Christmas House Tour 2020.

If you still haven’t been filled with the feeling of Christmas it is not your fault.  It’s just that kind of year.  For those of you reading this post in the year 2040, just so you know – 2020 was a real struggle.  Keep on scrolling, I’ve got a booster shot for Christmas enthusiasm.

Christmas tree decorated with antique glass ornaments, dried orange slices and DIY flameless Christmas tree candles.

Listen, I’ve got to tell you – it appears as though the amount of bows you use in decorating is directly proportionate to the amount of deadly virus floating through the air.

That’s just kind of a warning that I’ve gone bow crazy this year. Which, as someone who isn’t a fan of bows, means more than 1 bow.


Front foyer of heritage home at Christmas, with traditionally decorated Christmas tree behind modern marble tulip table and crystal chandelier.

O.K., let’s get this tour underway.  As always my Christmas tree is in the front hall and it’s covered in my dried orange slices and antique Christmas balls.  The lights are regular LED lights that I’ve fit with homemade Christmas tree candles

Nuts fill a low bowl on the table because cracking nuts and having their shrapnel-like shells shatter around the room for you to step on later is a very good way to forget about other bad things for a while.


The Victorian Christmas Tradition of Dried Flowers.

For the first time I planned ahead and either dried or preserved a lot of the flowers from my garden. I then used them around the house in greenery for a Victorian feel. 

A large ornate gold mirror on a white lacquer buffet with garland holds the reflection of a crystal chandelier.

On the buffet I intertwined Hot Biscuits Amaranth, Celosia, and Opopeo Amaranth with garland and pine cones.

The rest of the preserved flowers are going to show up in a bit, when we get to the dining room portion of the tour.

A cozy living room with antique wood floors and dark, portraits on the white walls, accessorized with red velvet fabric bows.

The living room has been given a winter makeover with really just the odd touch of Christmas garland and – yup – bows.

The bows you’ll see throughout this post I made with red velvet fabric my mother was getting rid of. I like the way actual fabric bows, fall and droop.

For a wintery, cozy feel I’ve set sparkly pears in a modern dish with legs, threw some extra blankets into the room, added a couple of board games around the room and more candles.

A pair of antique wooden skiis lean against a wall behind an Eames recliner in front of a fireplace.

Things like plaid throws and wood skis really fill up the space and make it feel Christmassy and cozy, but they’re things I’ll feel good about leaving out for the entire winter season, not just the month of December.

The bows and garland drive home Christmas and w hen they’re added to a wintery room, make it feel like the holidays.


Antique blue painted French shutters with iron hardware decorated with a plain Christmas wreath and gold leaf garland.

If you’re an Art of Doing Stuff addict then you might notice that these doors are new. They’re authentic painted wood shutters complete with the original hardware. I just bought them this month from a longgggg time friend whose father had them shipped from France years ago.

I wasn’t even going to buy them. I did a lot of hemming and hawing about how I didn’t really have any need for painted, antique wood shutters from France and where would I put them anyway.

I was such a dummy.  

Anyhow, the good news is I smartened up and bought them. For now they’re leaning against a corner wall, propped up on some old suitcases behind the sofa.

A white mantled fireplace, with a fire roaring in the hearth and evergreen branches with red bows on the mantle.

I think we can agree all this fireplace needs is a dog laying in front of it.


Mixed artificial garland swags over a huge ornate gold mirror on the wall, with riding boots and a bench beneath.

After a year of hiatus, the garland is back on the big mirror. If you look closely to the bench underneath there’s a silver domed dish.  Under that dome is a squirt gun.  No there isn’t.  It’s filled with After Eight mints. At least it was up until about 4 hours ago.

O.K., we’re going to walk down my enormous 2′ long hall and enter the dining room.

Thin imitation evergreen runs from corner to corner of the ceiling in this dining room for a Victorian Christmas look.

Here there’s fake garland from Ikea running from the light in the middle of the dining room to each corner. It’s lit with these copper wire lights which are the ONE thing you should buy for Christmas decorating. You can do ANYTHING with them and they’ll warm your house up all cozy-like. Scrunch the wire lights under a glass dome, run them on top of cupboards, if they’re battery operated like these you can put them under the skirt of your table to make it glow down, run them around the interior of your windows … it’s never ending.

Other than my Christmas tree lights, these are the lights I use on everything.

A deers head hangs on a white painted brick wall, with a harvest table and modern chairs before it.

The dining room’s full on Victorian look is courtesy of the the silver meat dome, the clementine oranges and the candelabra wreaths which are filled with more preserved flowers from the garden.

And yes. I know. There’s a deer’s head on the wall which you absolutely ___________!!!  (insert love or hate in that space because I know it’s one or the other)

White bookcases surround a wood harvest table decorated with candelabras festooned with dried flowers.

If this were a normal year I’d have an imitation pigs head with an apple in its mouth under that dome. But it’s not. No one will be coming to my house, casually lifting the dome to see what’s underneath and screaming in horror – so why even bother?


A black English saddle sits on a saddle stand of barn board, decorated with a red velvet bow and evergreen.

Again, the red velvet fabric bow on the end of my saddle which is also fancied up with some a live evergreen swag.

Here you can just get a better look at the candelabras. The actual candelabras I got at the Christie antique show in Canada.

O.K., backing up into the kitchen.  



The worn, metal bells hanging from the drawers are from my sister’s store. The garland on the top of the hardware cabinet is just individual sprigs all laid in a row with my favourite copper string lights. And to top it all off the pig has a massive red plaid bow which I acquired at a rather exclusive Dollarama store.

I have somehow LOST a mini Christmas tree.  I used to have 2 of these little trees from Ikea, but I must have eaten the other one last year in some sort of faux evergreen craving.


Mercury glass Santa Claus found at a garage sale about 10  years ago for $2. I know because the price tag is still on the bottom of it. Am I the only one who does that?  I almost always tape the price tags of things I’ve bought to the bottom of it so I can remember what I paid for it. 

Is that weird?


Oh look.  Another bow. Along with a box there are store bought cookies.  Bought.  From a store.  That’s right. I bought cookies that were ALREADY ASSEMBLED!



If you don’t have a lot of time or energy or money, evergreen branches are the other thing you can use to make your house feel instantly like the holidays.

You don’t even have to be talented to arrange them. They kind of arrange themselves. Just cut the evergreens, strip the needles that are below water and stick them in a vase, jug, glass or bowl. 

Drop a red bow on it or scatter a few oranges around and you’re done.

Did it help? Are you feeling a little more inspired to get your  house ready for Christmas? Or more inspired to actually embrace this season? 

With less travelling, less visiting and less pressure this year actually has the potential to be the most relaxing Christmas you’ve ever had.

You just have to wrap your head around it and look forward to different things. Instead of a big family dinner, look forward to staying in your pajamas, making yourself your favourite dinner or appetizers, and laying around doing absolutely nothing more than relaxing.

Go for walks in the cold so you can experience the crushing warmth and coziness when you walk back in your house. 

Do a jigsaw puzzle. 

Eat your decorations.

Change what you’re looking forward to instead of being miserable over how things won’t be the same.

When in doubt or feeling down – take a booster shot.

Christmas House Tour 2020.


  1. Nicole says:

    WOWOWOWOW! Thank you for a lot of inspiration! Love it all.

    Where did you get the white pears? I used to have a store called White Pear Studios. Need those!!

    • Karen says:

      Oh! They would be good for you wouldn’t they? I actually got them many many years ago at a local garden centre that also sells Christmas decorations. There are no tags or stamps on them, otherwise I’d let you know who made them. Sorry! ~ karen

  2. Gretchen Sexton says:

    Completely WOWED and in love with the French shutters–well done, you! For a brief moment I was worried about lots of pine needles falling from your garland, but then, IKEA. So good!
    You’ve done it again!

  3. Kim says:

    Hello Karen and Merry Christmas. Your home is breathtaking. Bravo. I hope I can be just like you when I grow up.
    A dog is definitely required for the finishing touches and also as a helper in the garden and to do some mousing around the coop. May I suggest a Cairn (almost sounds like Karen) or a Norfolk Terrier. Introduce it to the chickens at a young age and all will be well. And of course don’t forget all the old, young and everything in between rescues there are out there.
    Much love to you this Christmas.
    Kim Patry

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Karen,

    Fairly new to your blog but I have checked out all your Christmas tours. Think this one is tops. The shutters are beautiful, Merry Christmas to you! Plus your dried flower additions also make it truly you. The deer head…great! I have only antlers as we ate the deer & probably the head too, head cheese, too long ago? Not a lot was wasted. I drape a couple of pine sprigs on my antlers, just a light & simple touch to honour the deer. The jugs & containers on trays in kitchen with greenery, simple & lovely. Question…little rack on end of kitchen cupboard, did it come with or is it your addition, what? where? I really like it too.
    Could you have turned your little Ikea tree into simple syrup & drank it? I miss my Ikea vintner trip, not going because of covid.
    I am so glad I found your blog as you are very talented and inspiring and a Canadian treasure.
    Whether you celebrate or not, A Merry Christmas to all! Hold it in your hearts until you can safely celebrate with family & friends.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Karen! Thanks. I’m happy with this year’s decorating too. The reason I don’t decorate the deer head is because I feel like it’s humiliating. I realize that sounds ridiculous. I got the little rack from a local store that also sells the utensils hanging on it (not the bottle brushes.) I wish I could remember the maker, but they’re American (a couple I believe) and they hand make old kitchen tools out of pewter from original old moulds. ~ karen!

  5. Deja View says:

    Boy, Id love to have a drink with you! Kudos to bringing the humor along with the clever home tips ! My husband can always tell when I’m reading your posts bc I’m laughing my head off. It’s either you, or a Buzzfeed funniest texts of the month thing….
    Oops -gotta run. Time to take those dry little orange slices out and hang them on the mini Christmas tree I found!

  6. R Ryz says:

    Along with this crummy year and having a lot go wrong on top of COVID, and missing my Mom – not in a very holiday mood. My daughter decided this year she would put up every single Christmas decoration I had, along with all of my Mom’s. It is like a freaking Christmas explosion in my house. But you know, every room I go into, it makes me smile with memories of each piece, especially Mom’s. As overdone as it is. She told me “Mission accomplished”. I just love that kid. We are all remembering things that we have – not want we don’t. Safe and quiet holidays to all.

  7. Vikki says:

    I was so busy looking at your stunning dried flowers on the candelabra, I didn’t even see the deer head! You did a great job with your dried flower/plants. Every time I see your hardware cabinet, I think it can’t get any more beautiful—and then it does! I was stopped cold at the picture of your old French shutters! They are beautiful (and I’m glad you decided to get them). Thank you for the good common sense advice on Christmas–we still have much to be grateful for!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Vikki. :) I’m trying to look forward to a small Christmas. I’m improving my chances at success by making all the same food and eating the amount I normally feed to a gathering of 12. ~ karen!

  8. Hi Karen! I just love your decorating this year! My sister has always done up her very large house in a vintage style. My house is small, but cozy like yours. I think I’m up to adopt some of your glorious ideas! I LOVE the simple additions of small tastes of Christmas here and there instead of Christmas throwing up all over house. You are an inspiration and my giggles made my dog look at me. You need a good ol pup to look at you when you giggle…it’s fun.
    Merry Christmas dear.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Laurie! It just occurred to me that if I got a dog I could put a bow around its neck. I mean, a cat would just think it was humiliating and chew it off. ~ karen!

  9. Cherie says:

    The deer head, nope. The dog, absolutely. Not sure how the cats would take it, though. The use of silver — polished even — here and there, brilliant. The bows, love them and the garlands. The little lights, love them, too, but I could only find very small ones that I tuck in everywhere. What I liked most about your house and the decorations was the sophistication wrapped in country casual — oh, and you. Have a wonderful Christmas, Karen. We two and our Sheltie will cozy up by the fire on Christmas morning and open our stockings, sip on our Bailey’s laced coffee (just hubby and me, not the dog) and count our blessings, the best being that we live in the country, are Covid free and have much to be grateful for. BTW, we have to wear masks in BC, too, finally.

  10. Paula says:

    I noticed that Glenfiddich bottle is almost empty.

    Good for you.

  11. TONI says:




  12. Brandie says:

    Very spirited post, really enjoyed your inspirations and vintage furnishings. Also I get your humor which means you are quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. Merry, merry!

    • Karen says:

      Good! That’s where I want to stay. “One of your favorite bloggers”. Any more than that and it’s way too much pressure to actually be good. ~ karen!

  13. Jenny says:

    Writer’s Tears whiskey?! I love it ^_^

    We added to our Christmas lights outside this year to amp up the holiday spirit. My 3 year old is obsessed with Christmas lights and my 1 year old is obsessed with trying to eat Christmas ornaments. We discovered teeth scrapes on a plastic ball ornament and since then the ornaments have migrated upwards, leaving us with a Porky Pig tree (you know, naked on the bottom ;) )

  14. Angela says:

    Well, I was wondering why I felt the need to buy 30 yards of ribbon and put bows on everything!

    And I love the wood shutters, I think they look pretty dang great right where they are!

  15. Trish says:

    Love it all ! Can’t travel to Ontario this winter to see my Mom in Ancaster so you give me some of the “feels” of the season there. beautiful and cozy ! What is the word on the artwork behind the skis ?

  16. Brenda says:

    Can you please publish a book of your holiday decorations and how-to instructions? For all the holidays? You have the best Halloween and Christmas stuff and I look forward to the posts every year! I’d buy the book so I could have it on hand and give it a try sometime in my own place.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Brenda! Most of the tutorials are right on this blog. :) But I know a lot of people like to have an actual book, whether it’s a hardcover book or an ebook with everything curated down to the few things they want. ~ karen!

  17. JB says:

    This is all so beautiful, as usual.

    I would love if you could give a little lesson some time on arranging flowers/greenery on flat or shallow vessels. Those candelabras look gorgeous! But I know if I tried that on something similar it would look like I just awkwardly laid down some sprigs.

    Thanks, and happy holidays!

    • Cathy Reeves says:

      Deer head: hmmm, gonna wimp out and simply say, “ not my jam “. My Dad had a sporting goods store in the 50s and they were everywhere, but I remember most playing with the rubber worms.
      Fabric bows: love the way they flop and drape. Far too many wrangle them into ‘behaving’ when they should let them be.
      Dog: absolutely, you must get a dog, it would add a whole new dimension to your life. I see you with a medium sized goldendoodle who lives to cuddle, lay by the fire and look beseechingly at you for chin scratches and occasional snax— which you can, and should make yourself.
      You have a beautiful home, Karen. Thanks for sharing it with the world.
      ( See? A whole new post!)

  18. Awesome Holiday “feels”. Absolutely welcoming and as always, thanks for sharing.

  19. Jane Snider says:

    Thank you for the tour. I’m missing the St James Holiday House Tour to get me in the mood for decorating but your house inspired me.

  20. Sue S says:

    I need to find out if those trees from IKEA are still available! So cute!! Thanks for encouraging us, in a nice way, to embrace this season as one of peace and calm. Spot on. Enjoy same for yourself and btw, your home looks beautiful. Nothing new there, but in a different, Christmasy way.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Sue. I figured if I was feeling bleh about this Christmas a lot of other people probably were too. ~ karen!

    • Jan in Waterdown says:

      Hey Sue, I don’t know how close you live to an IKEA (I’m about 10 minutes from one) but here’s some info. They have a number of small trees this year so go to their website and search under “Vinter 2020”. If you have set your local store, it will advise you on availability. Most of their Christmas stuff is now 40% off but a lot has been gone for a long time ☹️. You must shop in person (no online) so avoid weekends but Saturday evening is usually a good bet. Cheers & good luck in your quest!

  21. Elizabeth Luzier says:

    The most beautiful combination of MCM, antique and contemporary house in the universe!
    If you have a cat, he/she ate the missing tree (mine would have).

  22. Jody says:

    Inspiring decorating APU. This year I have not really felt like doing much Christmas decorating (as in–why bother) but I feel differently now after seeing great ideas in your post.
    Admittedly I look for the vintage white toy truck in your Christmas post to see how it is decorated. Found it and like the simplicity.

    • Karen says:

      :) Yup, this year the truck is just filled with twinkle lights. I’m not sure if I got it in a shot or not but there’s ANOTHER truck that comes out at Christmas. If it’s not in the post I’ll try to put it up on Instagram. ~ karen!

  23. susan richmond says:

    Hi Karen!
    I have been following you for maybe six months. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve spit my morning coffee out because you made me laugh, thanks! Every year I take a lot of time decorating the tree. I remember where every ornament came from. Twenty four antique glass balls my mother bought on the way home from the hospital with me, six dozen glass icicles from JoAnns after Christmas sale. Twenty one ornaments that belong to my daughter, that will be on her own tree next year. This year, knowing I’ll have a few less ornaments, I made your dried oranges. The first attempt, I used easy peel cuties. No go, fell apart. Navel oranges are the way to go! They turned out beautiful. They fit in beautifully with my pinecone fetish! Wishing you a Happy Holiday season!

  24. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful. It really gives a person many ideas on how to decorate!! Haven’t done it yet, but am going to try the orange slices. Love reading all your posts. It brightens my day and makes me laugh. Look forward to them.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Phyllis! Definitely try the orange slices. Add in some evergreens and little lights and you can call Christmas decorating done for the year! ~ karen

  25. Michele says:

    Yes, the nuts…ha ha ha ha ha!
    No, not weird, I leave the price tags too if I feel the piece is sentimental and especially when it feels like a good bargain. And! From one addict to another, those doors are fucking fabulous! You’re so smart.😉

    • Karen says:

      Thanks! Now that I have them I’m really glad I got them. And kept them! I had them on loan to see if I really wanted them in my house. And now that I think of it, I still haven’t paid for them. ~ karen!😂

  26. KimS says:

    I want to live in your house I could come and be your parlor made and scrub the baseboards with a toothbrush or some thing… I just love it it’s all beautiful every single thing and I know we’re only getting the perfect shots but I can’t imagine how it’s not all just amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Karen says:

      They are DEFINITELY the perfect shots, lol. But the rooms do look like that. Most days they’re just filled with more projects in progress. ;) ~ karen!

  27. Susan says:

    Your Christmas Tree is GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Merry Christmas Karen, as always your blog brings some joy and belly laughs to my morning! I feel like these preserved flowers are going to be THE new trend… I gotta get a hold on preserving all my veggies first though. I love the growing but suck at the whole “preserving and putting away thing”… ;)

    • Karen says:

      I get it. By the time preserving and saving time comes around you just want to be done with everything. But you’ll get the hang of it and slowly it’ll just become routine every year. ~ karen!

  29. Genius move to purchase the painted French doors! They are awesome! Your Christmas decor always inspires me. However, I have to dig my Christmas decorations back out and dig through the leftover stuff to add touches here & there! Some of my best “new” ideas are gleaned from you Karen. Happy Holidays & blessings to you & yours!

  30. Michelle says:

    Love your blog…makes me smile!
    One thing you have not decorated, and should…..the DEER!
    Did you know deer head bedazzling is a thing? It totally is.
    Perhaps a top hat, bow tie and reading glasses, or for a more Christmas vibe, a tartan scarf and ornaments hanging from the antlers. You won’t be sorry!

    • Jane says:

      Exactly what I was about to say! The pig got spruced up, but the poor deer looks so forlorn and naked! 😟 So unfair! 😠

  31. Cynthia says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and comforting. Full of joy and quiet! What word or words are on the large white canvas? I love the simplicity of that art!

    • Regina Beck says:

      I agree on the art! I have a large used canvas from Goodwill I want to paint over do something simple. Did you make this yourself!

    • Karen says:

      It’s actually just a blank canvas (painted white) that I painted myself with the signature of Cy Twombly, a favourite artist of mine whose work I’ll never be able to afford, lol. ~ karen!

  32. Mary Ann Wilson says:

    Thank you for the tour. You have all the things you love around you and it looks so warm and inviting. My favourite thing you purchased and by the way glad you broke down and did are the French shutters. They are exquisite. Everything works. Pleasure to see you also have books shelves. Merry Christmas!

  33. Thank you x 100 for your Christmas tour! Gorgeous and inspiring! And I love the idea of keeping the price tag on things. Neat!
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a much better New Year to come(fingers crossed)☺️

  34. Marilyn Meagher says:

    It’s very charming karen, so pretty and homey. Merry Christmas xo

  35. Beth Bilous says:

    I second the copper wire lights. Now I HAVE to find them. Your home is gorgeous. Thank you for this tour. Little bits of Christmas here and there did it for me. I will take that lead and try my best. We are having a gift less Christmas this year, chosen by most who will be in attendance. This bs Covid has caboshed all joy with job loss, home buying etc. Will be different, but what is not different anyway about this year?

  36. Jenny W says:

    Simple & Beautiful as always!
    – Love the deer head, {put a wreath around it for the haters lol!}
    – I too have found the elusive Dollarama plaid bows which adorn the wreaths hanging outside on my windows.
    -Copper wire battery lights for the win! {I add those things to everything, always}
    – I bought my dream Christmas tree last year. 2000 mini led dot lights incorporated into every realistic rubber tipped branch. wires in the trunk, quick set up, one tiny cord to plug into the wall. – my 5 month old puppy ate that cord! Whatareyagonnado!?!

  37. Kimberly says:

    You’re delightful. This post did not disappoint. I never would have guessed that my missing ornaments may have been eaten by…me. But if that’s what happened to yours, then I guess it may be where mine went.


    Merry Christmas from the other side of Canada!

  38. LOIS M BARON says:

    My fave this year are the candelabra wreaths. Swoon-worthy. Also, the giant bells from your sister’s store. This year I put a red candle on my island, draped some hand-crocheted by me corkscrew garland over a floor lamp, hung an ornament on my dining room light fixture and that might be it. . . . But now I’m tempted to bow it up–yours look great!

    By the way, a dog does look good in front of a fireplace, but that’s currently where I have a big cat tree, so no photo-perfect opportunities for me there, lol.

  39. Emie says:

    Your tree is exquisite!!! Funny what you were saying about your blue shutters…. before I read your explanation of them I kept going back and forth trying to see where they were in you house since I didn’t remember seeing them before. Then, BOOM! They’re new and they couldn’t be more gorgeous. That color!!!! I know nothing about French antiques but what I do know is that you will find a perfect place to put them.

  40. Barb says:

    Beautiful! Taking your advice and NOT putting up all the decorations – just the one I love. Instead I’m cutting a variety of evergreens (fir, blue spruce, juniper, pine) and wild grape holly from the yard, spiked with pruned-off mock-orange branches that I (in a moment of WFH insanity/creativity on my day off) painted with fun acrylic colors. Now standing by with carpet cleaner for when the cats puke up the dry pine needles.

    • Roz says:

      Hi Karen, I don’t partake in Christmas and almost bypass this blog when I saw the tittle. But I decided to take a look because your post never disappoints. And what a delight that was, urm, I mean is, I’m still looking and trying to control my urge not to take pix. Thank you for the feast, it was absolutely delicious! Your taste and style is on par. I’d be one of the few “first”, to purchase your hard covered book to proudly display on my coffee table. I’m not sure why you hesitated to purchase the shutters, it is so you. I don’t think I can see that space without it. Deer head? Undecided, can’t commit yet but it does look good. Thanks for sharing Karen.

  41. Sandra Miller Pitts says:

    You got me with the Irish Whiskey. If that is at the end I am all in. Looking forward to kissing 2020 goodbye and looking forward to 2021. On a good note as I have began many new interests in quarantine inspired by people like you. So my dear Thank you and Merry Christmas. (I can use that term of endearment ‘cus I am old).

  42. Lynn says:

    Beautiful as ever Karen . Love the little lights, I have seen them before I just don’t think the ones I saw were as long a strand as yours are.
    Stay safe an please be careful, daughter has friend that is family of 3 plus parents all of which were in Covid bubble. Parent went shopping caught Covid and now all 5 have tested positive.
    So please stay safe and wear your masks when out, even for quick run in some place.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Lynn! It’s illegal here to not wear a mask when you’re out. :) They have to be worn in all stores, banks, lineups … anywhere indoors. Plus most people just keep them on outside as well, especially now that it’s cold out and the masks are warm, lol. ~ karen!

  43. savannah says:

    I don’t even celebrate Christmas, but this post certainly put me in the spirit!! Besides LOVING the deer head, I love the candelabra floral decoration! How did you do that? Thanks for sharing your spirit of the season.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Savannah. Thanks! The wreaths are just imitation wreaths from Ikea that happen to fit over the candelabras perfectly. (this just reminded me that I should wire them to the candelabra just in case.) Then I just cut and shoved the dried flowers into the wreath. ~ karen!

  44. Roberta says:

    Always so generous, amusing AND inspiring. I’ve decided to make my house extra pretty this year because it makes me happy. I made the orange slices and they really do glow! Your candle wreaths in the dining room are gorgeous.. my favorite. Thank you!🌲

  45. Mindy says:

    Am I the only one wondering if that’s a TELEVISION over your mantle now?!
    Oh hi. Tis I. The one who moved from the city to the country three years ago and am officially feral. Except for the fact that I still read all your posts. 🙃

    • Karen says:

      LOL. hi Mindy! Yup, that is indeed a television over the mantel! I hate it with all my heart. But at the moment it’s the only place the television can logically go. ~ karen!

  46. Patti says:

    I friggin LOVE the deer head! And everything else! Thanks for sharing! Is it wrong of me to think that Xmas in pjs without running around malls and not having to go to parties I never want to attend might be an upside to all this?

  47. Debbie says:

    You are hysterical – and always make me smile. It looks beautiful. Except for the head of a dead animal hanging on the wall. ;)

  48. Victoria says:


  49. Love the large jingle bells! Will your sister’s store ship bells to the US? If not, could she recommend a US based source?

    • SueC says:

      I was JUST going to say, i immediately clicked the link and theres NO way to shop or buy anything? Is it a precursor tease?? Lol…anyway LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog…you are hysterical Karen..during & after my cancer & now covid…this is the only thing I look forward to

      • Karen says:

        :) She doesn’t do online shopping, she just has a brick and mortar store. But I did ask her about the jingle bells and she had a beautiful rope of them like a garland but they sold this afternoon. Sorry! She will occasionally ship things. ~ karen!

  50. Sarah says:

    Your copper wired lights have the word ‘twinkle’ in their on-line description. Does that mean they pulse on and off?

    • Karen says:

      No. Although some that come with a remote will go through any manner of twinkling and flashing. But there’s always an option for just having the lights on steady with no twinkling or flashing involved. ~ karen!

      • Capelover says:

        It is all exquisite! Love the new old doors, love the deer, the pig is precious! You always do such a unique and exciting Christmas post! Thanks so much!

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