Caption this … my creepy basement.

Last year, just after I finished building my basement storage shelves, my basement looked like this …






Now it looks like this.




Granted … this is a different area of the basement, but all areas of it look pretty much the same as this with the only exception being the stairs, which remains the only portion of the basement where both the toes and heel of my foot can touch floor at the same time.

So for this weekend’s bit of fun, I’d like you to finish this sentence …

“Karen should clean her basement because …”

I’m hoping one of your answers will actually give me motivation to do it.

Have a good weekend!



  1. Jen says:

    Karen should clean her basement….

    there is a treasure hiding there.

    I really believe that. It’s what makes cleaning the storage room in our house so worth it.

  2. tanya says:

    Because there’s a fine line between a messy basement and being the next big star on hoarders.

  3. Vicki says:

    “Karen should clean her basement because …” it looks eerily like a power tool torture dungeon in the making.

  4. Valerie says:

    Cluttered basements are the nidus of creativity.

    • Karen says:

      I’m gonna be honest with you all. So far Valerie’s comment is my favourite. Even though I had to look up “nidus”. ~ karen

      • Marti says:

        I think that’s a reason to let it stay!

        nidus ni·dus (nī’dəs)
        n. pl. ni·dus·es or ni·di (-dī)

        A central point or focus of bacterial growth in a living organism.

        A nest, especially one for the eggs of insects, spiders, pathogenic organisms, or small animals.

        A cavity where spores develop.

        A point or place at which something originates, accumulates, or develops, as the center around which calculi form.

      • Franab says:

        I looked up nidus . Maybe I don,t get it, but it could also be the nesting place of creativity thus give you a ‘get out of jail/ cleaning basement’ pass.?! Just thinking.

        • cheryl says:

          HAHAHa Get out of jail/basement cleaning pass !! I sooooo need one of those….My daughter came for a 3 day visit with the idea of helping Mom & Dad with the basement..HA Didn’t happen I was so dissapointed…NOT…We went out, played at the beach flying kites, an everynite had a rousing game of Monapoly ….And everyday kept saying we need to get to the basement, that was fun…Visit over an we shall have to wait as she lives 5 hrs from here, secretly I was dreading going there, very scary….Then as you can see I get sidetracked here posting comments…

    • Pam'a says:

      If a cluttered basement is “A point or place at which something originates, accumulates, or develops,” that something being creativity, then LEAVE IT ALONE! 😉

  5. TC says:

    … I’m pretty sure it will make you feel better. And then you can blog about it and continue to receive our praise and adoration. And as a free blog topic it’s like being given back time. And since time is money, it’s like being paid to clean your own basement! Imagine that!

    • Karen says:

      I now have a headache. ~ karen

    • Kelly says:

      you stole my answer! 🙂

    • Rhonda SmartyPants says:

      TC: Where were you when I was: 1) trying to cajole my husband/any one or all three of my children to clean out basement/bedroom/garage/backyard; 2) negotiating w/wasband and wasband’s attorney re divorce settlement; 3) request overtime pay for decluttering office storage; any other time when I needed a fool-proof argument for anything? You are a Wordsmith Par Excellence! Brava for making Karen’s head want to explode and bringing a bit of quantum physics into our blog

  6. “Karen should clean her basement because…” ” If she finds a mouse family living in one of those cubby corners she’s going to be compelled to build them a mouse house. A very fine mouse house indeed.”

  7. SeaDee says:

    Karen should clean her basement because…..she’s our Mother Hen/Imperial Goddess/etc, and we do what she does.

    So if she don’t do it, we don’t do it.

    Luckily I don’t have a basement. ;-). But I do have a messy garage, and office, and dining table.


  8. Susan Preston says:

    Karen should clean her basement after the weekend cause she’s having company and has no time before! And then with all the experience she has she can come clean mine which surprisingly is much worse than this!

  9. Nancy says:

    Karen should clean her basement —only if she wants to. She’s a free spirit.

  10. gloria says:

    Because her mother is on her way over.

  11. Karen should NOT clean her basement because it’s Thanksgiving this weekend which means her time is much better spend consuming vast quantities of Turkey and Pumpkin Pie. Besides there’s always next weekend, and I’m sure the basement has a door so nobody will ever know about the mess that lurks beneath their feet 😉

  12. Chris says:

    Karen should clean her basement because trying to get up and down those damn stairs on crutches is impossible.


  13. shuckclod says:

    You should enjoy every inch of your home… Save it for a rainy day.

  14. Denise Leavens says:

    Karen should clean her basement because only then will her feet will be reunited with the basement floor, tools, etc. will be reunited with their rightful homes, and stuff forgotten will be reunited with stuff remembered in her brain. Not to mention Peaches and Herb keeping her company while cleaning.

    Okay. I won’t mention Peaches and Herb.

  15. Jacqui says:

    Hallowe’en is coming and she needs to find and dig up the bones for her holiday vignette!

  16. rktrixy says:

    Karen should clean her basement…. Well that’s the problem right there. The should. Rather than look at it like one of those obligations you’d like to get out of, why not start the sentence “Karen gets to clean her basement … and listen to Latin-Jazz all day while she does it.” Doesn’t that sound a little more fun? Sort of a Tom Sawyer feeling to it, as if “Gee, Karen GETS TO clean her basement, that sounds like fun, why don’t I do the same thing?”

    Anyway you cut it, I’m behind ya. If I lived near you, I’d help out to avoid cleaning my own basement.

  17. anna says:

    Karen should clean her basement….so she can find the stuff she needs when she’s being awesomely creative!

  18. Kat says:

    It is just stinkin’ nasty… done…!!!

  19. Kat says:

    OK we all look at organizeational crap and go I can do that but seriously sometimes it is so hard to do you can not grasp it but 3, 4, maybe 19 hours will clean that up just dandy!

  20. Amie Mason says:

    Karen should clean her basement because the centipedes might come back. I hear the like to lurk in messy spaces. And they might eat her potatoes. Eeeep!

  21. Katie says:

    Gollum would be at home there! And he might try and eat you. True fact.

  22. Rondina says:

    So, I also looked up “nidus.” I agree with Valarie to a point. Looking at the definition, it could also mean that the mess breeds … like bacteria. Which is obvious in the picture. All this does indicate a creative mind and free spirit, but I tend to think that some people work cyclically. You will clean it up when it gets to the point that you can’t stand it any more. Then you’ll do a bang-up job. Right now, you don’t sound like your in the mood. We don’t care what your basement looks like. Think of it as the artist’s studio. Think of what Einstein’s desk looked like.

    Just don’t invite the guests down there because they will think bacteria—not free, creative spirit.

    • toekneetoni says:

      I agree w/Rondina 100%. You really do have to be in the mood for a big project like that. When you’re ready, you’ll tackle it. No pressure

  23. mia pratt says:

    …the basement in the house is like the basement in your head; getting rid of stuff that doesn’t serve you any more, like an ex-husband or out-of-control crap in the basement, is a great way to begin a new year and a new life<:}

  24. Antoinette says:

    Oh ~ for some bright chalky hues and a few Mary Quant-esque flowers on those cupboards … 🙂

  25. Claire says:

    Karen should clean her basement because….
    All of that clutter provides tons of hiding spaces for centipedes and who knows what else 🙂

  26. Judy Bickford says:

    ….Style at Home wants to do a story on what their contributing writers’ basements look like. Do you really want the world to know what your basement looks like? Oh, wait a minute, we’ve already seen the picture.
    Never mind. Just clean it, okay? Then try growing some exotic mushrooms. For eating, of course.

  27. Ruth says:

    Someone hid a free plane ticket to Jamaica somewhere under all that stuff… You’re leaving in 2 weeks, and you don’t want to return from sea, sand and sun to a messy basement, do ya? Chop, chop…

    (Not true, you say? Whatever…. get your butt to work, videotape the process, and send me a DVD.)

  28. Laura Bee` says:

    Karen should clean her basement because centipedes love cluttery messes. (I suggest having the girls with you to eat them as you clean up & flush them out)
    Once the mess is gone, they will be forced to move. See, two problems solved!

  29. Linda J Howes says:

    even though you know it’s there you can’t find it and it the process of looking, find something new to take your attention, forgetting the first, but before you can do that you have to clear a spot to put these things, only there is no where because other things are in the way and you have to move something else to make room for them and other reasons for too many to enumerate.

  30. Bonnie G. says:

    Karen should clean her basement because my basement is probably a worse mess and I want to live vicariously through Karen and not have to clean mine!!

  31. Anita says:

    Karen should leave the basement as is. Invite the kids down for Halloween and tell them they have to find the candy- maybe they will clean it for you?

  32. Tigersmom says:

    because sawdust is like steroids to centipedes.

  33. Sarah says:

    Actually, don’t. This makes me feel as good as only a big deep sigh can. I’m tired of bloggers that “lord over us” their perfectly organized, pristine palaces and preach that my life will be better if only I had a label maker, chalk plaques and shelf paper. I love your basement. It looks just like mine. Just kick a path through it, unless you’re practicing your ” how to break into a secure vault/museum routine” and the obstacles are high voltage security sensors…..OR am I the only one practicing ?

  34. Adrienne says:

    Karen should clean her basement because it’s going to be miserable and rainy in her neck of the woods and all the fall festivals and apple picking jubilees have been cancelled for this weekend.

    Which should be the *only* reason one would spend a fall weekend indoors. Only. Reason.

  35. Joslynne says:

    wow- what a bunch of stuff…but… that’s what basements are for. Who has ever heard of a clean, organized basement???? (actually, I no longer have a basement, but no peeking into my attic!)

  36. Maria says:

    Karen should clean her basement because she is DETERMINED.

  37. Su says:

    Karen needs to clean so she can move on and do other fun stuff…. you can’t go out and play with that cool saddle because you know you HAVE to do it… you know you Need to do…. stop procrastinating and do it and Get it Over with so you can check it off the list…. ok I just channeled my mother…. sorry about that 🙂

  38. Janet says:

    Karen should get the award for bravery for having shown her dungeon to the world. Karen should clean her basement because her mother would be horrified if she didn’t.

    I can’t wait to see the transformation, by the way. I love before and after pictures!

  39. Julie says:

    Dont do it Karen – at least not until after the weekend 🙂 Have a great Thanks Giving.

  40. Kyle says:

    I don’t think I can live in a world where Karen’s basement looks like my garage. Hey, let’s all scramble Nidus……….dusin, unsid……..

  41. marilyn says:

    because she has steely resolve

  42. Mary Kay says:

    Karen should clean her basement because Halloween is coming and some ghoul might get in there and see all those power torturing devices.

  43. Linda Callahan says:

    Does anyone have a clean basement. Isn’t that where we hide bodies and pray the lights never go out?

  44. Danica says:

    Karen should clean her basement because pretty soon her kitchen upstairs is going to be a disaster too and this might have to be a make shift kitchen!

  45. Beth W. says:

    Karen should clean her basement because – we all know she is truly a mad scientist at heart and since she is just on the brink of some incredible discovery that will save mankind (or at least womankind – there is no saving those mankind, they won’t listen to anything!!!!) she needs to have an incredible laboratory to show to the world when they all come clamoring for a hint of her sheer awesomeness and it will prove that she is the queen of all she surveys and we will then have a Queen Karen Day where all women will be celebrated and adored as the best species on the planet!!!

    I think I’ve had too much coffee and not enough sleep, and am feeling bad about my lack of motivation to clean my house as well, so just do it for me so I’ll feel better ok, thanks, I’m going to lay down now, I’ve expended too much mental energy in creating this science fiction story to motivate you!!! Have a nice day, come back soon!

  46. Scouty says:

    ‘Karen should clean her basement because …’ she wants too!

    • Karen says:

      See, but I don’t want to. That’s the problem. 🙁 Well it wouldn’t be a problem if I could find my drill bits, LOL. ~ karen

      • Scouty says:

        Buy new drill bits!

      • Tash @ The Dreamhouse Project says:

        ‘Karen should clean her basement..’ so she can find her drill bits.

        Ah screw it Karen – buy some new drill bits & go have a glass of wine & some pumpkin pie! That way none of us will feel bad when your basement no longer looks like ours. Relatablity – that’s why we love you. 😉

        Happy Thanksgiving!

  47. Karen SHOULDN’T clean her basement!!!! Then I don’t feel so bad about my messy basement!!

  48. We could just kick back, have a beer and watch chicken videos instead!!

  49. Sue Ann says:

    …just because.

  50. Ev says:

    Karen should NOT clean her basement, at least not till it is freakin’ snowy and cold and she might not want to go anywhere anyway! And the fleeting good feeling you get when you finish a chore like that will feel even better ’cause it’s freakin’ snowy and cold! But I bet she does it before then anyway! Maybe there should be a lottery or something….

  51. Jody says:

    Karen should NOT clean her basement because it is Thanksgiving weekend, the weather is beautiful, the leaves are changing and it is glorious to be outside. Cleaning basements is for dreary-middle-of-the-winter-I-have-nothing-else-to-do weekends!

  52. Sarah In Illinois says:

    “…because cleaning and organizing is calming to my soul.” I’m not sure about Karen’s soul, but if she cleaned that basement, my soul would be calmer! 😉

  53. katrina says:

    because … SHE CAN!!!

  54. Melissa Leach says:

    Karen should clean her basement so the FBI don’t have a place to hide while tracking her every move.

  55. Debbie says:

    Karen should clean her basement so that she can feature it in a magazine article!

  56. SuzyM says:

    I think all the people who think Karen should clean her basement should go over to her house and clean the basement. As for the rest of us, I think we should still go to Karen’s but stay out of the way of the aforementioned folk and go out for something nice to eat and drink! Go at it ladies!

  57. Merrilee says:

    ….because it looks dangerous.

  58. Jodi T. says:

    Karen should clean her basement because she could find something very valuable that she forgot she had!

    See this article:

  59. Casey says:

    Karen should clean her basement because putting on shoes in your own home is annoying. But so it Tetanus.

  60. Janet says:

    The bodies are going to start to smell. 🙂

  61. jules says:

    ….because as you are cleaning it and putting the crap away, you will come across something that will give you a spectacular idea – you will get so excited to finish the basement so you can get started on your new idea that when you finish, you will bring the idea to life, you will blog about it – become more famous and we will all love you even more for it. Now get to work…

  62. Ana Rocadas says:

    Karen should clean her basement because it’s great cardio. Also you can eat pickle chips after, I say it’s ok.

  63. christine says:

    .. because she might find things that will turn into future crafts on her excellent blog!

  64. karol says:

    because I can’t sleep knowing it looks like that. You’re waking the OCD demons inside me.

  65. Sandy says:

    You will find some neat things you forgot you had to use in your kitchen renovation. Have a good weekend!!

  66. karen l says:

    karen should clean her basement because the before and afters would make a great blog post!

  67. Hope says:

    Karen should clean her basement….
    so when she lies in bed at night she doesn’t hear the voices of clamor arising from her basement!!
    (Really! Messes in my house say nasty things to me in the back of my brain even when I am happily engaged in something else. I understand this is NOT true for most normal people)

  68. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    “Karen should clean her basement because …”no one else is going to volunteer to do it..

  69. Rose Boccella says:

    Karen should clean her basement ’cause it’s soooooo much fun to do! I think when she finishes she should clean her attic too.

  70. Edith says:

    Karen needs to clean her basement because…..

    Unlike the Internet, Karen doesn’t lie. And the whole purpose of her blog is “To make the world a better, cleaner and more organized place”. That’s what Karen is all about. So, Karen, get your bum in gear and get that basement cleaned up…….you don’t want to look like a fraud, do you?

    You will feel all whole again and stuff.

  71. Mickey says:

    Your basement looks fine to me.

  72. Raymonde says:

    Karen should clean her basement only when she’s done renovating her house, only when it’s raining and only when there’s absolutely nothing better to do!

  73. Marty says:

    Only clean it when YOU can’t stand it anymore. To me it looks like a woman who get’s it done lives there.

  74. Suanne says:

    Karen should clean up her basement because,
    There might be bugs lurking with sharp teeth and claws!
    Behind the stacked boxes and under the stair,
    Who knows what critters may be hidden there?
    So, roll up your sleeves….tie back your hair,
    AND CLEAN UP THAT BASEMENT! (If not….just beware!)

  75. Gen Moore says:

    Karen should clean her basement because DAMN.

  76. jamie says:

    I say don’t clean it…several reasons…#1 I hear its Thanksgiving up there, no one should take on a basement on a holiday. I’m SURE that’s a rule. #2 you are amazing, you show us and tell us all about amazing everyday. You make me think, and laugh and believe I can go things. EVERYDAY. You deserve a break. And #3, the real reason is, it makes me think you might just be like all the rest of us that have messy nooks and crannies. 🙂

  77. Mindy says:

    My garage rivals your basement. It’s our dirty little secret.
    You should clean your basement because… shall feel cleansed and renewed. Or something like that.

  78. Mary Werner says:

    Karen gets to clean her basement in order to begin growing mushrooms! LOVE that idea. Nidus was the great but mushrooms are better! The best would be a basement makeover published in basement gardens magazine showing pictures of you snacking on stuffed mushroom caps while blogging your best mushroom burger recipe.

  79. Jeanne says:

    …because there is something nesting in there and it will soon want you to feed it.

  80. Kim says:

    ok people–mice, really? The mice are at the chicken coop. Trust me on this one. But i bet they will move indoors for the winter…probably in the nest box 🙂

    Karen, clean it when cabin fever sets in and you are sick to death of shoveling snow. Most people I know have drill bits on the kitchen table for easy access…just say’in.

  81. Marian Luther says:

    she could break her neck tripping over all the crap and then we wouldn’t have the benefit of her inspirational blog….
    plus it will inspire me to get my ass into gear and clean my own equally creepy shed!

  82. Patti says:

    Because then you’ll be able to find stuff instead of going out and buying what you already have! I don’t even think it’s so bad, turn up the tunes, sweep a lil bit, close the drawers, put away the tools, done!

  83. Kathy-Anne says:

    Karen should clean her basement because………..she will be much more productive when she can actually put her hands on the things she needs instead of searching for them endlessly and wasting valuable time she does not have. Besides, if Karen cleans her basement and posts pictures then maybe I will be inspired to clean my disastrous sewing room.

  84. Bre Quantrill says:

    Karen should clean her basement because there might be a mason jar in there somewhere that needs rescuing.

  85. Becky says:

    Karen should clean out her basement….

    ….because that is clearly where zombies are spawned.

  86. Dee in BC says:

    DON”T DO IT! One thing will lead to another. I cleaned mine 2 weeks ago. It made me feel happier ( actually it made my hubby feel happier since he didn’t have to do it). Truthfully though, it was nice to walk down the stairs & see tidy, organized shelves. This unfortunately, had the effect of making the naked plywood stairs become more noticeable. This meant a stinky stair staining job. This meant running around opening windows… and noticing how dirty the windows are… and the window screens… and the siding …and the window blinds…

  87. Vanessa M. says:

    Karen should clean her basement because…God don’t like ugly (and ain’t too crazy bout pretty).

  88. LindaP says:

    Karen should clean her basement because…mice could be building condos in there!

  89. Bk says:

    Instead of “cleaning the basement”, how about choosing a smaller task like, sweeping the floor, shutting some drawers or the like. Start with some small stuff, you won’t be able to resist doing just a little more…and if you don’t forge on… oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

  90. Thera says:

    Karen should clean her basement, otherwise trolls may move in, get hungry and try to eat her chickens!!! O.o

  91. Barbie says:

    ….because it will make her feel zingy, happy, and all perky about “stuff”……and , well, you know….it’s all about “stuff” isn’t it?

  92. Shauna says:

    Karen should clean her basement because we read this blog because we want our life to be like hers – the pretend life in the first picture, not the reality life in the second picture (most of us already live the second picture).

  93. Karen says:

    Karen should clean her basement because…when she wants to create her Santa and his reindeer out of plywood and wire them up with lights, she will be able to find all of the necessary parts and tools. Or she could just say “Screw it, I’m going to have a glass of wine” instead!!!

  94. Call Me Patty says:

    ‘Cause it’s a stinkin’ mess……..and you’ll feel much better.

  95. SusanR says:

    Karen should clean her basement because there is still an outstanding reward for Jimmy Hoffa. Ya never know. Is that the rim of a moldy Fedora peeking out under that pile of junk???

  96. Teddee Grace says:

    Too funny! And I thought perhaps I was the only one to let creativity spiral into total disaster. Clean it up because it might give me some ideas on how to keep disaster at bay in my one-bedroom apartment during a creative frenzy!

  97. JennC says:

    Karen should clean her basement because one day she will trip on that random bag of randomness, hit her head on an open drawer, become entangled in a zillion power cords, and suffocate in a pile of sawdust. And then the rhubarb will eat her.

  98. Susan says:

    You cannot have wild-abandon sex in every room of the house with the hunky new FedEx delivery man if the basement is messy. Drill bits in the butt don’t feel good, a fact to which I can personally attest. Also, lust and sawdust really don’t go together well. Think about that for just a moment. Yes, he could use his brawny, tanned arms to sweep the detritus and power tools off the workbench, first, but knowing how lazy those guys are just in delivering packages, chances are you’d be the one who’d have to do the cleaning off. So, would you rather do it now? Or would you rather do it in the midst of wild, lustful abandon? You choose. Choose fast, though. I think the FedEx guy is headed there now.

  99. jan says:

    Karen should not clean her basement. My art studio is in mine and pretty much looks the same way. So I think Karen and I should set our kitchen timers for 1 hour and only clean for 1 hour over the weekend. Maybe 2 hours next weekend-who knows, but eventually it will all be done!

  100. Diana says:

    … because… Karen you can not fly! Or do you have a circus trapez to swing over your odds and ends?

  101. Jamie H. says:

    It would give her so much space to do projects this winter!

  102. Wendy says:

    I thought basements were supposed to be one’s dirty little secret. I mean, jeeze, the rest of your house is in magazines. Can’t you give yourself the weekend off to bake and eat? Or install your new kitchen cabinets, ’cause I know that’s on your long list of stuff to do artfully?

    Let yourself off the hook, Ms. Karen.

    (Coming from the gal with a lousy basement that makes me want to cry . . . so if you think you’re going to cry, go ahead: find your drill bits, and then call it a day with a glass of wine and a bowl of chips . . . but put the drill down! Wine and drilling don’t go well together.)

  103. Maureen Locke says:

    Karen should clean her basement because it’s obviously bothering her or she wouldn’t have mentioned it at all.

  104. Karen Duke says:

    Karen should clean her basement for one hour. Just 1 hour at a time. Or just ONE shelf per day. Set a limit, then challenge yourself to stick to it. When I do that, I rebel against myself and say “I committed to ONE HOUR but dammit, I’m going to keep going any way, so THERE”.

  105. dana gault says:

    Karen should only clean her basement when the stench from the buried ravaged body parts of the teeny neighbors and molting squirrel devoured by her predatory garden becomes unbearable, and most importantly before it becomes evident to a passing patrol car.

    THAT’S a headline I’d like to see!

  106. Christi O says:

    Karen should clean her basement because……….
    those things that are surely eggs in that sack in the front of the picture are surely about to hatch…then the baby centipedes will use their creepy little centipede bodies to crawl down and eat all of that steroid sawdust…right before they engage in a rousing game of centipede baseball using a small potato for a ball and drill bits for bats

  107. gabrielle says:

    Because… she is exactly one pregnant feline away from Crazy Cat Lady.

    I should know, my basement is just the same and we’ve got 4 cats!

  108. olequiltbat says:

    I subscribe to a web site called “Fly Lady”, (she’s a professional fly fisherman) This site shows you how to clean your house 15 minutes at a time in sections using a timer, and doing certain rooms each day
    You don’t have to do the whole house each day…just the rooms mentioned. So…take your little timer and do just 15 minutes at a time on your basement each day…and in no time you’ll have it all done and looking amazing…and you’ll be able to find things when you need them. This Spring I took a few days and totally cleaned our basement. Free cycled a lot of things, and now have a nice clean basement. Good luck on doing this job….but wait until after Thanksgiving.

  109. Amanda says:

    Karen should clean her basement because the police will already have a hard enough job looking for the bodies she hid down there.

  110. Lisa Kuhl-Thomas says:

    because….cluttered basements lead to cluttered minds. You know it’s down there, and you know you want to fix it and it will stay somewhere on your mind until it gets done. True story.

  111. Miriam says:

    Karen should clean her basement…because Miriam wants to help just so she can hang with Karen. And then Karen will come and help clean Miriam’s basement. And we’ll do each other’s hair and nails and maybe have a sleepover and play with chickens and have I creeped you out yet?? Clean it only if it moves you, or when it begins to move on its own. That’s my philosophy on cleaning.

  112. Carol says:

    … It’s going to be a gorgeous long weekend and you should be stuck cleaning a basement. That’s sarcasm, of course! Go play!!!! That’s an order.

  113. Maggie says:

    Karen should clean her basement to find her drill bits. Then she should stop.

  114. Sherry (BTLover2) says:

    If you died tomorrow, would you be proud to leave that behind? Just like your underwear, you might want to keep it clean. You never know when you’ll be in an accident or have a natural disaster.

  115. Grammy says:

    Karen should clean her basement because she CAN. Think of all the starving children in California who would give anything to HAVE a basement, and there she is with a really good one and she doesn’t even appreciate it.

    Also, every other reply so far has been an excellent reason, and most of them made me laugh.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our neighbors in The North!

  116. Lesley Williamson says:

    Karen should clean her basement because for many of us she is an inspiration, a beacon, the ne plus ultra of creative, domestic and organizational hope. If Karen does it it is worth doing. And it is worth US doing. Some people just needed a nudge, a sign, an inspiration to improve their homes and, dare I say, their very lives. That’s what Karen does for us. Without her we would all be squatting in front of our TV sets, wearing sweats, with the curtains closed to block out the sight of our neglected weed-choked gardens and barren undecorated front porches day-dreaming listlessly about organized laundry rooms, pristine chicken coops, completed Christmas shopping – without the faintest idea where or how to begin realizing those dreams. Karen should think about that! And seriously if Karen were to trip making her way down those cluttered basement stairs and smack her head sharply and fatally on the admittedly very small bit of bare concrete floor visible in that photo of … well, whatever that corner’s official designation is – who would inspire us all? Who??

    Also, eventually, the odour of decomp. Think of the neighbours.

  117. Patricia says:

    Are you amazed about what a mess you can make? For years, I blamed my kids….kids long gone…’s me and sometimes I shock myself!

  118. Sara says:

    Karen, forget the basement. First, show us a DIY tutorial on home brewing. After very long of trying to find things in that basement. you’re gonna need every ounce you brew. 🙂

  119. Cynthia Jones says:

    Karen should clean her basement because – she won’t have to worry about zombies hiding in the corner.

    • Jennie Lee says:

      When I was a kid and read the Classic comic book of “The Time Machine”, I thought that morlocks lived in my basement. A friend of mine, as a child, thought that Dracula lived in her grandmother’s wine cellar.

  120. jaine gayer says:

    Karen, you should NEVER clean your basement. I thought my basement was the worst, but you win the messy basement award so your basement makes me feel much better about mine!

  121. Linda says:

    Clean your basement, so I’ll be inspired or shamed into cleaning my garage–which is the same jumbled mess.

  122. Toronto Boy says:

    Karen should clean her basement because …

    in it’s current state it looks like a scene from the movie “Poltergeist”! =P

  123. amy says:

    …because we are judging you.


  124. Marti says:

    Karen should clean her basement because… if she doesn’t, her mother will see the mess and she’ll never hear the end of it.


    Karen should clean her basement because… if she doesn’t, one of her relatives will organize it for her as a gift and she’ll never find anything again.

  125. Miia says:

    because when it’s clean, it’s possible to make a mess again and inspiration comes.

  126. kate-v says:

    Hey, people! — It’s just “Stuff” – you know like the Art of Doing “Stuff” – that kind of “Stuff”. So, forget it – there are all kinds of “Stuff” and this “Stuff” is already doing something. Thank you.

  127. Meg says:

    because stimulants aren’t just for fun, you know. and because depending on your view of space-time, it’s already clean, and the events will work backwards to make that happen anyways.

    or you know, ’cause you like tidy clean pretty spaces. and the one thing better than seeing a before/after picture, is your own before/after picture.

  128. Jaime says:

    The optimist: Karen should clean her basement because last time she found some awesome lamps and there might be some more good shit down there.

    The pessimist: All that shit is going to start a fire and the hot fireman who comes to rescue you will see all your crap and you will be totally mortified.

    The optimistic pessimist – the fire starts, the fireman sees it, is horrified, and then sees your trapeze for launching over it and becomes intrigued, but has way too high of expectations for what kind of bizarre kink spawned the trapeze thus ending in much disappointment for all involved.

    The realist: No one is cleaning anything, because talking about cleaning is almost like cleaning, but it is way easier and lots of people have a space for their crap and that is the space you put your crap until it is no longer crap and it goes upstairs or becomes shit and goes to the dump.

  129. Susan Dulley says:

    I must have been very tired that morning, because I missed the entire point. I honestly could not believe that this was your basement, I thought it was a joke. However, looking back on the blog, I realized that OMG it is your basement! Well, You are having Thanksgiving this weekend and there are too many other things to be thankful for. The basement will be there when all the company has gone home, all the dishes are washed and you have had another wonderful day with family and friends. Who cares about the basement? Looking at the wall behind you, while you were chopping onions was enough to freak me out! How is the kitchen coming? Also, what Decorating Mags that you are being featured in are available in Cincinnati, Ohio. Want to take one to work and introduce you to all of my co-workers. They will love you.
    Thanks, Susan

    • Karen says:

      Hi Susan – I think the only magazine you can find on stands right now that I’m featured in (in the Cincinnati area) would be Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas magazine. 🙂 ~ karen!

  130. Pat says:

    Karen should clean her basement because if you look closely in the middle of the photo, to the left of the open drawer, back in the corner, ya down there where it’s all dark and black and if you squint you can see a …. no wait a minute, that looks more like a …. Oh my God, she’s got one of those creepy things nesting in behind the cupboard. Ewww!!

  131. Anna says:

    …because you can barely see that glorious bowling pin behind all of those tangled power tools. And if you find a can of spray paint in there, you could do a post on how to paint a bowling pin and turn it into a bracelet organizer or a lamp or a bust of David Hasselhoff or something.

  132. Jacqueline says:

    Someone recently put it to me this way: when we procrastinate on the things we know we need to do (to make us feel better, to make us more organized, to keep some anxiety-producing entity off our backs), we give those things power over us. We worry about them at unexpected times. We try not to think about them, but they creep back into our thoughts because we know they need to be done. The longer we wait, the more worrisome these things can become. Not that cleaning a basement is a very worrisome item on the to-do list (out of sight, out of mind), but I’m sure you’d feel a sense of relief, accomplishment, and pride to walk down there post clean-up session and see how much better you’ve made it look. Maybe get a buddy to help you out. And some good tunes. And a good meal afterwards! You can do it. Good luck!

  133. Lynne says:

    Karen should clean her basement because it actually looks worse than mine.

    And that’s saying something.

  134. Niki says:

    Because Idris Elba is moving to Canada and he is looking for a neat, clean basement to live in (plus he has a thing for short-haired blonds).

  135. Theresa says:

    Karen you should clean your basement because you never know what kind of cool items you have hidden down there that you’ve forgotten!

  136. Madeleine says:

    Karen should not clean her basement because the borrowers living down there need all of the bits and bobbles laying about to make their home.

  137. Mary Edmondson says:

    Karen should clean her basement and keep at it until it is as beautiful and organized as her gorgeous new kitchen. Maybe the old kitchen cabinets could be reassembled down there for additional storage.

    I need to know your solution to the papers that build up in messy piles in my house. All kinds of paper, magazines, newspaper articles and puzzles, mail, bills and so on ad infinitum. They are my nemesis.

  138. Dale W. Miller says:

    I think Karen’s workshop area is OK, because it makes mine look absolutely neat! Except I can’t find anything until I hunt for 10 minutes through all the junk on the workbench! LOL!

  139. Cynthia Jones says:

    ……..because Norman Bates is moving in next week.

  140. Jennie Lee says:

    Since your basement looks a lot like mine right now, I’ll give you the reason I’ve been telling myself to clean mine: it’ll be so much faster, easier, and less frustrating to do projects when you can find everything you need, and have room to do it. An alternate reason is: something you love will get knocked over and broken if you don’t.

  141. Jennie Lee says:

    Also, Marie Kondo will see this photo, and you want to be able to assure her with an “after” photo that it’s all better, now. Right?

  142. violet says:

    Karen should clean her basement by hiring someone to do it. Someone cute. In shorts. With nice biceps. Karen should supervise.

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