At the Cottage


Suck it.

I’m still at the cottage.

No post for you!

I’m relaxinnnnnnnnnnnnnn’.

Have a good weekend, back to normal on Monday.

For your viewing pleasure, some cottage fun …. Karen and Chippy version 2.0. (best viewed with volume up so you can hear his little grunts and scratches)




  1. Leena says:

    Hahhahahhhaaa! The best! Thanks for this.

  2. Gayla T says:

    Sorry, no remarks from me tonight. I’m heading on over to the hospital as soon as the ambulance gets here. I have blood running from all my orfices above my shoulders. I’m not sure what happened. One minute I was watching this cute little critter eating his nuts and the next thing I remember is waking up on the floor, covered in blood. I feel kind of like I did the last time my head exploded. I think the ambulance is here. I can see the red and blue lights flashing but they must not have used their siren getting here because I sure didn’t hear them. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I get home from the hospital and let you know if they can tell what happened.

    • Karen says:

      Gayla T – Hmm. Weird. Maybe you have a bit of a bug or something. You know? Like the flu. Or SARs or something. Good luck. ~ karen

  3. Jillian says:

    LOL That’s amazing! How did you get it to climb up on you?

  4. Erica says:

    Haha how adorable, but I jumped.

  5. cred says:

    you’re such an ass! Have to admit, I was ‘got’

  6. Sarah says:

    Crazy lady

  7. KiwiKat says:

    bwahahaha! too cute!

  8. Beckie says:

    I must not be *awake* as I didn’t even flinch and usually I end up clinging to the ceiling with things like that lol

  9. I have never seen a chipmunk come up and take food right off someones body! That was fun!
    You have the Chipmunk Whisperer touch!

  10. ev says:

    Man, Canadian chipmunks are fierce little guys! Have fun Karen!

  11. Too cute! And, really…try to relax….:)

  12. Sally says:

    You make me laugh. Too funny,’cause I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

  13. Carolyn says:

    Loved it! Lol!!

  14. Moe says:

    Haha.. so what was that sound… lion growling, you snorting, the roar of the fella??? Scared the crap out of me though. Enjoy your vacay. :o)

  15. Mary Werner says:

    got me good – we don’t have chipmunks in Florida and I miss seeing them as I’m from Wisconsin. Thanks for a little trip down memory lane since I AM NOT RELAXING AT THE COTTAGE!!!!

  16. toni says:

    WOW! YES YOU DID!…..Now everyone in the office is looking at me!….(GASP!)….glad you’re having a good time…..I’m jealous!….

  17. Carly says:

    Well, isn’t that a friendly chipmunk..?

  18. nancyeileen says:


  19. Kelly says:


  20. Jodi T. says:

    Ahhahah!!!! I jumped 🙂 He’s a cutie!!! Glad you finally figured out the Art of Relaxin. Have a great time!!

    Jodi T.

  21. marilyn says:

    good one! lmao…im off to the cottage too but just til monday..xo

  22. Phyllis says:

    Ha! You are so funny!

  23. Shirley says:


    Like you, I am a member of the “Save The Best For The Last” school. First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is reach for my iPad. I check my emails, read two newspapers, look up the weather for the day and catch up with my Words With Friends games, or at least the ones that came in overnight from Australia and New Zealand. Then, and only then, do I read your latest post. The best for the last.

    For some reason, this morning a little after 6 AM I reversed the order and started with your post. Big mistake! Awwwww, a chipmunk video. Love chipmunks. Look at the cute little chipmunk eating peanuts and crawling all over Karen. CHIPMUNK SCREAMS. I SCREAM. HUSBAND SCREAMS. (Or at least I promise you he would have if he wasn’t away travelling on business.)

    You got me good, girl. Thanks a bunch for my morning wake-up Call Of The Wild! You’re just lucky I’d already been to the bathroom.

  24. Tigersmom says:

    Yeah, you did!

    I espcially enjoyed the dramatic fade to black at the end.

    I hope you are actually enjoying the art of truly relaxing. It’s most restorative.

  25. Lesley says:

    Bwahaha!! My cat Evil Pye, who was nappy peacefully beside the computer, just levitated : )

  26. Lesley says:

    Nappy?!?!? NAPPING. Must get coffee …

  27. Marsha Kern says:

    Thanks! I love chipmunks so I brought up the video at work and I turned it up nice and loud just like you said (should have known better!) and of course the lion roar was loud and out of my boss’s mouth came “what was that?!?!?” Thanks a lot Karen! 🙂

  28. You know what’s amazing Karen that you can muster 29 comments and you really didn’t write a damn thing! Now that is amazing dedication from your fans! Me included!

    • Karen says:

      LOL. Indeed. I have some dedicated readers/commenters, all of whom I appreciate. Now go away and let me relax. ~ karen

  29. ally says:

    Where’s version 1.0?

  30. kelliblue says:

    You are a FREAK! I love it! Chip-chip-hooray!

    You really are the chip whisperer…they just seem to love you, awwww…

    now stop working and get back to relaxing!

  31. Lisa says:

    Totally jumped, but too funny! I’m astounded that this chipmunk is so brave! They are such skittish creatures and I can’t believe he would get so close to you, let alone climb on you. I’m actually kinda jealous! Must try this at home.

  32. Janet says:

    No soup for you.

    That’s where you got the “no post for you” remark. Admit it!

  33. taria says:

    thanks for sharing a bit of your relaxing time. I am off to do chores. I am good and awake before the coffee woke me up! you keep having fun!

  34. Carole McGinnis says:

    I loved, loved it. I loved seeing that adorable chipmunk so up close and personal. Man, he can roar! LOL. Yes, you got me. 😉

  35. Marion says:

    yup, you got me! And I’m at work. Last time I believe anything you say…

    you never told us you were related to Snow White!

  36. Ruth says:


    Since I wouldn’t know what sound a chipmunk should make anyway, I didn’t blink at the roar/growl/whatever-that-was. Nice try though. 😀

  37. Barbie says:

    LOVE IT!
    …and yeah what Dawna Jones said! lol

  38. Janelle says:

    It seemed fairly kid-friendly at first, so I called me 3 year-old son over to watch…now he wants to know why that squirrel made a dinosaur sound. Am reminded of an episode of ‘Sex and the City’ in which Carrie Bradshaw proclaimed: “Squirrels are just rats in cuter outfits”.

  39. Sharman says:

    How did you get that cute little chipmunk to do that??? Please let me know the trick to getting one to do that! Please! Please!

  40. Sandy says:

    We have a ton of chipmunks around our house. My friend next door feeds them the same way you did, & one of them knows her by sight & follows her all around her garden & waits to be fed by hand. I guess that’s why I find a lot of peanut shells in all my gardens & around my yard. Plus they raid all of my bird feeders like crazy. Oh yeah…we have lots of “plump” little chipmunks here.

  41. Pate says:

    Well Karen, that’s the second IPAD to go flying across the terrace!

    Oh, one more thing and I’m not sure if anyone even asked you…… But was that you or Chippy? :- )


  42. Jen says:

    Nice pins.

  43. Antonia says:

    Very cute…. But now unfortunately every time my 2 year old sees my iPhone he insists we watch THE “chipmunk”. Again. And again. And again!

  44. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    OK..Very cute but you didn’t get me..I figure if you tell us to turn the volume up real loud you are planning something evil for us..This chick is not so naive..Come home now we miss you 🙁

    • Karen says:

      Nancy – O.K. Didn’t get you. You’re too smart. NOW. Do me a favour … put your ear reallyyyyyyyy close to the speaker for a second. …. Heh heh. ~ karen

  45. J9 says:

    Yep, you got me. >:-(

  46. Maureen @theThriftyLass says:

    Excellent. Happy trails.

  47. mickey says:

    Yes, you got me but I told your Mother on you so you’re in big trouble when you get home, missy!

    • Karen says:

      Mickey – My mother is coming for dinner tonight. If she wants food, she’s not going to yell at me. And Betty always wants food. ~ karen

  48. Bonnie G. says:

    I had a sheepish grin on my face wondering if anyone else jumped (a little) or was I the only smacked a_ _ !! That was cute and demure!
    A neighbor and friend had her favorite squirrel trained to take the peanuts out of her hand – a daily ritual.

  49. Danielle M. says:

    Lol. You goof! Hope you guys are having a great and restful vacation.

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