Back by Popular Demand …

As I mentioned last week, today is a holiday in Canada, and I intend to use every inch of it.  Because I’m Canadian.

So, I’m not writing a post today.  Well, technically I am, because clearly … you’re reading a post right now.  I guess what I mean to say is I’m not going to write a very good post.

Actually, no … that’s not quite right either.  In truth, it’s going to be a highly entertaining post.

O.K. … I am delivering a post that provides the most amount of entertainment for you while requiring the least amount of effort from me.  Yes.  THAT’S what going on here!

So, I have for you today one of my all time favourite posts. Back by popular demand … How to Open a Wine Bottle With a Shoe.  Or not.  Yeah, it’s a re-run … get over it.  You watch Seinfeld and Friends more than once, don’t ya?  And what about Will & Grace?  Uh, huh.  If you’ve already read this one read it again.  I did, and I actually  laughed, which I don’t normally do when I read my posts or watch my videos.

Mainly I laughed because the video in the post features both my fella and my mother.   They’re ridiculous.  Both of them.  So if you’d like a little  more insight into what I have to deal with every day, watch the video in the post.

If you’ve never seen the Opening a Wine Bottle With a Shoe post you have to look at it.  It is one of the top viewed videos on YouTube.  By me.

So sit back, relax,  grab a bottle of red or white and learn … How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Tree Trunk and a Shoe.

If you don’t have a bottle of wine or don’t even drink wine, that’s totally fine … you can still watch the video.  Unless you don’t have eyeballs.  Or ears.  Or a computer.


  1. It’s actually more funny this time round, cos I’ve gotten to know you a little!
    Incidentally, this is what led me to your blog, all those years, or months, ago!
    Have a good holiday weekend.

  2. Lauren says:

    I thought this video was hilarious when I first watched it. Upon watching a second time, it still is. However, at the risk of sounding like Ms. Smarty Pants (I’m no way close to a Ms. Fancy Pants), do you think it would work better if you first removed the plastic from around the cork? I would think that would prevent the cork from moving.

    I think (and I’m sure everyone will agree with me) that you should conduct Experiment 2 (or Experiment Deux for the Fancy Pants in the audience).

    C’mon everyone….Go Karen! Go Karen! Go Karen!

  3. bex says:

    I watched your 150 attempts at it quite a while back and I still havent been brave enough to try it (i really do fear loosing wine 🙂 hehe
    Have you every attempted it again?

  4. Lauren says:

    Sorry – my error then. In the video it just looks like the cork is still partially covered around the perimeter by that annoying plastic/foil that they put around the neck of the bottle. This is why no one else calls me Ms. Smarty Pants.

  5. The best part, bar none is the commentary from your mom in the background!

  6. emilie says:

    Totally buying a cheap bottle of wine! and partice before next party (that and my spoon on the nose number).

    The only thing bothering me about this post (not the re-run) is that I’m canadian too and I had to work today…Where do I protest for this?

  7. Jessie says:

    Hang on a second! I was watching Mr. Fancy pants and noticed something! There is a USPS truck in the background! I am becoming suspicious…. Maybe there was more then his “six wack method” that was faked… Like perhaps his accent too!! I call FAKE! (ok I concede Americans can have all sorts of accents, but come on… The car, the dog, the accent.. Something HAS to be faked!!!

  8. Jen H. says:

    On Modern Family, Claire used this skill while stuck in a treehouse with her adult brother. Made me laugh, because all I could picture was you struggling and your mom commenting the whole way. This post and the episode were both very funny!

  9. teresita says:

    I’m laughing and crying at the same time, haven’t seen it! Your mother rocks!!

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