I guess you probably don’t know what it’s like to almost kill someone  but I do. I mean, obviously, I do, I’m sure you assumed that about me the first time we met.  I pretty much ooze lethal in the same way a hand grenade does.  Or a Long Island Iced Tea.

Lemme tell you how it all happened.  My sisters and I loaded into an SUV at 8 o’clock last Saturday morning to head to the Christie Antique Show and Sale where I assumed I probably wouldn’t be almost killing anyone.   We do it every year, head out to Christie’s.  Sometimes it’s both sisters, sometimes it’s one sister and Betty, sometimes it’s both sisters and Betty.  Always it’s an exercise in patience, thirst, lust and hunger.  So like sexy time, but way more fulfilling because half way through you get to eat French Fries.

Betty didn’t come this year because of the temperature. It hit around 37 degrees on Saturday which sounds cold if you’re American but for everyone else, it’s sounds like maybe I’m describing the oven temperature for baking cookies.  37 degrees celsius is around 98 degrees fahrenheit.

The show is always filled with hundreds of things you didn’t know you needed.



… came, she saw, she bought.  She also sweated.

doors picnic buoys wall-boxes free-shade

Luckily someone was offering free shade.


pincushion breadboard tophat lion's-head recliner peace-and-love chairs urns

Thousands.  These two iron urns were thousands and thousands of dollars.

bed warner-brothers-sign

Christie’s is the place to go for things you didn’t know you needed, know existed, or didn’t think you’d ever find.

boxes scale tryke fan-and-flowers creepy-dolls doll-machines vignette-2 ladder girl water-bottles

Did I mention the heat?  It was SO hot that both sisters and I were crawling along the ground in search of water when we came across this disgusting, filth riddled trash can.  ALL three of us stared at it and exclaimed WATER!!!!  No, we didn’t notice the filth, or the garbage or the fact that all the bottles were empty and smeared with ketchup.  All we saw was glorious water.

It was a rare antiquing moisture mirage.



Around noon we decided it was time to break for lunch.  That would be the famous French Fry break.


My favourite part of Chip truck fries is the wood fork which I had no idea you could buy.


This is the moment I came close to taking my own sister’s life.

Standing in line to order our food, Pink Tool Belt asked me what I was getting.  I said “Fries.”,  paused a little, then repeated “Always Fries”.  And that simple phrase was the weapon that almost killed Fish Pedicure.  At the same moment I said “Always Fries”, she was taking a drink of water and laughed at the same time.

At that point a series of events ensued that would involve choking, laughing, a weird donkey sound,  and a most unfortunate incident involving bodily fluid.

I should point out that the Christie Antique Show and Sale is quite a crowded event and the lines for the food trucks are the most congested area in the show.  We’re all packed in there desperate for a quick meal so we can get back out into the trenches and find that thing we don’t need but have to have.

Just after my sister inhaled her water, but before the donkey sound, the man in line next to us, turned to look at what the commotion was at the exact moment she did a good old fashioned spit take.  I can still see the entire event as it played out in slow motion.  His hand raised up to shield himself, his eyes wide with fear, my other sister jumped aside covering her mouth, but neither one of them moving faster than Fish Pedicure’s spray of spit and water.

She spit taked a stranger.  A real spit take. The kind you’d learn in an improv class.  Or by studying a particularly bad episode of Saved by the Bell.

She continued choking, laughing, coughing and apologizing for the next several minutes as everyone around her looked for napkins to wipe off the spittle.

And THAT is how I discovered I could use humour as a weapon.  And a cooling off device when timed perfectly.



This is the exact style of chandelier I’m searching for, for my house makeover.  It’s am Empire chandelier.  But I would prefer one that doesn’t measure 4 feet from top to bottom.



Yeah, I mightta tried it on and walked around telling people I wore it to the show while they stared at me through a sweat tears dripping off their eyebrows.


metal-farm-animals vignette painting rugs chicken clocks flag plates sun christmas-stuff my-bed


Recognize that bed?


How ’bout now?


Yup.  Sold it off my front porch for $20 or $25.  At the show for $95.  I’m just glad it’s off my porch.  But there’s something very strange about seeing something of yours, days after owning it for sale at an antique show.

pilot dolls beige cabinet dishes vintage-inspired-cottage sled corning jadeite mountie

Somebody bought this.  They bought the massive mountie!  I saw it in the big pick up area as we were leaving.

berry-baskets Louis-Vuitton dip-dyed

And that’s it.

Somewhere in the pictures from today’s post are the things I bought at the sale.  Feel free to take a guess.  I bought 4 things. Not including the french fries.  Always french fries.












  1. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Hey K! I haven’t been to Christie in a loooong time but have the fall one (next Sat.!) marked on my calendar. However, I’ve read some horror stories about the traffic! Getting there from Waterdown is usually pretty straightforward but I’m thinking that might not be the brightest choice on my part. Any thoughts? Looking on a map, I’m guessing you go west along #8 then north on Middletown? How does that work out for you? I think there’s a construction closure on #8 coming into Greensville from Dundas. Maybe I should consider a northern loop. Unless you have buckets o’ $$ and hire a chopper!

  2. Melissa Keyser says:

    AHHHH all that Pyrex!!! Is it as ridiculously expensive in Canada as it is here in California?

  3. Kelli says:

    Never quite grasped the concept of the metric system but learned awhile back that 28C = 82F, so anything above that must be rather toasty. :)

    LOVE those ‘love’ chairs, so cute!

  4. Stefani says:

    I would have bought that happy orange sun to put on my shed.

  5. Merrilee says:

    Well this is ridiculous. But I can’t stop myself from playing along! My guesses: round pizza/bread board, wooden box with lid, stuffed beaver (or whatever that creature is behind the ladder!), and the British flag. Oddly looking forward to see what you actually got!

    • Karen says:

      Friday, Merrilee! You’ll find out Friday. :) ~ karen! (I know it’s stupid, but everybody likes a guessing game)

  6. Julie says:

    You totally bought the chicken…I want those “peace” and “love” chairs!

  7. Darcy says:

    I don’t know how your picked just four things!!! So many “needs”. Lol. I do however have that nativity set kind of hiding in the one pic. I’m was my grandmother’s. Love the photos. Thanks!!!!

  8. Heather (mtl) says:

    Great pics, but I can imagine the heat. When I was in Texas, we hit 126F in front of the stage. Funny thing: my hair never looked better. I Guess I was too hot to sweat.
    I figure you picked up the ladder, the wooden divider tray, the toboggan and, hopefully, the SHE letters. Too many cool things, but my! were the prices uppity.
    Having my garage sale this Sat – I’m NOT selling my precious trinkets, but I have amassed 4 carts (you know those used to get groceries etc) FULL of stuff. How did I have that much crap?!
    I can’t join you on your summer project, but I am de-cluttering as per you, Karen :)

  9. Heather says:

    2. Chicken
    3. Wooden peel or wooden bread bowls
    4. Hanging scale

    I’m seriously bringing a big ole Alberta pickup in 2017. Road trip!!!

  10. Cindy McMahan says:

    The chicken, a rolling pin, SHE letters, one of those tins made into a doll, and a wooden bin wall hanging thing. I’m saying you bought five things.

  11. MountainWoman says:

    This is a flea market?!?! Ours are usually filled with rusty wrenches, old socks, and more plumber’s cracks than one cares to view…they do have French fries though….

  12. Benjamin says:

    My guess is the black urn planter and the gold lion head sculpture, the chicken statue and the gold frame next to the massive Mountie.

  13. Kelly says:

    The Drink Moxie wooden box. The painting of the woman in the red top. The Paris stool. And the headboard. YOUR headboard. Cause nothing is more desirable than something we once had that’s valued or desirable to others. It’s the same with our men.

    I desperately want the printers cabinet. As in ‘who-do-I-have-to-sleep-with’ kind of want. Yep a 6k cabinet to hold my 2k worth of beads. Perfect.

  14. MaryLou Baney says:

    Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I think you bought: the hanging scale, the “Drink Moxie” crate, the tin of Pep hand cleaner, and the “SHE” letters.

  15. Jeanie Burch says:

    Thanks for the tour! It was fun!

  16. Maryanne says:

    Great recap! It was my first year at the show and I very much enjoyed it despite the heat. Your purchases may have been: a hanging wooden box (the largish one); a piece of ironware for your collection and the two mid-century modern looking chairs (to be reupholstered to match the dining room).

    Did you see the cast iron gryphons? They were thousands too and if my son didn’t play hockey, might have been a contender. Also, no pic of the alien in repose? ;)

  17. janpartist says:

    You bought the ladies portrait, the carved white chicken, one of the strange doll sculptures, celedon fire king Kool-Aid pitcher.

  18. Gayle'' says:

    This reminds me so much of the Allegan Antique Shows (using antique very loosely here) held the last Sayurday of the month maybe May thru Sept at the Allegan Fair Grounds in–wait for it…Allegan. Allegan Michigan. We stood in line for elephant ears, tho. Anyone else been there? It’s a fun day of wandering about looking at a lot of stuff you don’t need but end up buying something every time. My hubby n I would drive down for the day.

  19. Michelle says:

    I really hope you got the goat. We have them here and wanted one badly but was forbade to bring it home. Told by my husband the real ones are bad enough so don’t get us run out of the neighborhood. That guarantees I’m getting one!

    I loved the pink door. 98 huh? 116 here. Dry Heat? Seriously, it’s training for hell.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Did you see the man pass out from heat stroke! Then 3 minutes later a lady went down also, they were dropping like flies! That’s when we decided it was time to head home, still managed to get lots of great finds.

    • Karen says:

      Nooo! I didn’t see that! That must have been around the time that they started doing the announcements about drinking water and taking rests! We were a bit annoyed there wasn’t water available other than way at the back. Other years I’ve been annoyed they didn’t have space heaters. ~ karen!

  21. Paula says:

    What are the items in photo #6? They are boxes with extended bits to hang it onto the wall. I have one and I have seen them all over but I am not sure what they for. I have heard for candles?

  22. Sandra Blackwell says:

    Spokane has the Farm Chicks sale. It was also this last weekend. I did not go. I could not even contemplate it this year. It is inside the fairgrounds buildings, so has AC (it was hot here too)

    I might go to Pickin on the prairie in August. After I move and unpack.

  23. Gillian says:

    I think the chicken was there as a decoy and the man sitting by it already owned it.

    The black wrought iron chair. The white bench and chest. One or more of the wall basket/boxes. Something from last picture…..linen curtains?

    Not the giant toboggan or the ladder despite their utter amazing-ness because they’re (sadly) just too big! I really hope not any of the dolls……super creepy.

    At least that’s my choices.

    I also can’t pass by a chip truck.

  24. Marna says:

    OMG! I want soooo much of it all! I saw a few things I own too! LOL! I guess the ladder for sure, the goat and sheep (I want them too) and either the lion or the big orange sun! I wish I could go to those kinds of things (too many health issues, including my broken ankle.) I hope you had a lot of fun too! We want to know what you got! :)

  25. cj says:

    Hopefully, not the doll recreations!! They always seem creepy to me…

  26. maggie van sickle says:

    Not sure what u bough but I hope you did not waste your money on that boy doll with the oil funnel on his head. I would have loved those two small blue chairs with the antique desk between them if I was a millionaire

  27. Hilda says:

    For sure…ya should have bought that …’bought the massive mountie’. LOVED him! #makethemwonder

  28. Jody says:

    I think you bought the Warner Bros plaque. Or not…..I saw the price. I was a great day except for the heat. All the metals things were so hot they couldn’t be picked up.

  29. Alison says:

    Ladder, dough bowl, fries, chandelier (to customize to the size you want!)

  30. Mom of Chirp says:

    The only thing I thought I couldn’t live without were those fine looking french fries!

  31. Karen says:

    You HAD to have the ladder didn’t ya?

  32. Lesley says:

    Arghh. Didn’t even want to LOOK at this post, having just taken two more boxes of stuff to the Sally Ann store. The boxes did not include the hideous “leather” wine rack that my mother bought me when I moved here three years ago even, after she asked if she could buy me something for the new house and I said, “Please, no, I don’t need anything, really, please don’t”, and which I would never have bought myself because I didn’t need one. Because frankly it’s not worth the shit that would ensue if and when she visits and notices it’s not on the kitchen counter. So, there it sits on the kitchen counter, at a slight angle, and if I bump it accidentally bottles of wine slide out. But I digress …

    I think you bought the library ladder, some creepy doll parts to make Hallowe’en things, the green jug and the chicken.

    I’d have bought the big SHE letters, the orange sun and the red pig. And french fries.

  33. Grammy says:

    I thought I was being so clever when I spotted the library ladder and KNEW you got it for your new library and absolutely no one else was going to figure that one out. So, yeah, we all read everything you write and had the exact same epiphany at the exact same time. Cool.

    My guesses are the library ladder, the trug, the small wooden keg in front of the toboggan, and the tall wooden cabinet behind the boy mannequin. That’s a lot of big wooden things and nothing small, like the pin cushion or more white serving pieces, but I’m sticking to my list. At first I thought the chicken was a sure thing, and a pizza board, then I remembered that you like to mess around with people so of course you threw those in to trick us all.

  34. connie says:

    It’s your fault that I found out about this and bought a double cast iron bed frame thats going to be sitting in the sunporch for a while cause I have to get all the rest of the junk out of the spare room.I did have a great time even if sweat was dripping off my nose most of the day

  35. Amy D. says:

    I would have bought everything you took pictures of!! Well maybe not the baby doll parts…too creepy for me…

  36. Sonja says:

    #1 chicken pink door with knocker set of 4 chairs with “love”. #2 mountie wooden boxes probably the round one goat ram red pig. #3 rugs ladder 2 blue upholstered chairs scale wooden table behind scales. #4 wooden fork. at least that’s how I’d count. NO WAY could you have gotten out of there with only 4 items!

  37. I guess the white bench with pillows on it. The goat and the chicken..and maybe the library ladder.

    I had a hard time focusing on what you might buy…I was looking at what I liked, lol.

    For me it was the warm walnut stained elaborately carved end tables with the matching coffee table. I’d be all over the seller..I’d send PayPal if I didn’t have enough cash. Those were lovely!

  38. Wendy says:

    I think you might have bought the library ladder for your new library/dining room plan.
    And I’m hoping you bought a creepy doll robot, or the one with the oil can for a hat. I was somewhat taken with those things. For the same reason I liked the doll head cup you posted ages ago on a Christmas present ideas post.

  39. Lauren says:

    Didn’t Betty tell you, somewhere around adolescence, that’s it’s very poor form to be a tease?

  40. Katie C. says:

    Oh! I need all the things!

    I have no idea what you bought, but I’m willing to fight everyone in the comments for the Peace & Love chairs.

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