Caption This Entries and Winner!



Last Friday I presented a tiny bit of a challenge to you all.  Well, considering the photo, not really a challenge at all actually.  I asked you to come up with a caption for a photo.  A photo of me.  Looking pretty.  And elegant.

The person to come up with the caption deemed the best by myself, the fella, a bunch of random drunk people I found in a bar, and a 7″ tall version of the Travelocity Gnome would win an Art of Doing Stuff Tea towel.

What follows is the photo, the honourable mentions and … the winner.


The Photo


The winning caption:

“Can you pass me my wine, I can’t reach it from here”


Congratulations Pamela Smith. YOU are the winner of a limited edition Art of Doing Stuff tea towel! Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you your tea towel.


Honorable Mentions

 “In a diabolical assassination attempt, and planning to set up a junta regime, Karen’s cats have eaten the rubber nubbies off the bottoms of her no-skid slipper socks.”  – Gloria Slater

“FELLA! I fell down the stairs again!  No, no, no don’t help me up! Go get the camera!” – Rachel White

“I’d push you down the stairs too if you came to bed wearing that.”- Sara Easton

“At the insistence of her minions, Karen finally tried brussel sprouts roasted in the oven with olive oil and sea salt. The horrific image you are about to witness is the tragic result… ” – Sara Yancey

“Falling down stairs is one of the 4 “true” injuries” – Jen

Have a good weekend all. Another fun, albeit slightly more complicated homework assignment next week!