The Best April Fools’ Pranks for You.

April Fools’ Day is almost here so I thought it was time to update some of my favourite April Fools pranks.

As I’m sure you know, April Fools’ Day is the scariest of all the holidays. Not only because it has an incredibly difficult apostrophe placement but because it’s way scarier than Halloween. Seriously, what’s scarier to you? A kid dressed up like Batman politely knocking on your door between the hours of 6 and 8 p.m. or worrying all day that someone is planning to terrify you with an April Fool’s joke?  The later obviously.  No one even has to do anything, it’s the notion that it’s coming.

I generally forget all about April Fools’ Day until the actual day, which leaves me no time to plan a really good attack on someone.

I thought you might be the same. You know, in that you aren’t crazy enough to pre-plan for April Fools’ Day but just crazy enough to be bothered by the fact that you didn’t.


So I’ve collected some of the best and easiest April Fools’ Day jokes (from my brain and from around the web)  you can play on your family and co-workers this year.


The best part about this is the shark actually flutters a bit when you lift the toilet lid from the air movement.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a PDF that you can print out right now.  It’s printed on 2 pieces of standard printer paper. You just need to tape them together and then tape them under the toilet seat.  Just click on the links and print away.  (They need to print on the paper with a horizontal orientation, not vertical which you would normally use)

Shark Top of Mouth

Shark Bottom of Mouth


The night before April Fools’ Day go into your spouse’s car and turn all the settings to maximum:  radio, heat, windshield wipers … ALL of it.



Add a Voice Activated sign to pretty much anything new in your workplace.  Toaster in the break room, equipment, new TV …

I’d personally take this one step further with the toaster in the break room. I’d go buy a cheap toaster at a thrift store and remove the levers for lowering the toast.  So there is literally no way to push the toast down, reinforcing the ridiculous nothing that it’s voice activated.



Hide Scented air fresheners all over someone’s office.


This one will take some commitment, but … you could do a lite version on something else.





Add food colouring to milk or cream that’s in a cardboard container.  LOVE this idea.







Change your bosses screensaver to something like this.  Works especially well if your boss is 6’4″ and mean.






You know how kids can sleep through anything?  If you have kids that share a room, when they’re sound asleep switch their places so they wake up in the other one’s bed.




The old raisin in the toothpaste trick.  My sister Fish Pedicure did this to me a few years ago. It seems so innocuous, but when you squeeze your toothpaste and something brown comes out of it, … it’s alarming in a way that’s difficult to describe.

Just push a raisin into the neck of the toothpaste and squeeze a bit of the toothpaste up so you can’t see it in there.




Buy some underwear, write a coworker’s name on the elastic band in Sharpie and leave them on the work bathroom floor.


Now that you’ve been armed, you have a choice.  Are you going to be part of the 50% that attack on April Fools’ Day or will you be part of the 50% who cower?

I hope that you will attack because I know I didn’t raise a bunch of cowering ninnies.  I’ll be over here cowering in a corner until it’s all over.


  1. Lori Minch says:

    I have printed out the shark pictures – can’t wait. Things are complicated this year with Easter on the same day, and everyone in the house running different directions for church activities, but April Fools’ Day will happen.

  2. Sabina says:

    The raisin in the toothpaste! OMG I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. susang says:

    I guess my current favorite is the Brussel sprout on a stick coated with chocolate – cake pops!! just love all the ideas

  4. MindyK says:

    My stepsons got my husband’s car with the post-it notes a couple of years ago. Best part was that the adhesive caused pollen to stick to the car long after the actual notes were gone. A prank that just kept giving!

    I am fond of trick foods—“meatloaf” made of cocoa krispies, “ice cream” made of mashed potatoes, etc. I don’t do it every year so my son always falls for it. The family is coming for Easter dinner this year and I am already surfing Pinterest for ideas. Jello in the wine glasses? Broccoli made of candy? So many choices…

    Although I am VERY tempted to put a shark in the toilet for good measure. 😂

  5. Carolyn Schneider says:

    Collect windshield glass. Roll down someone’s window and sprinkle glass around.

  6. Ralph says:

    Hate to admit this but two references in your article take me back to my misspent youth as an immature first year university student:
    Sometimes,we would place a coin tip (it was the late 1950’s) under an upturned glass of water for a particular waitress in a coffee shop we frequented.
    The other thing of which I was reminded was the business of sneaking into St. Hilda’s female students’
    residence and placing shrink wrap across a toilet before putting the seat back down.
    Only the bravest of the brave or the drunkest tried this stunt.There was no ‘security’ in those days but good luck to the young man spotted by the ‘matron’

  7. Maureen Spencer says:

    I loved #11……May use it for house guests!!

  8. Jan in Waterdown says:

    When I was a kid, my dad would check on my sister and I while we were sleeping, before he went to work early in the morning. He would tease me that I often slept with my bare butt sticking out from under the bed covers. Of course I didn’t believe him. So one April Fool’s, I woke up to find he had drawn X’s and O’s with magic marker on me bum! My mum thought it was hilarious. That happened about 60 years ago and it’s still one of my favourite memories . . . thanks Dad!

  9. Kate S says:

    The raisin one made me cringe just thinking about it, great idea!

  10. Kath says:

    One question- re the shark- who cleans the pee off the ceiling?

  11. Aisling says:

    How I do number seven is I pour two cups of water half way and freeze them over night. Then in the morning I put them upside down on a table and let them melt

  12. Kim from Milwaukee says:

    Thank you Karen!! Doing the shark in my boss’s toilet….it’s so satisfying pranking a prankster! My nephew will get the toothpaste raisin. 🙂

  13. Adrienne says:

    Didn’t do it on April Fool’s Day, but still the best prank ever. My brother, who has no filter, used to embarrass my then boyfriend by commenting on the smell he’d leave behind in our bathroom when he’d go in there. He was insanely shy and used to get genuinely embarrassed. As a payback one day, I melted some chocolate and smeared it on the toilet seat, handle, toilet paper, and even left single hand print on the wall. To finish off the effect, I left an Oh Henry–peanuts and all–sitting in the bottom of the toilet. I had my boyfriend stay in there for a ridiculously long time, all of which my brother spent commenting on. he continued to joke about how gross and smelly the bathroom must be for at least an hour after my boyfriend returned to the living room. He finally went in to use the bathroom after announcing “It’s gotta be safe in there by now!” The look on his face was priceless! He paused at the doorway clearly in shock and backed out of there. First time EVER that he didn’t say a peep!

  14. Jeanne says:

    You are my favorite evil genius!

  15. Dawn Jorgensen says:

    These are all so funny! I read them out loud to my sister, pausing frequently to laugh and tears running down my face.

  16. Byron says:

    A coworker received a stuffed bear with the logo of a company where she trained folks to use our software. She fawned over it, so naturally a couple of more sinister coworkers (okay, another fella & I) did little, harmless pranks with it. She knew we were the two doing so. As April 1st drew near, I had someone pick up an identical twin bear for us. The night before d-day, I hid the original, dismembered and beheaded the “twin”, and put the pieces in the drawer where she put her purse every morning.

    The next day we hid as she arrived, and I swear her shouted “THIS TIME THEY HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!!!!!!” could have been awakened slumbering martians.

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