Calling all men. (alternate title, Oh Boy!)




My Uncle Jack reads this blog.  Uncle Jack is a boy.  A man really I guess, but even that’s up for debate.  He sometimes dresses up like a clown and has also been known to laugh at fart jokes.

That’s the thing about men isn’t it?  They’re really just boys in men’s clothing.  Lest you think I’m generalizing, I am.

Same goes for women though.  I’m an equal opportunity generalizationer.  Although women do seem to mature quicker than men (by age 15 compared to age 75) we do have a tendency to be and act like the little girls we once were.  We might not think the ultimate fart joke is as funny as our male counterparts but get us anywhere near Pinterest and our eyes start bulging out of our heads at the site of glitter and pipe cleaners. Why do you think scrap booking became so hugely popular years ago?  All women want in life boils down to 2 things:   a sharp pair of scissors and some construction paper.

I suspect as high as 85% of all women have children to give them a socially acceptable reason  to buy colouring books and crayons.

So back to Uncle Jack.  He lives a few hours away but every time I see him he tells me I should try to get more men reading my blog.  To which I say … men do read my blog.

They just don’t comment.

At least that’s my suspicion.  I mean, I cover just about everything on this site from building to gardening to cooking.  All things that men typically do. Why wouldn’t they read The Art of Doing Stuff?

For the most part this site is directed at women I suppose but it isn’t completely intentional on my part. It just kind of happened naturally being that I’m a woman and all.  One of my first posts which was on how to cure a yeast infection with a frozen yogourt tampon might have scared a few of the more delicate men away I suppose.

The whole point of The Art of Doing Stuff is to give everyone the confidence to do stuff.  Stuff they want to do but don’t think they have time for, stuff they think is hard but probably really isn’t, and other stuff that is indeed hard.

Plus I wanted this site to give women in particular extra confidence.  Men have all the confidence they need.  Men are overflowing and oozing with confidence. Oftentimes when they shouldn’t be. Like when they’re really drunk at a bar. Luckily this site doesn’t attract the drunk bar men.

This site attracts the right kind of man.  Men who like women, men who like to do stuff, and of course … men who laugh at fart jokes.

So to help me prove to Uncle Jack (or maybe prove me absolutely and completely wrong) I’d like all the men reading this today to comment.

Just say hi.  Or how long you’ve been reading. Or, if you’re anything like a few of the men I know, you could tell us about the first time you weighed yourself both before and after pooping.

(women you can comment too of course, maybe about the first time your husband told you to stop rolling your eyes at him while he described his poop weight)

Have a good weekend all.

p.s. Please sign up for my Seed Starting workshop if that sort of thing interests you. I am SO excited to teach you all about starting your own seedlings. Like … ridiculously excited about it.

Take it away men.



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  1. caryl hodgdon says:

    I’d like you to know I regale my husband with just about every blog you write and he laughs his ass off or wants me to be you. He’s just a lazy reader but an appreciative 2nd hand appreciator!!

  2. Dominic says:

    I’ve been reading for about a year, on and off, but faithfully for a few months now. I first stumbled on your site while looking for chicken coop designs. My first comment was a couple months ago, I believe. The yogurt tampon was like a Stephen King novel to me, and I laughed my ass off at the video about uncorking wine, in a shoe, on a tree. I love women, my wife especially, and I’m totally invested in her rack, and reading about your mammogram made me feel intrusive, but, boobs, so I powered through. I have 2 young sons, so my wife’s life is a revolving fart joke, thankfully she’s a good enough sport to land a good one on us once in awhile. I can’t remember the first time I weighed myself pre and post poo, but I can tell you that I’ve already caught my sons (6 & 8) using their privates as an air guitar, and I was proud.

    • Karen says:

      LOL!! I suspect this post is gonna have realllyyy good comments in it, lol. Thx. Dominic! ~ karen

    • Debbie says:

      Dominic, can you clone yourself? You sound wonderful. I must admit that I have a wonderful husband – enough so that I’ve kept him around for 28 years.

      Per the air guitar privates – My youngest son got in huge trouble in middle school by having red and green power ranger toys have a wrestling match between classes. No big deal, right? His leadership and management skills showed when hundreds of students ran through the hallways to attend the event (he put the event on social media). The principal said it was the worst thing that ever happened in the school. (Really, this was worse than the drugs, cyber bullying of students and two heart-wrenching suicides?). I was mortified, at least on the outside. Hubby’s reaction – which power ranger won? He was proud. BTW, that same son is now a paratrooper (elite unit) in the Israeli army, tapped for probable officer training and quite the leader and manager.

      I believe your sons will continue to make you proud, have an excellent outlook on life and be very successful. They will also treat their spouses with the same love and respect you have for your wife. You go, Dad!

      • Dominic says:

        Debbie, SERIOUSLY, which Power Ranger won?!?!?!? Congrats on raising a warrior, protecting one’s country is a noble cause, I was one myself, and expect one of mine may follow suit. Nice job!
        Thanks for the kind words!

  3. markus says:

    I love to read your blog because I love the way you write/think and “do”. No pun intended.
    I “do” as well, nearly everyday, having a blast with the detail.
    I am an odd sort, but enjoy your blog

    • Karen says:

      Hi Markus! I think your last sentence probably should have read “I am an odd sort, WHICH IS WHY I enjoy your blog.” 😉 ~ karen!

  4. Gary Wager says:

    I’m a guy, who has recently discovered: Selling on Etsy, Pinterest, and your blog – in roughly that order. My wife clipped a magazine pic of a potting bench, and I made one, which promptly sold in our yard sale, along with a couple of park benches.
    So I put an ad on Craigslist, and sold another dozen benches, all to people who said we ought to be on Etsy.
    Our 3-year old grand-nephew, fascinated by the power tools etc. in my workshop said ” I go groge!” So when Pallet Art was already taken on Etsy, we named our shop GrogeArt.
    I take farting very seriously – not into farting jokes. Wife constantly informs me of her bowel movements/ lack thereof. Not sure why.
    I like making useful / decorative items out of materials that might otherwise end up in the landfill. And, I can fart in my workshop all I want! Even if there was someone else there, between the music and the table saw, they wouldn’t hear them anyway.
    Most all my benches sold online, need to be assembled by the buyer. I send detailed instructions, and know that many of them are women, who have a need for a potting bench or work bench, and are willing and able to tackle putting it together with a screw gun.
    I see lots of things on Pinterest I’d like to make, many of them from pallets, which are the main source of the wood for my benches. But seem to have little time to experiment with new stuff, due to orders for benches.
    Guess I need to quite farting around, and get busy!

    • Karen says:

      Heh! I’m impressed by anyone who makes anything out of skids because they are NOT easy to get apart! With all the stuff on Pinterest you’d think taking apart a pallet would be a simple matter of a few whacks. It is not. It’s like they’re held together by a forcefield. Good job! I’ll go have a look at your site now. ~ karen!

      • Maria says:

        Pallets or skids can be taken apart fairly easily with something called a deck wrecker. It is a pry bar with a long handle. You put the pallet on the ground and stand on it. Then you use the pry bar and pop the boards off one at a time. Husband can take one apart in about fifteen minutes. You still have to pull the nails with a hammer or pry bar.

      • Karen says:

        We take our pallets apart by cutting through the nails with a reciprocal saw between the boards. There is a tutorial on Pinterest.

      • Richard says:

        Wow… I can tell you’re a girl…

        How could you not make the connection between Gary’s farts & (since you call pallets ‘skids’) the resulting skid-marks…?
        I can’t even remember how I ended up on this site today, but I am already a fan.

        • Richard says:

          PS: I weighed myself again after posting that comment, and I weighed LESS than before I posted!!!
          Wow, what does that say about my comment?

        • Karen says:

          Yes indeed Richard it means your comment was full of shit. ~ karen!

    • Linda J Howes says:

      The may not hear them but they can probably smell them but I get your meaning.

  5. Devon Greenway says:

    Hi Karen,

    I enjoy reading your blog and share many of your posts with my wife. I am not sure when I started reading, but it may have been on a post relating to chickens. I am just getting in to urban chicken farming, having turned our front yard into their pen. Thanks for maintaining this blog, I enjoy it and wish you all the best.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for letting me know Devon! It seems a lot of the men are here for the chicks. Seriously. They’re interested in the chicken aspect, lol. ~ karen

  6. Eric mason says:

    I’ve been reading religiously since your first few weeks of blogging. Ups and downs, chicken traumas and joys. I no longer refer to “the art of doing stuff,” I just say “Karen says…” And my husband knows exactly who I mean!
    Love Ya!

  7. Ryan says:

    I am technically a man, and I enjoy your blog immensely. In fact, you almost got me to make a pizza oven the other day, but then I thought about how much work it was… and that the bathroom into which I intended to pour self-leveling concrete (which is how I discovered your delicious Canadian goodness… colouring books! Adorable!), isn’t, you know “done”. Per se. And, so, I decided that maybe the sweet potato thing would be easier.

    I think I tried the before and after poop thing once when I was a kid, and I weighed more afterwards, and I decided I didn’t really understand the physics involved.

    • janpartist says:

      I would be interested in the “physics involved” in the pre and post poop experience. Maybe one day Karen will fill us in on that. (anyway, you made me laugh!)

  8. symon says:

    how did you know about the poop in do it every morning ,i thought that was why they were in the bathroom.
    any way your right on my part i love your blog but now it seams in a naughty vouyer sort of way so thank you for sharing the love karen ill try to be more responsive in the future

  9. Jamieson says:

    I’m still reading every post, just not commenting as often as I did while on sabbatical. I’m still wishing I had the drive to DO even 10% of the STUFF you can do. instead I live vicariously through you!
    It’s funny more men don’t post comments here, as we seem ever ready to offer our feedback in most other facets of life! Generally speaking.

  10. Nick says:

    Hi Karen
    I read your bog regularly. I can’t say that I have tried many of your ‘how to’ posts but I was very taken with your ‘How to preserve moss’ one. I went so far as to buy the glycerin & alcohol. I will try it at some point. I hear it works on cut flowers as well so I’ll be trying that too.
    Thank you for your amusing & informative call to action.

  11. Gf says:

    I am a guy, been reading for I don’t know how long. 3 years maybe?
    Donated a couple of bucks back before the ads were paying the bills.
    Was sad when the fella left. Laughed at ‘will they eat it?’ Remember the open the wine bottle by hitting it on a tree bit.
    I have commented maybe 3 times? Just don’t feel the need to chime in all that often.

    • Karen says:

      That’s fine. I’m just happy to know you’re here. 😉 And thanks for the donation! Those donations literally kept this blog going. If it weren’t for them I would had to have shut it down to get a real job. It’s a lot of work and time to make a blog an actual business with income and the only thing that kept it from going under was readers like you. ~ karen!

  12. Tim says:

    Hi Karen
    Faithful male reader, and regular promoter of your site and blogs. I don’t laugh at fart jokes though.

    The Art of Doing Stuff is wonderful!

  13. Mike says:

    Hi Karen. I found you’re site accidently one day and was hooked from that day on. I believe it was the one on how to make steaks out of any cut of beef or something like that. I read every post. I even told my wife about your site, but I don’t know if she’s read any yet. If not, her loss. Keep up the great articles, etc. I’ll continue to spread the word. Mike

  14. Mike says:

    I meant “your” site. Stupid auto spell correct

  15. Su says:

    I love the men here!

  16. Mitch from Boston says:

    I came across your blog after finding your video of opening a wine bottle by banging it against a tree. I think the first post I read was the one about how you invented Yelp. You’re a great writer, and I enjoy reading you, even though I don’t “do” things.

    PS: great picture of you and the fish, and regards to Pink Toolbelt and your mom (love her reaction to the wine bottle experiment!).

    • Karen says:

      Mitch! Funny story, lol. That Yelp invention post was written by my friend Jamieson when I was away in Thailand last year, lol!! He’s commented on this post somewhere so if you can find his name you can let him know. ~ karen!

  17. Dave says:

    Hi Karen, been reading a while and have introduced you to lots of folks. Great blog keep it up. I work in the construction industry and am impressed with your projects. That said it is a given I laugh at farts and fart jokes.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Dave. I really appreciate it when people tell other people about my site. Honestly, getting new readers is, without a doubt, the hardest part of having a blog. ~ karen!

  18. Aaron says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’m a boy, or a man, or something. I’ve been reading every one of your blog posts through a newsreader for years. I have commented periodically, but not religiously or anything. Mostly because I use RSS, so I have to click twice if I’m going to comment. That’s, like, work. I do recommend your posts to people, and talk about the cool stuff you do with my wife.

    The boys are here, don’t you worry.

  19. Dallas aka whatever you want to call me says:

    You are awesome. That’s all

  20. Fred Barrett says:

    Well, I’m not much into the gastrointestinal side of your blog today but so it goes. I first discovered your well written and informative blog via a piece in the Lee Valley news about raising a Monarch butterfly and have been hooked ever since. Sadly my monarch caterpillar moved less and less as the days passed and I was forced to free it back into the wild. My wife and I burn wood for heat in the winter and the piece on how you store your wood was very useful. This winter I had the 4 bush cords we need dumped in the side yard to the house. My reasoning went like this: Why stack it if I’m just going to unstack it when I get firewood. I won’t be doing it again because the whole side yard looks like a world war I battle field after an artillery barrage! Weren’t the neighbours upset? you might ask. Our nearest neighbour is a 1/2 kilometer away and our favourite comment when I get great ideas for a landscaping projects is: ” Screw the neighbours if they can’t take a joke!”. Your morning email is a fine way to start the day – always informative and happy funny. Keep at it.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Fred! I was just checking out my stacked wood yesterday thinking I’d have just enough left to get my pizza oven through the summer with a bit left over for a few fires in the fall before ordering more wood. And wow. 4 bush cords would be a LOT to stack. I’d probably just dump it too, lol. ~ karen!

  21. Eric says:

    drunk bar man… check. (only sometimes)
    fart jokes… check.

    The first post I read was “My Favourite Sandwich Ever” while I was co-founding a bagel company, Albany Bagel. We sold our bagels at a local farmers market and we gave all of our profits to local charities. If you bought a bagel you got to vote on which charity we supported that week. I have no idea what the future holds for Albany Bagel, but I did get this blog and the sandwich out of the deal!!

    Thank you!

  22. brenda says:

    wow love how we women can barely get a word in edgewise today … waiting to read Uncle Jack’s comment … and now off to read how to preserve moss – oh, and yes, is there a sound scientific reason behind why we (sometimes) weight more post-poop [not asking about pre and post phart weighing]

  23. Steven Dupree says:

    36 and a half year old boy here. Love your blog. Love your writing. Love that pic of you holding whatever the hell kind of fish that is up there (pike? sturgeon? stingray?).
    I consider myself a pretty do stuff kind-o-fella. I make stuff, cook stuff, fix stuff, break stuff, like pretty stuff. I feel like I know a little bit about a lot of stuff, and still, I learn something almost every day from your blog. And if I don’t, I know at the very least i’m going to smile.
    Oh, and fart jokes are awesome.

  24. brenda says:

    weigh not weight (and definitely not wait)

  25. RosieW says:

    Glad to welcome all these male lurkers. I’m the only one here (home) so have to ‘man-up’ and do things. Karen, you’re a great enabler, making us realize we CAN.

    Off to build a deck or something.

  26. Lob says:

    First post I read was on “screen printing” and after a successful print, I was hooked.
    I used your “Stuff to buy” page to shop for the ladies in my life and gave you credit, Recipes for dinner… gave you credit, watched the debut of your coop cam… yawwwwn not my thing. Point being I’m a man and I read The Art of Doing Stuff, and will prob continue to do so.

  27. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    Keep it coming guys! Come on Uncle Jack we are waiting to hear from you!

    I don’t understand the farts and fart jokes. When I let one slip my husband calls me his little stink weed. That does not make me smile.

  28. Ron says:

    They say that the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, but I think George said it best….

    Here’s all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.
    – George Carlin

    Always get a laugh when I recall the following quote by a British author, typical British dry humour….. ‘He preferred women to men and horses to both.’

  29. Andy says:

    Almost lost me at ‘Art’, but got me back at ‘Stuff’.

  30. David W. says:

    Good Morning Karen,

    Read your blog most mornings, at least when there is a new post and have been doing so for the past 2 or 3 years. Never seen the tampon post and probably won’t, happy to know it is there though, just in case. I can’t remember how I found your blog, probably a link from another blog. The first posts I ever read in detail were the backyard renovation posts, which still serve as inspiration. Love your humour and love your recipes. Really I am glad you are here.

    I have never thought of weighing myself before and after a poop (men have scales?) so maybe I don’t qualify. On the other hand, every time I find myself watching the coop cam I can’t help but wonder “when do they get naked?”

    Being Canadian I also hope I did not offend you with my sense of humour.

    • Karen says:

      Hi David! Also being Canadian, I’m sorry you had to worry about offending my sense of humour. Entirely my fault I’m sure. 😉 ~ karen!

  31. Larry Yudis says:


    Larry aka BIG DOG

  32. Artt Vernon says:

    You make me smile…..thanks for your creativity, humor and outrageous ideas!

  33. Hi.

    I am a man. I don’t do much, but I like to read about you doing stuff. I’ve been reading for several years because you’re funny. Even when you were sad.

    I don’t start a lot of statements with “I am a man.” When I reread that paragraph, I can’t decide if it should be read with a fist pounding my chest or with my fists clenched and my foot kicking a rock.

    • Grammy says:

      You made me laugh out loud, Abbot. Thank you.

      And thank you (again!) to Karen, for bringing so many cool guys to the party. Even though I’m old and really tired of several generations of fart jokers, I don’t begrudge the fellows their love of flatulence humor. So it’s nice to see there are so many men who appreciate you and this blog. Keep it up.

  34. Gail says:

    Yes- You ARE a woman enabler!! Why, I am going out tonight and buy a rototiller that I will use Sat. so I can plant all those seeds you inspired me to grow!!! Oodles and oodles of plants!! Thanks and keep it up!!!

  35. Phyllis Kraemer says:

    What a great “comment” day!..loved reading every one!

    • Karen says:

      NO kidding! I think this has been my favourite comment section since the what do you call a “penis” post. ~ karen!

  36. Conrad says:

    I ran across your site last November. I have to replace my refrigerator and I insist that the next one I purchase have a glass door. We have similar tastes. I read your post regarding your purchase of the True Residential glass door refrigerator. I have a question. Did you stack a glass door unit on top of a drawer unit? Is the width of your refrigerator 27 inches and is that wide enough for you? You make me laugh and that is why I read your blog.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Conrad! I will never have anything but a glass door fridge from now on. I love it. And yes I stacked a glass door unit on top of a drawer unit. It’s meant to do this so you don’t have to worry about toppling or anything like that. It’s definitely large enough. You can fit a ton into it. And the fact that I can dedicate an entire drawer to condiments, sauces, dressings etc. is fantastic. ~ karen!

  37. Mike Flegle says:

    A Few of Life’s Perfect Combinations:

    -Peanut butter and jelly.

    -Rainy Sunday afternoons and a nap.

    -Men who like to create, learn, laugh, share and fart, and The Art of Making Stuff.

    Keep up the great work, Karen. Your inspiration, spirit, talent and humor is why so many men around the world love you!

  38. Debbie says:

    Thanks again for making my day a bit brighter!

  39. Sean says:

    I’ve been reading faithfully for a few years. First found the site by googling the random veggies I bought at a farmers market and found one of your recipes. Got inspired by the pizza oven posts and built my own with my wife last year! And although I do find fart jokes funny, my wife is the one that comments on her poop weight fluctuations. Of course she’s pregnant with twins and 5 feet tall so she gets away with it. I’ve loved and laughed at damn near every post on this site, especially when they are awkward peeks into female issues that terrify me. Oh yeah, I spent 7 years as a field engineer on mining trucks too so you can now claim a former roughneck in your readership.

  40. Scott says:

    Been reading your blog for about 3 years. Love it and your humor. Thanks for making my day!

  41. Tres says:

    I started reading your blog when you re-did your backyard/patio. I decided you were crazy in a good way, and have been hooked ever since. I even forwarded your yogurt tampon post on to my sisters. I wasn’t going to try it so I thought they should get the benefit of your expertise 🙂

  42. Bernard says:

    I have now posted {insert period}

  43. Bernard says:

    OK, OK…not really.

    But I have posted.

    In the past.

    Not alot…but if my word count were to be measured – than – enough.

    And so…in keeping with my past…I shall ascend to my soapbox (stifle the groans, please…afterall, You DID ask for it)

    1) Karen is awesome and her blog is too – for the most part (re the blog);
    2) Karen is awesome and so are her followers / commentors {?} – although they ARE predominately of female origin, which means estrogen levels are quite high and not really conducive to “manly” interjections – such as a fart or a fart joke (your little toots aside of course);
    3) Karen is awesome and so is her livelihood – “paid” to create discussion – no matter how irrelevant to me, and yet I read it. ALL;
    4) Karen is awesome and yet she has the audacity to listen to her Uncle – cheese ‘n rice, leave it for the family “gatherings”;
    5) Karen is just awesome …. not because She’s a glamorous, sexy lady…but because She is the kind of person that one would like to have over for dinner, attend a party that she may throw, or really just enjoy the humor that is present in her daily rants, raves , and explanatory episodes.

    I think we all love her.

    So hey – Uncle Jack (if hat is truly your name-innocent protectionalisms aside)…lay off the gal and eat some more stuffing at the next feast…if She made it (’cause that way You’d know it would be great).

    Cheers All!

  44. ralph says:

    Getting in here a bit late it seems but here goes:
    I think my earliest recollection of your blog involved hugging a chicken or some other such off the wall behaviour. I have responded a few times including a response to your query on one’s first record buy and one with something to do about cars. Sorry to be vague but I seem to be having an extended ‘senior moment’
    In the century before MP3’s,discs,tapes and what have you, I spent some time living in East House of the Devonshire Men’s Residence at U of T.(we’re talking late ’50’s). That’s where I learned the finer art of fart jokes because one of the boys had a pirated 78rpm record of a farting contest,the record supposedly having been pressed at CBC studios in Toronto.This record was played repeatedly to guffawing groups in the common room.From it I learned words such as ” freep” and “triple flutterblast.” Long live education.

  45. Jim says:

    I read most days

  46. Paula says:

    So much fun! My husband and I are on vacation in Vancouver and I am ‘still’ reading every post. We both LM(O)AO (our, not ‘my’) at these comments. Thanks to the men today for being very brave!

  47. Cathy says:

    Best post idea ever.

  48. Kelly says:

    Been reading a couple of months since I stumbled on your site…looking for chicken stuff I think then looked around a bit. I glance at most new stuff, especially yard things (nice looking firewood stacks BTW but I’m concerned about you rotting your bottom wood on the ground) and sometimes “design” stuff to class up the homestead. Good stuff – keep it up! I’d also like to see your face someday!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kelly! I show my face in posts all the time, lol. Photos and videos and that’s me holding a fish up top. ~ karen! p.s. don’t worry about my wood. It’s just fine.

  49. Kevin says:

    I’ve been reading for just over a year, when your posing about using floor leveler came up in a Google search. Reading it gave me the confidence to proceed, allowing me to complete my bathroom project and shower on a regular basis. Domestic bliss has been restored!

  50. Barbie says:

    OMG! Karen all these comments from men must be making your DAY! I love them ALL! What a great community we have here huh?

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