanksgiving to visit the one aunt with the zealously guarded recipe!

  106. Jen says:

    Strawberry rhubarb! Nobody around here knows how to make a good one though – I have to travel up North to find one.

  107. charissa says:

    Could be because I married into a French-Canadian family, but sugar pie all the way. It is terrifying to make (…it’s really just… sugar??) but SO good!

  108. Cynna says:

    My favorite pie is apple, but if that’s not available, I do love run pie.

  109. Stefanievpb says:

    The Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie has to be the best pie ever!

  110. Nancy Grantz says:

    Nothing better than a good southern chess pie or pecan pie

  111. Scouty says:

    Apple pie served with cheddar cheese, yum!

  112. Karen says:

    well now.. that’s hard to decide! Strawberry & Rhubard has to be my favourite but there’s nothing like a robust Beef & Guinness pie for these cold Irish December Sundays!

  113. I’m afraid I have to choose one of the “untrue” pies: banana cream. It’s pretty much impossible to find pies in San Diego anymore, except for the chock full of preservatives ones from Marie. That is why I really, really need Ashey’s book. It’s a pie wilderness here! We are crust-less, filling-less savages! We need enlightenment!

  114. Dana Kee says:

    Described as ‘an absolute meat bomb of a pie’, my hero, Hank Shaw, has crafted a recipe for English Duck Pie that is super-awesome! I love it 🙂

    You can find it on his site, but be forewarned: the photo’s will make you drool…

  115. Hunter says:

    My favorite kind of pie is blueberry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. arlene says:

    Without question — The Pie in the Sky!

  117. Meagan says:

    Lemon Meringue! A close second of strawberry rhubarb. Pie over cake any day for me. Breakfast, lunch and dinner appropriate. A book like this would force me to get over my fear of making crust without my mom’s watchful eye there to make sure I don’t screw up! (That sounded like I keep a glass eye on the counter…)

  118. Lisa says:

    Savory pies are my favorite: chicken or steak potpies. I do love a mixed berry pie, though. My husband LOVES fruit pies. Sad to say, I buy store-bought pie crust. I attempted a homemade crust exactly once. It weighed about two pounds.

  119. Mary Werner says:

    My favorite pie? like asking me to choose my favorite child. Old fashioned pumpkin is my crave pie, then vegetable cream pie which you have listed, then any kind of creamy lemony pie which you again have listed. Of all the pies I used to make, never tried a hand pie so that is on my bucket list now that I don’t cook so much anymore. If I don’t win, I will have to buy a copy of her cookbook to look thru like an old scrapbook reminding me of good memories or even to use if I get wildly energetic.

  120. nicole d says:

    please watch this. its my favourite pie quote (from the movie “chicken run”)… and i just imagined you asking “what kind of pie!?!” haha….

    my answer: “apple”. ha.

  121. Alice says:

    Pumpkin! Or pecan — but properly made, like you get in the South — I’ve only had two good slices of pecan pie here in Canada.

  122. Julie says:

    I have never posted before, but I am starting to follow your site religiously while my kiddo watches Thomas on Youtube everyday. My favorite pie is Strawberry-Rhubarb, with Sweet Potato as a close second. Hubby’s is pumpkin, hands down. You will always find homemade piecrust in my freezer tucked in waxpaper. Summary: we eat a lot of pie so I hope we win the book!

  123. Ruth says:

    Apple pie… hands down.

    No meat pies for me, but I do love pies… true or non-true. Truth be told… I love desserts. Period. 😀

  124. Caitlin says:

    Buttermilk pie is my favorite kind!

  125. Well I make a white chocolate pecan pie that is amazing. That might be my favorite. But I make a really good pear pie too. Maybe that is my second favorite. And cocoanut cream pie . . . yummy. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  126. Susan says:

    Oh Goddess of the Blogs! This is the Pie Goddess!! I LOVE apple pie with cinnamon and brown sugar with French vanilla ice cream but will eat any kind of pie! I have made any number of combinations of pie but need inspiration for something new! PLEASE! PLEASE! Let me win a beautiful book of pies!! Thank You!!!

  127. Kim says:

    Today, Pumpkin is my favourite. Tomorrow it may be blueberry, or apple or… Thanks for the opportunity

  128. Kim says:

    Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie!!

  129. Laura says:

    Fresh black cherry pie! I put a splash of almond extract in it. YUM!

  130. Melanie says:

    My favorite pie of late is a sweet potato pie. Yummmmmm

  131. Krista C. says:

    Oooh, love me some pumpkin pie! My grandma also used to make a chocolate pudding pie that was to die for.

  132. michaele says:

    I’m always a sucker for a homemade apple pie but I’m willing to flirt with some of those more unusual ones featured in this cookbook.

  133. Kathy says:

    Mmmmmm…Lemon meringue pie!

  134. marilyn says:

    i make turkey pie for christmas dinner every year and thats a fave but i love a punkie pie made with real punkin and maple syrup whipped cream..i love pie!

  135. teresa says:

    Apple pie. The breakfast of champions.

  136. Sandy B says:

    Pumpkin pie hands down.

  137. Sonja Hoie says:

    Oh dear…this is hard. I think my friend Mary’s recipe for rhubarb/raspberry/pear. Apple, lemon meringue , blueberry/cranberry, apricot, peach, pear/ginger follow close behind. But the crust must be my mom’s recipe or as good as. I’m truly a crust snob.

  138. Sue says:

    has to be one of the true pies….apple

  139. Liz says:

    My favorite is a classic apple pie. Such a comfort food!

  140. Sue says:

    a true pie….apple

  141. Karin says:

    My favourite sweet pie would be lemon supreme pie…as for savory, definately chicken potpie!

  142. Pam says:

    Apple Caramel Pie – yummy!

  143. Michelle, I just looked at the link you sent. Pie looks fantastic! BUT, under the “Canadian Ingredients” section is “harp seal”!!! Wow!

  144. MelissaM says:

    My favorite pie is the one in front of me! (Seriously, it would depend. Cherry? French Silk? Ooh! fresh blueberry?)

  145. Stephanie says:

    My grandma’s pecan pie, with pecans she picked from Missouri 🙂 BEST. EVER.

  146. Kristin in Michigan says:

    Rhubarb custard pie for me! Is it in there?

  147. Melanie says:

    Saskatoon Berry Pie… hands down, is number one. I’ve got a great recipe for it, but not a lot of others. Book me! (Please).

  148. Sandy says:

    I like strawberry pie the best. Well if I am honest I like all pie.

  149. Kelcie says:

    I am always partial to Schlop Kucha (it’s a Pennsylvanis Dutch milk pie), and Shoo-fly Pie – probably because that’s what my Mom always made for holidays.

    I had a Baltimore Bomb pie recently that was basically a Chess Pie made with Berger cookies (a Baltimore delicacy of spongy white cookies covered in fudge) and vanilla liquor. It was so good, I thought I had died. Although, it could have just been my heart stopping from the overload of richness.

  150. Jodi says:

    My favorite pie is pecan.

  151. Amanda says:

    In the words of my late father-in-law: “I only like two kinds of pie. Hot and cold.”

  152. Debbie says:

    I prefer berry pies, particularly blueberry, but a Rosemary bourbon pie is certainly worth a try.

  153. LA Dodd says:

    Do we really need to pick just one? How about Triple Berry pie with granola topping? yummy!! or, any of the true pies.. 🙂

  154. Allison W says:

    Pumpkin pie is at the top of my list! But I do have to say, Razzleberry Pie with vanilla bean ice cream is the ultimate fix for a certain case of the munchies…

  155. Jamiek says:

    Chocolate Cream Pie!

  156. On our second date my (now) husband invited me to his friends potluck party where the main event was the Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield “bite my ear off” fight.

    I brought a homemade peach pie to the event.

    It was with his first bite that I knew he was mine. 🙂

  157. Katie Grace says:

    I actually am a big fan of meat pies! Grandmother is Australian so they were around a lot, but alas I have never ventured to making them!!

    Also, pecan, but it hurts my teeth 🙂

    Katie Grace

  158. LAURA says:

    My favorite is pecan pie. Confession: I have never made this pie….my brother-in-law is head pie maker at the holidays, making 20-25 pies for the gathering of ever expanding bellies. I did try the pinterest rave of cinnamon roll crusted apple pie…add another mile to the run…

  159. Lori Peterson says:

    Definitely Rhubarb fresh from the garden! orgasmic!

  160. Lisa says:

    Apple pie all the way!

  161. Jennifer says:

    Apple pie made with MacIntosh apples

  162. Olivia says:

    Key Lime Pie! Does that give me away as a southerner?

  163. Abby says:

    Apple pie with a crumb top is my favorite! I also love those fake cherry pies in the grocery store that instantly take 3 years off your life!

  164. Carol says:

    Warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting alongside it. Sure would like to find out how to make galumpkis pie, though.

  165. Ashley W says:

    To appeal to the Fella’s winner picking standards, 1) I do not live that far away, 2) profile picture contains no children (just my mom, well ok I guess that makes me the child but I am grown…hmm) and yes Fella, you are sooooo good looking (no offense Karen).

    Also I like strawberry rhubarb pie, and sugar pie (tarte au sucre).

  166. patti says:

    As my daughter used to say, “Lemon Zoomerang”! But an awesome apple or yummy pecan can turn my head!

  167. Sue O says:

    Favourite pie is pecan pie.

  168. christine hilton says:


  169. Michelle says:

    Blueberry Pie all the way!!

  170. Meghan says:

    Apple and pumpkin are my favorite. Although I’ve never had a meat pie, I would love to try making one!

  171. Maggie V says:

    I like Raspberry the best, then lemon without the topping and then pumpkin homemade of course. Sister Marilyn makes a wicked homemade pumpkin pie. I think you gave her lessons Karen it I am not mistaken. Just sayin!

  172. Maureen says:

    My sister’s blueberry pie.

  173. Lisa Garrett says:

    I love egg custard.

  174. Kelly says:

    Open face apple, pear and raspberry tart (qualifies as pie, just easier) – made with golden delicious and granny smith apples, a couple of ripe pairs and a hand full of raspberries, with a sprinkle of cinnmon sugar and a whisper of ground cloves

  175. Anne Jones says:

    P U M P K I N !!! (or anything my offspring bakes : )

    Oh, and I still remember a Russian Meat Pie I had at Fair many moons ago…. my one and only meat pie!

  176. Beth Evans says:

    Duh, Cherry!

  177. Lauren says:

    I went out and bought this for my best friend last night. I’m a little jealous she gets it, so I’d really like a copy for myself!

    Apple pie!

  178. Deb J. says:

    Favourite pie? Depends. Rhubarb custard is excellent for breakfast (come to think of it, so is apple and pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving dinner). Lemon meringue, Boston cream, banana cream, Saskatoon berry, blueberry, peach – they all work. Plus tourtière, poultry pot, spiced meat (but not steak and kidney – they NEVER boil enough of the p**s out of them kidneys!). Guess just about any pie. Oh, and ice cream pies for dessert – grasshopper, chocolate caramel, etcetc. But probably the VERY best – pineapple pie had in a minuscule little restaurant in the Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas years ago. It was our first full day there and we were with people who were in the second half of spending a year there on their boat – exotic! The pie had a sort of shortbread crust and a truly spectacular pineapple filling. Have never found anything like it and probably never will because I’m pretty sure the circumstances were part of it all. Wonder if there is something like it in the book?

  179. Jen H says:

    I’ve always been partial to a rough cut, rustic apple pie or crumble. Also, I’d still like to see an orange pie – not to eat, just to see it done. Also, re: hand pies – yes! I’ve been on a hand pie kick lately (mainly savory), and am trying to adapt a pot pie recipe to be less ‘wet’ and fitting for filling. I have dozens of hand pie/pastie/empanada recipes to dig through and gobble down! If I was rolling in dough, I’d spring for a Breville Personal Pie maker:

  180. Michele says:

    Frito pie

  181. Paula M says:

    If you live in Newfoundland and Labrador you probably know the answer: Bakeapple Pie! These exquisite gold berries can be very hard to get but the flavour and colour make it totally worth the effort and/or price. Also, we just had our first snow fall last night… pie is definitely on my mind.

  182. Michele says:

    j/k … strawberry rubarb or any custard pie. Frito pie is amazing though.

  183. Amy says:

    I love ALL pies, but if I must choose………

    I’ll have to go with pumpkin!!

  184. Patti says:

    Holy pie! This is a popular one!

    My favourite pie, I’ve only eaten it once. The “Butter Tart Man” in Baysville, Ontario, sent it over because his pies were running a little late.

    It was apple caramel, and it was absolutely decadent. Holy pie, I want it in my mouth.

    ALSO – CURRIED WINTER VEGETABLE PIE? What the… such delicacy exists in the world? I MUST TRY THIS!! OMNOM!

  185. Kim says:

    Pumpkin pie eaten for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving – preferably cold and with my hands.

  186. Sean Kelly says:

    Meat Pies, particularly of the Australian variety. Nothing beats a delicious handheld confection full of questionable meat, gravy, and veggies at the end of a big night out….especially in winter!

  187. I absolutely adore a nice apple pie…and pecan and chocolate cream and blueberry banana and chicken pot pie. Ahem. I got carried away.

  188. latenac says:

    Pecan is my favorite probably because my husband is allergic to nuts and thus I never have to share it.

  189. Jenny says:

    Either my mom’s apple crisp, or my husband’s grandma’s strawberry rhubarb. I like pie so much better than any other dessert, we had it for our wedding instead of wedding cake. ^_^

  190. Wes says:

    REAL pumpkin pie with maple whipped cream….thanks sooooo much for sharing that recipe!!! Never again will I ever be able to use canned pumpkin.

  191. Jody says:

    When I was little and my Mom would take us out I ALWAYS would order a slice of blueberry pie, my FAVOURITE!! I’ve only made a recipe of my mom’s of Rhubarb Custard pie mmmm so good!! It would be great to have this recipe book to learn how to make other pies. Thanks for this giveaway and good luck to all who enters it!

  192. Beth Popowski says:

    Thanks Karen – how about a pie with chocolate in it?!

  193. Charla says:

    Would have to say apple or peach.

  194. susan says:

    My favorite is sweet potato pecan pie – it is the best of both worlds! But I got some huge cravings for pies reading the other posts above! I LOVE THEM ALL! 🙂

  195. Deb J. says:

    I forgot to add – a challenge. Karen you need to try cracker pie. It is also known as Mock Apple Pie. Just googled it and there are lots of recipes. The one from Kraft looks promising. My mother has made it a few times (she couldn’t believe it would work so HAD to try) and it is surprising how much it tastes like apple. Maybe you could try it on the fella’s dad. It is almost one of the ‘true, pies:). BTW I haven’t tried it in years so it may not be as good as I remember. But I also remember that you had to eat it fresh – not good as leftovers.

  196. Marisa says:

    I’m a big fan of pumpkin pie!!
    Or a good chicken pot pie.

  197. Blandine says:

    Do I dare say I’m not a huge fan of pies? But I think the Curried Winter Vegetable Pie would like make me a convert 🙂

  198. Sue H. says:

    Cherry pie, strawberry Rhubarb pie, key lime pie…who could possible pick only one?!

  199. Ellen Seagren says:

    My mom made a great apple pie using apples from a pathetic apple tree in our backyard. The apples were little, sour and weirdly shaped. She used a 9 x 18 pan because we ate it so quickly; must have used a ton of sugar! Since I can’t duplicate that pie, I’d love to try Ashley’s recipes. I love the idea of hand pies. That way you can take them to work for morning snack (and afternoon snack too)!


  200. barbara n says:

    My favorite type of pie is any fruit pie – depending what is in season….apple, blueberry, blackberry or pear!

  201. Janice says:

    Just one kind of favorite?? It has to be two for me. #1 – Banana Cream pie with crushed ginger snaps used in the crust. #2 – Pumpkin pie with a dollop of bourbon-spiked whipped cream.

  202. Amy w. says:

    Banana cream pie. Yum!

  203. LoriD says:

    I would love to win that book. My winning confidence is such that I added it to my wish list for Christmas. 🙂 My favourite pie is strawberry-rhubarb. Yum.

  204. Roisin says:

    My grandmother always made peach custard pie with a lattice top for my mom’s birthday, and it was hands down my favourite pie ever. Since she passed five years ago I’ve been trying to recreate the recipe, with varying degrees of success. It was always heavenly, with the custard puffing up through the lattice.

    Second on the list is homemade cherry pie with fresh sweet cherries in the summer. My husband and I have been known to inhale a whole cherry pie between the two of us in less than 24 hours.

  205. Elaine E. says:

    Banana cream pie is my favorite!

  206. Jody says:

    There is no reason to be picky about pie, thats for sure. Cherry? BRING IT. Apple? Ok. Rhubarb? YES PLEASE. Saskatoon berry pie? INDEEDY. Pecan? Why YES. Lemon? YOU BET.

    But keep your pumpkin pie to yourself.

  207. Carolyn says:

    My favorite pie is key lime.

  208. Pat says:

    PUMPKIN is my absolute favourite, anytime of the year although I will not turn down an offer of any slice whether eaten with a fork or hand held!

  209. Emily says:

    pecan pie or coconut meringue…mmm

  210. Theresa says:

    Oooooh, my favorite is banana cream pie or french silk! Nom nom nom! I really want to try a shepards pie though!

  211. Karla says:

    Pecan! No, wait! Apple! No no no! Blueberry! Oh, hold on…cherry! Yes, definitely cherry! But…maybe also raisin. And maybe also key lime. And who can forget the classic French Canadian sugar pie! etc. etc. etc.

  212. Mantha says:

    My favorite pie is Utterly Deadly Pecan Pie. I rarely make it because I will sit with a for and eat the whole thing.

  213. Barbara says:

    Wow! One favorite? Would have to be Shoo Fly pie closely followed by Pecan and Pumpkin, although I make a mean berry crumb pie with raspberries and blueberries, too.

  214. christine says:

    Dewberry Pie! I spend the spring gathering wild dewberries with an enthusiasm most reserve for black friday (or boxing day) sales. Why i’ve even been known to lie to small children who pass by that the berries are highly toxic. This is MY berry patch!

  215. Tara says:

    Hands down has to be my grandmothers blackberry pie with hand picked blackberries from her back yard. *drool*

  216. Laura says:

    Dessert pies would be a tie between Banana Cream and Lemon Meringue! Yum.
    My favorite meat pie – hands down homemade chicken pot pie.

    I would love this cookbook, the pies sound amazing.

  217. qtpuh2tme says:

    My FAV pie is my own scratch Pumpkin Custard Pie. When it’s baking, the aroma in the house is so chock-full of all those wonderful Autumn-y spices, I want to eat the air!
    YUM! ~:)

  218. Tracie says:

    My favorite is peach pie with a few blackberries tossed in, with yummy vanilla ice cream…..and I always love the crust the best, so those hand pies look especially delicious. My Aunty Aly always made the best lemon meringue pies, and my Ma makes me the most awesome strawberry/rhubarb…..

  219. Dee in BC says:

    Either pecan or apple – I cannot decide!

  220. Sarah in Illinois says:

    My absolute favorite is Key Lime Pie! Although my boyfriend’s favorite is peach. He says that meringue is “cow slobbers”.

  221. Mallory says:

    I love a really good peach pie.

  222. Mati says:

    My favorite pie is the old classic apple! I really want to win!

  223. Kim says:

    Mine would have to be Tourtiere followed by any dessert pie. Well not in the same meal. Ha, who am I kidding? Bring on the pie(s)!!!

  224. Apple pie is my favorite. I love eating it for breakfast.

  225. Manisha says:

    I love a good apple pie but one that is sugarless so made with apple juice rather than sugar. My husband is a diabetic and this is something he can totally enjoy. Yet I love it, too!

  226. Bethany says:

    Bourbon Pecan – can’t go wrong with pie with booze in it. With a side of booze in a glass. Or the bottle. Or my belly.

  227. Gwen says:

    Walnut bourbon pie and pumpkin pie

  228. Colleen says:

    My fiance, who is from France, makes this wonderful Tarte Tatin (which is, in essence similar to our Apple Pie, but upside down and more caramelly…. he’s totally converted me….Apple used to be my favorite but now I’m all Tarte Tatin all the time….

  229. Jacqueline says:

    Growing up, I had the one mémère (grandmother) around who could not cook to save her life. It was so bad, my mom would feed us at home before we went over. It didn’t help that my grandparents bought the cheapest food, even if they could afford better. But her apple pie was the best. I’m stll tinkering with recipes, trying to replicate her pie.

  230. Jeannie says:

    I love strawberry rhubarb. Yum!

  231. Maya says:

    Wild blueberry with crispy crumble topping and home made whipped cream. Hands down.

  232. Diana says:

    While not considered a “true” pie by some, my mother’s banana cream pie is heaven.

  233. Emma says:

    Blueberry is my alltime favorite but that is followed by blackberry, peach, cherry…always wanted to try rhubarb

  234. Karen Dyck says:

    Living on the west coast of BC, mostly, I make blackberry pies, with berries picked from the local wild bushes. Fabulous to have such wonderful fruit free for the picking. Thanks for offering this (also fabulous) give-away.

  235. Lisa says:

    Another vote for rhubarb! Although I never turn down cherry pie.

    But I like the spicy, curried meat pies that you get in London too.

  236. Devon says:

    My favorite type of pie: All of them! It depends on the season and my mood. I have room for more favorites, and it sounds like this book could provide them!

  237. Jacqui says:

    Thanks Karen! Love reading your blog.i enjoy a savoury pie and for a sweet pie it’s a Flapper or Apple Crumble. Just can’t go wrong with those choices!

  238. Becky says:

    My very favorite is APPLE!

  239. Stacy.P says:

    Choose a favorite pie seems unfair! I have a very hard time choosing a favorite anything because I always wonder if I made the right choice and feel guilty about the left outs one! I LOVE all pies equally! However I would a copy of the book so I can try my hand at Galumpkis Pie (even if I had to look up what a Galumpkis is!)

  240. Dawn Royster says:

    My favorite is the Sour Cream Apple Pie from The Little Pie Company in NYC. I have zero control when in the vicinity of this pie. They make little pies, too. These little pies are great to bring to family and friends. Here’s the problem though; I have to fly to NY to get them. This means I have to fly back and am stuck on an airplane with four pies in my carry-on. I’m sure you see where this is all going. Yes, end up eating three of the four pies ON AN HOUR FLIGHT, forcing 8 people to share one pie. These aren’t hand-pies by the way. They are more like head-pies – not huge but so not right for one woman to scarf down on JetBlue.

  241. Tara says:

    My favorite type of pie is Apple…traditional! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  242. Joanna says:

    I have a version of hand pies that I make…and they are one of my favorites! They are pineapple hand pies, with cajeta envinada and monterey jack cheese!

  243. Beth says:

    My favorite pie is my mom’s coconut meringue pie. So good.

  244. Kaitlyn says:

    Apple Pie!! or meat pie.. oh! chicken pot pie!

    Curried vegetable pie sounds like it could be a new favourite.

    mmmmmmm, pie

  245. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite pie is pumpkin with some whipped cream on top! 🙂

  246. Kyle says:

    I’m coming around to baked fruit pies. I still don’t like the texture of baked apples; however I still have to eat them several times a year when my dad forgets and makes them anyway. He looks so proud of himself I can’t say no, even though they make me squirm.

    That being said, my favorite is probably either my mother’s chocolate chess or lemon chess pie. They’re like a brownie or a lemon bar, respectively, in a crust. Amazing!

    Sorry for the ramble… bored at work.

  247. Luanne says:

    I enjoy all fruit pies but I am a bit of a pie snob. The fruit has to be fresh and in season.
    With that said, my all time favourite has to be a fresh strawberry rhubarb pie.

  248. Trissi V. says:

    My fav is pumpkin pie…probably why I like this time of year so much.

  249. Katie King says:

    PUMPKIN PIE! Though my sister-in-law made a lemon cream pie this {american} Thanksgiving that made me have to lie down after eating too much…or maybe it was the slice o’ pumpkin that followed the lemon cream…hard to say.

  250. Barbie says:

    Galumpkis Pie, that’s my favorite….
    yep that’s it.

  251. Shirley says:

    What’s my favourite pie? Karen, that’s like asking which is my favourite child! Never met a child of mine I didn’t love and never met a pie I didn’t like.

    So I guess my answer to the favourite pie question is: the one on the plate in front of me. Is that specific enough for you?

  252. Jessica says:

    Gotta be classic apple using my great-grandma’s recipe, but I love all pies!

  253. Nikki says:

    My mouth waters thinking about Salted Caramel Apple Pie I made for Thanksgiving! Yummy! Pick me, pick me!

  254. Apryl says:

    My favorite pie isn’t exactly traditional or “homey”. I LOVE Key Lime Pie especially with sliced fresh strawberries on top…

  255. Lavinia says:

    Definitely pecan pie!

  256. Julie says:

    Yay, more free stuff! My favourite is apple pie, because it’s the truest of the true pies of course.

  257. Diana says:

    Hi Karen,
    I´ve never tasted Pie. Like the fruitbaskets in germany are square, our OBSTBODEN or mostly are square too. They are not covered with crumbels but with STREUSELN:o)
    I only know Pies from american movies…
    But if I could choose, I would like to try Sweet Potatoe Pie…

    • Karen says:

      Really?! There’s no pie in Germany?! I figured pie was universally loved all around the globe. ~ karen!

      • Diana says:

        I`m sure you can find a recipe if you really search for it, but it`s not usual hier and no one ever made a pie… But I did never even see a baking dish here for it!
        I have invited my family for christmas and I want to be the 1st of us who makes a Pie!!!
        Yeah, I think of something with cherrys;o)

  258. Christie says:

    Pie in you eye! Actually, rhubarb strawberry. Clearly, I need inspiration.

  259. Sara says:

    I love pumpkin pie. I grow the pumpkins just so I can make a great big pile of pies. yummy

  260. Christina says:

    Cherry, please!

  261. West Coast Nan says:

    My favourite would have to be lemon meringue pie. Thanks for offering up 4 copies of the book to win!

  262. Tiana says:

    My favorite pie will always be pumpkin because I can slice it and hold it in my hand and eat it with no plate or fork because I am super classy.

  263. Julie says:

    Apple so far…but maybe something new once I win this book!

  264. Patricia says:

    Lemon Meringue all the way!

  265. Jacqueline F says:

    Strawberry rhubarb pie – sweet, tart, and delicious!

  266. Jessica B. says:

    Apple. Or blueberry. Although I love peach as well… If I were being truthful here (and one should always encourage the truth), I love ALL pie. It’s pretty much my favorite dessert ever.

  267. Jenifer Koyle says:

    Hmmmm… My husband’s family had a Chocolate Morsel Pie that’s awesome and he likes a good pumpkin pie. I’m a fan of his grandmothers’ coconut pie and you can’t beat an old fashioned Southern pecan pie.

  268. natasha says:

    My mom’s apple pie will always be my favorite. I even had it instead of a birthday cake for a few of my birthdays! Although her pecan pie is a close second. Its so good, years after they got divorced my dad would still ask my sister and I to have mom make him one for Christmas (and mom, being the woman that she is, always would!)

  269. Betsy says:

    I found a recipe for German Chocolate Pie in the newspaper many years ago. It is sooo yummy and decadent. My family requests this for their birthday instead of cake.

  270. Edwina says:

    I absolutely love chocolate silk pie! That is quickly followed up by apple pie a la mode. If any of these are in the house dieting desires are quickly thrown out!

  271. Barbie says:

    Galumpkis Pie…..what is this? Very curious.

  272. Kori says:

    Key Lime Pie. I made it for the first time this Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit!!! Hubster Loved it!!!

  273. Natalie says:

    Lemon Meringue . . . with . . . gingersnap crust & italian meringue !!!!! The BEST !!!

  274. I love 3.14159… <—- not really! (I'm ashamed I typed that joke!)

    I LOVE Rhubarb berry pie! I miss my Me'me're's pies the most though… and her homemade crust. She used to take the leftover crust and fill it with Raspberry jam for us to eat while we waited for the guests to come to eat whatever holiday pie it was she made. She made the best Pecan (said like a Rhode Islander) pie on the planet.

  275. Brenda J. M says:

    I love a tart cherry pie with a crumble crust mixed with almonds. MMMMMM. To hell with “Let them eat cake”! Give me pie anyday (everyday is better).

  276. Carole McGinnis says:

    I would say any type of chocolate pie. Or, any fruit pie with vanilla ice cream. Yum. The strawberry crumble with lemon verbena whip cream sounds very intesting. I would have to try that one first.

  277. Marie says:

    Apple pie is probably my favorite, but I’d like to try them all!

  278. Erica says:

    My all time fav is blueberry; but the small wild blueberries. Mmmmmmmmmm.

  279. lemon merengue, mirenge, merinque, merange
    pecan pie.

  280. Maureen says:

    I’m a cherry pie girl but I’ll eat any kind of pie EXCEPT strawberry. I think it’s gross and really hope she hasn’t included it in her beautiful book!

  281. Janet says:

    Marionberry Pie! My friend grows marionberries, and makes marvellous pastry, a match made in heaven. I’m going to try growing from cuttings. And then make Pies!

  282. Cheryl says:

    Heirloom Tomato Pie

    I started to write a description–but words fail me.
    Let’s just say that just one taste of this pie right now would bring on tears of joy! But, alas–it’s only a seasonal pie–best made with “freshly-picked-still-warm-from-the-sun” tomatoes from the garden. Sigh . . .

  283. Jennie says:

    I LOVE french silk pie! I’m not so great at making it, but I’m a pro at eating it!

  284. Sarah says:

    I just made an apple butter pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and it is currently on the pedestal for top pie…soon to be dethroned by some other concoction I am sure to love even more!

  285. Another Karen says:

    Savory favorite: chicken pot pie
    Sweet favorite: lemon meringue

    I made the apple hand pies and took them to a party last night – they were a hit! I didn’t have currents so I substituted dried cranberries. Also made them them half size by doubling them over. Very cute and tasty.

  286. allyson says:

    Perhaps I’m boring, but really who cares…my favourite pie is cherry. But it’s gotta have the lovely basketweave top crust. Oh and whipped cream, ya, even though my gut doesn’t appreciate when I send whipped cream down there, you know, into my gut…..NOT there, oh you’re sick.

  287. White says:

    Seasonal, homegrown/harvested fruit pies, or tourtières (I’m warning you again, talk of tourtières can incite fevered debate!). “Dry” tourtières indicates one of the two major ‘styles’.

    Research the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean style of tourtière — you may discover an entirely new form of meat ‘pie’, which is not likely to be ‘dry’. It is more free-form, has plenty of liquid, but takes many hours of long-and-slow baking.

  288. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    For a fruit pie it is Blueberry for me..cream pie would be Coconut cream..and meat pie is between Beef & Chicken..they are meat pies here..Pot Pie is a whole different thing here in Pennsylvania!! Thanks for the chance to win Karen & Ashley!

  289. Erin F. says:

    I have two: plain apple pie, and peach blackberry pie (something my friend and I did last winter (frozen fruit from the summer before), and it turned out delicious AND beautiful. 🙂

  290. Candice Morrison says:

    My favorite to eat is a blueberry sour cream pie but I love making sweet potato with a strusuel (can’t find how to spell strusuel in dictionary :/ ) topping from scratch

  291. Jasmine says:

    Hmmm…probably apple pie, with vanilla ice-cream, or whipping cream and something with caramel in the name beside it. Although…banana cream pie can’t be ignored. Truly, I usually have to buy pies though. The thought of making crust makes me run screaming in the other direction.

  292. Rebecca k says:

    My mom’s apple pie, but I’m fairly certain I could be swayed in any direction with some of these pie titles! Dang even meat pie sounds delish! I’m requesting my mom make a hand pie version of her apple as her crust is to die for. Thanks!!!

  293. Amber says:

    It is not a true pie by any means, but I love peanut butter pie. It’s a southern thing and it is delicious, though not a friend of the thighs.

  294. Kathryn DiBenedetto says:

    My fav pie is the classic Apple Pie 🙂 I have actually never baked a pie but I LOVE baking so Im thinking pies will be my next baking adventure! 🙂 This would be a great way to start it! I would love to learn how to make it and lots of others from this book! Thanks so much for this opportunity to win! 🙂

  295. jan says:

    I of course made pumpkin and pecan for Thanksgiviing and I think I can safely say pumpkin is not my favorite.. Pecan may be but so may blueberry, cherry, rhubarb, & raisin!!! I LOVE PIE-I NEED A COOKBOOK!!!

  296. My favorite pie is Pecan. According to a certain Star Trek engineer, it is “good for the soul” and I whole-heartedly agree.

  297. Michelle says:

    Oh boy do I love pie, so picking just one favorite is tough, but if I have to….

    It would have to be a dutch apple pie.

    Pumpkin, pecan and chocolate cream are always fighting for the top spot though. 🙂

  298. Linda says:

    Blueberry and Apple, not together, separate…..

    hmmm….Galumpkis Pie? I could add that to the list if I knew what that was….

  299. Larraine says:

    Eggnog. Eggnog pie. Maybe because my mother was the only one who ever made it — and then only by special request. I’ve never seen or heard of it anywhere else. I’ve only had it once since she died — and that was by special request to a friend for my birthday. It wasn’t the same. Why not try it myself, you ask? I have gotten as far as looking at the recipe several times and always quail. I’m one of those people who only have a kitchen because it came with the house!

  300. Elaine E. says:

    My favorite is banana cream pie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep beyond one day!

  301. Sarah A. says:

    Pear Rhubarb has become my new favorite. My family makes pie a LOT, and my sister starting making that one last year. So good! However, good ol’ apple is a very close second. The family dough recipe makes 5 crusts, so I always need more ideas of what to make!

  302. kate-v says:

    my favorite is strawberry rhubarb pie – best time to make it is when the strawberries are ripe and actually tasty. we can buy strawberries at the super-market year ’round, but they are watery tasting – not June ripe strawberry flavor.

  303. Sharon says:

    Lemon Meringue! mmmmm.

  304. Rose Ficke says:

    I live in the Okanagan so for me, my favourite pie is the classic apple pie! 🙂

  305. KJ says:

    Cranberry walnut!

  306. Emily says:

    My grandmother’s blueberry pie with Maine blueberrise and Grand Marnier.

  307. Cathy says:

    Hi Karen,
    More fun!! Hot Apple Pie with a thin slice of cheddar cheese melted on top; or Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie; or Three Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie; or Lemon Meringue. I’ve never had Rhubarb but now it looks like I’m going to have to try it given it is so popular! Thank you!!!

  308. Natalie says:

    Chocolate Cream Pie, Boston Cream Pie, and Pecan Pie. You said favorite 3 right? 🙂

  309. Apple, apple, apple.
    In my book, apple is the only true pie!
    Though I probably could be tempted by the sweet potato and bourbon one..I know there was one other ingredient, but it’s too far and too many comments away to scroll to the top- that’s a compliment Karen!

  310. Carolyn says:

    Homemade pumpkin pie is wonderful!
    I love all pies though…

  311. Linda says:

    My favourite pie, hands down, is elderberry. Everybody else in my house hates it, I think because it is seedy. Fine with me…I’ll eat it all. The only trick is getting to the elderberries before the birds get them all!

  312. Karalee G. says:

    Lemon meringue! What a gorgeous book.

  313. maribeth says:

    My mom was the master of the cherry pie, she handed down her recipe, but it has never been as good. My favorite is lemon. I have never had a meat pie, which gave me to thinking about The Beatles song, Uncle Albert, where he references a buttered pie, and don’t even know what that is. Although,for years, I though they sang Potted Pie and loved to imagine eating one of those.

  314. Lonelle says:

    Just plain old Apple or Peach!! Yummy!!!

  315. Donna says:

    Karen, my husband would say meat pie all the way, but give me a blueberry pie to make my day.

  316. Donna says:

    meat pie to keep my husband happy

  317. laura gerber says:

    My faves are banana cream pie (but not the sanitized bland version most places sell – the real homemade version with a custardy filling and chunks of bananas) and chocolate pecan pie. I make a fantastic one (on the list for Christmas dinner this year).

  318. Sue says:

    Apple pie. But not just any apple pie, my Mother’s perfectly flaky crust, made only with Cortland apples and not too much nutmeg apple pie. happy sigh.

  319. Shana says:

    my favorite is peach with lemon coming in beside it.
    but I like huckleberry too….

  320. Shauna says:

    The classic pumpkin pie is my favorite. Except when my favorite is Rhubarb. But, now that I’ve read the pie with the lemon verbena whipped cream, that might also be my favorite.

    My Popop loved pie so much, he demanded it instead of cake for his birthday. But, that’s just a random thought and doesn’t answer the question.

    I think I’m going to stick with pumpkin. For now.

  321. Heather says:

    My momma’s Reese peanut butter cup inspired pie. I just LOVE it!! And while I do know how to make it, it just tastes wetter when she makes it. And it’s sugar free and low fat so I don’t have to feel bad when I indulge. I know you are thinking how could it still be good without the sugar and fat but it is!! Plus my mom is diabetic so it works for our family

  322. Laura P. says:

    Do butter tarts count? Otherwise, pumpkin pie.

    • Karen says:

      Laura – I suppose they do if you make a REALLY big one. I love butter tarts too. Which is odd because I don’t normally like super sweet things. Wow. *THAT’S* an idea isn’t it? Hmm. ~ karen

  323. Heather says:

    *better NOT wetter lol

  324. Wendy says:

    my auntie audrey’s apple pie!!!!

  325. Tammi D says:

    My favorite is pecan! I make a mean crust, and a great homemade cherry, but could use some new recipes!

  326. Jan says:

    Pecan Pie! No contest. Close second: Luby’s Butternut Brownie Pie. Drool!

  327. Auntiepatch says:

    CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE! I know, Southern bakers are collectively shaking their heads now, but it is THE BEST PIE IN THE WORLD. But winning this book may just change my mind……

  328. Michelle Whibley says:

    I have a fabulous cookbook that is a compilation of antique recipes… They are all *amazing*, but my very favorite is a 1930’s Pecan Pie — to die for!!

  329. Natalie says:

    Lemon Meringue . . . more specific – gingersnap crust and italian meringue . . . The best !

  330. Jack says:

    Huckleberry Pie accompanied by a fine Chardonnay…..

  331. Randy says:

    347 comments? Are you serious? My God woman what a spell you must cast! I don’t think I’ll be baking any pies so I forgo the contest. I do love reading your blog though and wanted to say so. 347…? I’m just wrecked… LOL

    BTW I took your Christmas Pledge and was done by the 25th of November. I am three weeks ahead of my usual schedule. ;0)

  332. Marion says:

    definitely apple! yumm. *fingers crossed that I might win this time even though I won’t because the fella probably dislikes people from alabama*

  333. I LOVE any kind of berry pie, especially when more than one kind of berry is involved!

  334. V says:

    My favorite kind of pie is blackberry. My mom does an awesome blackberry pie!

  335. ymac says:

    Rhubarb Strawberry pie is my favourite, but only if not too sweet – I should make my own to get it just right, so a nice new cookbook full of pies would be wonderful. Rosemary Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie sounds so decadent I might just have to try it, and what a great reason to buy Bourbon!

  336. Brooke says:

    Chicken pot. Always, in every way, no matter when, the BEST.PIE.EVER. As is Ashley English, the BEST. BLOGGER.EVER, except, of course, for you, dear Karen.

  337. Amber W says:

    Plain ol’ apple pie would be my first choice!

  338. Elen Grey says:

    I’m a ho for coconut cream pie. That is so.

  339. Katrina says:

    Oh, Chicken pot pie for sure!

  340. Gwen says:

    My favorite pie would have to be elderberry pie with lots of real whipped cream on top; none of that edible oil product stuff for me yuck!!

  341. Chau says:

    Rhubarb pie in summer and pecan pie in fall/winter. Thanks, Karen.

  342. katek says:

    My favorite pie is strawberry and rhubarb with a crumble top! Would love a pie book!

  343. Amanda says:

    Love Love Love a classic mile high apple pie!

  344. Dawn says:

    Key lime pie, pumpkin pie, and don’t forget vegetarian mince pie!

  345. laura says:

    my favorite pie is butterscotch pie with a baked meringue top, mmmmm. Close runner up is banana cream pie. Both recipes are in the good ol betty crocker cookbook if you felt like giving them a whorl! Inside tip…I like to add a bit more salt to the crust for these two, to give a zap that cuts through the sweet custard fillings. mmmmm.

  346. Laura says:

    My favourite pie is strawberry rhubarb

  347. Nancy says:

    Pumpkin is my favorite, any time of the year! I went to a 5 day sales meeting in Virginia once, I think it was spring, and to my delight they served pumpkin pie every day. Heaven!

  348. Susan C. says:

    Love hot peach pie with vanilla ice cream on top!!

  349. Heather Paine says:

    Strawberry pie all the way!! or classic apple

  350. shandra says:

    Raspberry – fo sho!

  351. Abra says:

    I know know if it’s in the book, but my abolutely favorite pie is the traditional pork pie. I love the thick crust, the coarsely ground meat, and even the jelly bits. I really need to get up off my butt and try making one instead of moaning the lack of them here in southern California.

    On the other hand – PIE! Give me any kind.

  352. Robin Jesse says:

    My favorite is red raspberry. My mom always made it during the summer months.

  353. Rosanna says:

    I have two pies that regularly compete for my love. The first is mulberry pie. When I was a kid our neighbour had a HUGE mulberry tree that used to sit on the fence line, over our trampoline. We would spend hours on the trampoline with a bucket in the afternoons in summer, bouncing up and down to collect the mulberries. Mum would then combine them with sugar and make a pie out of them, SO GOOD! My second favourite is caramel apple mosaic open pie, it looks like a stained glass window and tastes delicious!

  354. Jennifer R says:

    My favourite kind of pie is coconut cream!

  355. Caarin says:

    For the moment, I love peach pie. Although on Thanksgiving I made an Eggnog Cream Pie I would’ve murdered my sister for….

  356. Paula says:

    I can’t make up my mind! Chocolate, apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, condensed milk and lemon with meringue… I love them all!
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  357. Linda Follett says:

    My favorite pie is a homemade cherry pie made with fresh pie cherrys picked right off the tree. I also have never made a meat pie and would love to try one.

  358. Laurie says:

    My Grandma’s Apple Pie, oh how I miss her and her pies.

  359. Kara says:

    My favourite pie is saskatoon berry pie! It’s a great berry that has known wide fame in the prairie provinces but has only recently became more widely known in Ontario.

  360. Paulina J! says:

    Key Lime Pie for me!!! I had Pumpkin Pie for the first time EVER in my 31 years of existence this year 🙂

  361. Cathy says:

    Boy, you have to make it tough! You want me to think of only “one” favourite pie!
    The first one that came to mind is good old Lemon Meringue.
    Many thanks for the giveaway,

  362. Diane says:

    Strawberry Crumble Pie…… love a pie with a crumble topping!

  363. Liz says:

    Any fruit pie will do, but I especially LOVE boysenberry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!!

  364. ktr says:

    There are so many good pies to choose from! I’d have to say apple with a streusel topping though.

  365. Melody Madden says:

    Swooning just thinking about the Apple Spiced Chai Pie

  366. Kathy says:

    Chocolate cream that my Aunt gave me the recipe for. I need to make one of those. So good. Well… not good for the thighs, but you know how that goes.

  367. Laura McG. says:

    Humble pie, a bite very day for a long life.

    On the caloric side, I guess I’d have to say sweet kabocha squash pie, which is the only way to make a “pumpkin” pie.

  368. Debbie B says:

    Love me a Keylime Pie that can suck in my cheeks

  369. Laurence says:


    Apple pie. Namely, my mother in law’s apple pie. I had tooooo much over thanksgiving and I need to start having more or I might pass out.


  370. Karen C says:

    The only pie I don’t like is cherry. I think my favourite pie is pumpkin, then blueberry, apple….

  371. SusaninPeckham says:

    Mmmmm I like chicken pie.

  372. Carole says:

    Pretty much any and all.

  373. Nicola says:

    Pumpkin! with whipped cream. And a coffee. Mmmmmmm

  374. Betty Taylor says:

    My favorite pie is any I don’t have to bake!! I really like all pies so I have to really think about a favorite. Let’s see….hmmmm…okay I think I will chose black raspberry. My mother made delicious pies.


  375. Judy Richlin says:

    Oh My. PIE. I haven’t yet met the pie that Isn’t my favorite.. .

  376. Moe says:

    Hmmmm, my favourite pie would probably be apple, warm from the oven with lots and lots of vanilla ice cream. I love the crumble top ones, but regular crust is just as yummy. I loved the post from yesterday but I HATE making pie crust.

  377. Betsy says:

    I’m not sure if such a pie exists, but my favorite fruit are mangos and I’ve always wanted mangos in pie form. In the realm of more realistic pies, my favorite is rhubarb. It doesn’t hurt to dream for a mango pie though.

  378. Judy Richlin says:

    Oh My. PIE. I haven’t yet met the pie that Isn’t my favorite.. I love transparent pie, blackberry pie, apple pie with grated cheddar on top, rhubarb pie, pecan pie, chess pie, peach pie, blueberry pie, lemon merengue pie, key lime pie, raisin pie, coconout cream pie, cherry pie, banana split pie, chocolate cream pie, strawberry pie.. .and I used to love all manner of savory pies, too.’Til I stopped eating meat. Still so many to choose from.

  379. Mel Bratz says:

    Ooh! That looks amazing… nom nom nom. My favorite is pecan pie, and I’ve never made one! How silly is that?

  380. Emily says:

    My favorite pie is key lime pie, or lemon merique pie, but only if they’re not too sweet yet plenty tart.

  381. Kathy says:

    My favorite pie is Peeeeecan pie (Southern pronunciation) Thanks to you and Ashley

  382. Janay says:

    Hi Karen,

    My favorite pie is a rhubarb cream pie from the old Purity Flour cookbook. Delicious! Don’t muck it up with strawberries though (smile).

  383. Rita says:

    saskatoon rhubarb pie, or apple pie, or strawberry, or peach or………

  384. Kim says:

    My favorite pie is cherry pie…just like my grandmother used to make.

  385. Renee says:

    Apple pie with cranberries, easy on the sugar. It is the only pie I can make successfully.

  386. Erika Diehl says:

    Grandma Killam’s peach pie. Oh my, yummy.

  387. Laura says:

    If it is in a pie rust, I will eat it. Most likely. Especially if it is chess pie, which is my favorite. I’d love to win one of the pie books. If I don’t, I guess I’ll justgo buy my own!

  388. magali says:

    this is an amazing contest!!! I want to win so bad! my favourite pie is pumpkin pie, made with real pumpkin.

  389. Joyce says:

    Yum, Gooseberry!!!!!

  390. Melanie says:

    Hands down… Saskatoon Berry pie is number one. I have a great recipe, but not many others. Book me! (Please)

  391. Maryanne White says:

    In a heart beat, no hesitation, Warm Apple Crumb with Vanilla ice cream…okay now I am jonesn’ it!

  392. Sue says:

    Mittens down, it is absolutely concord grape pie!

  393. Mondo says:

    easy…peanut butter pie with a chocolate cookie crust. for real. had the best one in alabama. still chasing after it.

  394. Carla says:

    Hands down Saskatoon pie. And sometimes coconut cream pie.

  395. Laurie B says:

    I love all pie, but my Grandma’s apple was my absolute favourite.
    My mom and sister and I have tried, but you know how it is with that *LOVE* thing. Ours tastes good, but never quite as good…..

  396. Carla B says:

    My favorite kind of pie is WARM chocolate meringue pie – no instant pudding or whipped topping, ick!

  397. Jane says:

    Cherry pie has always been my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity.

  398. Michelle L says:

    Pumpkin is my go-to pie. I also like a nice deep dish apple pie with big chunks of apple, and rhubarb.

  399. Erin Louise says:

    I can’t get enough of a classic apple pie…I’ve made 2 in the last 3 weeks!

  400. shawna says:

    I have to say that pumpkin pie is my favourite. although I am sure if I won I could quite easily develop a new favourite.

  401. Anemone says:

    Apple…apple pie…mmmmm…December month is like a baking season for me…Bah humbug diet!!!

  402. caryl says:

    I’ll never win. All pie is good but you are getting a little snarkey with your calling us stupid!!! Do you not realize the fact that I’m old means I have a lot of contacts. I’m p’od because I was 1 of the 4 who could not get on Pinterest!!

  403. Amie J says:

    I never thought of myself as a pie person, until I started thinking about my favorite…and the list kept growing! It’s a close call, but I think I’d have to go with pecan – preferably warm and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee. Mmm…

  404. Julie says:

    I have a semi-secret pie that I made up myself. It is Bluebarb! Rhubarb and blueberry. Yum Bet that one isn’t in the book. Still I would love the pie book.

  405. Thelma says:

    Lemon meringue!!

  406. Janet says:

    I would say my favorite is a tart key lime with a wonderful , not too sweet cream on top of a light buttery flaky crust accompanied with an ice cold glass of milk! Yummmmmmmm

  407. Rhonda says:

    Peanut Butter pie.I love it so!!!

  408. Jess says:

    Dutch apple yum, yum!

  409. Samantha says:

    Chocolate peanut butter pie if my all time favorite 🙂

  410. Sandra Miller Pitts says:

    Oh my gosh, goodness and wonderfulness…Lemon menringue is at the top of the list! I have been known in my younger years to make one at 11PM and have 1/2 of it gone by 2AM…oh.. ya…well.. alcohol may have been involved.

  411. Lin N says:

    Buberry, Blueberry, Buberry pie! Blueberry in the sky pie, Blueberry in yer eye pie…just give me some good ole Bu-berry, B-berry, Blueberry Pie! Yep…my favourite is Blueberry pie!

  412. Camarin says:

    a nice gingery, pumpkin, for breakfast, the morning after thanksgiving, with coffee. heaven.

  413. Barb says:

    Fresh picked blackberry or blueberries for pies with ice cream. Large pie plates with a minimum of 4 plus cups of solid fruit in each one. Yummy.

    Third favourite would be Sweet Potato Pie with pecans, icing sugar, whipped cream and chocolate curls on top. Much lighter fare than pumpkin but somewhat similar taste.

    Fourth would be Lemon Meringue pie made from scratch with real quality lemons. Not too sweet. Mmmmm.

  414. Barb says:

    Does kiwi Pavlova count as a pie? One of my favourites too.

  415. GwenDee says:

    My favorite is Sweet Potato Pie. My mouth is watering.

  416. Sue T. says:

    I love most all pies. But my very favorite is without a doubt the peach pies that my granny used to make. She had hands of gold and could bake anything without using a recipe! I sure miss her.
    Thank you Karen for another contest (you’re spoiling us !) , and thank Ashley also.

  417. Tisha says:

    My favorite pie is apple, and my other favorite is pumpkin. I’ve never turned away a piece of Chocolate Silk pie, but I will usually decline pecan pie. Weird for a Southerner but that’s just how I roll.

  418. Vero says:

    The best thing ever, ever, ever is white chocolate pecan pie. It’s my friend’s recipe that always get devoured in about five minutes.

  419. Phyllis Kraemer says:

    My favourite pie is any pie from Village Bakery in Dundas, On., that said…I would love to ONCE just ONCE make a great pie instead of a pastry cookie with stuff on top!

  420. Corinna Mulligan says:

    My favourite pie is pumpkin pie! Thank you for the contest. You’re awesome.

  421. Twyla Harkey says:

    Chocolate pie is the only real pie !!! Yumo

  422. Esther says:

    Apple Pie is my favourite, especially when it is still warm and having some vanilla icecream. However, I would really really like to try a homemade key lime pie.

  423. Marina says:

    I love British meat pies, or pasties. Did not see a squirrel one yet, though.

  424. kimberly says:

    Huckleberry pie! After all the blood, sweat and tears we go through to pick those d@#* berries we are very stingy with them. Nothing better than Huck pie!

  425. Kelly says:

    Apple pie! Which is why i loved the recipe for apple hand pie!!!

  426. michelle says:

    my husbands sweet potato pie using his grandmother’s recipe is my absolute favorite pie ever!

  427. jes says:

    you can tell it’s the holiday season because everyone is so excited about PIE. I didn’t think my mouse would actually make it to the bottom of this page. that was a lot of scrolling. it’s worth it,though, buecasue my boss brought in his homemade pumpkin pie & I will have a piece as my rewaard!

    As much as I love pumpkin pie, though, my favorite is definitely blueberry. mmmmmmm

  428. marika says:

    My favourite pie is apple pie. My boyfriend’s grandmother’s apple pie, to be exact. She boils the apples in maple syrup for about an hour before putting them in the pie. And there is a secret about tapioca on plate for a crispier crust, or something…
    I also particularly like my mom’s tourtière (meat pie). But I have also, Karen, never made meat pie. Maybe for this Christmas…

  429. Loren says:

    It has to be a nice tart apple pie with a big scoop of ice cream – preferably homemade.

  430. West Coast Nan says:

    I don’t see the entry that I thought I sent yesterday so here goes again – lemon meringue is my all time favourite pie, the more tangy the better.

  431. Liss says:

    I love coconut cream pie. Too bad its not a true pie.

  432. Alissa S says:

    hot apple pie… with vanilla ice cream of course!

  433. Megan says:

    I love love love blueberry pie!

  434. Karly K says:

    I love apple pie with homemade whipped cream!

  435. Melinda says:

    Dutch Apple! MMMMM

  436. Jackie says:

    Definitely my mom’s blueberries-and-cream pie. Even though last time I made this pie to bring in and share with my co-workers, it turned out that the cream hadn’t set up quite right and had soaked into the front seat of my then-new car. But even after that, it still tasted good!

  437. Gail Eaton says:

    I love rhubarb pie like mom used to make using fresh from the garden!

  438. Jan says:

    I absolutely love pecan pie, but I’d never turn down a piece of any pie.

  439. TulumChica says:

    I love all pies. But my favorite is: coconut cream pie, Uh no, apricot fried pies, ugh – forgot about pizza rustica (which is a ham, prosciutto, ricotta, mozzarella pie), then there’s bourbon pecan pie, my brother’s chocolate meringue pie, of course, French Apple pie with a bourbon sauce, Natchitoches meat pies … I love pie and I’d love to win Ashley’s book.

  440. Langela says:

    I love a good strawberry- rhubarb pie. Or maybe apple pie. Possibly a wonderful chocolate or peanut butter pie. I can’t choose just one!

  441. Trish says:

    As I have learned from past giveaways, not all giveaways are ‘random’. So, my plan of attack is to now assume that by ‘random’, you mean your bf is going to be picking the winner.

    With that being said, I shall annouce that my favorite pie is your man-pie. A big, fine slice of your man-pie is what I would like to have.

    Okay, seriously though, if I can’t have your man-pie, I will have to go with apple pie. Its a classic, the original.

    thanks for the opportunity for some delicious man/apple pie.

  442. Patty says:

    My favorite pie is apple…which is probably a good thing since its the only kind of pie I’ve ever made. I’ll eat any pie someone gives me though.Ya can never turn down pie. I could definitely use a book on how to make other types though.

  443. Al Wright says:

    No fair making me choose! My favourite would have to the savoury galette I make when the winter squash start coming in at the Farmer’s Market. Yummmmm! And if pushed about a dessert pie, I’d have to say wild blueberry.

  444. Lucinda says:

    Oh, yay – would love to win this book!! Fingers crossed – I LOVE pie! Wild raspberry is the best on a hot summer day……mmmmm!

  445. maggiewann says:

    I will never be able to replicate my mother’s blackberry pie–it will forever be remembered as the best pie ever.

  446. Pat p says:


  447. Jodie says:

    My favorite is pecan pie; nearly any variety. Always. I hope there’s a pecan pie recipe…. Is that a true pie?! Hmm… I need to look that up!

  448. Jennifer H. says:

    So hard to choose between a classic apple pie and my grandmother’s equally iconic Thanksgiving sweet potato pie. I’m going to go with apple – just because I replicate that, but wouldn’t dare touch granny’s recipe!

  449. Rhonda says:

    Peanut Butter pie.I love it so much!!!

  450. Cat says:

    Although I love all pie, banana cream might just win out for me. Probably not a true pie, but delicious none the less.

  451. Anna says:

    Peach pie!

  452. Rachel B. says:

    Mmmm pie. Pumkin pie is my absolute fav. Although it can also be made with butternut squash in a pinch or you don’t have access to pumpkins because you live in freaking England.

    Might just be me, though. 🙂

  453. Jackie H says:

    Gotta be Pumpkin pie with whipped cream and loads of cinnamon sprinkled on top!

  454. Sue H. says:

    I love mincemeat pie! Everybody I know hates it.

  455. Emma says:

    My favourite pie, hmmmm, just one eh….. Okay, I’ll pick pecan pie, yeah!

  456. Linda says:

    Pecan Pie is definitely my favorite, with chocolate pecan running a close second!

  457. Catherine says:

    Today my favorite pie is pumpkin pie.

  458. Michelle says:

    Pumpkin pie has to be my favorite!

  459. Jake says:

    Old style Cornish Pasty, does that count???.

  460. Coconut Cream Pie. I may be the only person I know that loves it.

  461. kirsten says:

    Lemon icebox is the BEST!

  462. Suzie says:

    Cherry, Cherry, Cherry…had some tonight! But I like many others. Used to make stellar crust, children, work and aging parents took precedence. Ready to start again.

  463. jojo says:

    While growing up, the family “celebration” restaurant was a fairly local place run by the Amish and Monnonites…. they had 39 kinds of pie on the dessert list. It was my dream to make it through the list… and I never came close… I guess we didn’t celebrate enough.

    Rhubard cream pie was always my first choice…
    Cherry is a good second option.

    Never got up the courage to try shoo-fly pie…

    regards, Joanne

  464. courtney says:

    I love strawberry pie!

  465. My right thigh prefers coconut cream pie. My left thigh prefers cherry pie. And my buttocks prefer pumpkin pie. mmmmmmmm….pie

  466. Erin says:

    So many pies to love. As much as I love the sweet ones with real whipped cream there is nothing like chicken pit pie on a cold blustery day to warm you up!

  467. Justin says:

    My favourite kind of pie is pumpkin, made with coconut milk instead of cream. Yum yum.

  468. Annie l says:

    Apple pie

  469. KimS says:

    My favorite is a Blueberry Sourcream with a crumb top. It’s delicious! Unfortunately, it takes 4 cups of blueberries, so I usually only make it when blueberries are in season!

    • Karen says:

      KimS – I wonder if you could make this particular pie with frozen blueberries? They work great for regular blueberry pie as long as you press out the extre “juice”. ~ karen!

  470. Sandi says:

    Coconut Cream Pie! For sure!

  471. Dee says:

    My favorite has to be apple crumble.

  472. FLP says:

    Apple pie. As long as I don’t make it. A cookbook would help.

  473. Bonnie says:

    I got a great tip for making pie crust from Cooking Lite–ice cold vodka. The alcohol cooks out of the crust when it bakes, but it is supposed to make the crust very flaky.
    The crust is made of:
    1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts
    1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
    3 tbs packed brown sugar
    1/4 tsp salt
    5 tbs cold butter, cut into pieces
    3 tbs ice cold vodka

    Grind nut meats in food processor until ground. Add flour, brown sugar, and salt to processor and pulse 5 times. Add butter,; pulse 6 times. Then, with processor on, slowly add vodka through food chute, processing just until combined.

  474. Bonnie says:

    My favorite is pecan pie with rum.

  475. andrea meyers says:

    anything with lemon! ive never made my own lemon pies or curd, and I have a meyers lemon tree too! i cant believe some of my friends will still talk to me, I dont deserve it!

  476. Jessica A. says:

    Apple, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Pecan…yum! I don’t know, I can’t choose just one!

  477. Marti says:

    My favorite is chocolate cream pie. Or a rhubarb pie with crumb topping. Both of which I have the recipes for… Which is fortunate, considering I’m too late to enter this contest. I clocked on to your site to see where the chicken post on pinterest came from. The photograph of the chicken which appears to be missing its head doesn’t link through properly. You linked to a “preview” and it’s incredibly disappointing because, well, we all love your chickens so much. It would be sad if one of them lost her sweet little head.

  478. Kathy says:

    I never met a pie I didn’t like… except maybe mincemeat. Except I think I just didn’t think I liked mincemeat and didn’t even try it, so maybe I would like mincemeat.

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